The Child is Gone by Scynneh
Title: The Child is Gone

Author: Scynneh


Rating: R

Category: Rath/Tess/L

Summary: This is not a nice place that I have here, be careful.

Disclaimer: If I owned them, Pec-boy would suffer and then perish.

Author's Note: To anyone who let me bounce any part of this idea off you. Much appreciated. No, there are no quotation marks. I am aware of that. Just…go with it, alright? Fiona Apple came up with the song and I used it for the title.


It's one thing to 'have relations', it's another concept entirely when relationships come up.

See, they see Max and think 'ringleader, Isabel 'bitch', and Michael is the 'sidekick'. Oh so wrong. See, my darling girl and I've got some points to explain to you. Sweetie, stuff that you never considered: you owe us.

Yeah, surprising, innit?

If someone on that distant planet hadn't sent two sets, maybe the Podsquad would've ended up in the sewers, run over by a large tuck before your first birthday. Then you wouldn't have anyone to save you when you tripped and fell on your face 'cause your skirt got a stain in it. Sad thought. But it gets better. Remember the hero in the story? Yeah, muscles like you wouldn't believe, stunningly noble, lovable, and dense enough to ram his head into a post and never feel a thing.

Yeah, well, if one were to drop something on that skull, bad things might happen, right? Yep, I guess that you figured it out- shh, don't cry little girl, it was fast he didn't suffer. Much. And afterwards? Lonnie wouldn't shut up! Such a wench, that's the word that the 'upper class' uses, right? Educated slang, or some crap like that. And the best part of her non-silence was that someone finally got what she wanted-she stood up. Lonnie had some..difficulties after that.


Mmm..Yeah hon, that'd be the truth.

No, you don't need to look behind you, she's kinda shy right now, getting changed, and you've always been too jealous of what's hers. Let her have privacy for once, you prying broad.

You. Slut. Whore. Don't like those words? Then stop your whining, only puppies do that, and then the rest of the litter tears them to bits, in the wild, the way it should be.

Can you tell the difference between lust and hate? I think that you might be able to: the way our fingers run along your cheeks, you flinch more when I stroke your elegant bones than when she takes a turn.

I know that it was unpredictable, her being here and letting us do this to you. But you gotta look at the way that things have gone lately: the deaths, straining ties of family, and none of you have bothered to look after her, just assumed that she would watch out for all of you. Maybe find some artifact to protect you from those hunters that must have found out where you're hiding. Arrogant, the whole group of you, I hate that in a native.


Yeah, that's right 'Pride goeth before the fall.' And this isn't even the middle of July, wait till August.

Ow, yeah, that was a bad joke, stop slapping me.

Moist noises.


See, I had these thoughts while I was on the road- nasty ones, and to get them out of my head, I got a hobby. Getting rid of all the morons that this world has to offer. Sounds great, don't it. Aww, what's with all that head-shaking? Think that I'm crazy. No, that would be this guy- looks familiar, and that's not even a good photo. I know what you're thinking- 'Aurora' here and I are going to go and make the poor boy's life a misery, but you've done that already, and all we have to do is push the right button, and he'll come tumbling to our arms.

So sit tight girlie, there's enough space in this cubby hole for you to roll over. No food, sorry, but that's the way it goes when inspiration instructs- you just listen and go along with it. Hey, relax, chances are your mom or someone will come down her to get some fruit preserves within the next month or so. Wait till were gone, then you can start yelling through that gag, maybe you'll get lucky.

Bye now.

The End