Title: Overheard

Author: Mnemosyne

E-mail: memoryvixen@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: They arenít mine!

Summary: Someoneís been moaning names they shouldnĎt be....

Rating: Heavy R, bordering on NC-17.

Spoilers: With my smutfics? Chicas/os, you should know by now thatís a moot point. LOL!

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Well... Iíve written two angst fics over this winter break. Itís high time I wrote a smutfic! So here you go! Itís a quickie ;), but hopefully itís a fun one for all of you. Enjoy!

Side note: One week and counting until my return.... YAY! :)

Dedication: To everyone who has asked me to write a smutfic while Iíve been on break. I hope this tides you over for a while! :) :) :)

Muse-ic: Eve 6; 80ís power ballads.

"I loved you while he was
in you in the shower.
Did (in joy and ecstasy)
your eyes begin to water?"

-Eve 6

I heard you moan his name today.

Surprisingly, it didnít hurt as much as Iíd imagined it would. And somehow, I always knew Iíd hear it, echoing from those rosebud lips of yours.


You were in the shower, and I just knew what you were doing. You didnít know I was there. How could you? I was supposed to be somewhere else, though the where kind of escapes me at the moment. I think it was the Crashdown. My one shift of the week that doesnít overlap with yours.

You couldnít have known I called in sick so I could be with you today. You couldnít have known that, so I donít blame you for dreaming of being with him when you should have been with me.

I stared at the bathroom door for a long time, listening to you. Imagining the steam that writhed your body like distant fingers. Were you imagining those fingers were his? Touching you? Brushing your most intimate places? I know those places. I love them.

I said it before: I donít blame you, and it didnít really hurt to hear it. How could I hold you accountable for falling for a magnetic personality? And a really great body besides. I donít know if youíd be as gentle with me if the circumstances were reversed, but I love you too much to hold a grudge.

"Oh, shit, YES, Rath....!"

For a moment, I had x-ray vision. I could see clearly every move you were making behind that locked door. Your naked body, dripping wet, rivers running down your back and over your toned buttocks. You would be facing the wall, because facing the curtain would mean you had to face the door beyond it, and thatíd make you feel guilty. That and the fact that you needed something to lean on, to catch you when you slumped forward, boneless.

I could see your hand, pumping between your legs, and you imagining it was his. Stroking....stroking.... Bringing you inch by inch closer to that brink. The hot, swirling stream must have felt like lips then, kissing down your back and between your thighs. The water droplets sheened you like sweat-- yours and his, mingling. Bonding you together.


Your climax hit me like a two ton weight, and made me jump. Not that it was unexpected-- just that it was so forceful. Iíd never heard you cry out like that-- not even when I touched you and made you orgasm against my lips, so I could drink you down like cherry Coke. Hearing you made me realize how hot I was-- made my OWN hips buck. Just hearing your pleasure made me cum.

And I suppose itís only fitting, really. I mean....you two DO share a gene code.

Who better to know how to make you scream than yourself?

So tell me, Michael, because I really have to know. Do you dream heís pounding into you when youíre pounding into me?

And next time....can I join you?

The End