Double Trouble by Mnemosyne Title: Double Trouble

Author: Mnemosyne


Disclaimer: Not mine!

Summary: Michael finds Rath flirting with Maria. They start to fight. Maria intervenes, and things get heavy. Hot and heavy...

Rating: NC-17! LOL! Like I'd writing anything else... ;) DO NOT READ if you're underage!

Spoilers: Up to and including "Meet the Dupes."

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Okay, since Rath IS a major player in this fic, expect some rough sex and language. Not necessarily BDSM, but not all peaches and cream either. Just be forewarned. :)

IMPORTANT: This fic takes place the night AFTER the breakfast scene b/w Maria and Brody, but the night BEFORE Rath and all them go back to New York.

Dedication: To Mariem, for the initial request and encouragment. You're wonderful, chica! And to Courts, for cracking the whip and getting on my tail to write this. And finally, to the ever-present Jen, for loaning me Rath for the night. He was SUCH an inspiration... ;)

Muse-ic: Eve 6; Blink 182; Def Leppard

"So why do we choose the boys that are naughty?
I don't fit in so why do you want me?
And I know I can't tame you, but I just keep trying..."

-No Doubt
"Bath Water"

"Brody? What the hell does she see in HIM? I mean... He's Brody!"

Grumbling was something of which Michael Guerin had complete mastery. He'd spent a good amount of his life grumbling about this or that-- his lot in life, this dismal planet, his "clingy" girlfriend. He had practice.

But this was testing his limits. His grumbling was about to explode into full-fledged griping.

Yeah, so he'd told her to move on. Yeah, so he'd told her aliens and humans didn't mix. Yeah, so he'd told her, in essence, to go get screwed by someone else.

That didn't mean she was supposed to DO it.

"Friggin' accents and fucking pansy-ass abduction stories," he muttered. "And that hair! What the fuck is she thinking? God!"

So, naturally, he was determined to find out just what the hell was going on in that cute little blonde head of hers. Which required going to her house. Which meant meetng her on her turf.

Which meant he had to be prepared.

"Dog shit, dog shit, dog shit," he kept mumbling to himself, over and over. "Mud" just didn't cut it anymore.

Her window was in view by now, as was her driveway. Michael noticed Amy's car wasn't there. She must have been out on another date with Valenti. Cute. Real cute. Now there was no adult presence to ease his libido.


Approaching her room cautiously, he heard voices coming from her slightly open window. Slowing, he drew up next to the glass, and peered through.

And nearly choked on his own tongue.

Maria wasn't alone in her room. Rath-- his punk wannabe duplicate-- was in there with her. And he was definitely making a move.

"Rath, would you get the hell out of here?" Maria said, and she had that weary, annoyed tone she always got with Michael when he'd particularly pissed her off. He couldn't wait to see Rath's reaction to that. "I don't appreciate guys morphing themselves into the form of my ex-boyfriend in order to get into my room."

"Aw, come on, baby," his doppelganger responded, grinning slyly. He'd apparently shed the disguise, because Michael could see his lip ring glinting as he spoke. "I want into more than just your room."

Maria rolled her eyes at that.

"You know I wouldn't have gone for that Parker ho if I knew my twin had you in his back pocket," Rath continued. "Or was it front pocket? Tell me, bitch-- which pocket have you had your hand in?"

Michael bristled at Rath's use of the term "bitch," and would have flown through the window then and there to beat the crap out of him if Maria hadn't spoken up.

"Look, buddy," she growled, "if you don't get out of my room in ten seconds, you are going to regret it. Understand? I will personally knock you on your ass."

Rath grinned-- actually grinned-- at that. "You promise?"

"God, you're such a pain slut."

"The piercings didn't give it away?"

Michael was beginning to seethe. Not only was Rath hitting on his girlfriend-- well, okay, his quasi-girlfriend-- but, judging by the fact that Maria hadn't already kicked him out the window...She actually seemed to be enjoying it!

"Oh, come on, woman," Rath was saying, and Michael watched him saunter towards the girl. //Hit him, Maria!// She didn't. "Like you don't want to feel a little bit of pain. I think you'd like that. I think you're a little pain whore."

Maria looked into Rath's face, her gaze unwavering. What the hell was she waiting for? The guy was less than a foot away from her! She should slug him!

But slugging the tall, pierced alien seemed to be the last thing on Maria's mind. "What makes you think that?"

Rath grinned again, and in a quick move, reached out to grab her wrists. Michael almost pounced, but paused when the other alien didn't appear to be hurting her. Just...clutching.

"What?" he observed, making circles on her wrists with his thumbs. "You and my candy-ass twin haven't played the bondage game?"

"Have you and Lonnie?"

"Oh yeah. That and more."

"Whips and chains and shit like that?"


"You're just a kinky little pimp, aren't you?"

He flashed her a wolfish smile. "You want to find out? Cause I'm more than willing to teach you."

That would do it. Maria would beat his head into next week for that. Michael grinned, and got ready to watch the blood flow. didn't happen.

And Maria smiled.

Not just any smile, either. Her come-hither smile. The smile she'd saved for him and him alone, during their Friday night make-out sessions, when she'd let him push his hands under her bra. Only this smile was even more sensual-- it was giving Rath permission to touch a hell of a lot more than her breasts.

That tore it. He wasn't going to sit back and watch her suck this guy's tongue. Not a chance in hell.

With a bellow of inhuman rage, he pushed open her window and leapt inside.


Maria almost had a heart attack when Michael came barrelling through her bedroom window, eyes flashing with fury, hands clenched into fists.

"What the hell are YOU doing here!" she exclaimed, hand over her pounding heart.

He glared first at Rath-- who was standing by with a self-possessed expression on his face-- then at her, then back to Rath. "Well I was Ggoing to ask you what the fuck the deal was with Brody, but then I find Mr. Hoops-and-Studs here getting ready to jump your bones, and you doing nothing to stop him. So I guess I'm here to ask you what the fuck the deal with RATH is."

"Oh, come on, pal," Rath said, his thick New York accent adding weight to his words. "You don't mean to tell me you were expecting to keep this hot little mama all to yourself? Share and share alike, that's what I say."

Michael's lip curled, and he started forward.

Maria rolled her eyes, and stepped between them. "STOP!" she yelled, glaring at each alien in turn. It was odd, seeing two faces so similar, yet so different. "In case you hadn't noticed, this is my room, and Iwill be choosing who I do or do not allow to jump my bones, okay? Is that understood?

"Maria," Michael fumed. "The guy is a jackass."

"We share the same gene pool, fucko," Rath stated, and now his eyes were glinting, too.

Michael growled.

//Oh, shit,// Maria just had time to think, before they pounced on one another.

She was trapped between them, which, surprisingly, was actually a rather nice place to be. Most of the action was upper body, so she crouched down and let them have at it for a few seconds while she enjoyed the view. Occasionally, one or the other's shirt would bunch up, exposing a stretch of abdomen. They both had nicely sculpted muscles. She could imagine running her tongue along the outlines on their torsos.

//Oh, god, did I just think that?// she asked herself. //When did I turn into a guy?//

They were jostling her from both sides now, and she decided it was time to put a stop to all this nonsense before it got too out of control. So she straightened up.

"I'm gonna rip that ring right out of your nose, you little prick!"

"Fuck off, pansy!"

"Enough! Enough" Maria screeched, trying to force them apart and failing miserably. She might as well have been a swallow trying to move a skyscraper. "Guys, cut it out!"

They didn't seem to hear her, and she began to get ticked. She didn't like being ignored.

Suddenly, she felt rough hands on her body, pushing her out of the way--presumably so they could get at each other without her in the way. She didn't know who it was, but she wasn't ABOUT to be man-handled in her own room! So she planted her feet and stood her ground. //Let them try and move me now,// she thought.

Her body stayed put.

Her clothes, on the other hand....


Maria felt her tight-fitting shirt tear neatly down the middle as the two aliens on either side of her tore it away from her body. She was certain it was accidental.

Pretty certain.

Of course, certain or not, that didn't change the fact that her shirt was now falling to the floor, a scrap of useless fabric, leaving her standing between the two suddenly stone-still aliens, who were gazing at her body as though she were the Mona Lisa.

"Holy shit," Michael said finally. "Maria, where's your bra?"

She blushed deep red. Redder than she'd ever blushed before. Redder than hollyberries; than blood. Redder than the color red itself. She created her own spectrum.

"I think it ended up on the floor, too," Rath observed, and when she glanced to the side to look at him, she could see he was smirking.

And suddenly, the red wasn't all from embarassment. Some of it became anger. And that part grew exponentially.

Until, with bone-crushing force, she let rip and plowed her fist into the dupe's chin.

"What the fuck!" he cried, stumbling backwards to collapse against her vanity.

"Yes!" Michael crowed. "Go Mari-!"

But he was cut off as an equally powerful fist impacted his chin, sending him careening backwards as well, until he almost fell out her window.

"You bastards!" Maria shrieked, gathering up her ruined garments to cover her bare chest. The cold air in the room had made her nipples harden; God forbid they think the response had been meant for them. "Now both of you get out of my house NOW!"

Rath scrambled to his feet across the room, and adjusted his jaw. Michael also clambered to a standing position, rolling his neck as though to test it's dexterity.

Then, almost simultaneously, they fixed her with heated stares.

"I said, get OUT!" she ordered, gesturing to the window with one arm, while the other held up her shirt.

Rath shook his head, his eyes transfixed. "Naw," he said. "I don't think so."

She glared at him. Or tried to. For some reason, the instant her eyes met his, all she could see was the Michael that rested inside him somewhere, and her knees went weak. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

He moved a step closer. "Because I smell something tasty," he murmured. "Something girly."

She swallowed, suddenly aware of the dampness between her legs.

"It's like pheromones, you know?" Rath continued. "Like a drug."

Maria was so focused on the dupe, she didn't even notice Michael approaching her until she felt his hands on her arms, and his lips against her shoulder.

"God, yeah," he moaned in her ear. "I smell it too, Maria." His tongue flicked out to taste her skin, and she gasped. "You smell like sex."

He nibbled along her shoulder, and Maria let her eyes close as she leaned back against him. Damn...what had she been angry about? Something to do with clothes. Oh, yeah. The fact that they were still wearing all of theirs. That must be it.

She felt Rath's hand take hold of hers-- the one supporting her shirt-- and draw it away from her body. Since all communication between her brain and extremities appeared to have stopped, she let him, and the shirt fell from her listless fingers.

The dupe's breath curled against her skin as he leaned closer, and Maria suddenly found herself in the very admirable position of being sandwiched between two Michaels. Her Michael, who stood behind her and was dropping soft, hungry kisses along her shoulders; and duplicate Michael, who suddenly nipped at her jugular, making her jump.

"Mmmm..." Rath hummed. "I taste cherry."

She flushed, then went three shades darker when Michael murmured against her back, "Not for long."

His arms wound their way to the button of her close-fitting pants, working it open with little difficulty.

"Michael..." she moaned as he unzipped her fly, and her hand twisted over her shoulder to cup the back of his neck.

The pants fell to the floor, but before she could absorb that fact, Rath had grabbed her bare legs and swung them up around his waist. She gasped, and would have been pulled away from Michael if he hadn't kept a firm grip on her torso and buried his face in her hair.

The dupe tilted her chin up so that she was forced to look into his eyes.

"What do you say, little honey?" he asked, smirking. "You think you can handle two at once?" As if to emphasize his point, he pushed his groin into hers, so she could feel the bulge in his jeans.

Maria winced as he rubbed against her sensitive nub through the satin of her black thong. "Oh, gaaaawwwwd...." she groaned.

"I want to make you moan my name, Maria," Michael was whispering in her ear. "Do you know how long I've wanted that? Since the first time I saw you in that damn alley." He laved her ear with his tongue, and she whimpered.

"Do you want to fuck me, Maria?" he asked.

She nodded, biting her lip as Rath scrubbed against her again.

"Do you want to be fucked?"

"Hell yes," she gasped, throwing her head back as Michael cupped her ass in his hot hands. "Oh, God, don't stop!"

She heard Rath laugh at that. "Stop?" he asked, as if he couldn't believe it. "Lover, we haven't even started yet."


The girl was like liquid fire in his hands, and Rath liked it.

//Damn, it's been a long time since I fucked a human,// he thought as he carried Maria's squirming form to her bed. It was far too tidy for their purposes, and he was about to yank all the covers off with his powers when his goody-two-shoes duplicate took the initiative and did it instead.

"Nice work, gee," he muttered, before dropping the girl on the bare bottom sheet.

"Yeah, whatever," Michael replied, kicking off his shoes and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

Rath shook his head, and pulled his own shirt off over his head. This guy was way too eager. Why the hell hadn't he just fucked the ho earlier? If he'd been here, that's exactly what would have happened. She was a hot little piece of ass, and he'd bet his long-lost virginity she was tight, like a glove. She'd feel real nice when he slipped it in.

Maria was watching them, and Rath decided to play to her a bit. She seemed like the type who would go for that-- get her nice and randy for the nasty.

Leaning forward to straddle her body with his arms, he said, "Let's get you warmed up," and grinned

She was looking into his eyes as if he knew all the answers to life's little mysteries. As if he were Michael. Well, he'd show her they were different.

His fingers slipped into the stringy waist of her thong-- it was cute; sexy. He wondered if his counterpart had ever seen her this unclothed. Somehow he doubted it.


"What are you-?" she began to ask, but the question was cut off by a yelp when he tugged hard on the thong, drawing it up between her pussy lips.

He pulled again, and she keened, trying to rub herself on the piece of cloth. But it stayed stationary, ceaselessly stimulating her clit.

"Now don't touch," Rath told her. Maria's eyes were glazed with lust, and she nodded.

"What are you doing?" he heard Michael ask accusingly, and rolled his eyes.

Glaring over his shoulder at his would-be twin-- who was now down to his boxers-- he answered, "You ever try to ride the waterslide when it was dry?" He wiggled Maria's thong, and she whimpered in earnest as it rubbed her clit. "Well, I'm just getting the hoses running."

"You hurt her, and I'll kick the shit out of you."

From the tone of his voice, Rath had a feeling the guy meant it. Even if he could trash him single-handed.

"Don't worry, bro," he said. "You ain't hurting, now are you?" he asked, directing the question back to the moaning girl.

"Please!" she begged softly. "Please hurry!" Her hips were flexing in slow time, and he knew she was imagining the thong was a hand. Good. She was just what he liked in a chick-- hot, wet, and eager. Without a thought, he darted out his tongue and stroked it over her lips.

She moaned when he pulled away. "R...Rath," she whimpered. "Michael!"

The latter crawled up on the bed beside the squirming girl as Rath yanked open his jeans and kicked off his boots. He was about to bark at his double-- who was naked already-- not to touch her, but Michael seemed to understand that. He hovered his hand just over her chest. Maria tried to arch up into his palm, but he kept it just beyond her reach.

"You want me to twist your nipples, don't you?" he asked huskily.

Maria nodded quickly. "Y-yes!" she moaned. "Please! Michael, please!"

He swirled his finger around one of the taught nubbins, and the cool breeze this caused made it harden even more. Rath had to admire the other young man's style. Maria was practically begging his name, but his double was keeping his heads-- both of them-- together.

Kicking off his own boxers, Rath climbed onto the bed on Maria's other side. Her eyes darted wildly between the two aliens, as if she couldn't decide which one would be more forgiving and take the thong from her wet core.

"I think the little honey bitch is horny," he stated, smoothing his hand down her body to her thighs without touching her flesh. "Is that right?"

Maria nodded, scrunching her eyes closed and biting her lip with anticipation.

"Say it."

Her mouth flew open as she sucked in a lusty breath. "I'm horny," she gasped. "Oh, fuck, please. Please do me! Michael...Rath...please!"

"Well, before we can do that," he said, slipping his fingers into the waist of her thong and moving it back and forth, back and forth, "we have to get this thong off, now don't we?"

Her eyes widened, and she released a squeal of pleasure as the fabric assaulted her clit.

"Fuck it, honey," Rath growled, leaning in close, his lips grazing her cheek. "Fuck it."


Michael was about two steps away from knocking Rath off the bed and burying his shaft in Maria's wet heat. He could smell her from here, like fucking cinnamon and lemonade.

But he was enjoying watching her like this. Completely over the wall with desire, bucking like a bronco at an Oklahoma rodeo. All that was needed was a taste of that delicious lust.

Letting Rath take care of her lips-- one of the great things about multiples; you could handle everything at once-- he began kissing his way down Maria's trembling arm.

She stiffened a little when his lips first made contact, then quickly loosened. "Oooooh...Oh, God, Michael," she breathed.

"Shh, baby," he murmured against her elbow, as he moved from her arm to her torso. His lips found the curve of her breast, and he kissed it. She sucked in a breath, so he did it again, eager to elicit the same reaction.

"Oh...Fuck....MICHAEL!" she yelped, as his lips closed over her nipple.

He suckled, enjoying the whimpers that accompanied the action. Her nipple tasted sexy-- he couldn't describe what made a taste sexy, except that it tasted like Maria. That was all he needed.

Suddenly, he became aware of another presence near him, and he glanced up long enough to see that Rath had moved from Maria's face to her other breast. The spiky-haired dupe had sucked her other nipple into his mouth, and was rolling it fiercely between his teeth.

Maria arched away from the bed under the new sensation. "Oh, SHIT!" she screeched, burying her fingers in both aliens' hair. Her hips continued to ride her thong, and her body rolled like a tidal wave with each suck on her breasts. "Mmmm, yes! Yes! Suck me! YEEESSS!"

Her hand started pushing at Michael's head, and for a second, he wondered why. Wasn't she enjoying his mouth on her nipple? Then he realized what she wanted. She was pushing him down, towards her clit. Just him. Rath was still assaulting her other breast, and showed no sign of stopping.

So she wanted him to suck her. He grinned, and looked up. Her desire-drenched gaze met his, and she gifted him with a hazy smile, just before another bolt of white-hot pleasure seared through her body from Rath's mouth, and she arched against the mattress. "Baby! Oh, baby! More! Suck me more!"

She knew what was going on; what she was asking.

And Michael was more than happy to oblige.

He knew he was going too fast as he moved down her belly and over her hip, dropping quick, feathersoft kisses as he went, but the pull was too strong. The siren call of her dripping sex. He had to taste her juices-- he needed to be the first one to drink her. And he thought, probably, she wanted him to be the first.

Maneuvering himself between her legs, he spread her knees, and she went willingly, arching her back and moaning.

"Oooooh, fuuuuuck...!" she keened, clutching Rath's head against her breast. The dupe's hand had come up to pinch her free nipple, making her shriek every now and then with each new ounce of pressure. Her body was quaking.

Michael slipped his fingers into the waist of her thong, and tugged it down. It took a moment to remove it from between her soaked lips, but it came away eventually. Maria sobbed as he pulled it free, her hips rising reflexively, her bare sex almost burning his face with its heat.

"That's it, Maria," he murmured. "Let me see you flowing."

Rath raised his head then, and Maria let out a small wail as the pressure was taken from her nipples. But the noise was quickly silenced as the other alien crushed his mouth against hers. She arched up to him, accepting his kiss as though it were water in the desert.

Michael didn't want to move from between her knees, so he just tore her thong apart to get it off her legs. This was her room-- she had more. Easy enough to replace them.

Tossing the ruined fabric to the side, he gazed down at the perfect, golden mound between her thighs. God, he'd dreamed about this moment for a long time. Over a year. He'd never told anyone, but at the Crash Festival, when he'd pretended to heal her, he'd almost asked if he couldn't lay the handprint on her inner thigh. Right up near where her legs joined. Nice and high. He knew no one would have gone for it-- especially not Maria. But he'd still had to fight to keep the words from spilling out.

Now, here he was, gazing down at the object of his fantasies for that whole year. And Maria was spreading her legs wider, her hips rising and falling on the comforter as if offering an invitation; which she was.

Who was he to say no?


Maria screamed softly into Rath's mouth when Michael's lips covered her sex. //Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!// she thought, her emotions as frenzied as her mind.

The scruffy dupe pulled back a little, and grinned down at her. "You like it when he eats you out, huh?" he asked.

Maria nodded frantically. "Yes!0 Oh, shit and holy fuck, YES!"

Rath gestured down the bed, to where Michael had his head between her thighs. "Tell him," he said. "Tell him what you want."

He moved away, and Maria's upper body felt cold; alone. But the heat from her pelvis was quickly diminishing the chill.

She pushed her knees further apart, her hips flexing, and stared down her body at the crown of Michael's head. He began circling her clit with the tip of his tongue, and she shrieked as bolts of electric sugar bliss poured through her veins. "MICHAEL!" she cried. "Oh, fucking fuck, just like that! Gah...GAHHHH! Harder! Harder!"

Michael complied, and began plying her clit even more with his tongue. She curled against the mattress, her fingers clawing at the bedsheet, desperately searching for purchase. Sure, she'd masturbated plenty in her life; she was a sensual person. She lived for sensation. But nothing she'd ever done to herself-- not even the time with the wooden spoon and the back massager-- had ever felt this good.

Maria could feel her core flowing like a spring thaw down a mountainside-- wild and unchecked. Michael's eager tongue lapped up her juices as he sipped her like a fine wine. She could almost hear him nicknaming her "Chardonay" in his mind.

"Nothing like a little suck and fuck, right, lover?" Rath said above her, and Maria jumped. She'd almost forgotten he was there-- she was so entranced by Michael's ministrations.

"Feels...Feels so good!" she gasped, ashamed of how awe-struck she sounded.

"Guess my loser twin isn't a total loss," he said, grazing a thumb over her lips. Her mouth opened, allowing him to dip the digit between her teeth to touch her tongue briefly. "I'll tell you, you look so turned on, I think you're about to set your bed on fire. Do you feel that hot?"

She nodded wildly, and screeched as Michael nibbled on her clit.

"Well, I think I'm gonna have to check up on that temperature," Rath said. "I think we have to do an internal examination. You'd like that, right? The pair of us finger fucking your pussy? Don't you want that?"

Nothing had ever sounded more beautiful.

"P...Please!" she begged.

She watched as Rath leaned over and slapped Michael on the shoulder. "Hey! Loser!" he said sharply. "Get your face out of your chick's nooky! We've got shit to do."

Maria moaned in protest as Michael raised his head. She could see her juices glistening on his lips, lickably wet.

He pulled himself up over her before Rath could say anymore, and crushed her lips in a soul-searing kiss. Some of her liquid trickled into her mouth, and the flavor exploded on her tongue like pop rocks. Maria pulled him closer, savoring the taste, and the feel of his warm, hard body above her, covering her like a living blanket.

Then, Rath's hands were between them, pulling them apart.

"No!" Maria cried as Michael's lips were dragged from her own.

"Later, you saps," the dupe said, tugging Michael back down her body. "Right now, we're gonna have our hands full giving you a mind-blowing, full-body fucking orgasm. Unless, of course, you'd rather we didn't do that?"

Maria's eyes widened. "N-No!" she said, shaking her head wildly. "No, please! Please, climax me!"

Michael, however, turned flashing eyes on his double. "You ever do that again, and I'll fucking tear your throat out," he growled.

Rath grinned. "Oh, you'll thank me, prick," he said, and it was almost a friendly term with him. "Trust me. Your little slut of a girlfriend here is going to want to fucking blow you till you croak when we're done. Hell, she'll want to blow both of us till that goddamn sun burns out. But, you take what you can get."

Turning his attention back to her, Rath grinned again-- that self-aggrandizing grin that said he knew more than the rest of the world, and he didn't mind flaunting it. "Open those sexy legs a little wider, minx," he said. "Your sugar daddies need plenty of room to make you scream."

Maria swallowed, but did as she was told, widening her legs to an almost unbearable degree. She felt her lower lips spread apart, revealing her plush, pink interior.

Rath took hold of her knee and held it firmly, so she couldn't draw it inwards. "Take the other one," he instructed Michael.

"You do this often?" Michael asked sarcastically, but did as his double said, and held Maria's other knee. Their individual grips pulled her legs even further apart, and she moaned.

"Yeah," Rath replied. "Zan and I used to make the rounds to the tit shops when we got bored. It was fun to do them one at a time, both together. They never knew what banged them."

Michael rolled his eyes. "God, I didn't need to know all that."

Maria was getting frustrated. Here she was, legs spread asunder, with two incredibly gorgeous, incredibly naked versions of the same alien soldier keeping her in agonized arousal, and she was getting nothing. "Miiiiichaaael!" she moaned, raising her hips a little off the mattress.

That seemed to bring them back to the here and now. "Easy, buff puff," Rath said. "We haven't forgotten about you. Half the fun is the wait."

Easy for him to say.

"Now, let's see," the dupe continued, gazing between her legs at her gaping center. "How much can you fit? Hmm? How deep can you take us? We'll just have to see." He readied a hand at her passage.

Maria stiffened. She'd never done this before. She'd had things inside her body-- hell, she hadn't bought that vibrator for nothing!-- but never part of another living being. Never anything hot and malleable and pulsing, like long alien fingers with silver rings.

As if he could read her mind, she felt Michael grasp her hand in his. Their eyes met, and he smiled. "I'll take care of you," he mouthed. And she trusted him.

Then her vision disappeared and her body exploded, as Rath drove four of his fingers down deep into her body, clear up to the silver skull on his fourth finger. And maybe a little deeper.


"HOLY FUCK!" Maria screamed, her sheath molding to Rath's fingers like spandex.

He chuckled. Yep-- nice and tight. He couldn't wait to fuck her little slit. She'd wrap him up neat and tidy, like a birthday present, tied with a bow. It had been a while since he'd gotten to stretch fresh pussy.

"Oh yeah," he said, watching the changing expressions of lust, pain, and need on the girl's face as he pushed his fingers in and out a few times. "Yeah, this feels good. Hot, wet, close. But you can take more, I think. Don't you think?"

Maria shook her head, but the fluid rhythm of her hips belied the movement.

"Yeah, I think you can." He turned to look at Michael. "What do you say, lesser half? Wanna finger fuck your cunny's little hole?"

"Don't call her that. She's not one of your dimestore whores."

"Whatever. You want in? She's tight, and wetter than the friggin' Amazon rainforest."

The other alien seemed to hesitate for a second. God, the little freak really didn't know what he had, did he? Untouched virgin ass, just begging to be mussed? What, did he need a frigging engraved invitation?

But after a second, reality seemed to hit the other young man, and his hand slipped down Maria's inner thigh. His fingers danced around her stretched opening for a few moments, as if he were still trying to decide the best course of action to take.

Rath rolled his eyes. "Oh, for the love of my sainted balls," he growled, and reached down with his free hand-- stowing Maria's knee under his elbow for a moment-- to grab Michael's hand and force two of the other alien's fingers into her passage.

Maria arched away from the bed, until only her shoulders stayed planted on the mattress. "SHIIIIIT!" she shrieked, as Michael's fingers slid deep into her body. "GaaaaaAAAAHHHHH!"

"Now move them," Rath said firmly, and began stroking his fingers in and out of the whimpering girl's canal. After a second, Michael followed suit.

Maria was begging them to speed up within less than a minute.

"Faster...Faster! Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Rath decided to do as she asked, and drove his fingers in with a little more force, so that his rings bumped up against her clit extra hard. Just for fun, he found her g-spot and pressed on it. She choked on her shriek of pleasure.

"That's it," he heard Michael crooning on her other side. "Shit, Maria, you're making me hard as titanium."

She bit her lip, and the move was fucking gorgeous. Her body was clenching around their fingers, desperately wanting to orgasm.

"P-please!" she whimpered. "Oh, shit, I want to cum!"

"I bet you do, you little vix," Rath said, grazing his fingernails over her inner thigh, and making her breathing quaver even more. "But not yet. Not like this. I think I want to feel you cum around my dick. Do you want that?"

She didn't even hesitate. Just nodded.

"Then on your knees, lover," he growled. "I'm gonna take the back way."


Michael heard the words as if from a distance. He was too enthralled by the tight fit of Maria's body around his fingers. It was as if her sheath knew exactly how to fit him.

It wasn't until he felt Rath pulling his own fingers from Maria's body that the full import of what he'd said- "I'm gonna take the back way"-- sank in. //Oh, shit,// he thought, and unwillingly pulled his own hand away.

Maria arched again as the fingers exited her canal, leaving her empty and wanting. "H...H-hurry," she moaned. "Please! Fill me!"

"On your knees, bitch," Rath said, and Maria clumsily flipped over, pulling herself shakily to her knees. Her breasts dangled beneath her, swaying sensually; like two perfect solar orbs, begging to be touched.

Rath got up on his knees behind her, and fixed Michael with a glare. "Keep her busy," he said. "The more she's occupied, the longer it'll be, the better for all. Got it?"

Michael nodded. No need to tell him twice. "You think I'm just gonna sit here and watch?" he scoffed. He was more than a little pissed that Rath had taken it upon himself to be Maria's first time; but Michael wasn't going to interfere. She was virtually fainting from need, and she was readied for Rath's entry. This was what she wanted. He would give it to her, and settle for being the second man, who could take her without the pain of the first.

Rath shrugged. "Fuck me if I know. You Rozzies are weird."


The voice was soft, almost inaudible. But Michael heard it effortlessly, and he immediately redirected his attention to Maria's face. "Yeah, baby?"

She looked at him then, her eyes dazed and hazy. "Will you touch me?" she asked softly. "While he fucks me? Please?"

Michael held her eye contact for a long moment, and a slow smile spread across his face. He didn't answer-- just leaned forward and captured her lips in a slow, burning kiss as his hands reached out to massage her full breasts.

She moaned against his mouth as he maneuvered around her, until he kneeled between her hands. Breaking the kiss, he looked over her head to where Rath was still waiting. "Well?" he asked. "You gonna go or what?"

Rath grinned. "I was having a Kodak moment," he said.

Michael glared at him.

Maria's tongue touched his navel, and he decided to ignore his annoying double. Tilting her chin up again, he once again captured her lips with his own.

And felt her bite down hard as Rath entered her.

He held in a roar of pain as her teeth closed around his lip-- he knew she didn't do it deliberately. He felt her start sucking hard on the abused lip, her eager hands exploring his abs, chest, shoulders, and arms, as behind her, Rath began to rock back and forth.

"Oh, fuckin' litte mama!" the dupe moaned. "Fuck, yeah. You're such a tight little bitch. I'll make you nice and wide. Nice and open."

Maria pulled her lips away from Michael's, gasping. "Oh, fuck!" she yelped, burying her face in his shoulder. "Oh, shit! Shit, shit, shit!"

He watched her body bouncing as his double pumped into her hot core from behind. It felt voyeuristic to be here, which made sense, because it was. Sitting here, watching his girlfriend get humped by his twin. His own hands squeezed her breasts, pinching the nipples hard, and she shrieked.

"Michael!" she gasped. "R-Rath! Oh, FUCK!"

She began sucking on his chest-- hard, fast. He'd have a hickey in the morning. But he didn't care. It felt damn good!

Then, almost without warning, her mouth shifted, and she dipped her head down.

Michael knew immediately where she was going. He just couldn't believe she was doing it. Where had she learned--

The thought was cut off as her mouth closed around his painfully erect shaft, and all coherent firing of the synapses stopped.


Michael's erection was like a red hot rod of steel in her mouth, and Maria sucked on it greedily.

The burning throb between her legs was lessening, but showed no sign of going away, as Rath continued to pound into her. He had broken her hymen almost immediately-- no fuss, no muss, no how-d'ye-do. Now, he was just thrusting into her, his shaft stroking over sensitive zones that she'd never touched before.

He spanked her ass a few times, and Maria groaned around Michael's erection, eliciting an equally powerful groan from him. She would have smiled if her mouth hadn't been so full. He must have liked the vibration. So she moaned again, and this time, he rose up a little, forcing his length deeper into her throat.

"Holy shit, Maria!" he gasped, and she felt one of his beautiful, artistic hands tangle in her hair. "Oh, fuck!"

He tasted like salt and semen. She twirled her tongue around the engorged tip, and exulted in his surprised cry. Moving slowly, then speeding up, she began to ride his shaft with her mouth, taking in as much of him as she could with each pass.

"Pretty little whore," Rath was panting behind her, his strong hands kneading her shoulders powerfully, almost in unison with the movements of Michael's hands on her breasts. "Knows how to blow, does she? Where'd she learn that? Has she been practicing on her little hidden dildo?"

Maria grazed her teeth over Michael's shaft, and he tightened his grip on her hair. "Holy shit!" he gasped. "Maria...don't...oh, fuckity FUCK-fuck!"

The double commixion was amazing. The hot, swollen throb in her mouth, pulsing in time with the slow burn of Rath's thrusts. If a lightning bolt came from out of the clear night sky to kill her right now, she would die happy.

"Aw yeah," Rath grunted, his thrusts picking up speed. Maria's body was stretched to the maximum as he pounded into her. Her juices flowed freely down her inner thighs. "Aw yeah, that's it, ride it, baby, ride it! Oh, FUCK!"

She felt his fingernails dig into her shoulders, almost deep enough to draw blood. She nearly choked on Michael's erection as Rath slowly clawed his nails down her back.

Michael jumped as she started to gag on him. "Maria" he croaked. "Oh my God, don't...don't stop!"

No way in hell.

She moved her mouth faster, trying to synchronize with Rath's rocking hips. His fingernails had left long, throbbing welts down her back. Like brands. Like whiplashes.

Like he'd marked her as his own.

There was a swirling sensation in her abdomen now. It was coalescing like a tempest-- circling in intertwining spirals, ready to erupt in a fury. Her passage gushed extra fluid in preparation, and she bit down lightly on Michael's shaft to ease the maddening pressure in her stomach.

It was all he needed. With a garbled cry of her name, "Maaariiia!" he came in her mouth, his hips bucking against her lips. She felt the milky fluid shoot down her throat, and she swallowed several times to take it all in. His hands twisted her nipples, making her shriek around his shrinking shaft.

"She swallows," Rath gasped, reaching around her body to stimulate her clit. "Now is she a screamer?"

Maria's mouth spasmed open at the added excitement. The tempest was growing, swirling into a hurricane, with no calm eye at the center. She pulled away from Michael's body and began to beg.

"Yes, yes, yes, YES! Oh, fuck me, Rath! Ride me hard! I want you to ride me like a pony! Like a bad girl! OH MY GOD! OH, FUCK! Yes, yes, YES!"

Michael's mouth crushed her's then, and she willingly parted her lips to allow his tongue access. She sucked on it eagerly, pretending it was still his hot erection.

"Let's...hear it...pussy!" Rath gasped behind her, and he tweaked her clit.

She pulled away from Michael's lips long enough to let out a wail of ultimate release, as her hips bucked down, up, down, up, hard and fast, and tears of relief streamed down her cheeks.


She felt Rath's hard length stall inside her, as the warmth of his seed spilled out, filling her depths like Victoria Falls while her sheath continued to spasm around him.

Then Michael was kissing her again, and her muscles were failing, and if he hadn't been there to hold her, she would have collapsed entirely.


Ho-ly shit.

Rath, for one of the first times in his life, was pretty damn close to speechless.

That had been the best damn lay he'd had in....well, just about ever. Lonnie was good, but nothing beat the feeling of popping a fresh cherry. It had been a while since he'd gotten to do it.

Maria was collapsing against Michael. Her breathing was fast and heavy, and her vaginal secretions were coating his flaccid shaft. She'd enjoyed it.

Naturally. It was him.

"Oh...Oh my God," she moaned, as he withdrew from her passage. "Oh my fucking God..." Her arms wrapped around Michael's neck, and she propped herself up against the alien's chest. "I've...I've never...oh, shit...."

"You've now been christened to what a really good fuck is like," Rath told her, still trying to catch his own breath. "You'll never get a better one."

From her answering whimper, he was pretty sure she believed him.

Her hips started to drift back to the mattress, but he stopped her, and pulled her rounded ass back up to its original position. Spreading her legs again, he ducked his head and sucked on her pussy, drinking her juices.

"Ahhhh.....GuuuuaaaaAAH!" she moaned, her voice going up as his tongue plunged into her body to gobble up what remained inside. He would have gone all the way to her womb if he could stretch his tongue that far. She was more addictive than heroine.

He moaned as he withdrew his tongue, and so did she. "Oh, fuck, baby," he murmured. He let her settle back down to the mattress, resting on top of Michael, then touched his tongue to the small of her back. He laved her from her tailbone to the nape of her neck, following the sexual curve of her spine. Tracing his red pseudo-lashmarks.

"I taste so fucking good inside you," he murmured in her ear, his body hovering over her back. "We mix like rum and coke." He slipped a finger into her sheath, and her breath caught.

When he pulled it out, he brought it to her lips. "Wanna taste?"

Maria's eyes opened lazily. Her pupils were dilated, the green irises luminous. He understood now why his doppelganger had waited to screw her-- she was worth the wait.

Her mouth opened slowly, and he slipped his finger into the warm cavern. She closed around it, and swirled her tongue around the digit, cleansing it of the wetness.

"Taste good?" he asked when she opened again and he pulled his hand away.

Maria nodded against Michael's chest. "Intoxicating," she murmured drowsily, a dreamy smile on her face.

He grinned, then looked at Michael. The other alien was transfixed by the sleepy girl resting on his chest-- so much so, he didn't even notice Rath until he poked him in the chest.

Michael looked up. "Huh?"

"You've gotta do this girl," Rath said. "Now."

Michael shook his head. "No," he said. "She's done enough for tonight."

Maria yawned against his chest then; she was drifting off to sleep, sandwiched between the heat of their bodies.

"Trust me, she won't mind. And you'll be calling me a god and kissing my feet once you've done her," Rath said. "And I'll even sweeten the pot for you."

Michael looked puzzled. "What? How?"

Rath moved back, rising onto his knees, and pulled Maria up and back against his chest. She groaned at having to move, but that was all. She rested limp against him, exhausted.

"I know you wanted to be her first time," he said. "And I don't blame you. This little nooky gives some good head. Best I've had in a while." He put his hand on her pelvis, just above the mound of damp blonde curls between her legs. He channeled a small amount of power into her abdomen, following its journey until it reached it's destination.

Maria's eyes widened, and her mouth gaped. "AaaaaAAAAHHHHH!" she groaned, twisting in his grasp as the energy mended her hymen. He held her firmly, but not enough to hurt her.

Then, as quickly as it began, it was over. She slumped in his arms, breathing faster, chest heaving.

Michael looked concerned. "What just happened?" he asked.

Rath shrugged. "I know how to share my cherry pie," he said, and held her out to Michael. "Have a taste."


Michael gently took Maria from Rath's hands, and cradled her against his chest.

"What do you mean, you know how to share?" he asked, stroking her hair. She was breathing shakily against him.

Rath shrugged. "I made her a virgin again. Now all she's got of me is the memory."

Michael's eyes bugged. "You made her a what again?"

"A virgin, Kreskin."


"God, you can't even stitch up a hymen? What fucking good are you?"

Michael decided not to glare at his double. It was a waste of energy. Instead, he looked down into Maria's eyes. "You okay?" he asked.

She looked tired, but otherwise fine. "Great," she murmured. "Woozy."

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "You look beautiful when you're sweaty," he told her, and she laughed.

Rath came up behind her then, and drew her back against his chest. Michael kept hold of her waist, and watched his doppelganger warily. Maria didn't seem to mind, so he didn't immediately leap down the guy's throat.

"I'm telling you, you're missing out on some seriously fine lovin' if you don't do this ho, gee," Rath said, absently rubbing Maria's breasts. She moaned, and arched against him. "And I can bet you she wants you to make her cum again. Don't you, baby doll?"

Maria nodded quickly. "Yes," she said hurriedly. "Yes, Michael!"

"See? She asked for you by name. You're not going to say no, are you?"

Michael gazed at Maria. She was breathing quickly again, her chest rising and falling with her fast inhalations. Her rosy pink nipples were erect and hard again, and Rath was rolling them between his fingers.

Michael wanted to do that.

"Give her to me," he said. Rath handed her back to him. Michael had a vague feeling that Maria would probably tear him a new one tomorrow when she yelled at him for treating her like a piece of meat all night. But it seemed the quickest way to get her close to his body.

"Maria?" he murmured against her eyes.

She let her eyelids flutter open. "Mm?"

"Do you want me to make love to you?"

Her eyes seemed to glow then-- a sudden, spontaneous illumination that lit her entire face. Without speaking, she tilted her face up to his lips and kissed him-- warm, gentle. The perfect kiss. Something worthy of the record books.

Michael was never sure afterward if he opened her legs, or if she spread them for him. But he would never forget the hot bliss that spread over him as he sank his newly erect shaft into her sheath, and heard her sigh his name happily in response.


Maria didn't think anything would ever feel as good as what Rath had just done to her. It didn't seem possible. When it came to explosive, how could anything outdo a supernova?

But when Michael slipped his erection between her slick netherlips, she almost blacked out from the feeling. His hardness rubbed against her clit, and she groaned.

"Oh...gaaaaawwwwwd!" she moaned. "Yes! Deeper!"

He listened to her, and sank his hardness farther into her body. She felt his tear through her new hymen, but there was no pain this time. Just the feeling of something stretched tight being punctured, and curling away like parchment corners.

"Oohhhhhhhhh...oh...yeeeeaaaaahhh," he sighed, as he drew to a stop, and slowly began to withdraw. Then, just as slowly, he sank in again.

Michael and Rath were like night and day. Whereas the gruff New Yorker's strokes had been hard and fast, Michael's were slow-- almost torturously so. He was taking his time, enjoying the touch of her canal as it embraced him. It was sensuous agony. And Maria didn't mind at all.

She arched her back as he pulled out and sank in a third time, a wordless moan passing her lips.

Maria was suddenly aware of a presence behind her, and felt the familiar rasp of Rath's unshaven cheek against her shoulder as he pressed his lips to the nape of her neck. She could feel the silver hoop in his lower lip as it pressed into the nob of bone at the top of her spine. Unconciously, she leaned back into it.

Michael took the oppurtunity to dip his mouth to her breast again. She sucked in a quick breath when he closed his teeth around her nipple, and began to suckle.

"Oh...oh...OH!" she moaned, burying her fingers in his hair. "Yeeeesssss....."

Rath's hands were caressing up and down the columns of her thighs, prickling the skin up into gooseflesh. He rested his chin on her shoulder and rubbed his unshaven cheek against her smooth one. She twisted her free arm back to twine her fingers in his spiky hair as she arched again.

Michael's thrusts were getting faster, and her hips began to rock in synchronous time with his. His suckling was stronger now-- more arduous. She hissed, and held him tightly against her breast. "Suck me, baby," she purred. "Make me wetter than the Pacific, Michael. God, YES!"

She heard a low rumble in her right ear, and realized that Rath was growling. A pleased, aroused growl. She could feel his hardness digging into her back, and she rubbed against him, making his erection leap in response.

"Mmm.... Little bitch," he moaned in her ear, but he said it softly, like an endearment.

She tilted her head to the side and found his lips. Sticking out her tongue, she caught the tip in the hoop on his lip, and tugged lightly.

His eyes widened. "Baby likes to play," he observed when she pulled back, and grinned.

She smiled back, then gasped as Michael moved from one breast to the other, and a new wash of glorious pleasure washed over her.

In the midst of the flow, Rath tilted her head back towards him, and kissed her. It was a soft kiss, at least for him, which surprised her; but she accepted it, slipping her hand from his hair to rest on his thigh, slightly behind her. The welts he'd raised on her back with his fingernails throbbed, adding their intensity to her building orgasm.

When Rath touched her clit, she shrieked into his mouth.

He pulled back, leaving her breathless. "Rathy likes to play, too," he murmured, eyes dark with lust.

He began to massage her clit mercilessly, and she fell back against him bonelessly, unable to stay upright.

"Fuck...fuck! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" she begged. "Oh, God! Michael! HARDER!"

Michael moved from her breast then and recaptured her lips. She sucked on him hungrily, her tongue dancing with his, her hands cupping his face fiercely. His lower body began to rhythmically pound into hers, and she willingly allowed her hips complete freedom. They began to rock wildly, as her body tried to pull him deeper.

Rath's fingers were unceasing in their assault, and she sobbed against Michael's mouth. Her climax was so close, but he was keeping it from her-- extending the moment for an eternity. It was like being perched on the edge of a beautiful lake-- she wanted desperately to dive in and cool her heated flesh, but she didn't want to disturb its mirror-like surface.

He broke away from the kiss, and they gasped against each other.

"God, I love you so much!" Michael panted.

She nodded, and rubbed her thumbs on his cheekbones. "Too!" she dittoed, too caught up in her lust to answer completely.

"I'm going to fucking cry," Rath said near her shoulder-- his breathing was fast, too. "Cum already, or I'm going to scream."

Michael and Maria shared a smile, then Michael nodded. Maria tightened her fingers on his shoulders, and pushed back against Rath's hard body as Michael sped up even more.

"Oh...oh, god....Oh, yes! Yes! Yes, Michael. Now! Oh shit, I feel it! Now NOW! MIIIICHAAAAEL!"

Her hips bucked wildly, slamming into Michael's as he jerked with her. "Oh, shit, Maria!" he gasped, burying his face in her heaving chest.

She felt something warm spatter her back, and it took her a few seconds, and a muttered, "Aw, shit," from Rath, to realize that he'd cum against her.

She'd have laughed if she weren't so spent. As it was, it was all she could do to stroke Michael's hair while she tried to regain her breath, and he panted against her damp body, his breathing a series of cold puffs on her fevered skin, like clouds over a volcano.


Several long minutes later-- after Michael and Maria had recovered enough to move, and Rath had surreptitiously cleaned up Maria's back-- the three stretched out on her bed.

Maria cuddled up with her head on Michael's shoulder, but she deliberately twined her legs with Rath's, not wanting to spark any feuds. She was really too exhausted to try and break up anymore fights between them.

"I could learn to like this," she observed, rubbing her cheek on Michael's shoulder. "Having two Michael's at my beck and call."

"One Michael, one Rath," Rath corrected, as he spooned up against her back. "Don't you forget it." Each alien had an arm wrapped around her waist. She wondered if that was wise-- If either one turned over during the night, she might get torn in half.

"Like I ever could," she murmured, giggling, and nestled deeper down between the two aliens. Who needed blankets?

She felt Rath's knees edge between her legs, opening them, and his hand slid down over her pelvis to clutch her mound possessively. Not hard, but enough to let her know she was not going anywhere without his permission. And enough to keep her lingering arousal from disappearing.

"What are you doing?" she mumbled drowsily.

He laughed against her neck. "Keeping your hoses running. For later," he said, as if it were obvious.


"Maria, there's two of us," Michael said, stroking her cheek. "Did you really think just once each would be enough?"


She would have said something, but he covered her mouth with his own, and every thought flew right out of her head.