Title: Clockwork Heart
Author: Mnemosyne
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters featured on Roswell. Any new characters or situations belong to me.
Summary: A lonely Rath builds himself a playmate of the feminine persuasion, with a very familiar face.
Category: Rath/female
Rating: R with NC-17 peppered throughout
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Notes: The character of Rath's female playmate (PM), contrary to the disclaimer, is NOT mine alone. She was actually created back in late 2000, immediately after "Meet the Dupes" and "Max in the City" aired, by myself and my friend, Jen. So I cannot take full responsibility for her persona, nor would I wish to! She is truly the creation of two minds. :)
Dedication: Naturally, to Jen, my fellow lover of all things Rathual, and without whom PM would never have been born.
Muse-ic: Linkin' Park, Metallica, Fuel, Prince

"I was made for you, my dear,
And I was made for passion.
The only thing I know is clear:
I'll give you satisfaction."

-"ROM-eo and Juli-8"
Nina, Goddess of Dance (mp3.com)

Rath was bored. Life in the sewers was boring when you were all alone, and he'd been alone for a long time now, ever since Lonnie left. Chasing Nikolas and the other losers of the Skin invasion, most likely. Rath didn't care, and he didn't dwell on it at night. When he got cold, or horny, he'd head up to the surface, find himself a sexy whore with a pair of tits like headlights, and bring her back to his crib for some freaky sex. Usually her mind would be so blown she'd give it to him as a freebie, which suited him just fine. He re-fucked the one's who wanted payment, then sent them on their way.

But after a while, even fucking sexy whores got boring. It got to the point where he'd had them all at least once, some twice, some multiple times, and he wanted something new. His reputation had gotten around, and a lot of the new sluts would run fast in the other direction when he came strutting down the street. Not that he cared-- it showed he was memorable, which made him smirk.

What he needed was a woman who could take his freaky-deaky shit and give it back to him. Unfortunately, the only woman who'd ever done that for him was Lonnie, and she wasn't going to come high-tailing it back anytime soon. So he was stuck with a raging hard-on and no one to suck it off for him.

Then one night, sitting on his couch and pumping his dick, he had an idea that rocked his world. His original persona had been a whiz at building shit: ships, weapons, robots. The robots were what especially sparked his memory. Androids, really-- even cyborgs.

He finished jacking off, zipped his pants and jogged out of the sewers to steal stuff.


New York was one big shopping mall to Rath. A city made for one-stop shopping. Only in the Big Apple could he find the kind of whacked out shit he needed to make his plan a reality, and sure as bears shitting in the woods, he found it all.

Putting it all together, on the other hand, was going to be the hard part.

Unlike his loser Rozzie double, Michasshole, Rath remembered a lot of things from his life on Antar. A lot of it bored the crap out of him, but some of it made him snigger. Like the fact that behind Vilandra's back, his former self had kept a Pleasure Droid which he built himself, to keep word from leaking to his future wife. It had been a real knockout too, by Antarian standards. The equivalent of 36-24-36 on Earth.

Luckily, a lot of the knowledge of the building process had stuck in Rath's brain, and by concentrating really hard, his fingers seemed to know exactly where to go and what to do. Wires spliced as if by magic. Diodes buzzed to life. After a few hours, the basic internal structure had been built.

It looked like the engine to an '84 Buick, but Rath didn't care about that. What he cared about was making it look human. He wasn't very creative, except when it came to sexual positions, and normally it didn't bother him two shits. But staring at the heap of wires and metal in front of him now, he really didn't want to fuck it up and end up with an ugly 'droid. That would suck.

The answer was simple, and came to him pretty quickly. All he had to do was make it look like someone he'd met before. But not someone who he might bump into on the street, cause people might get suspicious. Naw, it had to be someone with a knockout body from somewhere else in the country.

The only other place he'd ever been was Roswell.

Which made the answer simple.

On Antar, 'droid skin was a supple variety of silicon-based latex, but since the dipshits on Earth didn't know how to make the stuff, he'd had to settle for massive amounts of Play-doh, which he uncapped and smeared over the metal skeleton like skin. He tried to make it look as close to human as possible, but didn't stress too much about it. The next step would finish it off nicely.

Once the metal was completely covered, he placed his hand on the 'droid's chest, closed his eyes, and growled. He could feel the change taking place under his palm. Play-doh morphing and changing into silicon-skin. It felt so real, his dick started to harden.

Opening his eyes after a few minutes, he looked down at his creation, and smirked.

Laying on the table in front of his couch, buck-naked with rock-hard nipples and lush, full lips, was his very own Maria Deluca clone.

All he had to do now was turn her on.


"Yeeeeeeeeeah, sit up, hot tits," Rath purred, pulling the android into a sitting position. Her skin felt so REAL... Smooth and soft, covered in fine hairs. His cock hardened more and he growled, eager to see if she was worth the effort he'd put into her.

"Kay, baby doll," he muttered, running his hand down the smooth curve of her spine. " Let's switch you on." He pushed hard on her tailbone, and her head flew back as her mouth gaped open.

"GAH!" the Maria-droid cried, her body jerking.

Rath grinned and took his hand away. "Awesome."

She shivered a couple of times as her gears started working, and Rath watched appreciatively. Her skin grew pink as fake blood-- really lubricant-- pumped through her "veins." She ran a tongue over her lips, dampening them with synthetic saliva. Her eyes blinked, the pupil's widening and shrinking several times before settling in one position.

Eventually, she stilled, and turned her head to face him. "Yo," she said, in a perfect New York accent.

Rath grinned. "Yo." He'd been sure to program her with equal parts spunk, seductiveness, and savvy. Just like that Maria girl had had, only even sexier, cause this chick was HIS.

"What's my name, asswipe? Or am I gonna have to bitch slap it outta you?"

His grin broadened. "Bitch, you think I'd let you?"

She smirked at him. "Who's gonna stop me?"

He chuckled. Definitely worth it. "You don't gotta name."

"Who's stupid ass idea was THAT?"

"You WANT a name?"


"How 'bout Bitch?"

"Naw, then I'll jus' think you's talkin' to yourself."

He grinned. "Nice one, punk. Yo, dat's it. You're name's gonna be PM, dig?"

She raised an eyebrow. "PM? What the fuck?"

"PM. Punk Maria, cuz dat's what you is. Dig?"

She shrugged. "Whateva."

Rath swept his eyes over her body, admiring his handiwork. No one would ever know she wasn't one hundred percent human, unless they opened her up and saw her lights flashing and the valve that functioned as her "heart." He'd even given her fingerprints.

But something was missing. "Yo, bitch, come 'ere," he said, patting his lap.


"Cuz I said so. Now get that tight ass over here."

She slid off the table to sit on his lap, and Rath felt his cock leap as her warm legs pressed down on his. "Aw yeeeeeah," he muttered, rubbing her back.

PM purred and closed her eyes. Rath had made sure to give her extra-sensitive nerve endings in her skin, especially her erogenous zones. Her tits and pussy got the closest attention. "You like dat, huh?" he asked, and slid his other hand up her stomach to squeeze one breast. "How 'bout dat?"

She moaned and opened her eyes to gaze down into his eyes. "Makes me wanna fuck you."

"Dat's what it's supposed to do, slut."

"Then you built me jus' right, didn' you?"

Rath grinned. "No shit. But you're not done yet. Hold still." He reached up to touch her short blonde hair. Channeling a little power, he watched it go from gold to bright pink with slashes of dark mauve. "Betta."

PM shook her newly dyed locks. "Pink? You a femme, bitch?"

"Shut up and lemme finish you."

He put his hand on her upper arm and felt it heat a little under his touch. Pulling it away, he grinned at the circle of barbed wire he'd tattooed into her flesh. He placed his hand on her other arm and channeled again, this time leaving behind the familiar four square pattern he had on his own arm.

"You done, dipshit?" PM purred into his ear. "Cuz I REALLY wanna fuck you now...."

Rath snapped at her shoulder. "Not yet, cunt. Lay down."

He didn't wait for her to comply, but pushed her down to the couch and spread her legs so he could sit between them. His mouth started to water as he smelled her damp pussy. It might just be fragrance mixed with special fluid, but it sure as fuck smelled real to him. He wanted to taste her.

But first things first. He pressed his palm on her lower belly, just above the thatch of her pussy, and channeled again. When he pulled his hand back, he smirked.

PM pushed herself up on her elbows to see what he'd done, and snickered. "'Rath's,' huh?" she said, looking at him. "I belong to you?"

"You bet, bitch," Rath replied, pulling off his shirt. "All of you."

"My eyes?"


"My lips?"


"My tits?"

"Hell yes."

"What about this?" She lifted her hips to rub her wet cleft against his stomach. "That yours, too?" Her eyes sparkled, and for a moment, Rath forgot she was anything but real.

"That especially, whore," he growled, tearing off his pants and throwing them aside.

Her eyes flicked down to his dick and she chuckled. "I think that little cock is gonna get lost."

"I'll show you lost," he muttered, and plunged into her.

"Gahhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried, throwing her head back as the nerve sensors in her pussy exploded with sensation. Rath groaned as he felt her body tighten around him, holding him in.

"You like dat?" he muttered, starting to thrust. "You like me doin' dis shit to you?"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" she moaned, her hips rising to meet his as her hands massaged her breasts. "Shut up and FUCK me, asshole!"

Rath grinned. Perfect; she was frigging PERFECT! Not five minutes out of the box and she was already fucking him like Yankee Doodle riding the goddamn macaroni pony.

Growling, he flipped them over so that he was on his back and she was sitting on his cock. "Naw," he said, smirking as he guided her hips with his broad hands. "YOU fuck ME." He let her go.

PM groaned and started to ride him, her round breasts bouncing against her tight body. Rath's eyes darkened as he reached up to grab them, squeezing fiercely.

"SHIT, yes!" she cried, her hips picking up speed. "YES!"

Rath was already panting himself. He'd made her pussy tight, and the friction was maddening. "Go on, fuck me, bitch," he growled through gritted teeth. "Fuck hard." He let one hand drop from her breast to lay a stinging slap to her ass, spurring her on.

"You want hard?" she panted, opening her liquid green eyes to gaze down at him. "Mmmm, I'll give you hard, you son-of-a-bitch." She slammed down on his cock, keening.

"FUCK!" Rath bellowed and felt himself cum. He dug his fingers into her hip, holding her down as he pulsed. His other hand twisted her nipple ferociously, setting off her pleasure sensors.

"Yesssssssssssssssss!" she moaned, and her cunt closed around him like a vise as her body spasmed.

Rath gasped for air, his hard muscles going lax. "That...was da STUFF, bitch," he panted, rubbing her ass.

PM purred and draped forward, blanketing his body. Pink hair tickled his nose and he brushed it away, but not far. He'd made it smell like vanilla, and it smelled good after sex.

"That mean I ain't gonna be disassembled?" the Maria-droid asked, kissing across his collarbone.

Rath purred. "Shit no," he said, squeezing her thighs. "I might never let you off my dick again."


"Yo, Rath. Wassup, man?"

The Shock Shop was the best store in New York, in Rath's opinion. They stocked the best kinky gear in the city, at the best prices; even better using the five-finger discount. And the people that worked there were cool, long as you talked to them-- they made more than enough dough on the blackmarket porn ring than they lost from thieves.

Rath turned away from the rack of lashes he was examining to grin at the man behind the counter. "Yo, Trigger, what's goin' on, man?" He slapped hands with the tattooed man, and moved closer to the counter.

"Nothin' much. Got a new shipment of amateur girls. You want a copy? On the house."

Rath nodded. "Yeeah, that'd be cool." He jerked a thumb towards the lashes. "Japanese?"

"Yeeah, real popular. Somethin' about Eastern ritual, I dunno. They sell good. You interested?"

Rath shook his head. "Naw, I'm lookin' for somethin' for my bitch."

Trigger raised an eyebrow. "Lonnie come back?"

"Nah, new bitch. Betta."

"Betta than Lonnie? Phew, where'd you meet this honey, Venus?"

Rath snorted. "Close. Whaddaya think I should get her?"

"Depends, whaddaya think she'd like."

Rath let his eyes sweep over the room. He'd been here more than enough times to know where everything was, but he wanted to make sure he didn't miss anything. "Yo, gimme dat." He pointed to a pink sequined collar edged with silver that hung behind the counter.

"Niiiiiice, very nice," Trigger said approvingly, fetching down the collar. "Import from Sweden. Lamb skin on the inside, and the sequins are smooth as silk." He held it out for Rath to appraise.

Rath nodded. "Yeeah, I like dat. I'll take dat."

"Cool. That's $16."

Rath pulled out his wallet and slapped a twenty on the counter. "Keep the change and put dat and the movie in the bag," he said, pointing to the unmarked paper bags lying nearby.

Trigger did as Rath asked, and handed him the bag. "So where is this chick?" he asked as Rath took the sack. "Tied up in your dungeon?"

Rath snickered. "Yeah, that's it. Lata, Trig."

Trigger waved casually as Rath turned away from the counter. On his way to the door, he reached out and grabbed a shiny pink vibrator off a display rack and slipped it into his deep pocket. Grinning, he slid out the door.


Trigger had been half right. PM was indeed in Rath's "dungeon," but she was only shackled by one ankle to the bed. She was lying on her stomach flipping through an old copy of "Playboy" and dressed in one of his t-shirts when he returned.

He raised an eyebrow. "Yo, I tell you you could get dressed?" he asked.

PM grinned at him and rolled onto her side. "I was cold."

"You's an android, how d'you get cold?"

"You tell me, bitch. You're the one built me."

Right. Course. He gave her extra sensitive sensors, so she was bound to feel the cold. "Well, whateva." He grinned at her. "Bought you somethin'."

PM's eyes sparkled. "Yeah?"


"Like a present?"


She squealed happily and sat up on her knees. "Whatcha get me?"

Rath chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed. He set the paper bag down and unrolled the top. He laid the movie on the bed first, and PM snatched it up. "'Swiss Chicks Do It For Kicks,'" she read, and snorted. "Yo, these girls ain't got NOTHIN' on me for flexibility."

Rath poked her in the side. "Yeah, you're flexible."

PM smiled seductively at him. "Mm-hmm, and you're sexable." She leaned in to run her tongue over his lips.

Rath growled and laid a hand on her hip. "Yo, I ain't done," he said, squeezing. "You want the rest?"

PM nodded eagerly, and Rath reached into the sack again to withdraw the pink sequined collar. "You like it?"

PM reached out and took the collar, eyes wide. "Wow," she said.

"It's pink, like you."

"Yeah, I noticed." She turned it over in her hands. "It's soft."

He grinned. "Like you, too."

She giggled happily and hugged him. "Thank you!" she said excitedly as she sat back. "Put it on me?" She held it out to him.

Rath took it and she turned around on the bed in front of him, lifting her pink hair to bare her neck. Wrapping it around her perfect throat, Rath clasped it on the back and straightened it out. "There," he said. "Lemme see."

PM turned around, still holding up her hair, and smiled at him. "Sexy?" she asked.

The pink sequins sparkled around her throat, and Rath nodded. "Hell yeah," he confirmed. "Pussy, pussy."

PM purred and crawled to him, rubbing her head against his arm, kitten-like.

Rath smiled and stroked her hair. "I got more," he murmured, "iffen you want it."

"Meow, please?"

Rath chuckled and reached into his pocket, sliding the shiny vibrator into the open air. "Pussy like her new toy?" he asked, voice husky.

PM mewed and reached for the slim instrument. "Smoooth," she purred, running her fingers over it.

"Mmmmm, like you again," Rath murmured, laying her down and tugging up the t-shirt. He bent forward to nuzzle her stomach. "Smooth and silky, bitch...."

Her fingers furrowed through his hair, sending tingles along his scalp. He growled.

"You didn' have to buy me gifts," PM murmured, stroking his shoulders as he nudged her legs apart and knelt between them, sucking on her stomach.

"Don't matta," he muttered, dipping his tongue into her navel. She moaned softly so he did it again, grinning. "I wanted to."

"You's such a good pimp," PM purred, widening her legs and laying back against the pillows. She raised her knees. "Know how to treat your cunt jus' right."

Rath just growled in return, lapping at her stomach with his tongue. Lonnie'd never said he was good to her. All she'd ever done was give him shit about how much crap he stole. He stole most of it for her, the lousy bitch. Least PM dug that. "Mmmm, you taste sweet," he purred, moving up her body. He sat up a little, tugging at her t-shirt. "In the way."

PM grinned. "So make it disappear." She wiggled her fingers in his face as though she were casting a spell.

Rath smirked. "Bitch." He grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled it up, making PM laugh and raise her arms. He'd given her a fucking sexy laugh; he was proud of himself.

Her breasts were perfect. Better than her laugh, and that was saying a lot. For a minute he just ogled them, licking his lips.

"You like my tits, baby?" PM murmured seductively, reaching up to touch his cheek with her fingers; such delicate fingers, considering they housed a steel skeleton.

Rath nodded, eyes still fixed to her chest.

"They nice and round and tasty?" She grabbed his hands and closed them around her breasts, holding them there. "They make you horny?"

Rath growled, squeezing tightly so that his fingers dug into the soft globes. PM groaned, back arching. "Fuck yes they make me horny, slut," he muttered. "You're whole fuckin' body gives me a 24/7 woody." His jeans were in the way, so he channeled some power and melted them, then shuffled up higher between her legs. "Feel it?" He poked her in the thigh with his stiff dick. "'Sall you."

PM's eyes opened and she gazed at him with dilated pupils. "I make you harrrrrd," she cooed, as if lording it over him. "I rule you."

His face darkened. She was playing a bad girl's game. "Don't nobody rule me, bitch," he growled angrily. "'Specially not a silicone bitch I made when I was horny." He squeezed her breasts again, twisting a little. PM cried out, body jerking. "I'll show you who rules who."

Releasing her breasts, he grabbed her thighs and pushed them up till her knees almost touched her shoulders. "RATH!" PM shrieked, struggling a little.

"Hold them," he snarled. His dick was getting harder by the second.

PM moaned but did as she was told, grabbing her legs behind the knees and holding them up.

"Now spread them," Rath commanded her. "Pull 'em open."

The chain attached to her ankle was stretched to the maximum, and it jangled metallically as she pulled her legs further apart. "Like this?" she moaned.


She obliged.


"Gawwwwwwwwwd." PM groaned, pulling her legs as far apart as they could go, knees still even with her ears.

Rath smirked. He'd built her flexible, but he'd also built her with the same restrictions as a regular chick off the street. He knew she felt every stretched "ligament" and taut "muscle." "You like it, bitch?" he purred, running a fingertip down her inner thigh and chuckling as she shivered. "You like what I'm doing to you?" He slid his finger down the sensitive crease between her leg and her cunt, teasing.

"Shit," PM gasped, her pussy fluttering a little.

"You ain't answered my question," Rath said, still purring. He touched the moist opening of her pussy and saw her hips jerk in response. "You stupid? You can't answer simple questions? I didn't build myself no stupid whore, did I?"

"I LIKE IT!" she yelped as he touched her again. "Please, more!"

Rath grinned and slid the tip of his index finger into her wet pussy, just up to the first knuckle. PM shrieked and he felt her inner walls try to tighten around him. He chuckled.

"Deeper..please.." she gasped, her hips trembling.

"And get my hands dirty?" he said, and clucked his tongue a little. "Naw, bitch, I don't think so." He took his finger from her cunt and she whimpered as he sucked it clean. Reaching up with his free hand, he grabbed the pink vibrator off the bed where it had fallen. "Pink for the pink lady's pink parts," he murmured, turning it on.

PM gasped a little as it thrummed to life. Her eyes closed and her chest began to rise and fall a little faster. Rath chuckled and put the vibrator on the bed, just in front of her pussy. Then he stood up and went to his "Toy Cupboard."

He called it his "Toy Cupboard," but the whores who'd slept with him all called it his "Little Shop of Horrors." It was an old packing crate he'd turned into a storage box and decorated with pictures from some of his seedier porn magazines. Opening it now, his eyes sparkled as he looked over his impressive collection of kink paraphernalia: whips, chains, clamps, rope, dildos, gags, and an amazing amount of leather goods. He even had a special funnel he'd made himself, with a wide spout that could be used to pour ice into a chick's pussy. That was one of his favorites. Right now, though, all he needed was a little rope.

Grabbing a coil of silky cord and a pair of handcuffs, he closed the crate and walked back to the bed. He wrapped some of the cord around one of her knees, tying it tightly, then twined the rope through his makeshift headboard, holding her leg firmly in place. "Leggo and touch yourself," he ordered her. "But no big O, dig?"

PM moaned and slid her hand down her flat stomach, circling her hard clit with a fingertip. "Yesssssss." she moaned, her back arching a little.

Satisfied that she was keeping herself aroused, Rath looped the cord behind his headboard and wrapped it around her other knee, tying it off again. Now her legs were suitably immobile.

Grabbing her free hand, he snapped one of the cuffs around her wrist, looping the chain around a piston of his headboard. "Gimme the other one," he growled, and before she could oblige, he pulled her other hand away from her masturbation and cuffed it as well, holding her arms above her head. She cried out in distress as her clit continued to throb.

"Now, baby doll," Rath muttered, clambering onto the bed and gazing up her body at her wide green eyes, "we get to see who's in control." Picking up the vibrator, he held its humming tip against her hard clit.

"SHIT!" she shrieked, body writhing.

He kept the vibrator against the bundle of nerves as he spoke. "You gotta learn who's the master and who's the slave here, dig?" he told her, moving the vibrator in small, leisurely circles over her clit.

"MASTER!" she squealed. "MASTER, you're my maaaaaaaaaaster!"

Rath chuckled. "Well, that's sweet and all, sugar tits, but how do I know you ain't jus' sayin' that to get me to give you a taste of the Rathsicle?" He shook his head. "Naw, you gotta learn. So I's gonna teach you."

Slowly, he moved the vibrator away from her clit. Her body loosened in relief but it was short-lived. He touched the vibrator to her opening then swiftly slid it up into her body, until it was concealed completely.

"GyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAH!" PM shrieked. Her back arched off the bed and her hips shook a little, as if she were trying to send the smooth pink shaft flying from her body.

"Shhhhhhh," Rath murmured, rubbing her hips and holding them against the bed in a firm grip. "Don't you trust Rathmaster?"

PM whimpered, her body still trembling. "Y-yes," she panted, then bit her lip.

"Then do like I tell you, and you's gonna love me," he said, grinning.

PM moaned again, but nodded quickly.

"Aiight," he told her, still keeping hold of her hips. "I'm gonna leave that there. Later," he continued, talking over her cry of distress, "I'll take it out. I'm gonna go watch this tasty flick I got from Trigger, maybe jack off a coupla times, then when I come back, I'll let you suck me while I slide that hummer out of your tight, TIGHT pussy, then give you a good fuck, dig?"

"Please.please, no, don't. Please..!"

"But here's the deal," he went on, ignoring her pleas but filing them away in the "Favorite Sounds EVER" section of his memory. "You don' cum till I tell you, aiight? That means no O, ho, lessen you give me a fuckin' freaktastic blow. Dig?"

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaath." PM moaned, her hips flexing in his hands. "Pleeeeeeeeeease.."

"Do. You. Dig?"

PM seemed to consider for a few seconds, still writhing in his hands. Finally, she nodded. "O.Okay." she panted. "Okay."

Rath grinned. "Good girl," he said, and leaned up to kiss her long and slow on the lips. He slid his tongue into her mouth, dueling with her hungry tongue, then slowly sat back. "Sugar daddy's gonna be back reeeeeeal soon, pretty girl," he said, running his finger again down the crease between her cleft and her thigh. "Be good while I's gone."

PM half growled, half moaned, and bucked her hips to knock his hand away. He laughed as he heard the hum inside her pussy increase in volume and saw her eyes widen. "Baby, didn' you know it's motion sen-si-tive?" he said, smirking. "'At means, more you shake, more it quakes." He grinned. "Swell, huh? I dig this newfangled shit."

PM snarled in frustration but forced her hips to stay still as he continued stroking the sides of her pussy. Finally, he grinned and stopped. "Be good," he told her, then leaned forward to kiss her clit before standing up and walking to his big screen TV, "Swiss Chicks Do it for Kicks" clutched in his hand. His palms were sweating and his cock was rock hard, getting harder by the moment as he listened to her moan and whimper on the bed. He hoped he had the willpower to sit through the whole movie.


"You ready, bitch?" Rath panted, walking to the bed. His footsteps were a little shaky-- that movie had been fuckin' HOT.

PM glared at him. Her entire body was covered in a fine layer of sweat that made her glisten. "Just... FUCK me, asshole!" she moaned, her limbs trembling.

Rath grinned. He was ass-naked from watching the movie and he could see her eyes latch onto his dick hungrily. "You betcha, bitch," he purred and crawled onto the bed. Waving his hand over her body, the knots and locks that held her in place sprang open, as if by magic, and she was freed.

PM moaned as he flung his leg over her to straddle her head. "Remember what I said, bitch?" Rath said, grinning as he looked back over his shoulder at her. "A fuckin' freaktastic blow."

PM licked her lips, nodding quickly. "Fuck yes... Fuck..."

"Open wide," Rath ordered. PM obeyed and he lowered into her mouth, eyes crossing with pleasure. "Fuuuuck..." he moaned, and began to thrust.

Her tongue swirled around him as she sucked fiercely, making him thrust even MORE. Groaning, he plunged his fingers into her pussy and slid out the wet vibrator. She shrieked around him at the invasion and then the loss of sensation. He heard and felt her whimper. "Don't you worry, bitch baby," he purred, and leaned forward to lap at her sopping cleft.

PM groaned with pleasure as he slid his tongue into her body, and Rath shuddered as the vibration made his nerve endings jangle. He'd jacked off twice during the film, but he was ALWAYS ready for more-- it was in his blood.

It was fucking amazing, how good she was at blowing him. They'd only been fucking for a week and already she knew where to press, where to stroke, when to suck and when to swallow. Rath had decided it rocked having a robot chick as a concubine-- that's what his bitch on Antar had been called. They had the best damn memories.

She started humming something by Linkin' Park, and Rath cried out into her pussy as he thrust down into her mouth, body tensing. Her throat opened willingly, accepting him as he climaxed, shooting down her throat. She swallowed eagerly and he moaned, tongue fucking her even harder, his hand sliding under his chin to rub her clit.

PM squealed around him, her hips flexing faster and faster against his face. He purred and squeezed her hip with his free hand. She liked that-- it was one of her secret erogenous zones.

She screamed, her legs latching around his head as she came into his waiting mouth. Rath drank her down like sweet cream, which was what it was to him. Images of her cumming in his morning coffee zoomed through his head, and he moaned, sucking on what parts of her pussy he could fit into his mouth.

Eventually he tumbled off her onto the bed, pulling his dick from her mouth with an unwilling groan. "Holy fuck, woman..." he muttered, kneading her hips as he nuzzled her thigh.

PM moaned happily, moving her hips for him. "Mmmmm, was it fuckin' freaktastic?"

"You got to cream, didn't you?"


"Then there's your fuckin' answer, bitch." He laved her thigh, enjoying her shiver of pleasure. "You taste super sweet."

"Mmmmmm... so do you," she purred, and he felt her soft hand stroke his ass.

Yawning, he closed his eyes and rested his cheek on her thigh. "I'm shagged out," he mumbled. "Gonna fuck you lata..."

"Okay." He felt her kiss his ankle. "You want me to do anythin' while you're sleepin'?"

"Mmmmm..." Rath nipped at her leg as he thought, and she purred. "Jus' don't move," he murmured, already starting to dream.

"Sure thang," he heard her murmur before he drifted off to sleep.


PM was a fucking wet dream come true, and Rath was smart enough to realize that. Lonnie'd always called him a stupid ass dickweed, but Lonnie never knew shit about what went on in his head. The equations he dreamt of at night; the spaceships he built in his mind. Shit, if he'd tried, he could've built his own granilith and rocketed back to the home world. The only reason he didn't was because he didn't WANT to. He liked pizza, and he liked human girls, and he liked Saturday night porn. So he kept his mouth shut and let Lonnie believe what she liked. Vilandra had always been a dummy.

PM, on the other hand, was everything Lonnie hadn't been. She took his kinky shit and she gave it back to him. She didn't complain much, but when she did, it was for stupid shit that he already knew was wrong but couldn't be bothered to fix. Like the dripping pipe at the back of their sewer room, and the dodgy phone cord. Within a month, the place had gone from decent to primo, like Dominoe's pizza. And he had only PM to thank for it.

She fucked like a minx: insatiable. Sometimes she even came close to wearing him out. Sometimes. Almost. When he'd had a long day and not much to eat.

So she rocked, and he couldn't deny that; but it left him feeling uncomfortable. She was a 'droid, but he kept forgetting that. Her skin felt warm, and her pussy was wet, and her lips were always shining like they'd been coated with gloss. Even her smell was human; he didn't know how that'd happened, but there was no denying it was the truth. When he looked at her, he didn't see wires. He saw a sexy fucking human bitch with unbelievable breasts and big green eyes. The eyes were what got to him. They were never vacant; always alert. Like she could see everything he was thinking. Sometimes he wondered if she saw the spaceships in his mind.

In the beginning, she would stay up watching TV as he slept at night, and if he wanted to fuck her he'd just call her over to the bed and have at it. After a while he decided that was too awkward and told her to sleep with him. Her reaction was mystifying; she just smiled. Smiled and said, "Okay, Rath. If you want me to."

It made him feel funny when she called him Rath. It made his stomach do flip-flops.

He had to admit that it felt damn good to sleep with someone again. When the others had been around they'd all slept together to keep warm. Since they'd left him, the sewer had been chilly and damp. One of the reasons he picked up so many whores was so that he could keep his feet warm at night by pressing them between the women's legs. Usually they'd tell him that he had feet like ice cubes, and to get back at them he'd whip out his funnel and show them what REAL ice cubes felt like.

PM never complained, though. It almost made him feel bad as he warmed up against her-- her extra-sensitive nerve centers must have registered his chilly feet like nobody's business. But all she'd do was frown a bit and say, "Damn, Rath. You gotta get better socks." Then she'd open her legs and squeeze them around his feet, rubbing them back and forth a little to warm him up. On especially cold nights, she'd sit up and massage them between her soft, small hands. When she was in a playful mood she'd tickle the soles. When she was horny, she'd suck his toes.

Fuck, he LOVED it when she did that. In fact, there were a hell of a lot of things she did for him that he loved. And that was the most disconcerting thing of all.



They were barreling towards him at the speed of sound, roaring in his ears like a freight train. He wanted to run, but he couldn't move; frozen like the proverbial deer. All he could do was watch, and wait, and pray they swerved to the side.

Closer and closer, faster and faster. Light speed now. Warp 10. They were going to hit him; burn him to a cinder.

He was going to die, and no one would give a shit.


Sitting bolt upright in bed, Rath stared wide-eyed at the opposite wall, heart racing. The visual memory of the blinding headlights was still burned into his retinas and they leapt in Technicolor across his vision. He blinked to clear his sight, but they were still there.

A soft hand on his back made him jump. "Hey," PM said near his shoulder, concerned. "Are you aiight? What happened?"

Rath turned his eyes toward her, mouth slightly agape. "What?"

PM rubbed his back gently. "You had a nightmare, babe. Wanna talk about it?"

He stared at her for a few seconds. "You just called me babe," he murmured.

PM smiled slightly. "Yeah, well. I didn't think callin' you an asshole when you jus' had a panic attack'd be real tactful."

Rath stared at her for a few moments longer, then pulled away. "Don't call me that again, aiight?" He stood up and walked across the room to the fridge, swinging it open and grabbing a Coke.

PM leaned back on her hands on the bed. "Why not?"

"Cuz I said so, dig? Jus'. call me Rath or some'in." He popped the top of the can and took a deep swig of soda, ignoring the slight shaking of his hands.

He could feel PM watching him. "So you gonna tell me what this is all about or are you gonna play Mr. Stiff Dick Stoic all night?" she said after a minute had passed. "Cuz I ain't goin' nowhere, and neither is you."

Rath finished off the soda and crushed the can, throwing it into the trashbin. "Ain't nothing to talk 'bout, bitch," he muttered, leaning against the wall and staring at her. "I had a freaky dream."

"Yeah, real freaky. Freaky enough to make you scream." She cocked her head. "I ain't never heard you scream. Shit, I ain't never seen you scared. So whateva it was musta been some seriously fucked up shit."

Rath licked his lips. "Yeah."

"Vampires or zombies or Barney the dinosaur. Some'in fuckin' terrifyin'."

Rath nodded.

"I comin' close or what?" PM asked softly.

Rath sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Headlights."

PM cocked her head. "Headlights? What, like a car or some'in?"

Rath nodded a little, closing his eyes. "Yeah, or some'in. Like a truck."

"A big truck?"

Rath shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."

PM patted the bed. "Siddown," she told him softly. "You look uncomfor'ble as all get out leanin' like that, even if it is sexay."

Rath sighed and wandered to the bed, laying down beside her with his arm over his eyes. He felt her slim fingers start to trace circular patterns on his stomach. "So you dreamt about headlights," she murmured.

He nodded. "Yeah."

"Any reason you'd be dreaming 'bout some'in like that?"

Glaring lights, blaring horn. The sound of squealing brakes and a bone-crunching thud.

He winced. "No. No reason."

PM stroked his cheek gently. "You don't gotta lie to me, babe."

"I TOLD you," he growled, pushing up into a sitting position and swinging his legs over the side of the bed again. "Don't call me babe!"

PM wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, resting her cheek against his back. "Okay. I won't call you babe if you tell me the truth."

"I did!"

"Naw. I's a droid, babe. I can tell shit like that."

"I told you-"

"Spill, and I'll stop."

Rath growled, rubbing his eyes. "You's a bitch."

"Yeah, well, you built me, so blame yaself."

Rath covered his face with his hands. "Zan."

"Zan? The guy you was telling me about?"

Rath nodded. "Yeah."

"Why would you be dreamin' about him?"

Rath paused. He could still turn back. He didn't have to tell her anything.

"I killed him," he murmured hoarsely.

PM was silent for a minute. Her hand rubbed his stomach rhythmically. Finally, she spoke. "Why'd you do that?"

Rath shrugged. "Seemed like a good idea at the time? I don't know, and I don't give two shits. The guy was a fuckin' loser. World's betta off with him dead."

PM nodded against his shoulder. "Aiight. So why're you dreamin' about him?"

"I ain't. I'm jus' dreamin' bout the headlights." He sighed. "Lonnie and me, we. I. pushed him in front of a fuckin' Mac." He closed his eyes, letting her soft hands soothe him a little.

A minute passed in silence.

"That was a wrong thing to do, Rath," she finally murmured.

Growling, he flung her away and stood up again. "What, you gonna tell me what's right and what's wrong now?" he snarled, rounding on her. "You? A fuckin' robot bitch who don't know SHIT about life!"

PM watched him calmly and he had to look away. "I know shit, Rath," she said softly. "I know what you taught me." Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her tap her temple faintly. "My right and wrong? It's YOURS, too. Remember?"

Rath seethed silently for a minute, flexing and unflexing his fists. After a minute he howled with anger and grabbed one of his hockey sticks. "WHY'D HE FUCKIN' SAY NO!" he roared, and swung the stick at a stack of CDs near their stereo. The discs scattered, some of them snapping in half as they hit the cement walls with lethal force.

"Rath...babe, calm down," PM said, trying to soothe his anger, but he wasn't listening to her.

"DON'T CALL ME BABE!" he bellowed, and swung the hockey stick again. This time he took out a hula girl lamp he'd bought for cheap at a pawn shop-- sliced her right in half.

"Rath..." He could tell PM was afraid by her voice. Glancing at her, he saw her kneeling in the middle of the tousled bed, eyes worried. "Rath, come on. Jus' talk to me."

"There ain't NOTHIN' to talk about, you ten cent fuckin' WHORE!" he threw the stick away and slammed his fist into the cement wall. His bones ground together, and when he pulled his hand away, the knuckles were bloody. He sank to his knees and pressed his forehead against the cement, gasping, trying to regain his cool.

PM was the first to speak. "Rath," she murmured after a minute, "'Sokay to be sorry."

He shook his head, ignoring the sting of the cement against his forehead. "No. Uh-uh, just shut up... You don't get shit..."

The creak of bedsprings was followed by soft padding footsteps. Rath groaned as he felt her kneel beside him. "I told you already, dickweed," PM said softly, tenderly rubbing his back. "I DO get shit. Lots more'n you think I do. I get that you's angry with yaself, because you KNOW killin' Zan was wrong. And I get that you's angry with Lonnie for makin' you do it. And I get that you hate that you's obsessin' on it." She leaned in and kissed his shoulder.

"And I get that you hate yaself, babe," she murmured in his ear. "But you don't gotta worry, cuz I don't."

Rath groaned and pushed her away. He stood up and stalked across the room, putting plenty of distance between them before he turned to her again. "Yo, I don't hate myself, aiight?" he said firmly, glaring at her. The protective shell he'd been wearing since the night of the headlights was beginning to come back, and he welcomed it. "Why'd I hate myself for killin' that stupid fucker? Huh? It was him or me, aiight? Him or me."

PM stood slowly, shaking her head. "You say I don't know shit?" she murmured, walking very slowly towards him. "Babe, d'you LISTEN to yaself? Huh? Do you look around you?" She gestured around the room. "You live in a fuckin' SEWER. You have fuckin' nightmares 'bout some guy you whacked over a year ago. Shit, you had to BUILD yaself a girlfriend cuz you didn't wanna face all them out there." She pointed up, as if to signify the wide world above them. "You didn't wanna clean yaself up, maybe find a nice whore to settle in with. Pump out a few kiddies, get a job at a Qwik-E-Mart, have a good life. Naw, you decided to hole up down here and live the fuckin' American dream through your TV. You know why you did all that? Huh?"

Rath glared at her. "I s'pose ya gonna tell me, huh?"

"Damn straight I am!" She was in his face by now, eyes flashing. "Because you hate yaself! You think you're the most worthless bag o' shit that ever got flushed down the pipe. Dig?" She shook her head and reached up to hold his face between her palms. "But that ain't right, baby. That jus' ain't right, cuz you's the best son-of-a-bitch in the universe when it comes to me. How could a worthless fuck up do that, huh? I got standards, ya know. You gave 'em to me."

Rath looked down into her eyes. "Why do you give a shit, bitch?" he asked, but it came out a lot softer than he'd intended.

PM smiled slowly. "Rath... When you built me, you gave me something that I don't think you was supposed to. And I dunno if it was a mistake, or if you just did it cuz you thought it'd be freaky-deaky, or what, but you did it. You gave me FREE-WILL. And you ain't never noticed it cuz I been doin' everything you wanted. But not because I had to-- because I WANTED to. That's where we differ, baby, and I don't mean flesh to droid. Cuz baby, you may hate yourself, but I LOVE you. Dig?" Her thumbs stroked his cheekbones. "I. Love. You."

Rath swallowed. "Bitch..." he murmured.

"Shhhh, you don't gotta say anythin', big boy," PM said softly, still smiling. She got up on tip-toe to kiss him tenderly, then stood back a little. "You wanna go back to bed?"

Rath nodded faintly, dazed, and PM led him back to the bed. He let her guide him down onto the mattress and watched her sit beside him. "You want some'in?" she asked quietly, rubbing his stomach as she gazed down into his face. "A drink or some'in?"

Rath shook his head and grabbed her hand, stilling it on his stomach. "Naw," he said, voice a little hoarse. "I'm just... kinda tired, ya know?"

PM nodded. "Yeeah, I know." She reached up to stroke his hair. "You jus' get some sleep. I'll stay right here, aiight? I ain't goin' nowhere."

Rath nodded and let his eyes drift shut. PM continued stroking his hair, and for a second he thought what a great mother she could be.

It was only as he drifted off to sleep that he remembered that could never happen.


"Merry Christmas!"

"Huh...? Wha'...?" Rath groaned, rubbing his eyes as PM's excited voice jarred him out of his peaceful sleep. Ever since their confrontation of a month earlier, he'd been having the best sleep of his life. Not that she had anything to do with it-- he just made himself dream less.

"Wake up, jackass. Christmas!" He could feel her slim legs straddling his thighs and she was bouncing eagerly.

"Fine, fine, shit," he muttered, opening his eyes groggily. PM was sitting on his legs wearing one of his t-shirts, and she was beaming at him. Clutched in her hand was a lumpy package wrapped in the funny pages, which she thrust into his face, wiggling it.

"Go on, open it!" she said excitedly, her other hand squeezing his hip.

Rath blinked at the package. "What is it?" he asked, yawning and pushing up onto one elbow to take the parcel.

"Your Christmas present!"

He looked at her sharply. "My... What?"

"Your Christmas present, asshole." She grinned. "What, you thought I wouldn't getcha one?"

For a second, he didn't know what to say. "How'd you know 'bout Christmas?" He couldn't remember programming it into her subprocessors. Tentatively he shook the package, trying to figure out what might be inside.

"Duuuuuh, I watch TV, genius," PM said, chuckling. "I ordered it through the Home Shopping Network. They delivered right to our door!" She laughed. "You shoulda seen the look on that kid's face, havin' to come into the sewer to drop it off!"

"Oh." He stared at the present. It was squishy, so he squeezed it.

"Open it!" PM exclaimed again, laughing even harder. "It won't bite! Only I get to do that to you." She winked at him.

Rath smiled a little. No one had ever gotten him a Christmas gift before. Lonnie, Ava, Zan... None of them had ever celebrated Christmas, or any human holiday. Why bother, that had always been the reasoning. They weren't human, so what was the use?

Now, though, holding the present, he felt a little rumble of excitement in his stomach. His fingers plucked at the paper, which she'd taped together so well there was no edge to get a hold of.

"Rip it!" PM prompted eagerly, kneading his stomach.

Rath laughed and finally tore into the paper, shredding it away. He threw it aside and looked at what he held in his hands.

Three pairs of thick wool socks, jet black.

"Do you like 'em?" PM asked softly.

Rath blinked at the socks. He wiggled his toes under the blankets, then looked up at her. She was smiling hopefully.

He grinned slowly. "They rock."

PM's smile grew. "Yeeah?"

"Yeeah. Come 'ere." He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down on top of him, enjoying her laugh as he rolled them over so she was beneath him.

He kissed her passionately for a few seconds, then broke away to gaze down into her face. "I didn't getchoo anythin'," he said softly, rubbing her arm.

PM shrugged. "'Sokay. Next year, aiight?"

Rath shook his head. "Naw. This year." He grinned and sat up. "Get dressed, I'm takin' you out."

PM sat up, eyes sparkling. "Yeeah?"

Rath nodded, grinning. "Fuck yeeah." He leapt up off the bed and scooped her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. She laughed as he spun her around.

"Stop!" she shrieked with laughter, twining her arms tightly around his neck.

He stopped spinning and pulled back a little to grin into her face. "I'm gonna buy you the biggest, bestest, most fucktastic gift anyone on this fuckin' planet's ever SEEN, dig? Anythin' you want. Jus' name it."

PM slid her fingers into his hair. "Anythin'?" Her eyes twinkled.

Rath nodded. "Anythin'."

PM purred and leaned forward, kissing him passionately before she whispered in his ear just exactly what she wanted for Christmas.



For the sixth time, Rath found himself flat on his back on the ice. He glared angrily up at the gray sky as other skaters zoomed by on the Rockefeller rink, giving him a wide berth.

He heard PM laugh as she skated into view. Her cheeks were almost as pink as her hair as she bent over him, beaming. "You's gotta keep your balance, babe!"

"That's fuckin' easy for YOU to say," he muttered as she helped pull him to his feet. He clutched her tightly as his skates skidded around beneath him. "You's full o' gyros and other shit that keep you up!"

PM wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his back. "I'll keep you up," she purred.

Rath smirked down at her. "Always do, bitch." He rubbed his pelvis against her so she could feel his erection through the denim of his baggy jeans. He always had to wear baggy jeans around her.

PM grinned at him. "Horny boy." She pressed her cheek to his chest and sighed happily. "Thanks for bringin' me here."

Rath rested his chin on the top of her head and closed his eyes, enjoying the pseudo-warmth of her body against him. "Yo, this is where you wanted to go, and didn' I say I'd give you anythin' you wanted?" He kissed her forehead.

She cooed and nuzzled his throat. "Where're we gonna go next?"

He stroked her soft pink hair, enjoying her warm, vanilla scent. "Mmmm, where d'ya wanna go?" he asked


Rath laughed and pulled back enough to look at her. "Bitch, you watch too much TV." He grinned.

"Can we? Pleeeeeeease?"

Rath chuckled. "Yeeah, whateva."

He couldn't resist a grin at her excited face. "I'm gonna have an Arabian Mocha Java!" PM enthused as she helped him slip and slide toward the edge of the rink. "What about you?"

"I'll just suck the leftovers off ya lips," Rath purred in her ear, and she cooed before busting out laughing as they both fell headlong together onto the ice.

"FUCKING SKATES!" Rath roared.


Later that night, Rath waited impatiently on the bed, eyes squeezed shut. "You done YET, bitch!" he called out.

"Hold your baloney pony, jerk off!" she called back, laughing. "Gimme a minute!"

"Gimme a minute," he muttered to himself, getting comfortable against the pillows. "I went to the friggin' THEATER with you, bitch! This had betta be worth it!"

"It will be! Shut the fuck up!"

Rath grumbled quietly to himself for another minute, wiggling his legs idly back and forth. His cock kept hardening, then softening a little, then rehardening. It really wanted somewhere to be.

"BIIIIIIIITCH!" he finally howled.

"Aiight! Aiight! I'm here!" He heard PM laugh. "Open your eyes!"

He did so eagerly, and felt his dick turn to hot rock.

PM stood at the end of the bed, dressed in a filmy red upper body stocking that clung to her like a second skin. It was almost entirely transparent, giving her torso a soft, red glow. Her dark nipples looked like two hard cherries, and he felt his mouth start to water. The panty region was an illicit tease, done in lace that hid her goodies from his eyes. Perched on her head was a green elf cap with red trim.

"Ho, ho, ho," she purred, hip cocked.

"Ho..." he moaned, reaching towards her with grasping fingers. "Gimme..."

PM grinned and crawled onto the bed. "Do you like the rest of your gift?" she murmured, slinking up his body cat-style.

Rath growled, grabbing her arms and pulling her higher so that her chest was even with his face. "I fuckin' love it," he muttered, gazing at her breasts. He started nipping and licking her hard nipples through the gauzy material, and moaned when he tasted cherry.

"Just a little lip gloss in the right places," she purred as he smacked his lips and went back to licking her. She giggled, then moaned as he sucked on first one nipple, then the other, through the body stocking.

Rath groaned, his hands sliding up her spine. The outfit had a deeply scooped back that left her skin bare from shoulders to tailbone. He felt her delicate skin ripple beneath his fingertips and listened to her moan blissfully above him. Slowly, even gently, he slid his fingers under the edge of the filmy material of the stocking and slid it forward off her shoulders. "Sit up," he murmured.

PM nuzzled his hairline, then slowly sat up. Rath let the movement guide the fabric down off her arms, baring her breasts. He smiled and reached up to tweak her wet nipples, enjoying her gasp of pleasure. "You're real pretty," he purred, sliding his hands down her sides to rest on her hips, kneading gently.

PM moaned, holding his hands in place. "You...did a good job..."

Rath shook his head, gazing up at her. She had her eyes closed and her lips were slightly open. "Naw," he murmured, rubbing his thumbs in circles on her belly. "Naw, you were a fox when I built'choo, but now you's even betta." He smiled a little. "You grew up."

Her eyes fluttered open, and she gazed down to look at him.

"So did you," she murmured, cupping his face between her palms.

Rath closed his eyes, squeezing her hips and hearing her moan in response. Her hands were so soft...

Sighing, he rolled them so that she was nestled beneath him. He opened his eyes to see her gazing up at him. "Are we gonna fuck now?" she asked softly, stroking his cheek.

Rath shook his head. "Naw," he said quietly.

"Why not?"

He leaned in to kiss her gently. "Cuz we're gonna make love," he whispered against her lips, and felt her smile.

"Okay," she whispered back.

Rath smiled slowly. He slid his fingers into the waist of her lingerie, tugging it over her hips. PM sighed happily as he sat up, drawing the fabric down her legs and dropping it on the foot of the bed. As he rested his body onto hers again, Rath kept the eye contact between them. "How's that feel?" he purred, settling between her legs and rubbing his erection against her cleft.

"Mmmmmmm, warm," she cooed, running her fingers up and down his side.

"Tha'sa good thing on a cold day," he said, grinning, and she laughed softly. "You've gotta sexy laugh," he told her.

"So do you," she replied. "Shame you don't use it more."

"I laugh a lot!"


"Shut up, bitch." He kissed her to silence her, and she wrapped an arm around his back, legs around his waist. Rath moaned as her free hand slid down between them to wrap around his erection, guiding him into her body.

"Makin' love is slow, right?" she murmured against his lips between soft, open mouth kisses.

Rath nodded faintly. "Uh-huh." He brought one hand up to cup her breast, squeezing as he slid his dick deeper into her.

"Oh yessssssss," PM moaned beneath him, pushing her hips up to help him go further. "Don't stop..."

Rath shook his head, moving his mouth down to suck gently on her pulse point. He could feel her soft whimpers of pleasure vibrating against his lips, and it made him smile and suck a little harder. With one last push, he sank in completely, groaning against her neck and shuddering to a halt.

PM keened under him, her thighs alternating between squeezing his waist tightly then loosening. "More," she whimpered, rocking her hips as best she could under his weight.

"Fuck..." Rath moaned, pushing himself up on his hands. It was an effort to open his eyes, but he did so anyway and gazed down into her pleading face.

"Please," she groaned, moving her hips with a little more freedom now that he'd lifted some of his weight. Her body trembled with pleasure and she gasped.

Rath nodded. "Hold still... Hang on..." Closing his eyes, he started to move his hips, thrusting slowly.

Her response was immediate. "Oh gawwwwwwwwd....!" she moaned. Soft hands ran over his chest and laced behind his neck as her hips began to rock with his.

"Shit...shit...yes," Rath panted, his muscles coiling and releasing, coiling and releasing. She went so deep, so tight...

For a minute, Rath let himself imagine what it must be like inside her body. Warm, wet, and pink-- that was what he saw. A soft red glow filled the negative spaces as light from the room ebbed through her skin, illuminating the delicate reaches of her interior. Everything pulsed, quivering and quiet, the silence broken only by the muffled whoosh of his thrusts and the soft pounding of her heart.

It wasn't real. It was all a mirage. But he let himself believe it anyway.

"OOH!" PM gasped loudly, breaking him out of his reverie. Her thrusts suddenly began to pick up speed. "Yes! YES! RATH!"

"Fuck...fuck, baby...!" Rath bared his teeth as his hips started to pound instinctively into hers.

PM arched her back away from the bed, scrubbing her shoulders into the pillows. "Don't move!" she begged, her hands squeezing his muscled biceps. Her fingers slipped in his sweat, but she didn't let go.

Rath wanted to tell her he had no intention of going anywhere until she orgasmed like a son-of-a-bitch, but found that all he could muster was a shuddering groan. Instead, he clenched his jaw and lost all his control, slamming into her over and over.

PM screamed, arching even more. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAATH!" Her entire body jerked once, twice, three times, and Rath cried out as she closed around him, squeezing so tightly he almost blacked out.

With a final thrust, his hips stalled and he exploded inside her, gasping out her name. "PM...!"

Neither one of them made a move larger than a twitch for almost ten seconds. Then, like a tent collapsing, Rath slumped down on top of PM and she wrapped her arms around him, holding him close.

"Holy...shit..." he gasped against her shoulder, his stomach clenching and unclenching as he sucked in hard breaths.

PM nodded. "Mm-hmm," she murmured, her body quivering. "Mmmmm, merry Christmas, baby..."

Rath nuzzled her shoulder. "Merry Christmas," he murmured back, rubbing her arm faintly. Pressing his ear to her chest, he closed his eyes and let himself be lulled to sleep by the gentle whir of her heart.


The next week was one of the best of Rath's life. On their little Christmas jaunt they'd bought (or stolen) enough food to last them till well past New Years, and they just sat around, sexing it up like panthers. He'd always said "Sexing it up like bunnies" in the past, but except for the occasional giggle or adorable wiggle of her nose, there was nothing cutesie about PM. She was more than he could handle, and he loved it.

They took a trip to Times Square for New Year's Eve and watched the ball drop, which led to plenty of puns and dirty jokes between the two of them. They ended up macking in an alley for an hour before the cops chased them off.

Something had changed between them Christmas night. Rath didn't know what it was, except that he didn't just see her as a great body with a killer stock of insults anymore. He liked to wake up in the morning and just watch her without her noticing. She didn't need to sleep, being an android, but she pretended to for his sake, shutting down her processors. He'd prop himself up on his elbow and gaze down at her "sleeping" face. It warmed him up inside, like the wool socks warmed his feet.

One morning, the week after Christmas, he was watching her sleep when she woke up. She stretched like a cat, smacking her lips, and her eyes fluttered open. Grinning up at him, she asked, "How long you been doin' that?"

He grinned back. "Doin' what?"

"Watchin' me."

Rath shrugged. "A while. Why, you gotta problem with it?"

PM shook her head, stretching again and rolling onto her back to gaze up at him. "Naw. Jus' curious." She smiled and started to run her hand up and down his chest.

Rath grinned, moving closer to her. "I thought we'd go out again tonight. Go clubbin'."

"Yeah?" her eyes twinkled with excitement.

Rath nodded. "Yeeah. You can wear that sexay black thing you bought last week."

PM purred. "You mean the leather one?" She stroked his cheek, and he growled hungrily, nodding.

"Damn straight," he murmured. "And your collar, too."

She cooed, arching her back a little. "Pink and black. Perfect."

Rath grinned, nuzzling her hairline. "Yeeah, I know."

She sat up, and he followed her body with his eyes. "You want some'in for breakfast?" she asked, running her fingers through her hair.

Rath stretched out on his back, watching her and shaking his head. "Naw. I'll make it myself. Why don' you get dressed, and I'll teach you how to move your booty." He grinned.

PM laughed and stood up. "I already know how to do that, bitch." She spanked her ass, wiggled it at him, and wandered away.


The clubs were all packed, but everyone made way for Rath and his lady friend-- his reputation preceded him. He wore his leather jacket and tightest leather pants with a sleeveless black muscle shirt, which made him plenty threatening to all the gawkers who kept leering at PM. She was wearing a form fitting black leather catsuit, if it could be called that. It had no back at all, showing off the very top of her ass cleavage. The front was just a pair of wide straps of leather that reached up in a V-shape from her waist to clasp behind her neck. It left everything bare from her navel to her chin, and only covered enough of her breasts to keep her from breaking any public nudity laws. The pink sequined collar he'd bought her months before sparkled around her throat, and the tattooed "Rath's" on her lower belly warned away anyone who might get any grabby ideas.

"This is so fuckin' COOL!" she enthused when they reached their third club-- the Spank and Tickle.

Rath grinned. "Yeeah, well, I know the best clubs in town, bitch." He pulled her out onto the floor to grind for a while, enjoying the soft press of her body against his crotch.

He noticed four guys standing in a dark corner, staring at them and talking to each other. Most especially, they were staring at PM, who had her back pressed against Rath's chest and her head laid back on his shoulder. Rath growled softly and shot them a threatening look.

"Mmmmm, what is it, baby?" PM purred, rubbing her ass against his groin.

Rath laid a big hand over her belly, holding her possessively. "Assholes watchin' you," he muttered, pulling her tight against him. He didn't take his eyes from the four men, who were ignoring his glares entirely and were watching PM's breasts bob. Rath snarled softly and spun her around in his arms so that she was facing him, crushed against his chest.

"Baby!" PM gasped as he held her tightly. "'Sall right!" She looped her arms around his neck, rubbing her body against his in time with the music. "I don' care 'bout them." She sucked lightly on his earlobe for a second, then cooed, "I only want YOU."

Rath nodded tersely but didn't respond, his eyes still glued to the four men in the corner. They were still leering at PM, and now they were snickering to each other as they stared at her ass.

Rath growled. "We're leavin'," he muttered, and started to pull her off the floor.

"Rath!" PM tugged on his arm. "Rath, baby, they don't MATTA!"

But he didn't listen to her and dragged her out of the club into the night air. "Put this on," he muttered, slinging his jacket around her shoulders.

"I got my own coat, baby," she told him. "It's inside."

"We'll get it some otha day," he growled, buttoning up the jacket. "Come on." He started to pull her down the street.

PM pulled out of his grip and crosses her arms over her belly, watching him angrily. "What the fuck's your problem?"

Rath turned to look at her. Everyone waiting in line to get into the Spank and Tickle were watching them curiously, and he pulled her into an alley to get away from their prying eyes.

"Those sons-of-bitches wanted to fuck you," he growled, holding her arms tightly. "I wasn' gonna stand around and let 'em mentally hump my bitch, dig?"

"I can take care of mySELF, asshole," PM said angrily, shaking off his hands. She straightened his jacket on her shoulders and glared at him. "I probably outweigh 'em all put together by a hundred pounds."

"That don't matta."

"Rath, quit it!"

He was going to respond, but a voice at the end of the alley stopped him. "Yeah, Rath, quit it!" a male voice sing-songed, parodying PM's. They spun around to look down the alley towards the back of the club and saw the four men from the dark corner advancing on them slowly. One held a chain. Another held a bat.

"Fuck," Rath muttered, pushing PM behind him.

"Oh, don't do THAT," the man in front said-- a skinny guy with greasy hair, obviously the leader of the group. "Not on OUR account. We'd love to make the acquaintance of the lovely lady, in fact."

"Fuck off," PM snarled, gripping Rath's arm tightly.

Greasy Man's eyes sparkled. "What a coincidence. That's exactly what we plan on doing."

"You come any closer and I'll rip your fuckin' throat out, dipshit," Rath growled between gritted teeth, eyes flashing. His fingers flexed, ready to use his powers on them. But if he did, he'd have to kill them, and there were a hundred witnesses just around the corner waiting in line.

"Oh, I think you won't," Greasy Man said easily, as if he were telling him the latest football scores. "I think you're going to let her go and move away."

"Not a chance in hell, asswipe."

"Oh, come on, Rath," Greasy Man snickered. "Everyone around here knows you, what you're like. You don't give two shits about nobody, especially not pretty bitches. Just walk away and we won't have to hurt you." He licked his lips, eyes raking over what was exposed of PM's body. "All we want is a piece of the pie."

"I'd like to see you try and get it," PM shot angrily. "I'll show you how to treat a lady."

"Is that what they call whores now?"

Rath saw red. "She's not a whore."

"Really? You coulda fooled me, seein' as how she's hangin' around with you."

That did it. Rath roared and bolted at them.

"Rath! No!" he heard PM yell behind him, but he didn't pay attention. He threw himself at the four thugs.

He should have known better. Looking back on it later, he knew that. Four guys at once, even as an alien, was cutting it too close. When two of them were armed, it was fucking impossible.

Rath felt the chain first, taking him out behind the knees and knocking him to the ground. A steel-toed boot planted in his side, kicking him against the brick wall of the alley. He tried to raise his hand to blast them all to hell, but another kick knocked his hand aside. His head was spinning, and the last thing he remembered was hearing PM scream before the chain crashed down on his head and he blacked out.


When he woke up, the first thing he noticed was how quiet the alley was. There was no thumping music coming from the club, which meant it had to be fucking late at night-- or early in the morning, more like it.

The second thing he noticed was that PM wasn't with him.

He sat up immediately, and almost passed out again as the world spun before his eyes. He held his head between his hands, gritting his teeth and forcing his body to stop screaming at him. When he felt capable of moving without blacking out, he opened his eyes again. Sparks in the corner of his eye caught his attention and he looked in their direction.

PM was laying on her back in the middle of the alley, sparks exploding in sharp, intermittent bursts from her belly.

His eyes widened. "SHIT!" he bellowed and scrambled to his feet.

He stumbled down the alley and collapsed to his knees next to her. "PM!" he cried, pulling her into his lap. "PM, shit!"

Her head twitched, and her eyes turned in his direction. "R-Rath," she sputtered, vocal processors making her voice jump. "Y-Y-Y-You're al-live."

Rath nodded vigorously ignoring the technicolor blobs that danced in front of his vision because of the motion. "So're you," he said, voice hoarse. He swallowed over a hot lump in his throat. "You're fine."

PM stared at him for a second, then her head twitched again. She was shaking her head. "N-No."


More twitching. "N-N-No, Rath. I-I-I'm not." Her hand jerked up, then over, then down, resting on her sparking stomach. "B-Bat." Her entire body twitched and sparks exploded from her belly. Rath winced, holding her tightly.

He fought down the lump in his throat again. "Those fucking BASTARDS," he growled, blinking away heat in his eyes. He grabbed her hand, squeezing it and ignoring the hot sparks. "I'll kill them, PM. I'll fucking kill them, I swear to FUCK."


"What?" He stared down into her face, confused and angry. "PM, I'm not gonna let 'em do this and not fuckin' WRECK 'em!"

She twitched her head again. "D-Don't," she stammered. "Z-Z-Zan..."

Rath closed his eyes squeezing her hand tighter. "This isn't 'bout Zan," he murmured hoarsely. He looked up again, blinking to clear the blur in his eyes. "This is 'bout you!"

PM stared at him again, then her lips twitched into a smile. "S-S-So swe-e-et," she sputtered.

"PM..." Rath moaned. "PM, jus' don' do anythin' stupid, aiight? I'm gonna take you home and fix you right up, I promise."

She twitched her head again. "N-N-No."


Her hand jerked up to rest on his cheek. "D-D-Don't, ba-a-by," she murmured, her voice turning staticky. "I l-love you."

Rath couldn't control his blurry vision anymore. "I love you too, baby," he whispered hoarsely, holding her closer. "I love you so fuckin' much. Please don't go. Please, shit... Please, jus' wait..."

He felt her hand jerk a couple of times, patting his cheek as her diodes sparked. "Bye...bye," she stuttered.

"NO!" Rath bellowed, pressing his face into her throat. "NO! FUCK!"

He felt the whir of her pulse sputter...and die.

"Nooooooo," he moaned, pulling her closer as her body continued to twitch, expelling the rest of her energy. Mechanical rigor mortis.

"I love you," he whispered huskily into her ear, squeezing her tighter and tighter. "I love you..." He pressed his hand against her belly, channeling. "I love you, PM, baby, love you..."

He poured his power into her, mending wires, fixing circuits; making her perfect again. PM was dead, but he'd make her fucking beautiful for her burial. And everyone at the funeral home would say how sad it was, and how young she had been, and how lovely a girl she was. No one was ever going to know.

He channeled... and channeled... Until his vision blurred from more than just tears and his veins started to burn. His head throbbed, but he kept channeling, fixing every problem he could find. More and more, further and further, until the world went black and he collapsed on top of her, unconcious.


"Wakey, wakey, Rath. Tha's it, bro."

Rath's eyes fluttered open. He winced and groaned as bright light invaded his sight, and he pulled an arm over his eyes, groaning more as pain exploded through his body with the movement. "T..Trigger?" he moaned. "What...the fuck are you doin' here?"

"Keepin' your ass alive for one," Trigger's familiar voice replied. He was obviously smiling as he spoke. "Look's like I did a good job."

Rath groaned. "Yeeah, great, 'cept I can't fuckin' SEE." Trigger chuckled again.

Rath lay still for a few moments, reacclamating to the world. Everything felt sharp, even the bed he was lying on.

Suddenly, he stiffened. "PM!" he cried, sitting bolt upright. The world exploded in little white dots and he fell back again, gasping.

"Shit! Rath, don' DO shit like that!" Trigger warned, holding him down. "You're gonna go killin' yourself after I jus' saved you!"

"W...Where's PM!" Rath panted, struggling a little. He still couldn't see for the bright light, so he struck out blindly, trying to push Trigger away. His hand brushed something soft instead. Something soft, warm and smooth.

He froze, running his fingers over the soft warmth.

"You always did like my belly, babe," a quiet, feminine voice murmured. "Glad that ain't changed."

Rath blinked desperately, trying to clear his vision. He stared at the speaker in disbelief. All he could see was a flash of pink, but that was all he needed. "PM...?" he asked tentatively. "'S..'Sthat you?"

The edge of the bed tilted as the figure sat beside him. She leaned forward. "Yes," she murmured in his ear.

Rath moaned. "Oh...fuck, baby!" He twined his arms around her, ignoring the pain this caused and hugging her tightly. He felt her slim arms wrap around him, holding him even tighter.

He heard Trigger chuckle and felt him get off the edge of the bed. "Tha's my cue to git. I'll be 'round lata, you two."

Rath didn't bother to respond. He was too obsessed with running his hands all over PM's body. "P...PM!" he gasped, still too shocked to think. "How...!"

PM laughed shakily in his ear. "You fixed me, baby," she murmured, voice trembling with emotion. "You fixed me right up."

Rath pulled her on top of him, moaning. "Everythin's aiight? Ain't nothin' still broken?" He squeezed her thighs, her hips, her arms.

PM pulled back a little to gaze down at him. His vision was clearer now, and he could see her dazzling smile. "I'm more than perfect, lover," she murmured. Crawling up his body a little, she pressed his ear to her chest.

"Listen," she whispered against the top of his head.

Rath was so fucking happy to see her, he would have danced around in a bunny costume if she'd asked. So he kept his ear pressed to her chest, enjoying her warm PM-smell.


He grinned. "I can hear your heart, baby," he purred, rubbing her back.

"That's right," PM whispered, voice tight. "You can hear my heart."

Rath kept rubbing her back happily for a few seconds, then froze. Her...

He looked up at her, gaping. "You's gotta heartbeat!" he exclaimed.

She beamed at him, nodding. "I do."


"Shhhhhhhhhh...." She cupped his face and leaned forward to kiss him very gently.

"You made me human, lover," she whispered against his lips, voice trembling. "You made me real."

Rath pushed her back a little and gazed up in wonder at her face. Now that he looked close enough, he could see the subtle differences-- the smooth translucence of her skin; the minute movements of her pupils. Not mechanical-- biological.

He cupped her face, his thumb stroking over her lips in amazement. "Wow..." he murmured.

PM held his wrist, tears in her eyes. "You poured everythin' you had into me, baby," she whispered. "All of it, down to the last drop. You's been out cold for two days because of it." She chuckled shakily, closing her eyes and kissing his fingertips. "It must have been enough."

Rath still couldn't believe his eyes and hands. She was moving, breathing... "You're not dead..." he murmured.

PM laughed softly, jarring a few teardrops from her eyelids. "You's always been observant, babe," she said.

Rath touched her tears gently, rubbing them between her fingertips. "I didn' give you tears when I made you," he murmured. Bringing his fingers to his lips he tasted the moisture. Salty. Real.

PM nodded, stroking his hair. "I know." She rubbed his chest gently. "Tha's one of the ways I knew I was real. That and when I tried to pick you up, I couldn't. I knew SOME'IN was whacked then. So I dug through you's pockets an' found Trig's numba, and he helped me get you home." She smiled. "I tole him it wasn' some'in you'd wanna go to the hospital for-- all illicit-like." She chuckled. "When those fellas hit me with that bat, they run off faster 'n you can say spit. I figger the cops don't gotta worry 'bout them-- they was so scared, they probably shit their pants. They put up such a holler they scared everyone away-- tha's why nobody called the cops or nothin'."

Rath grinned slowly at her. "You're one smart bitch, PM, you know that?"

She smiled back. "Course I do. Tha's why I hang with you."

He raised an eyebrow, chuckling. "Oh, 'sthat the only reason?"

PM grinned. "Naw. I got others."

"Yeeah? Like what?"

"Wellll, like real great sex," PM purred, laying down on his chest and rubbing his arm.

"Mmmmmmm, that's a nice one." Rath slid his hand gently down her body to rest on her belly, exposed by her short tank top. The skin was smooth-- as if it had never been wounded at all.

"I got betta," PM said, nuzzling his jaw.



"Wha's that then?"

She raised her lips. "Cuz I love you," she whispered, kissing gently behind his ear.

Rath grinned, closing his eyes and holding her close. "Whaddaya know," he murmured. "I love you, too. How's that for a kick in the ass."

PM laughed softly and kissed his jaw. "Dickweed."

"Whore bitch."

"Sweet dreams."

"The sweetest." And he meant it, too.

The End