Title: Maria and the Deputy
Author: Nadia
Rating: NC-17
Category: Rath/Maria
Summary: Maria gets a visit from Deputy Rath

"I'm coming!" Maria yelled as the doorbell chimed.

She’d just gotten out of the shower and was in the process of getting dressed when the doorbell rang. She wondered who it could be because her fiancé was not due home for at least another three hours and her best friend Liz had told her not to call because she and Zan were going to spend some quality time together

The knocking continued so she hurriedly slid on her robe and padded barefoot down the stairs. She assumed that it was probably someone who was lost and wanted directions, or some sales representative trying to sell vacuum cleaners. Frustrated at the interruption she opened the door.

“If you’re looking for ………..”
His words were cut off in mid sentence as she quickly realised that the visitor was neither a sales rep nor someone who was lost.

"Oh...er...good evening officer. Sorry, I thought you were someone else." she said speechless and she stared at the deputy who looked seriously back at her.

"Does a Miss. Deluca live here?" he asked
The deputy took a swift check of his notebook as he spoke. The tone of his voice made it clear that this was an official visit and that he meant business.

"Maria Deluca? That’s me” she replied, her voice faltered. Why officer? What's the problem?"

"I need a word with you mam. May I come in?" he said politely and she was sure that she saw what looked like a smirk flash across his handsome features.

Maria stood back to allow the large uniformed man access to her home. It must have still been quite bright outside because he sported classic Gucchi sunglasses that gave his face a sinister and slightly threatening appearance. She thought them to be a bit extravagant for a man of his position but then she realised that she knew nothing about him.

However she still could not help but notice how his eyes traveled over her body and she could tell that he appreciated what he saw.

At only twenty-three, she was short trim and sexy. She had shoulder length blond hair and the lips that were made to be kissed.

Maria watched as the deputy walked over to her couch and made himself at home. She could not help but note that he was very attractive man and wondered if he was available.

Then she shook herself out of it. The man could be here to arrest her for heavens sake and her she was thinking that he had a really nice butt and checking him out.

The deputy coughed quickly regaining his composure and looked down again at his notebook. Then he took out the pen which was pinned to his pocket and looked up at her.

"Miss Deluca this wont take long. I just have a few questions to ask you and then I’ll be on my way.

Maria walked over to where he was sitting but she remained standing. She just wanted to hear what he had to say and get it over.

“It seems that you’ve been reported for reckless driving and I just wanted to follow up on that report.

By now Maria could feel the sweat run down her palms . Her boyfriend had always warned her about her fast driving, but she just could not resist the nerve to flip the lid of her black Mercedes convertible and feel the wind as it swept through her hair.
She knew that she was guilty as charged.

"And you own a black Mercedes, license XFT-6754?" he asked

"Yes." Maria confirmed again already knowing that he’d be right. But she knew that the law stated that a person was innocent until proven guilty so there was no way that she was going to admit to anything.

"Look, what's all this about? I know it's not been stolen. It's parked right outside."

"My name is Deputy Rath Guerin." He flipped his ID badge smoothly and looked up her.

"Can you tell me your whereabouts at approximately four -thirty this afternoon? he asked"

Maria looked pale for a moment. She didn't need to think.

"Driving home." She replied her eyes staring at a vacant spot on the wall.

"Along West Boulevard

"Yes." Her voice was now barely more than a whisper.

"There was an accident on I 95 at that time, Mrs. Deluca. It involved a Mercedes with a license number matching your vehicle. It seems that a little old lady is saying that you ran over her kitty cat."

Maria let out her breath.

“Ok this was getting a bit absurd.”

She was beginning to get annoyed. If this was some kind of joke she just was not in the mood for laughing.

“Miss Deluca I think that you have been a very bad girl and as a man of the law I say that you’ll have to be punished.

Punished for what. For hitting a cat in which you have no proof that I did. Since when did knocking over a kitty cat become a crime.
What was I supposed to do. Miss the cat and kill myself in the process.

My God! Maria exclaimed. "It was an accident! I...I...I just didn't see it ! I was in a rush to get home and...and..."

"Well its too late for apologies now isn’t it Miss Deluca. There’s a little old lady out there whose sad because she misses her Kitty and now you have to pay for what you’ve done.

The deputy could see the fear register across her pretty face. Her eyes looked at him pleadingly, silently imploring him to understand.

"I'm sorry, sir Maria tried to explain. I’ll get that old lady a new Kitty and I’ll even pay her for her loss but please I don’t want to spend the night in jail.

“Jail” the deputy repeated with a laugh.”
“Trust me Miss Deluca but Jail was not the punishment that I had in mind for you.

"Well, if I’m not going to jail, then does this mean that all I have to do is replace the little kitty or maybe you could suggest something suitable?” She offered hoping that she could just put this all behind her and get dinner ready for when her fiancé got home. She’d wanted to do something special tonight since it was their two-year anniversary of being together.

Officer Rath Guerin smiled.

“Actually I did have something in mind but you’re going to have to do exactly as I say and if you don’t then I’m going to have to report you and take you in”
It sounded like blackmail Maria knew it but she was faced with a dilemma and did not have much choice in the matter. The faster she got him out of there the quicker she could go get dressed and ready for dinner.

“SO are we perfectly clear here?” the deputy asked just to make sure that she consented to their little agreement.

Maria nodded her head reluctantly, and wondered what the deputy had in mind. Maybe he would order her to do a month of community service or make his lunch for him for a month or something. She’d dread having to do the former but at least it was better than being sued for being a cat killer.

She watched nervously as the deputy walked over and locked her door.
“Hum what are you doing?” she asked. I thought that you were___________

The deputy just ignored. Instead he just back to her. His eyes roamed deliciously over her body and came to rest on the swell of her breasts which was partially exposed. She could feel his breath against her neck and a strange yet sweet sensation raced down her spine.

“Mam I want you to walk over to that wall and spread you legs for me” he told her pointing to the wall, which was, closest to the front window.

“You have got to be fucking crazy” Maria exclaimed.
You just said that you’re not going to take me in officer and I find all of this unnecessary.
Then she remembered what she had agreed. She said that she would do whatever he suggested without even knowing what it would be so now she had to pay the price or get reported and have her name put in the records for committing an offence. She was having none of that.

She could always report him but who would believe her anyway. It would be her word against his and she had already been guilty of a crime, which put her at a disadvantage to begin with.

She knew then without a doubt that she was trapped.
Reluctantly she walked over to the wall and did as she was told.

The deputy watched as she slowly spread her legs wide for him. Her hands were splayed against the wall and her hair fell in a beautiful tumble around her shoulders.

He held his breath as he looked on. He could almost see her ass cheeks peeking out from the robe as she bent over and spread her legs for him.

He did not make a move. Instead he just stood there as his eyes drank in the sight of her. He licked his lips. Her legs were tanned and silky smooth and he could only imagine how the rest of her would look when he slid the robe from off of her.

Maria waited; she could feel the tiny butterflies flutter in the pit of her stomach, as she stood there exposed and waiting to see what the deputy would do to her.

Thinking that he’d seen enough the deputy finally walked over to her.
Maria shuddered at the first contact of his body against hers. He was lean and firm, and strong and all male. And this combination both excited her and scared her to death. She could smell his cologne. It was the new Jean-Paul fragrance.

“Spread you legs a little wider for me” he ordered and Maria found that she willingly did as she was told.

She closed her eyes at the first touch of his fingers on her skin. Rath began to lay soft kisses on her neck and he closed his eyes and he inhaled her sweet fragrance. She smelled of Vanilla and Jasmine and she tasted wonderful.

He then traced a path behind her ear and he felt her shudder in response as his fingers caressed her soft skin and he began to slowly remove her robe. She knew that once it was off that she would be naked and exposed to him but at that moment she did not even know if she cared.
All she knew was that this sexy hunk of a man was driving her crazy and she could not wait for him to fuck her.

The deputy continued to kiss a path overt her heated flesh and at the same time his fingers slid the robe from off of one shoulder and then the other. He paused a little letting it fall first to her hips and then removing it totally so that she stood naked for him.

By now Maria was more hott than ever. She could feel the sweet pull in her nipples as they hardened to pink crests and she could also feel the tingling which began between her legs as his fingers explored between her thighs.

She shuddered and laid her cheek flat against the wall. It was cool but it did little to out the fire that soared down below.

The deputy then brought his fingers in front of her to caress and swept them one hardened nipple while at the same time his tongue slid its way across her shoulders.

Maria arched her back into him as a soft moan escaped her lips. She wanted to turn around and wrap her arms around him She wanted to feel the warmth of his strong arms around her. But she knew that she was forbidden to make a move.

His hands then caressed the other hardened peak as his mouth continued to nibble and tease and she ground her hips into his wanting more. Her hands making their way behind her to caress the bulge that had formed in his pants.
She did not know why but she had always loved a man in uniform and the deputy had an added feature too. He was sexy as hell and he was all hers even if it was only for the moment.

She licked her lips as she felt his fingers travel over her body and she had to cover her mouth not to scream when his thumb suddenly swept over her clit.

The deputy smiled. She was soaked just as he knew she would be.

Then without a moment’s hesitation he buried two slick fingers deep inside of her now drenched core.

In and out they went as she thrust her hips back onto him. She could feel her knees grow weak at the strange sensation that began to build inside of her but she was however supported by his weight as he continued to glide his way into her now drenched pussy. He could feel her juices run down his hand but yet he did not stop. His fingers soothing and teasing as he brought her closer and closer over the edge.

Then suddenly he withdrew his fingers from inside of her and Maria moaned at the sudden lost of contact.

“Please don’t stop now,” she pleaded almost there. She turned around so that she could look at him. She wanted to see his eyes. She’d seen him take the sunglasses off and placed them on the table but she had not seen his eyes.

“I did not give you permission to turn around her told her. Now you’ll have to be punished” he continued as he smacked her hard on the ass. He did it over and over again until he knew that she would no loner disobey him.

All she could do was wait. However she did not have wait much longer as she felt him kneel behind her. She closed her eyes in anticipation knowing what was about to happen.

“Spread you legs wider for me he ordered” and Maria quickly complied.

“Your pussy is all wet” he told her. “Is this because you’ve been a bad girl?” he asked.
Maria did not answer and he spanked her ass even harder than before.
“Um she moaned yes yes, I’ve been a bad girl she replied.

“Do you know what happens to bad girls like you?” he asked teasing her some more. He ran his hands over her soft ass cheeks, which were now red from his spanking. He knew that she was very turned on by what he was doing and he was turned on also.
They get punished he told her answering his own question and not waiting for a response.

His hands caressed and teased her soft silken flesh. He could see her wet and glistening for him.

“Please” she begged when she could not bear the torture any more.

“Please what “he asked “I want to hear you say it. I want you to hear you tell me what you want me to do to you.” He told her as he slid his hand up her inner thigh but making sure that he did not touch her where she wanted to be touched most.

“I want you to make me cum” she said softly.
“I can’t hear you, “ he told her as his thumb brushed swiftly over her clit. She moaned from the contact.

"I'm gonna need a little more convincing than that!" He said with a chuckle.

Her body shook in response as it did it to her again. It was the softest touch ever, just enough to keep her wanting for more.

“I want you to make me cum” she screamed and she was rewarded as immediately he began to caress her clit with firm gently strokes. Then his mouth was on her and she was moaning and screaming as he slid it all the way over her now wet pussy lips tasting of her essence.
She tasted wonderful and he could not get enough of her. Maria thrust back onto him and he held securely onto her hips as he continued to nibble and tease and then it was not long before he brought her to a hot shuddering climax.

Maria could feel her knees grow weak but she dared not move a muscle for fear that he would punish her again.

Turn around and suck on my cock” he ordered. “I want to fell those sweet lips a yours” he teased, and he watched as she sank before him to her knees. He could tell that the way he spoke to her turned her on.

“Yea that’s it baby you’re gonna suck it real good aren’t you,” he told her.

She could smell the starch from his uniform and saw the razor sharp crease that ran down the front of his muscular looking legs. Her fingers moved quickly. Opening his belt and unzipping him, her fingers explored inside, searching and investigating until they found what they were looking for.

She slid her hand inside of her boxers and began to massage with sure even strokes. Then she slid his pants down his hips and his boxers soon followed as the belt buckle hit the marble floor with a loud clatter. She’d realized that he’d already removed his gun belt.

Almost in anticipation her fingers were on him again as she began to stroke his now stiff cock between her small hands. She heard his sharp intake of breath and she stroked him even harder setting a nice steady pace. He was huge and she swallowed when she saw that he grew even thicker beneath her fingers. He had to be about nine and a half inches. She knew there was no way that she could get all of him inside of her but she also knew that she would soon find out if it was possible.
The thought of this both scared her and excited her.

Then she took him slowly between her lips. Licking the thick pink crown before taking more of him in.

She could feel him throb inside of her mouth and was amazed that he could get any bigger.
Her head moved slowly back and forth, at first until she found a steady pace then she was taking almost half of him in.

He was hard and thick and he tasted great and she just could not get enough of him.
He smelled fresh as though he had just come out of the shower and she wondered if he showered at work just before he got there.

She continued to suck on his cock, in and out it went as it slid between her sweet wet mouth. She heard him let out a low moan from somewhere in the back of his throat and she knew that he was enjoying what she was doing to him. She wanted to please him just as much as he had pleased her.

She continued pumping his shaft all the ay out and then back in again. Her other hand cupping him , massaging and teasing as he thrust eagerly into her wet and willing mouth. She could tell that he was almost there so she increased the speed letting her tongue swirl around the tip before taking more of him in again.

Then suddenly he took her up in his arms and walked down the small corridor and into the kitchen where he laid her on the table.

Then without a moment’s hesitation he positioned his cock at her entrance and began to thrust his way inside of her.

Maria held her breath. He was thick and long and she could feel herself stretching to accommodate the size of him, but she did not want him to stop. She felt him go deeper and deeper and she bit her lips against the pain when at the same time it felt so dammed good.

He paused for a moment. He was almost all the way inside of her but it was a really tight fit. It felt as though they were made for each other. He could feel her body adjust to his size as she throbbed from somewhere deep inside.

His thumb then found her clit and he began to caress her with slow even strokes. She moaned and thrashed her head from side to side, eyes closed and lips parted she succumbed to her passion .He could feel her wetness against him and he moved against her going even deeper.

Maria ground her hips back into his as he began to thrust deeply inside of her . She let out a loud moan as he went deeper, deeper. It as though he would never stop, she did not want him to stop. She bit her lips as she felt him slide all the way out and then all the way back in again. An orgasm already beginning to build inside of her.

The deputy continued to thrust inside of her, his thumb still working on her clit as her juices ran over the length of him. He could feel her body tighten against him and he plunged even deeper inside of her.

Maria screamed his name over and over again as he drove madly inside of her going all the way in, skin touching skin as their body made loud noises as a result of their hot passionate sex.

Then he was out of her as he slid her off of the table and made her lean onto it. One foot was placed on the tabletop the other supporting her on the floor as he enter her from behind.

Maria arched her back into him as he thrust deeply into her.
Her breath caught as he slammed all the way out and then back in again.
He fucked her unmercilelessly, still she begged for more. She just could not get enough of him.

She thrust her hips back onto him while he plunged his cock back into her then he turned her around to face him and slammed right back into her again.

Maria slid her legs around him and wrapped her arms around his neck as he supported her weight with his hands holding securely onto her hips and plunging her onto him. He walked with her like this over to the wall and positioned her against it, never missing a beat as he continued to thrust and surge into her wet slick passage.

She closed her eyes; her head was thrown back as she gave way to the hot sensation of his big cock plunging away inside of her. Rath just kept pumping. He could feel her juices as they coated him as yet another tremor began deep inside of her.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried out as he slammed his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh shit yea I’m going to cum she screamed and she dug her heels into the flesh of his ass cheeks as a very powerful orgasm washed over her.

Rath did not stop. It just felt too good. He could feel her body contract around him gripping his cock causing him to go even deeper. He pulled her firm against him so that she was cushioned between his body and the wall and he began to fuck her like a man on a mission. Maria could feel every single part of him as in and out her went again taking her to places she had never gone before. Her body surging upwards at the harsh thrusts of his body. Still she did not let go.

She could feel him swell inside of her, as he thrust deeper and deeper and then she felt him too as another climax washed over her. I love you Rath she told him, she arched her head to the side so that she could taste his lips. He kissed her passionately hungrily, as they made love to each other. Then he was there too, he could feel his muscles begin to tighten as a very powerful climax rushed top the surface and they both went over the edge together.

Rath did not stop until all of her shudders were over and when he did he took her in his arms, his cock still buried deep inside of her and walked her over to the couch placing her there.

Then he leaned over and gave her a soft sweet kiss.

I love you too “ he told her “Happy anniversary sweetheart.”
I was hoping that you’d love your present” he told her and she sure did.
She returned his kiss passionately, hungrily.

“Happy anniversary baby ” she said seductively. I didn’t have time to fix you dinner but you’re just in time for desert.

The end.