Title: Lessons in Sex

Author: Mnemosyne

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Disclaimer: Not mine! DAMN, don't I wish? ;)

Summary: Rath takes it upon himself to teach Michael and Maria the finer points of kinkiness.

Rating: NC-17. Contains m/m slash. If this offends you, please don't read it. :)

Spoilers: Up through "Max in the City."

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This is based on my very own "Taste Test" Challenge, the rules of which are as follows:

1) Must be Rath/Maria/Michael
2) Fic MUST include at LEAST one scene wherein Maria must guess whose erection is in her mouth, just by taste.
3) She must wear a blindfold during the scene.
4) If she guesses incorrectly, she must be punished. Correctly, she is rewarded.
5) May include Rath/Michael scenes

Dedication: To Jen, for the late-night inspiration sessions. Her story, Role Reversals was SUCH an inspiration to me! Read it! Feedback her! Shower her with praise!

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Muse-ic: Fuel; Metallica; Incubus; Eve 6; Godsmack

"Let me tell ya 'bout the stars in the sky
And a girl and a guy
And the way they could kiss
On a night like this."

-Jewel Akens
"Birds and the Bees"

"Oh my God, Michael..."

"Shh, baby. Oh, yeah, that's it...right there, baby. You like it right there, don't you?"

Maria Deluca was dead to all senses but touch and taste. She could hear Michael murmuring to her, but his voice was drowned out by the passionate static his hands were creating between her thighs.

Lizzie would never believe it. None of their friends would. She and Michael played their parts well-- estranged lovers, constantly bickering-- so that no one would ever guess how many nights she slept at his apartment. Wrapped in his arms; his legs. Naked and sweating on his five dollar sheets.

"Oh, GOD, Michael!" she yelped as his expert fingers played her clit. She clenched his shoulders, and strained back against the pillows.

The others would never understand. Lizzie would be jealous, Alex would be disbelieving, Max would be solemn, and Isabel would be disapproving. Tess would probably scoff. Kyle might approve, but only because he didn't fully understand the dynamics of their group. Most especially, he didn't understand the unwritten rule that none of them were allowed to be one hundred percent happy.

A rule neither Michael nor Maria had understood, either.

Which was how she found herself here, almost every night-- or as many nights a week as she could manage to sneak away from her room-- legs around his waist, throat corded with the need to scream out his name.

Michael's tongue plied her nipple, and she whimpered as her fingers twined in his hair, holding him tight against her breast. "Fuck me, baby," she moaned, her hips grinding against his hand. His hard shaft rubbed against her thigh, and she hitched a breath. "Please, baby, just FUCK me!"

He sucked harder on her nipple, and her body rocked with the tempest, letting it coil in her pelvis, ready to explode.

And that was when the applause started. Hard, loud, slow clapping. Mocking. Teasing.

"Beautiful!" a familiar New York accent crowed. "Fucking bee-yoo-tee-ful! I'm seein' an Emmy nod, folks."

"What the FUCK!" Michael exclaimed, pulling away from her. Maria curled up in embarassment, barely managing to tug the blanket up to cover her breasts before Rath-- because, naturally, that's who it was-- could see too much.

He was perched on Michael's windowsill, limned in white from the streetlights below. He must have shimmied up the fire escape. In the faint light of the apartment, she could make out his broad grin.


"Bastard!" Michael roared, leaping out of bed and crossing the room in four long strides. He was buck naked, but Maria figured that didn't really matter in this situation. He and Rath were, in essence, of the same body, if not mind. Not like the tattoed clone hadn't seen it all before. And she was no stranger to Michael's attributes. She knew them intimately.

"Get OUT of my fucking apartment, asshole!" Michael bellowed, glaring into his duplicate's smirking face. Maria could almost feel the heat of his eyes. She was glad it was Rath, and not herself, getting the stare.

Rath laughed then-- loud and hard.

Michael was seething. "What?" he growled, crossing his arms. "Just what the FUCK is so funny?"

Rath wiped his streaming eyes. "Your 'fucking' apartment, Gee!" he explained, still laughing. "Aw, fuck, buddy, don't you get it? That's some funny shit!"

This was, quite possibly, the most humiliating experience of Maria's life. She wanted nothing more than to curl up like a hermit crab in her blanket shell and disappear. It was even worse than when Timmy Butters had yanked her shorts down during gym class in fourth grade. At least then she hadn't been begging Timmy to fuck her.

"Yeah, yeah, a laugh riot. Now get the fuck OUT."

Rath grinned and shook his head as he studied Michael's face. "Naw, I don't think I'm gonna be doing that," he said.

Maria groaned, and pulled the blankets higher.

"And just why the hell NOT?" Michael asked. His muscles were tense, the tendons standing out like Greek relief.

Rath's eyes left his duplicate's face then, and latched onto Maria.

"Because I gotta tell you, Gee," he said, and Maria could feel him mentally appraising her naked body beneath the blankets. "With a fine piece of ass like that in your sack, you've got WAY more options to explore than just the horizontal. You know what I'm sayin'?"

His eyes were very dark, like Michael's, but even in the dim light, they seemed to glow. Maria found herself transfixed. She wanted to bury herself under the blankets, but somehow knew that wouldn't make any difference. He'd still be watching her, and she'd still be exposed to him, sheets or no sheets. So she held her ground, and his gaze, and found herself tumbling slowly down a rabbit hole.

"Oh, really? Well, isn't that special. Get the fuck out," Michael said angrily. "I don't care what fucked up bondage shit you want to tell us about."

"Who said anything about bondage, homie?" Rath asked, cocking his head as he studied her. "I'm just saying what you've got going on is tired, you know? It's been done. Quaint, but dry as yestahday's pretzels."

He smirked at her. "Though you ain't dry, are you, bitch?"

She flushed, momentarily broken from her reverie, and painfully aware of the pool of moisture between her thighs.

"Lemme guess how it goes," Rath continued, standing up. His familiar wallet chain glinted in the streetlight. "Every night, it's you on top, homie, with the bitch squirming beneath you until you sink in and let her have it. Except the 'special' night, what, once a week? Where SHE gets to be on top."

//How the HELL does he know that?// Maria wondered, watching as he walked away from the window and deeper into the apartment. Michael glared at the other alien angrily, but didn't try to stop him. She guessed that meant he was at least intrigued, if not convinced, by the other young man's comments.

Rath appraised the oddments on Michael's kitchen counter-- a month old "Sports Illustrated;" a jar of grape jelly and a loaf of white bread-- then looked up. "You're missing out on a SHITLOAD of oppurtunities, Gee," he said. "It's like missing the universe for the fucking MOON."

"Maria and I are FINE, Rath, thank you very much."

"I ain't doubting that. You and I, we share the same gene pool, aiight? So that means you're one hell of a fine fuck by default. I'm just saying, you could go from bein' fine, to bein' FIIIIINE. You dig?"

His eyes latched on to Maria again, and she swallowed. He looked hungry, and not for the bread. "What you got to say, pretty mama?" he asked. "You wanna try some hijinks, baby?"

She struggled between the urge to look at Michael, the urge to nod, and the urge to collapse, shivering, to the mattress. She thought the last option was probably the best choice, since it was noncommittal.

Rath moved closer, and she curled up tighter, though her eyes never left his.

"Tell me, babycakes," he asked smoothly. "Your boyfriend here ever knot you to the headboard?" Maria shook her head. "He ever spank you silly?" She gulped, and shook her head again.

Rath sighed. "He ever clamp your clitty til you scream?"

Michael stepped between him and the bed then, and stared down the other alien. "Leave her alone," he growled.

Rath grinned. "Just broadening her horizons, bro."

"You're scaring her."

"No he's not."

Maria couldn't quite believe she'd said it until Michael twisted his upper body around to look at her, a puzzled expression on his face.

"What?" he asked.

She shrugged, and sat up a little straighter, blankets still pulled tight against her chest. "He's...not scaring me," she said, fingering the cotton sheets. "He's just..."

Rath smacked his duplicate on the abs, and Michael swung back around. "I'm just showing her life beyond the vanilla, bro," he said. "You wanna come along for the ride?"

"Look, you pierced freak-"

Then Rath did something completely unexpected.

He took hold of Michael's shoulders, pulled him forward, and kissed him.

Maria gasped, and her hands went to her mouth, so that the sheet fell away from her breasts. She didn't even notice. Her eyes were transfixed by the two young men kissing three feet away from her.

Michael was trying to push his double away, but Rath was having none of it. He'd sunk his fingers deep into Michael's biceps, and held him against his lips. She could see his tongue moving against the inside of his cheek-- stroking Michael's lips, no doubt. Demanding entrance.

Maria felt her legs spread reflexively under the covers. Her clit-- which had shrunk the instant Rath started clapping-- was suddenly erect and throbbing again. She could feel the secret ducts in her pussy beginning to pulse, and the moisture was coating her inner walls again.

What was it about seeing two Michael's kiss that was turning her on so much? Oh, yeah. It was TWO MICHAELS.

Eventually, Michael-- HER Michael-- managed to push Rath away, but Maria had the feeling that he only did so because Rath allowed him to. "Holy SHIT!" the unmarked young man sputtered, wiping his mouth frantically with the back of his hand. "What the FUCK did you think you were doing, you punk!"

Rath grinned, shrugged, and crossed his arms. "Giving you something to bitch about, apparently," he joked.

Michael shook his head quickly from side to side, as if to clear it of a buzzing in his ears. "Don't ever FUCKING do it again!" he barked.

"Hey, sweet thing," Rath said, ignoring him and turning to look at Maria. That was when she remembered the fact that the sheets were pooled around her waist. She scrambled to cover herself again, but he held up a hand.

"Don't bother, baby." He winked, and leered at her breasts. "I've seen it all already."

She blushed, but her hands stilled, seemingly of their own accord. When had her limbs stopped listening to her? "I...I, uh..."

"Did you like that?" he asked, cutting her off.

Maria gulped, suddenly aware of Michael's searing eyes on her as well. "Like...what?" she asked, as if she could wiggle out of the question by playing dumb.

"Watching me slip your boyfriend the tongue?"

"You did NOT slip me the tongue."

"Naw, but I came damn close. Three more seconds, and I'da been in there. But whateva. I ain't gonna argue with you." He looked back to Maria, and smirked. "Besides, even if you didn't like it, your chick sure did. Didn't you, honey ass?"

Her throat had suddenly closed up. What the FUCK was she supposed to say? 'Um, yeah, actually, I liked the sight of you sucking on my boyfriend's lower lip, and I'd like to have seen some fluid exchange?' She somehow DIDN'T think Michael would appreciate that.

"Why don't you turn down those sheets, sweet cheeks," Rath told her, jouncing her from her thoughts. "Let's see your thighs."

She shook her head, but more from a few final vestiges of bodily modesty than lack of desire. "I...we shouldn't..."

"Come on, babycakes," Rath murmured, his voice low and sultry. "Show Rathy your slit."

"Maria, you don't have to," Michael said softly, but there was something in his voice; something that said he wanted to know just as much as Rath did. Perhaps more.

Gulping, Maria didn't answer. Instead, she took the blankets, and tossed them off, to bundle at the foot of the bed. For better or worse, vanilla was officially on the outswing tonight.


Maria threw the blankets aside, and the scent of her renewed lust hit Michael's nose like a dose of Chanel #5.

"You happy now?" she asked, and he noticed her voice was trembling a little as she spoke. "You want to see more, Rath?"

Michael glanced at his double, who was appraising the girl with a satisfied smirk. Half of him wanted to punch the guy and toss him out the window. The other half...well, the other half didn't know WHAT the hell it wanted, but whatever it was, it wanted it NOW.

"Yeah," Rath replied. "Spread 'em, bitch."

For a second, Michael thought his one half wasn't going to have to worry about punching Rath and tossing him out the window, because Maria looked perfectly happy to do it for him. Her eyes sparked, and that familiar fire bloomed there once again.

But something else lurked beneath that flame-- feeding the blaze. Something hot as nuclear reactors and the molten core of the sun. Something that told him, in no uncertain terms, that she'd liked the sight of her boyfriend kissing another guy. That she wouldn't mind seeing it again, and she'd make it worth his while if he did it.

Slowly, seductively, as though she were exposing a wild secret, she drew her knees up to her chin, and opened them.

Michael watched her petal pink lower lips spread apart in invitation, begging to be touched. There was a damp patch on the bottom sheet, and it was slowly growing bigger as liquid leaked from her body.

Rath cackled. "DAMN, ho," he observed. "You're hornier than a bitch in heat, ain't you?"

She threw her hair back haughtily, balancing on her hands, feet still apart. "Maybe."

The heavily tattooed alien grinned. "How's it make you feel when I do this?" he asked, and suddenly reached out to stroke Michael's chest.

"Hey-!" Michael began, but cut himself off when he saw Maria's eyes glaze over as she watched Rath's hand touch him.

"You like that, lover?" Rath asked. "How about this?"

The New Yorker tore off his shirt, tossing it to the side, revealing a large tattoo of a howling wolf beneath his left nipple.

Before Michael could take a step away, he'd moved closer, until he stood just behind his shoulder. "Watch her pussy, Rozzie," Rath murmured in his ear, and bent forward to kiss his neck.

Michael's first instinct was to go jujitzu on his ass and flip him over his shoulder to land with a hard THUMP on his ratty rug. But the other half of him-- the blurry half-- figured there couldn't be any harm in doing like Rath had told him.

Michael could feel his duplicate's lip ring pressing into his flesh as the scruffy alien kissed across his back, from shoulder to shoulder. Forcing himself to stay focused, he watched Maria's moist cleft.

And blinked when he saw it quiver.

Rath's hands wrapped around his waist, pulling him back against his chest, and Michael decided not to fight this time. He went willingly, feeling the other alien's tongue lap at the nape of his neck.

"Michael..." Maria moaned, sitting forward a little, keeping her legs spread. Her lower lips were glistening with moisture, and it was growing by the minute.

Fuck if they weren't turning her on.

All these months trying to find exactly the right way to touch her to open her pussy juices like a floodgate, and all he'd had to do was make it with another guy. Go figure.

Not that the exploration hadn't been fun...

He gasped when one of Rath's hands dipped down to tickle along his erection. "Shit, Rath!" he choked, stiffening.

"Easy, Roswell," the mohawked duplicate murmured in his ear, stroking his shaft delicately. "I ain't gonna hurt you. Just play along."

Michael felt the other alien's hand close around his shaft, and almost stopped breathing. Only Maria had ever touched him this intimately, stroking his hard, pulsing length like her favorite kitten. Now Rath's hand began to pump lightly from base to tip, squeezing him as though to force the cum building deep inside his pelvis to the surface.

His eyes glazed over, and everything went blurry. He barely saw Maria crawl forward across the bed, until she had balnced herself on her hands and knees, ass high in the air, body rocking almost imperceptibly in time with the pumping of Rath's hand on Michael's shaft.

"Miiichaaaeel..." she moaned, dipping her back and undulating her hips to alleviate some of the pressure that must have been building in her pelvis. "Rath, shit!"

She was imagining they were fucking her.

Michael didn't even notice that Rath's other hand had left his waist until he felt the young man's jeans fall away, followed by his boxers, and suddenly, the New Yorker's hot erection was pressing into his ass.

"How you like the feel of that, Mikey boy?" Rath asked, and pushed forward ever so slightly, so the tip jabbed his thigh.

Michael gasped. "W..what the fuck are you doing?" he gasped.

"Giving your chick some eye candy," the New Yorker replied, and squeezed Michael's erection a little harder than normal. Michael winced, and leaned back against his duplicate's chest.

Rath walked them forward a few paces so he could step out of his boots and jeans, and the jolting was torture on Michael's hard length. "Rath, just...fuck!" he gasped, not really sure if he wanted to ask his double to stop, or to keep stroking him to orgasm.

They were inches from the bed now, and Michael was agonizingly aware of Maria's presence. He could smell her soaking wet canal-- that familiar spicy tang on the air-- and he forced himself to look at her.

She seemed entranced by the tip of his erection, and the pearlescent droplets of precum that rested there. Licking her lips, she rocked forward, and kissed it, coating her mouth with the fluid.

"FUCK!" he choked, his hips thrusting forward.

Maria rubbed her lips together, spreading his precum evenly over their soft pink surface. Gazing up into his eyes, she bent forward again, and opened her mouth enough to encircle the tip of his erection completely.

Michael was in someplace between utter nirvana and a complete nervous breakdown. He had Rath's hand still pumping his shaft from the base to the middle, where he met up with Maria's hot, eager mouth. He squeezed his eyes shut and clawed into Rath's forearm with one hand as he gripped Maria's hair with the other.

"Holy FUCK!" he moaned, thrusting into her mouth. The rocking motion made Rath's hand even more unbearable, and the pressure in his abdomen began to coil.

"Don't you like gettin' out of the vanilla, bitch?" Rath murmured in his ear. "Ain't it stout?"

Michael couldn't speak, so he just bit his lip and nodded, clenching his eyes shut.

"You be sure to get him when he cums, slut," Rath said, louder this time, so Maria could hear him. "I don't want you to spill one drop, you hear? Not one."

Maria nodded, and the motion shook Michael's erection. He released a wordless cry, and dug his nails into Rath's arm.

The tattooed clone hissed, and Michael felt him slap his hip. "Don't you be drawin' blood, whore," Rath told him firmly. "Or I'll drop you here."

"Fuck, no!" Michael gasped, and eased his grip.

"That's a good little bitch," Rath purred, and reached up to stroke his hair. "Knows how to do like he's told." He darted out his tongue and laved the side of Michael's neck. Michael shivered.

Maria chose that minute to close her teeth on him, and the world started to dance with technicolor sparkles. "AaaaAAAAAWWW FUCK!" he bellowed.

"Baby want's to cum, don't he?" Rath murmured, and squeezed the base of Michael's rock hard erection. "I wanna see this."

He began kissing Michael's shoulder again, and the mix was too much. Rath's pierced lips; Maria's soft ones. Rath's quick nips; Maria's delicate nibbles. His hand; her mouth.

Michael felt his shaft leap as his body exploded with release.

"Oh, SHIIIIIT!" he cried, and felt his hot semen shoot into Maria's waiting mouth. He could feel her swallow several times to take it all in, and swirl her tongue around the tip to cleanse him entirely.

The inane image of a cat cleaning her kittens skittered through his mind, but was quickly banished when Rath whispered in his ear, "Told you I was a good fuck," and he squeezed Michael's shrinking dick one more time, as if to exclamate the point.


"Oh, God..." Michael panted, slumping against him, and Rath grinned.

"Ain't you and your fearless leader never made the nasty, bitch?" he asked, massaging the other alien's stomach. He had good musculature, like Rath himself. No flab. Stone.

"W..what? No!" Michael replied. He suddenly seemed aware of his vulnerable position, and started shoving his way out of Rath's embrace.

Rath let him go. No reason to put up a fight-- he'd be back.


The voice drew Rath's gaze away from his naked, shaking duplicate, to the moaning girl on the bed. Maria's was still on her hands and knees. Her eyes were closed; her back arched, straining. She was biting her lower lip delicately as her hips rocked.

"So baby liked the show, huh?" he said, dropping to his knees in front of her and crossing his arms on the side of the bed. "Did he taste good, bitch? Nice and salty?"

Her eyes fluttered open, and his dick started to ache more fiercely. Shit, if she wasn't some sexy pussy. He could smell her from here, and it was making his mouth water. He could mix some damn fine margaritas using her juices. Mariaritas.

"Rath," she panted, bending down a little to nuzzle at his face. "Oh, shit, I'm dying here. Please...!"

He grinned wolfishly-- he hadn't gotten the tattoo for nothing-- and lifted her chin with his index finger. "What, sugar lips?" he asked, deliberately drawing out her torture. "What do you want Rathy to do for you?"

Maria's face fell into a frustrated pout, and she opened her mouth to say something, which was just what he'd wanted.

Without letting her speak, Rath darted forward and covered her open mouth with his own, his hungry tongue forcing its way between her lips. She tasted sweet like honey-lemon cough drops, and salty like her boyfriend's cum. He growled into her mouth, and reached up a hand to cup the back of her neck and pull her down harder.

He ran his tongue over her lips, tasting the smoky remnants of Michael's precum over faint vestiges of strawberry lip gloss. She moaned, and tried to pull him up onto the bed with her.

Rath pulled away then, chuckling. "You taste good on your bitch, Roswell," he said, letting Maria bury her face in his neck as he looked up at the young man in question. "Real good. Looks like I've got myself a damn gourmet meal here-- wet pussy and hot dick."

Michael looked completely confused, thoroughly frustrated, and utterly turned on. "Shut up, Rath," he growled, climbing onto the bed beside Maria, who was biting at the New Yorker's collarbone, and making his cock harder than he'd have imagined.

"You gonna make me, Roswell?"

"If I have to."

"Well, I can think of at least one thing you could shove in my mouth."

Michael ignored him, and began stroking Maria's back. She whimpered against Rath, and bit him extra hard.

He hissed. "Ah, SHIT!" he cursed, but pulled her closer nonetheless. "Your chick here's got TEETH, Mikey. Ain't much feels better than teeth on dick. Ain't that right, Rozzie?"

Michael glared at him. "You're not gonna find out," he said.

Rath raised his eyebrows, and pulled the mewling girl away from his collarbone. Maria moaned, and fell back against the bed, writhing as Michael caressed her smooth, alabaster skin.

"Shit, don't they look sweet together?" Rath said aloud to no one in particular. He was joking to them, but the truth was, the sight of Michael stroking Maria was giving him the worst hard-on he'd had in years.

"Michael..." Maria moaned, reaching up a hand to cup her boyfriend's cheek. "Oh, God, please, just touch me...Fuck! Please!" She flexed against the sheets as a particularly hard wave of lust coursed through her.

Rath watched as his double placed a finger over his chick's lips and murmured gentle encouragements. Maria seemed soothed by whatever he was saying-- Rath couldn't hear, and for some reason, it ticked him off-- but her whimpers eased only marginally.

Then Michael did something that made Rath fucking proud. He reached down her body, spread apart her damp thighs, and buried his face in her dark mound of curls. Maria let out a stilted wail as her legs opened wider and her entire body spasmed like a powerline on wet pavement.

"You GO, Gee!" Rath crowed, watching the rhythmic rise and fall of his double's head as he sucked on her clit and lapped at her lower lips.

"Oh, FUCK!" Maria shrieked, clawing at the bottom sheet, her head almost dangling over the edge of the bed. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

She was damn sexy when she talked dirty.

Somehow Michael managed to grab Maria's hips and roll them so that she hovered over him on hands and knees as he suckled on her clit. She pumped down against his face, keening his name over and over, and her juices flowed freely down her lips to course into his waiting mouth. Rath could only assume that was what Michael had intended when he rolled them. The boy knew the methods of fluid dynamics.

"Fuck it, I want a taste of that honey too, bitch," Rath observed, watching Maria's liquid roll into his duplicate's mouth. Neither of them seemed to notice him speaking.

Well, time for the schoolmaster to get back in on the lesson plan.

Michael's dick was standing up straight and hard again, and Rath grinned at the wonders of being an alien. No rolling over and falling asleep for THEIR species. A few minutes, and the flesh rocket was always up for another launch to Venus.

Or Uranus, as the case may be.

Moving stealthily, Rath climbed onto the bed near Michael's knees, and glanced up Maria's body to make sure neither of them had noticed. They hadn't. The girl had her fingers curled around her boyfriend's headboard, her face buried in her elbow as she fucked his face. Michael was completely intent on the little bitch's dripping cunt. Rath doubted he even knew how rock hard his dick was.

Bending forward with a wicked grin, he kissed the tip of Michael's erection, mirroring Maria's similar move from earlier.

He paused to see what the reaction would be, and was pleased-- if not surprised-- to hear a tortured groan come from his counterpart, and see the other young man's hips thrust up towards him.

"Mikey wants lip service, huh?" he said, rubbing his duplicate's thigh with a calloused palm. "Well, Rathy can give that to you. Remember what I said about teeth, slut?"

Michael groaned, and Rath watched as he wrapped his arms around Maria's waist, pulling her down tighter against his face; she shrieked, but went willingly. His hips flexed up again, begging, and Rath decided to be charitable.

Opening his mouth, he lowered himself down onto Michael's throbbing erection, taking him deep before closing his teeth. The other alien tasted hot and sexy, and Rath could just make out the flavor of his cum around the tip. It made his mouth water, and he sucked hard as he grazed his teeth upwards along the hard flesh.

"SHHUUUFFF!" came the muffled cry from his double's lips.

"SHIT!" came the answering reply from his honey whore as he bellowed against her core.

//Aww yeeeah,// Rath thought, rising and falling on Michael's hot cock. //I'm fiiiiine.//


Somewhere on the way to orgasm, an altogether new smell wafted past Maria's nose, and she almost fainted. It was the smell of animal lust, and she was almost one hundred percent certain it was coming from the alien buried between her thighs.

"Michael!" she cried, and looked down between her legs to gaze at his sweat- and lust-coated face.

His eyes were clenched tightly shut, and his fingers dug into her hips, turning the knuckles white. She felt his tongue plunging in, out, in, out of her passage, and it was hard to focus, the pleasure was so intense.

"Yeeeeesss," she moaned, and hitched a breath. "Oh yeeeeessss....!"

She heard a grunt from behind her, and it was only then that she remembered Rath's presence in the room. There was a momentary flare of embarassment as she realized all the things he'd seen-- the things he'd made her watch-- but then it was gone. Glancing over her shoulder to see if he was enjoying the show, she gasped, because he wasn't even watching.

He was too intent on throating Michael's erection to pay attention.

"Aaaahhh, shit!" Maria gasped, unable to take her eyes away from the scene behind her. She twined her fingers in Michael's hair to hold herself steady, and watched, fascinated.

Rath's mohawked head bobbed up and down quickly, and Michael's hips jerked in time with the motion. Every once in a while, the New Yorker would pull off entirely and run his tongue up one side of the stiff member, over the tip, and down the other, before covering Michael with his mouth again.

Michael, for his part, seemed to be holding up well under the dual torture of being drowned in her juices and blown by his double. She could see and feel his body quivering, his heels digging into the worn comforter as he thrust into Rath's schooled mouth.

She watched as the pierced alien pulled away again. This time, he met her eyes.

And grinned.

"You like this?" he asked, massaging Michael's erection with a rough hand.

In response, her boyfriend's tongue thrust into her body with special force, plowing against her g-spot, and she shrieked out a, "YES!"

He licked his lips, then, keeping her eye contact, lowered his head and slowly laved Michael's shaft again.

The young man beneath her stiffened, arched, and groaned against her pussy.

Rath grinned as he pulled away. "Yummy," he said. He stretched out another hand, and cupped her ass. Maria sucked in a breath, and watched him, muscles trembling.

"I bet you're yummy, too," he murmured, stroking her firm cheeks. "Ain't you, bitch? Ain't your little cunt the tastiest in town?"

She nodded, not really knowing why.

"Yeah, I bet you are," he said, sliding a little closer to her. His hand worked Michael harder, so that the other alien arched fiercely, pulling his tongue from her core.

"HOLY FUCK!" he cried.

Maria whimpered, and slumped forward, so Michael's nose pressed into her stomach and his breathing puffed against her navel. "Oh...shit," she sobbed shakily. Her body still quaked, desperate for orgasm.

She heard Michael groan beneath her, and almost wondered why, but Rath got to her before she could.

His tongue ran over the edges of her lower lips, and she gasped against the pillows, her body jumping.

"Mmmm, I was right," he mumbled, nuzzling her slit. She sobbed again. "Sweetest pussy in town."

"Rath, for fuck's sake," Michael moaned under her, and wiggled. Actually WIGGLED.

"Sorry, buddy, but it's been a while since I've sucked nookie," he said, nibbling her ridges.

"Oh, gaaawwwd..." she gasped, panting against the pillowcase and thrusting herself back towards him.

Michael sucked on her stomach for a few seconds, then released her. "Sorry, baby," he murmured. "I'll be back."

She felt him slide out from under her, and willingly let her upper body slump to the mattress, keeping her ass in the air as Rath continued to lick her dripping pussy.


Maria's juices still lingered on Michael's lips, and he wanted to scream that he'd been interrupted in her slow torture before bringing her to orgasm.

But, fuck Rath if he was going to just suck him like that, and then STOP. That was just WRONG.

//Idiot,// he thought as he wiggled out from underneath his lover. //Like you didn't just do the same thing to her?//

Oh. Right.

Well, it was all Rath's fault. That was it. He'd blame it on Rath, because he had a sneaking suspicion his pierced clone had planned this all along.

"What the FUCK do you call that, prick?" Michael growled, watching his double tease Maria's folds with his tongue. There was something unbelievably sexy about seeing another guy playing her like that-- especially when the other guy was a scruffier version of himself.

"What was what, bitch?" Rath asked absently, before puckering his lips and blowing a draft of cool air into Maria's gaping passage.

"Gahhhh!" she groaned, spreading her legs wider.

Michael licked his lips at her reaction. He wanted to still be tasting her-- the juice left on his mouth wasn't enough to keep him sated. No way.

"You know damn well what I mean!" he said angrily. "Just...stopping like that!"

Rath paused in his assault on Maria's pussy then, and turned his head to look at Michael. There was moisture on his nose, and trickling down his chin.

"Hey, I'm like a drivethrough, Roswell," he said, smirking. "I give you what you want sometimes, and others, I fuck you over. You ain't happy about it? Complain to my manager, 'cept I ain't GOT one."

Maria released a frustrated cry then, and bucked backwards, trying to get at Rath's tongue again. "Shit...guys, PLEASE!" she begged. "PLEASE!"

Rath looked back to her, then again at Michael. "It's like Christmas, Mikey boy," he said. "Give, and you receive. Dig?" He nodded. "Word." Then he turned back to Maria, and made her mewl with pleasure again.

Michael watched as his duplicate buried his tongue deep in Maria's warm center, and saw the girl's back arch with pleasure. Shit, this was getting him hot. He was already near frantic for completion, but this was too much. He wanted to feel her heat against his lips again.

But Rath was in the way. Stupid prick.

Speaking of prick...

He looked down then, to Rath's waist. The New Yorker was slightly on his side, propped up on one elbow, one knee up in the air. His cock was just lying against his thigh, but Michael could almost feel the blood pumping there. It mirrored his own.

//Oh, fuck,// he thought angrily. If he couldn't taste Maria's heat, at least he wouldn't have to go cold. And maybe he could give the dupe a taste of his own medicine.


Aw yeeeaaah.

Awww yeeeeeeeaaaaah...

This bitch was like sugar in a sack. There and waiting to be eaten. Gobbled down like Juicy Fruit, cause that's what she was: juicy.

"Yes yes Yes YES!" she shrieked in quick succession, her body rocking back against his face. "SHIT, Rath! Don't fucking STOP!"

The little ho didn't have to tell HIM twice.

He rubbed his stubbly cheek against the back of her thigh as his teeth nipped at her slit, then slipped his tongue deep inside her again. She was nice and tight-- almost like a virgin, but he could feel she'd been stretched. Elastic pussy. Sweet.

That was when his other bitch wrapped his dick in a warm mouth, and the world took a turn for the sensory.

"Holy SHIT!" Rath gasped, pulling away from Maria just long enough to look down at his lower body, where Michael was pumping along his shaft, his teeth grazing the hard flesh.

"DAMN, bitch!" Rath growled, burying one hand in Michael's hair. "Ride it!"

He turned back to Maria's pussy, suddenly even more eager to gulp her down by the mouthful.

Shit, the guy was good. No wonder the chick had been so frustrated when he stopped sucking on her-- he knew how to use that mouth like a fucking lord and master.

Rath dug his lip ring into the soft, pink flesh of Maria's cunt, and felt her body beginning to tense and still. She was going to cum soon, and hard. They'd kept her on the edge too long, walking the tightrope between bliss and agony.

"Fuu-uh-uh-uck!" she groaned. "Rath, holy SHIIIIT!"

He thrust hard into his double's mouth, forcing his cock deep down the other alien's throat. Had it been anyone else, by now he would have triggered a gag reflex. But Rath knew a little something about the alien throat-- namely, how much dick it could handle. And he was doing JUST fine.

Suddenly, he felt Maria's body freeze. It was as if a hand had taken her by the spine and stilled her movement. He kept his tongue buried within her, and gazed up her back as she prepared to cum.

It was really a gorgeous display, though it only took a few seconds. First, her back curled, arching up, then down. Her head followed, as she threw it back, long, golden curls separating in the streetlights like a fan. Then came the mouth, open and moist and desperate. Then the throat, as the scream worked its way from her lungs, up her windpipe, and to the surface.


That was when the lower body took over, and he felt her inner walls clutch his tongue like a vise, pulling him deeper, pumping him hard.

"Oh shit, oh yes, oh God, oh shit..." she panted, over and over, her body collapsing in sections to the bed. First her head, then her torso, and finally her hips, sinking to the mattress as if pulled by a weight.

His tongue slid from her passage, but she must have been on sensory overload, and didn't notice, because she barely made a sound. Rath felt his dick swell with pride at the thought.

Michael moaned then, and he had to turn his attention back to the other alien. "Aw, fuck, baby," he growled, holding Michael's head in both hands. "You know how to work it, don't you? Rock my lollipop, bitch. You know how to fuck it RIGHT."

He pumped back and forth into the other young man's mouth, hissing and wincing and twisting his fingers in Michael's hair.

The other alien looked up at him, gazing through the fringe of his bangs, and there was something in those eyes that was all too familiar. He'd seen it in his own eyes, looking in the mirror before a big con.

"What you....plannin', my Mikey bitch?" he asked, feeling the sweat slick his body. "You plannin' to pull...a...oh, shit...a fast one...on Rathy?"

He felt a pair of eyes watching them, and glanced to the side. Maria had curled up into a loose fetal position, one hand stroking her breast, and she was watching them. Her eyes were wide, exploring; watching his throbbing cock plunge in and out of her boyfriend's mouth.

Until it stopped.


Rath turned furious eyes on his double as Michael sat up, and licked his lips.

"Rock that, bitch," he said, and Rath saw red.

"Why you-" He launched himself at his twin, bowling him back to the bed.

Michael shoved at him, but Rath wouldn't be moved. "You little fuck," he growled, holding Michael down. "Think you can play all high and mighty with me, huh? Is that it? Well, fuck that."

"What, Rath?" Michael asked, glaring up at him. "Can't take a little torture?"

They wrestled around for a few more seconds as Michael fought to get out from under Rath's muscular frame. The New Yorker dug his fingernails into his double's wrists, holding his arms down.

"I ain't bein' played, bitch," he growled. "Don't NO ONE play Rath, you get me?

Michael's eyes glinted when he responded, "Oh really? Cause it looks like I just...did."

That did it. "Why you little shit," Rath growled, planting a knee on Michael's left hip so he couldn't squirm away. "I'll SHOW you bein' played."

Before his double could make another smart ass remark, Rath bent down and crushed their mouths together, making sure his lip ring dug painfully into the other alien's skin.

He forced his tongue between Michael's lips, ignoring the Roswellian's attempts to keep him out. He was pissed and horny, and when he got pissed and horny, he got mean.

He levered his tongue between Michael's teeth spreading them so that he could explore his mouth. Meanwhile, his free knee slipped between his counterpart's legs, until it pressed lightly against his balls, with the promise of more force if he fought too much.

Michael groaned into Rath's mouth, and the New Yorker took the oppurtunity to force his tongue fully forward. He traced the contours of the roof of his prisoner's mouth, licking the ridges and delving into the hollows.

He felt Michael's tongue trying to push his away, but ignored it, and pressed his knee harder into the other young man's groin. Michael groaned again-- louder, more urgent-- and arched a little, as if to escape. His erection was a burning rod against Rath's stomach, making the tattooed alien even hornier.

//Aw, hell yeah,// he thought hungrily, as he felt Michael's tongue suddenly dip into his mouth. Perhaps as a sign of conciliation. Perhaps as a form of seduction. Perhaps just because it had nowhere else to go. All Rath knew was, it tasted damn good-- like himself, and the chick, and the faint hint of tabasco.

Shit, he loved tabasco. Tabasco on pineapple pizza. That stuff was the SHIT.

His hands loosened on Michael's wrists, but the other alien didn't try to pull away. In fact, he didn't move at all. His tongue swept over Rath's teeth, and the tattooed duplicate let him explore for a moment, before once again taking over and battling his double's tongue into submission with his own.

They lay like that for a long minute, tasting each other's mouths. Rath freed Michael's hands, and felt the other alien stroke his side. He cupped the Roswellian's cheek, surprising even himself with how gentle the touch was. Lonnie, if the bitch had been around, and not wherever the fuck she was, would have snorted.

Eventually, Rath decided it really WOULD be a good idea to breathe, and slowly withdrew his tongue, pulling away from Michael's mouth. The young man beneath him had his eyes closed, but they opened slowly as he drew back.

"Shit," Michael breathed.

Rath nodded. "Tell me about it," he replied. "I always knew I had a good tongue, but, DAMN."

"Does this count as narcissism?"

"As what?"

"Never mind."

Rath would have pushed the issue, if he hadn't felt ANOTHER tongue-- a distinctly FEMININE tongue-- touch his lower back.

He stilled as Maria traced a long, wet path from his ass to the nape of his neck. "Wow," she whispered in his ear, but loud enough for Michael to hear. "I think that's one of the sexiest damn things I've ever seen, baby." She took his chin in her delicate fingers, and tilted his head to the side, so he looked straight at her.

She held his eyes. "Can I taste your tongue too, Rath?" she asked, her gaze hooded and seductive.

Moving forward, she brushed his lips with her own. "Pretty please?" she murmured. "With sugar-coated Michael's on top?"

He grinned when she said that, and so did she. So they shared a common interest.

Opening his mouth, Rath let her eager tongue slide past his. He pushed himself into a kneeling position, semi-straddling Michael's supine body, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. Her lips were softer than Michaels, though he found it hard to believe. Softer and more tender. He wanted to crush his mouth down on hers, the way he had with her lover, but checked himself. He liked her lips too much, and didn't want to bruise them.

Eventually, they drew apart, and Maria smiled.

"Now I know what he sees in you," she told him, stroking his abs.

Rath grinned. "I ain't never got no complaints, bitch," he told her.

"You taste fuckable."

"So do you."

Michael chose that moment to sit up, balancing himself on his palms. "And what about ME?" he asked, pretending to sound hurt. "What do _I_ taste like?"

Maria stroked his cheek as she giggled. "You taste like Michael, Michael," she told him. "And Rath tastes like Rath. I love them both."

That was when the inspiration struck, and Rath nearly came just from the idea.

"Hey, baby," he murmured, squeezing her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He was pleased to see her jump, and her eyes widen with shock. "Wanna play a little game?"


When the blindfold went around her eyes, Maria began to wonder if this was really a good idea.

"Um, guys?" she asked dubiously. "What are we doing exactly?"

"Beats me," she heard Michael say, as he took her hand and caressed the palm with his thumb. "He only wants me for my body. He doesn't tell me anything."

She laughed.

"Hey!" Rath barked, finishing off the knot of her blindfold and pulling back. "Don't say I ain't never done nothin' for you, bitch," he growled at Michael, but it was a good-natured growl. As good-natured as a growl could BE, coming from Rath.

"Fine, then," Michael responded. "Why don't you tell us just why the hell you've got my girlfriend blindfolded on my bed?"

She couldn't see Rath's grin, but she could hear it when he spoke.

"Taste test," he said.

Her brow wrinkled. "What?" she asked, perplexed. "When did this turn into the Cola Wars?"

"Shut up and let me talk, bitch," Rath muttered, but she didn't take his surly tone personally. It was just his nature-- like the scorpion on the turtle's back.

"By all means."

She felt his presence move closer to her body, so that his heat was enchanting her from one side, and Michael's from the other. It was as though she lived in her own cocoon of bliss.

"You like the way bitch here tastes, huh?" he said, and she felt his fingers trail down her arm, and over to her breast, where he began to massage her nipple. She sighed, and sank back against the pillows. "And me too, right?"

Maria nodded. "Yeah." His fingers were working magic around her nipple. She didn't want it to ever stop.

"Well," he continued, and she felt a second hand start rolling her other nipple, and she wondered for a moment whose it was, "that's just fine and dandy, ain't it? But how can we be sure, huh? How can we know you ain't been out there getting laid by each jock on the football team, and telling them all you liked their flava, too?"

"Rath!" she heard Michael bark, and grinned at his protectiveness.

"Relax, Gee, I'm only funnin' with her," Rath responded. "Ain't I, smooth ass?"

"Yeah, I get that, Rath. Now what's your point?"

He leaned in then-- she could feel his body over her-- and said, "You're gonna suck my cock, little lady, and you're gonna suck your mac daddy's here, and you're gonna TELL us which is which. You dig? And then we'll all see if you're REALLY as sugar virgin as you say."

She gulped. "I'm going to...what?"

"You heard me, baby. You ain't afraid, is you?"

She shook her head, because she truly wasn't. She was just...worried.

"What happens...if I tell you wrong?" she asked.

"Then you get punished."


"Oh, we'll think of something."

She swallowed again. "And if I guess right?"

This time, it was Michael who responded. "Then you'll be very, very happy."

Maria considered for a second. She'd seen Rath's lovemaking skills in full swing already, and she'd been party to Michael's for weeks. She knew they could both make her scream, in good AND bad ways.

Which was why she nodded. She just HAD to feel their reward.

She heard Rath cackle. "Woo-hoo!" he whooped. "Jiggity jig, it's time to frig!"


Michael watched as if from a great distance as Rath set Maria up, kneeling on the edge of the bed. His dick was throbbing, and he couldn't seem to drag his eyes away from Maria's petal pink lips. He could see them in his mind's eye, riding his shaft, swallowing his seed.

He licked his lips, and touched his rock hard erection, wincing. Yeah, he needed this. Badly.

Rath walked over to him then, and grinned at his hand. "Gettin' started early, eh, bitch?" he asked, and rubbed the tip of Michael's shaft ever so lightly with his thumb, making him jump. "Well, just hang on until we get to the little slut over there. She's all hungry for a little more cum. I think you whet her appetite."

Michael nodded, his eyes still transfixed by Maria's lips. "You or me?" he asked.

Rath shrugged. "Don't make no nevermind to me. We both get licked."

Michael looked at him then, eyes almost pleading.

Rath laughed silently, and gestured for Michael to move forward.

He walked to the edge of the bed, and gazed down at her for a moment. She was snuffling, as if she were trying to smell them out, and distinguish them by the olfactory alone. He wanted to kiss the tip of her little, wiggling nose, but that would probably give him away. Rath would never do that.

So instead, he just took another step forward, and touched the tip of his erection to her lips.

Maria jumped a little in surprise, but quickly calmed, and opened her mouth obediently. He slid between her lips, and forced himself not to cry out and blow his cover.

Blow his cover. That term had all new meaning for him now.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned around him, and it was all he could do to keep from hissing as she began to rock back and forth on his shaft. Her teeth grazed the painfully aroused flesh, making it leap with each pass.

Michael began to rhythmically pump into her mouth, letting his eyes close as she circled the tip of his cock with her tongue. She was tasting him-- memorizing and cataloguing his flavor for later. But she was also having one hell of a good time-- that he could tell. The scent of her lust had already doubled, just in the time since the blindfold had been placed over her eyes. It would go up again before the night was over.

//Shit, shit, shit!// he cried out internally, biting his lip to keep from vocalizing the words. Damn, this was hard. He wanted to thrust into her, deep into her throat, down, down, down, until he was buried inside her completely.

Maria closed his teeth a little tighter around his shaft, and Michael immediately saw the edge approaching at breakneck pace. He was already hard as steel from Rath's teasing of earlier, and her hot, wet mouth was accelerating the process.

//Yeah, baby, oh, yeah!// he cried silently, throwing his head back, tendons in this throat standing out in stark relief. //Oh, FUCK!//

When he came, it was hard and fast and choking back a scream. His semen pumped out of his swollen erection, and coated the back of her throat.

He felt Maria swallow several times, taking him in entirely, teasing the tip of his cock. Then she opened her mouth, and he forced himself to draw back and out without saying a word, though all he wanted to do was smother her lips with his own, and taste the remnants of himself that lingered there, mingled with her sultry strawberry smile.


Rath watched his double cum, and winced in sympathy at the look of pure bliss on his face, and the silent cry that tore past his lips.

//Shit, Gee,// he thought. //I KNEW she'd be fuckin' good.//

Slowly, Michael withdrew his flaccid cock from his lover's mouth, and Rath watched him stumble backward to fall heavily on his couch, wide-eyed and panting. Maria, for her part, looked eager to get to the next meal, her mouth open and ready, tongue circling her lips to catch any remaining cum that might have escaped her throat.

Well, Rath was never one for making eager little hos wait to blow him, so he hurried forward. Careful to ease his dick into her mouth-- no need to give himself away by just thrusting in, cumming, and getting out-- he felt her close around him, and began to understand that blissful expression his double had worn.

Screw pineapple pizza with tabasco. THIS was the shit.

She began to pump back and forth, sucking him like a popsicle. A hard, pulsing, searing popsicle of smooth skin and pearly precum.

He bit his lip, and tugged on his lip ring with the tip of his tongue. Anything to keep from crying out, or urging her on, or reaching down to slap her ass and call her a sweet-mouthed little whore. He was pretty sure that would give him away.

"Mmmm...mmmm....mmmmmm," she moaned, her mouth flexing around him, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin. He could see her breasts swaying in time with her movements, and he wanted to reach out and rasp his palms over her taut, erect nipples. But she'd recognize his rough hands, compared to Michael's smooth ones.

When her teeth bit lightly at the base of his cock, he came immediately-- so violently, he released a short, stilted cry, which he cut off quickly. Shit, he hadn't been expecting that.

His knees almost gave out as he felt her throat muscles contract to swallow his cum. Then her mouth was opening, and he was stumbling backwards, and then Michael and the couch were there, and the entire world was a spinning chaos of Maria-shaped stars.

"Oh, wow...." she purred, stretching like a cat on the edge of the bed. "Oh, shit, you guys...."

"Fuck," Rath panted, watching her. "DAMN, girl. You been reading your mama's dirty books again?"

Michael was still gasping for air beside him, but he managed to chuckle at that.

"So," Rath continued, swallowing, then moving on, "which is which, bitch? Or is that pretty tongue only good for one thing?"



Shit. Shit.

Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT!

//Okay, Deluca,// Maria told herself firmly. //First off, get your mind OUT of your friggin' pussy and put it BACK between your ears.//

This was a tall order. Her entire being seemed centered around the throbbing bud between her legs. But it was better to try and fail than not try at all. So she tried.

And failed.

//Fine,// she told herself again. //LEAVE it in your pussy, and try to make it WORK.//

Who had been who?

Normally, she'd have had no problems-- one of the reasons she'd agree to the experiment. She knew Michael's flavor intimately, and was positive she could pick it out. And her brief contacts with Rath's taste had convinced her that he was just as distinctive as Michael. SURELY she should be able to tell them apart.

But she couldn't.

Because they tasted like each other.

Not because of the shared genes, she figured, so much as from the fact that they'd spent quite a bit of the evening getting to know each other's cocks rather intimately. She could taste Rath's mouth on Michael, and vice versa. And it was confusing the hell out of her senses.

"I demand a retest," she said.

"This ain't friggin' Florida," Rath growled. "There ain't no dimpled chads around here. It's one of the other. Now who was who?"

All right. That tactic wasn't going to work.

//Think,// she thought firmly. //Who could be who?//

Aw, hell. She was never going to figure it out. Her mind was too clouded with lust, and her tastebuds were ringing like clocktower bells. It was sensory overload.

"Michael then Rath," she guessed, and forced herself not to cross her fingers. "That's the order. It was Michael, then Rath."

She gulped. "Am I right?"

There was no answer.



"Guys, WAS I-"

She was cut off by a hand over her mouth, and another between her legs, massaging her cleft. She moaned.

"Yeah, you were right," Rath murmured in her ear, as he pulled her up into a kneeling position. "Looks like your honor stays intact, eh, Mikey?"

Michael didn't respond, but she felt him climb onto the bed in front of her, and remove the blindfold gently. His eyes were glowing with desire when she could finally see them.

"Definitely," he said.

Rath laughed, and climbed onto the bed behind her. She was now sandwiched between them, and enjoying it immensely.

She felt Rath pump her mound a few times with his hand, and shrieked as he lubricated his hand with her juices. "That's it, bitch," he growled in her ear, and she felt his hand move away to begin stroking his shaft, slicking himself up. "You've got room for two, don't you? You're a tight little pussy, but I think your cunt's got room for both your sugar daddies, don't you? Huh?"

Maria's eyes widened, and she would have looked over her shoulder at him, except that Michael chose that moment to smother her mouth with his own. Whether it was planned or sponataneous, she couldn't be sure.

She could feel Rath reach between her legs to lubricate Michael's erection-- ALREADY they were hard again? Holy shit!-- with her juices, and she quivered, pressing tighter against Michael's chest.

"It'll be all right, pretty mama," Rath murmured to her as he slipped a couple of fingers into her, spreading her opening. "We'll be real nice and gentle. Real nice."

She felt the tip of his erection enter her, and then Michael's joined him. She winced, and pulled away from Michael's lips, moaning.

"Oh, shit," she gasped, letting her head rest back against Rath's chest. She'd read about double penetration before, and never really imagined it was possible.

Now she knew it was.

They sank in together, and Maria couldn't breathe. It was like fucking a pair of lit candles-- hot and molten. They pushed deep, and pulled back slow, then pushed in again.

"Oh my god..." Michael groaned, burying his face in her throat. She felt him grab her hand and squeeze.

"Aw, yeah, THIS is the stuff," Rath growled, and covered their joined hands with his own.

Maria couldn't speak. She couldn't move. She was completely entranced by the agony and pleasure in her pussy. They were stretching her so tight-- tighter than she'd imagined possible. Tight so that it hurt.

But they were also touching every inch of her sheath, rubbing erogenous zones she hadn't known existed. She felt Michael rub over her g-spot, and managed to squeal his name, digging her fingers into his hand.

Rath wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her back against his chest. Micheal went with her, his lips nipping and sucking at her breasts, his free hand cupping and massaging her ass.

"Who owns your pussy, baby?" Rath murmured in her ears, and she could hear he was out of breath. "Who owns your body?"

"Y...You do!" she gasped. "God, BOTH of you! SHIT! SHIT, SHIT!"

"Damn straight," Rath purred, nibbling her earlobe. "And we're gonna make you cum hard, like the little slut you are, aren't we?"

She nodded quickly. Her spine had lost all strength, and she was forced to slump against him to stay upright as Michael continued to plunder her body.

"Oh, yeah, that's it," Rath moaned, his thrusts beginning to pick up speed, as did Michael's. "Take us nice and deep, bitch."

Tears were in her eyes, but whether they were from pain or pleasure she couldn't distinguish. She had two unbelievably sexy aliens thrusting into her, she was about to go tumbling over the edge of a very heavy orgasm, and all she wanted to know was, what would it feel like to cum around TWO men at once?

"Aaah.....aaaaaahhhh....aaaaaAAAAAAHH GOD!" she groaned, as her body began to rise and fall harder, matching their thrusts. "Fuck me, YES! FUCK ME!"

Michael moved up to her lips then, silencing her, eating her screams, as Rath ravaged the back of her neck. She felt the latter's hands smooth up her stomach to cup her breasts, fondling them, pinching the nipples, while Michael's palms continued to mold to her ass.

//Oh, SHIIIT!// she screamed internally, releasing a wordless cry against Michael's lips, and tightening her grip on his fingers as she reached around to claw at Rath's thigh with her free hand.

This was it. She could feel it building-- overlapping itself again and again in her stomach; swirling into an eddy of lust.

She pulled her lips away from Michael's, and let herself cry out over and over as, with a powerful explosion that squeezed the two men's shafts like a press, she climaxed.


Twin streams of semen erupted inside her as the two aliens-- stroked to completion by her orgasm-- came like a hurricane.

"HOLY shit!" Michael exclaimed, cleaving to her, and sucking on her collabone.

"SWEET, bitch!" Rath bellowed, tangling his fingers in her hair and pulling her head back so he could ravage her lips.

Maria sighed and sobbed between them, not wanting them to exit her body, because she knew how small she'd feel once they did that, and she wanted to go on feeling like she could be their world.


Rath decided, after a several long, gasp-filled minutes of cuddling, that it was time to lay down. So he rocked them to the side, until all three slowly sank down onto the mattress.

Michael and Maria clung to each other like long lost lovers finally finding each other again, and it gave him the raving green jealousies.

Until Maria's soft hand smoothed back over her hip to find his, clutching it like a prayer.

"Thank you," she murmured.

"Mm, thanks," Michael dittoed, and already his double was falling asleep. He'd have to teach the guy some self-control. But that could come later. When there wasn't a lady present.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," he answered, flustered. He was never good at compliments and shit. "Just didn't want to see such a fine piece of ass going to waste."

She giggled and pressed back against him, pulling Michael, who was already half asleep, with her.

Rath wrapped his arms around the pair of them, and buried his nose in Maria's hair. She still smelled sweet and fresh, even after their couplings. How the hell did she manage that? He smelled like an Asian Sex Shop.

Michael's hand wrapped over Maria's body to come to rest on Rath's hip. Rath didn't even think the guy was aware of it, but it just rested there, the fingers tapping patterns against his skin. It made him grin.

Moving his hand down his double's back, he gripped Michael's ass in a firm hand. "And speaking of a fine piece of ass going to waste," he said, "just wait until TOMORROW night."

He let Maria's answering laughter soothe him into sleep.

The End