Title: #204: The Exhibitionism

Author: Mnemosyne

E-mail: memoryvixen@yahoo.com

Archiver's Note: The rest of the #200 series can be found at Mnemosyne's site, Triple M

Disclaimer: If they belonged to me, do you think I'd be here writing this? ;)

Summary: AU. Fourth in the "200" series. Maria visits Rath in New York, and brings the trusty video equipment with her.

Rating: NC-17. Pointless smut. :)

Category: Maria/Rath, PWP

This idea came to me while I was using the T in Boston. I don't know how similar the T is to the New York City subway, but I'm going to go on the assumption that the basics are the same. :) And no, this is NOT personal experience, all you hos at RosBDSM! LOL!

Dedication: To everyone who encouraged me to continue this series. You are all far too sweet to me, and can never know how much I appreciate your kindness and support. :)

Muse-ic: Shakira; Bangles

"Don't get me wrong cause
This might sound to you a bit odd,
But you own the place
Where all my thoughts go hiding,
And right under your clothes
Is where I find them."

- Shakira
"Underneath Your Clothes"

"Rath, are you sure about this?" Maria followed the punky alien down the stairs into the deserted subway station. "What if someone sees?"

"Ain't that the point, sugar tits?" Rath asked in his thick New York accent, and Maria felt herself start to go wet as he grinned over his shoulder at her. "You wanna be a li'l ex-hi-bi-tionist, dontcha?"

Maria chuckled and set down the bookbag that held the video equipment. Putting her hands on her hips, she said, "Yeah, but I don't wanna be ARRESTED, jackass." She arched an eyebrow seductively.

Rath purred-- actually purred-- and sidled towards her. "Yo, ain't no one jacked my ass since Loser," he said, wrapping his arms loosely around her waist so that his broad hands covered her ass.

Maria felt the moisture between her legs double and licked her lips, draping her arms over his shoulders. "You mean my beloved boyfriend, Rath?" she asked, rubbing her pelvis against his seductively.

He growled. "Yeah. Him." She felt him grab her hips and heave her up. Automatically her legs twined around his waist, and she felt his hand slide between them to unzip his fly.

It was with incredible willpower that she reached down to stop him. "Uh-uh, bad boy," she cooed, leaning forward and kissing him delicately on the lips. "Save it for the movie." The tip of her tongue looped into his lipring and she tugged gently.

Rath grunted, holding her closer. "Shit," he muttered, but let her feet drop again so she could stand. "Hurry up."

Maria chuckled and picked up the bookbag. She looked at the abandoned subway car in front of them. "One question," she asked, ignoring the enormous bulge in the front of his jeans. "How do we make it look like it's moving?"

Rath snorted. "Bitch, you think I's dumb or somethin'?" He snapped his fingers, and Maria gasped as the wall behind the ramshackle car appeared to move, whipping by as though the train were in motion. The lights inside flickered on and off until they finally settled on a stark, steady glow. "Alien powers fucking rock, huh?"

Maria grinned at him. "Hell yes." She shouldered the bag. "Gimme ten minutes to set up, then go for it." With one last wink, she walked to the abandoned car and slipped through the ajar door.


The lone college co-ed sat in a corner seat of the New York subway, bookbag at her feet, staring out the window as the walls of the underground whipped past. She was all alone in the car, and seven stops from home.

The car slowed and stopped. The door opened, and a dark figure entered. Boy howdy, he was scary looking! Tall and dark, with a lip ring and lots of tattoos, especially on his muscular arms. His hair was spiked up in a messy, dark purple mohawk and his wallet chain hung past his knee. She tried not to gawk, but it was tough. He was really sexy, in a rugged, bad boy kind of way. //Gee, I wonder what his name is?// she thought, tilting her head and tugging on the hem of her knee length tartan skirt.

The dark-eyed young man caught sight of her and smirked. She blushed and tried to look away, but it was obvious that he was going to walk over and talk to her. Which was just what he did. "Yo," he said, stopping in front of her and grabbing the rail that ran along the top of the car. "Wassup?"

"Um...not much," she replied, but that was wrong. Standing like he was, the young man's crotch was right at face level and she could tell he had a BIG erection.

"What's a pretty li'l thing like you doin' on a nasty piece of shit like this all by ya lonesome?" he asked, grinning.

"I had to go to a play for class," she said nervously, not sure why she was telling him anything. "Then there was a reception after, and it ran kinda late." She swallowed.

"Yeah? Well, that sucks, don't it?"

"Um...yeah, I guess."

"Name's Rath, by the way."


"Yeah? Nice name."


"Real sexy."

She smiled nervously, not sure how to respond to that.

He smirked again. "Do I scare you or some'in? Cuz you look ready to bolt."

"No! I mean...no. I mean... well, maybe. A little. Kinda." She bit her lip and looked up at him. "You're nice, right?"

"Awwwww, ain't that sweet? Course I'm nice. If I wasn't Id'a fucked you and cut you up already, aiight?" He chuckled at her shocked expression. "Relax. I ain't into that shit. Where you from, Kansas or some'in?"


"New Mexico?"


"No shit. That's some freaky deaky shit they got out there, all them aliens and fuck all." Rath's grin broadened. "You believe in aliens?"

She smiled a little. He was friendly, even if he looked really scary. "I don't know. I suppose I do." She tilted her head. "Do you?"

He grinned. "Yeeeah. I seen a lot of neat shit in my life." He licked his lips. "Wanna see some'in swell?"


Maria's eyes widened as his hand dropped to his fly, unzipping it and releasing his hot erection. She squeaked.

"How's that?" he asked huskily. "That look nice and swollen to you?"

Maria swallowed. She wanted to look away but couldn't. He was so...big! "Wowee..." she said, and before she could stop herself, she'd reached out to touch him curiously.

Rath released a hoarse moan, holding her wrist. "Niiiiiiiice..." he groaned, stroking her hand back and forth over the hard flesh. "Mooore..."

Maria smiled, looking up at him. He was purring like a little kitty cat! The big, gruff guy with the hoop in his lip and the skull ring was PURRING! He wasn't so mean after all. He was just horny, and she knew what THAT was like.

"Does this feel really good?" she asked, her voice low and sensual as she curled her hand around his cock. "It feels really good to me to touch you like this." She pumped her fist, tightening and loosening it around his dick.

Rath gasped, then moaned. "Mmmmm... You're not such a good girl, are you?" he murmured huskily, looking down at her.

She giggled and shook her head, her silky blonde hair stroking over her shoulders. "Why'd you think I was a good girl?" she asked, eyes twinkling. "Because I was shy?" Without a pause, she let go of his dick and pulled her soft sweater off, revealing a black leather peekaboo bra. She grinned at his hungry expression. "I'm not shy. Just picky."

"Holy fuck, bitch," he moaned. "What kinda play'd you go see?"

"The play? Don't know, I didn't go." She grinned and grabbed his cock again, squeezing and making him moan even louder. "I skipped right to the reception. I got a little...tied up." Her grin widened and showed him her chafed wrists. "Handcuffs can be such a chore, don't you think?"

"Shit, woman," he growled, licking his lips. "You fucking rock."

"Yeah, I do," she purred. "Want a demonstration?"

She didn't wait for him to respond, but bent forward and slid her mouth down over his cock. Humming softly, she began to ride him, rocking back and forth.

"FUCK!" Rath cried out, and she felt his body tighten and flex with her motions. Opening her eyes she gazed up his body. His head was thrown back and he was holding onto the support rail with both hands, muscles and tendons straining. "FUCK yes! Ride me, bitch!"

Maria moaned, twirling her tongue around his hard dick and guiding him into her throat, then out again, over and over. She swallowed a few times, teasing his tip, and laughed wickedly around him as he groaned with frantic pleasure.

His hips lost control and he pounded into her mouth. She accepted him easily, loosening her throat so that he could go nice and deep. Closing her teeth, she pressed her tongue against the sensitive vein that ran along the bottom of his cock, rubbing.


His body tensed then exploded. He came in her mouth, releasing a long, wordless cry as his hips moved weakly. Maria eagerly drank him down-- she'd been drinking up lots of girly cum all night; it was nice to have the change of flavor.

Finally, she slid off him. He groaned and dangled on weak fingers from the support railing. "Holy...muffin...fuck..." he muttered, head drooping forward so that his chin rested on his chest.

Maria smiled. "Told you I rock," she crooned. The train was slowing down again, and a quick glance at the sign outside showed they were at her stop. They'd managed to get through six stops and she didn't even notice!

She pulled on her sweater in one smooth motion and stood up. Pecking him on the cheek, she cooed in his ear, "I'd tuck that thing away, or it might fall off." She drummed her fingers lightly on his flaccid cock, then gathered up her things and sauntered to the door just as it opened. With one last look over her shoulder at the limp man behind her, she grinned and walked out into the empty station.


Maria was leaning against the side of the abandoned subway car when Rath chased out after her. "That was fun," she said, grinning.

He rounded on her, eyes hot. "Fuck yes," he growled and pounced, pinning her to the side of the train and kissing her fiercely. Maria moaned into his mouth, hooking her legs up around his waist again. One of his strong hands shoved her tartan skirt up, revealing her bare pussy.

"Mmmmm, yes," he growled, his fingers rubbing her clit a few times.

Maria arched her back, gasping for air. His new erection was poking her in the ass. "Fuck, I LOVE aliens," she panted.

Rath grinned. "And you love to be fucked BY aliens, ho."

Maria licked her lips. "Shut up," she muttered and grabbed his face, pulling him forward for a long, deep kiss as his shaft sank into her to the hilt.