Title: Just Pretend
Author: Vera
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Me no own. Rath owns me.
Distribution: Ask.
Summary: What happened on the drive to New York between MtD and MitC?
Author's Note: This was originally written for the Dupes Thread at the now closed message board.

Rath left the freeway and parked on a secluded spot in the service area. Twelve hours without sex, it was slowly killing him. Why did they have to drive those losers around anyway? Couldn’t they have taken a plane, or their own car or something? He checked the rear view mirror and found the blonde dwarf staring right back at him. Weird. Ava always avoided eye contact, especially with him. And especially since that night he offed Zan, that stupid prick.

“Fifteen minutes break,” he announced and she nodded.

“Yeah. I think I should wake up Max.” She stroked her hand over his arm, but he just grunted and rolled further away. Tess’ face fell and she was just about to say something, when Rath interrupted her.

“Yo, let him sleep. I had to take three friggin’ breaks just so he could wank his snake already. If he’s missin’ out now, it’s no big deal.”

“He’s right, yo. He can take care of himself, he’s the king, eh?” Lonnie jumped in and climbed out of the car.

Tess cocked her head, but then nodded and got out as well. She pointed to the restrooms. “I’m going, uh…” Then she blushed and hurried off.

Lonnie snorted. “And they are supposed to be the real deal?”

”Hey! We’re the originals, they are the rejects.” Rath protested and started dragging her off. “And now stop talking, I need your mouth closed around my dick or it’s going to fucking fall off, yo.”

Lonnie raised her eyebrow and pushed him away. “You may have been commander, but you’re not commanding me, asshole.”

Rath pouted and tried to grab her again. “Aw, Lon’, don’t be dat way.” She was still glaring at him. “I’m gonna suck you too, yo.”

Lonnie grinned and followed him to the building where he leaned against the wall and undid his zipper quickly. She was halfway on her knees when Rath suddenly got a better idea. “Hey, ya think ya could shift into dat Maria girl for me?” he asked her hopefully.

Lonnie was up again in a second. “What?” First that fucking dupe of him and now Rath himself? What was it about that blonde bitch? “Go stick your dick into a tree hole, asswipe.” She sent a small power blast at him, to nail him to the wall. “I’m going to give the cashier a good time.”

Rath rubbed his shoulders when he was free again. “Yeah, hey, remember to get free gas for us or something as proper payment, ho.” Lonnie didn’t look back, she just stuck her middle finger at him over her back.

“Fucking bitch.” Rath pouted again and rubbed his aching dick. Now where could would he find some other slut to stick it into?

“You can do that?” came a faint voice out of the darkness and startled him. Tess approached him carefully. “Shift into another person, I mean.”

Rath considered lying to her for a moment, but what the fuck? “Yeah. Not really. We can change some stuff, not all of it.” He frowned. “Why?”

”So… so you could change into Michael?” Tess inched even closer.

“Yah, no biggie, dat one.” He was still frowning. What was she up to?

“Could you change into Michael… for me?” Tess chewed on her bottom lip nervously. Maybe Lonnie would come back any second and then it was all over.

Rath raised an eyebrow. The dwarf had a thing for his dupe? Hell yes could he change for her! She had long blonde hair at least. And her tits looked tight. He howled and grinned, then passed his hand over his face and quickly transformed into Michael.

Tess squealed happily and hugged him. “Oh, thank you, that’s so great.” She bounced excitedly and watched him up and down. “Hey, can you finish off with the clothes?” She leaned closer and whispered seductively in his ear. “But you don’t need to bother to close the pants.” She just wished they were in a better light area. She so longed to see him!

Rath just shook his head and chuckled. “I’ll do it when you bounce again.”

Tess cocked her head and did as requested. “You mean like this?”

”Hell yeah! You’re such a tight little bitch, yo.” His cock was now close to bursting. He wouldn’t have even been able to close the pants when he changed the clothes now. Not without collateral damage at least. Now the dwarf damn well better serviced him or he had to hurt someone. Preferably that damn cashier.

“Uh, thanks, I guess.” Tess frowned. Why couldn’t he say Michael things too? But she just had to shut her ears off and keep her eyes wide open.

“Now get down on your knees and start sucking, before I have to shoot my load into the open air and waste it, slut.” He emphasized his point by pushing her shoulders down.

‘Shut up, you moron.’ Tess was about to yell at him, but damn if his voice wasn’t sexy. It was Michael’s voice, just with a darker edge to it. Huskier. And he was so commanding. Uuuh. Tess shuddered and carefully knelt down. Maybe she should close her eyes after all and picture they were in a nice room with cushions.

She bit her lip again and stared at him, his erection sticking proudly up in the air and twitching a little. Michael. She finally got her chance to show him just how much he meant to her. All those times when they were practising cracking rocks, she just wanted him to tear her clothes apart and practise on her.

Rath was having none of it. “Biiiitch,” he whined and framed her head with his broad hands. He didn’t really want to scare her off or anything, hell no. She was the only ho around here and she really was damn hot. More so when he looked down on her. He smirked and changed her hair structure to less curly and a bit darker, so she’d look just like his dupe’s fine piece of ass. And hey, this one had better tits. For now he wished she had bigger lips though. But it was all forgotten when she finally put them at use and started blowing him.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” He buried his hands in her hair and growled deeply. Fuck, her hair felt nice. Much cleaner than Lonnie’s. And it was so long. He could never get Lonnie to grow it out, she said it was too girly. Stupid bitch.

Now this bitch here wasn’t stupid at all. “Fucking hell!” She knew just how to blow and when to lick. “Yes, little bitch.” He tightened his fingers around her silken strands and grew bolder in demanding movements now. “Good bitch. Yeah, just like… just like that.” Something made him doubt that she was the virgin she appeared to be around King Dickhead. Especially when she used her teeth on him now.

“Oh fucking dirty whore!” It came so unexpected, that Rath shot his load right into her waiting mouth. She quickly swallowed and licked him clean, while he rested back against the wall panting. “Damn bitch. You’se damn fine.” He stroked his hands over her hair and even helped her up when he saw she was about to stand again.

Tess smirked at him satisfied. It still bugged the hell out of her that this asshole kept calling her names, but she doubted she’d ever get this out of him. It sadly wasn’t Michael after all. But hey, at least she was able to surprise him and give him a good time. And when it worked with that sexed up version of Michael, then it shouldn’t be any problem with the real one.

Rath had caught his breath again and raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re no virgin bitch, are you?”

“No, I’m not a bitch, thank you very much.” Stupid moron.

Rath chuckled and smirked. “But you the female of our species.”

“Oooh, you can say ‘species’. I’m impressed.”

What happened to the shy girl from a few minutes ago? Rath growled and grabbed her around the waist, then kissed her hard. “Bitch,” he mumbled against her lips and caught her hand when she tried to slap him. “I’m not that easy.” He pulled back and grinned at her.

“Oh yes, you are.” Tess grinned right back at him. Now that she knew what she wanted to know, she didn’t care about being nice to him anymore. She was good enough for their kind, that was all that mattered.

Rath laughed and shook his head. “Yeah, maybe I am.” He turned her around and pressed her into the wall. “But so’s you.” He kissed her again and pushed his hands under her top. He unsnapped her bra with two fingers and went straight for her gorgeous breasts.

She tried to push him away, but Rath was too strong for her. She gave up quickly though, because his rough palms felt really good. And he obviously knew what he was doing. Tess moaned softly and watched him. “Oooh, Michael.”

Rath pulled back and glared at her. “I’s not my pussy loser dupe.”

Tess pouted. At least he didn’t change his face back yet. “But it was our deal, remember.”

“Eh. Deal.” Rath snorted. “I’ll show you deal.” He placed his hands onto her pants and melted them into a skirt. “I’ll show you what Rath can do, and only Rath.”

He quickly knelt down and hooked one of her legs over his shoulder. “Oh, oh, shit, Rath.” Tess tried to hold onto the wall for support. That came most unexpected. And before she had any more time to think about it, he was ripping off her panties and had his tongue buried between her wet folds.

Tess shrieked and grabbed a handful of his hair. Michael’s hair. She looked down and smiled. Now she understood why the fucker had changed her hair before. She closed her eyes and fully concentrated just on Michael, and what Michael was doing to her. The way his tongue moved expertly across her heat. She just knew he’s be great.

She opened her eyes again and smiled solemnly down at her lover. “Uuuuh, Michael. I always knew it’d be like this.” Then she shuddered when it suddenly vibrated against her flesh.

But Rath soon pulled away to let out the rest of his frustrated roar. “Hot damn, bitch!” He frowned and shook his head. This was all no good. What was he doing wrong? He passed his hands through his hair and noticed what it was. He was still wearing reject boy’s face.

Rath concentrated for a moment and changed back to his old self and then went right back to his task of showing her what the Rath Man could do. He took full advantage of his returned lip piercing and rubbed it against her sensitive skin. And by the way the bitch was suddenly purring, he knew it didn’t fail the desired effect.

Tess’ first instinct had been to push him away, but heck, why would she do that? Just because he didn’t look like Michael anymore? He was still close enough. Besides, it wasn’t like she was doing the dirty work this time. She smirked and leaned back to enjoy a well deserved reward for earlier. And uuuh, fuck, she hoped she could get Michael to get a piercing as well. And if not Michael, then Kyle. Or Max. Whatever.

“Fuck! More!” She clenched her fingers and tugged at his Mohawk. It was kinda easier to hold on to that as well. And he was bearable when he wasn’t talking. Rath pushed his tongue up her cunt and let his nose ring scrape her clit.

“Ugh! God damn!” Tess shuddered again and came with a wordless cry when he curled his tongue around her special point. She fell back against the wall spend, and it took her last strength to stay upright when he left her to get up and grin at her.

There. He made her cum in record time. He just knew she never had anyone better. Now she just needed to say it. “So?” Rath shuffled his feet anxiously, still grinning proudly.

“That was great, Michael.” Tess failed to keep a straight face though and broke out in choked laughter at his crest fallen face.

“Bitch.” Rath pouted.

“Attention craving dog.” Tess smirked at him and changed the stupid skirt back to her pants.

“You’re a slut.” He kicked a stone and pushed his hands in his pockets. She could at least have the decency to fake some gratitude. He didn’t do that for just anybody. But instead she just shrugged.

“Yeah, well, ditto.” She smiled at him and straightened herself up from the wall.

Rath growled and waved her panties at her. When she tried to grab them, he pulled back and sniffed at them, then stuffed them back in his pockets. “I think I’ll keep them. Souve… souve… reminder of my time with that Maria chick.”

Tess huffed and shoved him, then stalked back into the light. “Whatever.” Sick bastard. She could feel him following her close by though, of course.

“Aw, bitch, don’t be dat…” Rath had just caught up with her again when suddenly Lonnie came back, loaded with junk food. She frowned slightly at the sight of Tess but quickly shook it off and went straight to the car.

“We gotta hurry before the dumbass cashier dude regains consciousness. Rath, you fill up the gas.” She pointed a bag of chips at him and opened the door to throw all the food inside.

Tess bit her lip and cocked her head. “You didn’t hurt him, did you, Lonnie?”

Lonnie snorted. “Depends. He might have a hard time taking a piss in the next few days.” She chuckled and shook her head. “Humans. So fragile.”

Tess wrapped her arms around herself and waited for Rath to finish. He was a cocky bastard, but she never felt scared around him. Now this Lonnie on the other hand, she was just giving her the creeps.

“Aiight, all done slut.” Rath glared at Lonnie. He was still pissed about earlier. And that Tess bitch never tried to command him around like that. He suspected she’d be a better fuck too. Too sad to see her wasted on King Dickhead. Who by the way was still sleeping in the backseat. Rath laughed and shook his head. And he never knew that his bitch was now Rath’s bitch. And she’d never be able to forget him ever again. Poor Maxie. Kinda pathetic to imagine him trying to step into the Rath master’s footsteps.

They all got back into the car and just the moment Rath started it again, Max woke up. “Whuz? Where… where are we?” He rubbed his eyes. “Oh, are we stopping? Because I really have to, uh, use the restrooms.”

Lonnie snorted, Tess sighed and Rath laughed and hit the gas pedal.

“Hey! Hey! I said I have to go. Stop the car. Hey!” Max grabbed the front seat, but quickly pulled back when Rath raised his eyebrow.

Lonnie watched the whole scene amused but then decided to have mercy on him. They needed him after all. She picked up a half empty water bottle and handed it to him. “Yo! Here.”

Max frowned. “I said I have to use the restroom, not ‘I’m thirsty’. “ He took the bottle after all and eyed it cautiously. More water was the last thing he needed right now.

Rath laughed again and Lonnie smirked. “It’s not to drink, dumb…mmy.”

Max frowned harder and glanced back at forth between the bottle and Lonnie.

“Yo, you a guy or what?”

Max hesitated, then nodded.

“So you should know what’s to do.” And here she thought Zan was a wuss. But at least this one should be easier to control.

Max frowned at the bottle again, then suddenly it downed on him. “Oh. OH!” He dropped the bottle almost instantly. “I’m not…. I am so not gonna do that.” He pouted and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I demand that you stop the car.”

Rath rolled his eyes and watched him through the rear-view mirror. “We just had a break. I’m not gonna stop again. We’s have a time frame to keep.”

“But I was asleep!” Max whined. Why were they all so mean to him?

“Well, not my fault, bro’.”

Max huffed and then turned to Tess for help. “You tell them. Tell them they have to stop again and let me out.”

Tess just rubbed her hands over her face and sighed again. “Pee in the bottle, Max.”

“But… but…” Max was so baffled, he didn’t notice the surprised look on Rath’s face, that quickly turned into a grin and an appreciative nod. And neither did he see the blush creeping on Tess’ cheeks, or her sly smile and the way she nibbled on her bottom lip.

“But then why didn’t you wake me up?” Max was resigned now, but he still made sure to show his deep indignation.

Tess shrugged. “You look so cute when you sleep,” she lied and batted her eyelashes at him.

“Oh.” Max scratched his head sheepishly, then cocked is head and frowned at Tess. Something was different… “Hey! When did you change your hair?”

“Huh?” Tess didn’t know what he was talking about, then she remembered. That smug bastard! Couldn’t he at least have told her? “Oh, I just wanted to try something new. You like?”

“No.” Max pouted again and turned to stare out of the other side of the car window.

“Aw, I dunno, I kinda dig it.” Rath winked at her and Tess gave him a small grin, before she passed her hands over her hair to change it back to her usual curls and light color.

Lonnie shook her head and snorted. “Get real, asswipe.” She whacked him over his head.

“Ow! What?” Rath pouted and rubbed his head. And Bouncy Bitch would surely not abuse him this way. He cast a last longing glance at her, which caught him another whack from Lonnie.

“Cruel witch,” he muttered, but kept his eyes locked on the street for the rest of the drive.