His Undoing by Kara
Title: His Undoing
Author: Kara
E-mail: ninlil@sbcglobal.net
Rating: Adult
Category: Rath/Maria
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.
Warning: BDSM, plotless smut - and if you think it's too smutty, talk to Diane
Summary: Rath gets the tables turned on him.
Authorís Note: I'm a little hesitant to post this here, but here goes nothing...

This was kind of inspired by a song called Supreme I Preme by Finley Quaye (reggae/electronica). (The reason I say kind of is because I thought he was saying I got to be her friend, I got to be her slave - my imagination obviously taking creative license . Anyway, it's a great party song.)

Met a little girl in London city yeah
When I hear that she sing so pretty yeah
I had to catch a plane
I had to be with her again

Stepping in New york city now
Now I see when she dance so pretty yeah
I got to be her friend
I got to hear her sing yeah yeah

Rath could already hear the thumping of the club several blocks away, the pounding of the bass in time with the slap of his combat boots against the hard pavement, the wild beat calling to the beast inside him, the hunter. He grinned with wolf eyed desire. Time for a little fun.

Rounding the corner, he passed the line of losers stuck at the door and with a nod to the bouncer he was moving through the entrance into the darkness. Inside the air was electric. There was something different about tonight. Ignoring the dime a dozen hot chicks preening for his attention, he stood against the back wall of the club, legs casually crossed at the ankle and arms folded over his chest. He was looking for more than that, tonight he was hunting for something spectacular.

Bright colored lights swept the floor of the club and the writhing crowd collectively paused, holding their breath in anticipation, a deep silence penetrating the room all the way towards the back where he stood. Then he heard it. Heard her.

The first note transported him back to the small desert town of Roswell where his crew had gone looking for a fool-King. From the moment he’d seen her standing among their group of dupes, he’d known he wanted her, and later as she walked up the stairs with that nerdy Brit on her arm, he’d had half a mind to blast the human and carry her off to someplace more private. Unfortunately, he’d been restrained by their plans to get Max to the Summit. That didn’t stop him though from going to watch her perform that night at the local hot spot up, her make up performance for the one she’d missed the night before.

Her voice had sung to his tortured soul, releasing a darkness inside of him. As she danced around on the stage in a short jean skirt and a white sleeveless tank, stretched tight against her chest revealing the outlines of her nipples, jarring explosions of lust had ripped through him. He’d had to leave. If he’d stayed one moment longer, the amount of passion alone in her deep, sultry voice would’ve made him cum on the spot. Ever since he’d regretted the strict timetable that had dragged him back to New York, forcing him to forego any fun with the little blonde.

Now, in New York, and that same tempting voice, the voice that he had nightly fantasies about, the voice that’d called to him over miles of land, the voice that he’d had to stop himself from seeking out… was here, had come to him, floating on the hot, damp air of his favorite club. Fate.

The swaying masses were in a frenzy, letting her provocative voice carry away all their inhibitions. Rath’s dark eyes scanned the shadowy club for the incredibly sexy body that the voice belonged to, the body that made his fantasies complete. The crowd parted and that’s when he knew he had to be dreaming. She couldn’t really be here, on his territory, scandalously beautiful in a strapless blood-red silk dress that clung to her petite curves, beads of sweat sliding down her long slender neck as her hips swayed in time with the song she sang.

A tug on his arm from a busty brunette waitress broke his stare from the green-eyed goddess on stage. He pulled the waitress close and kissed her long and hard. He knew it wasn’t a dream when her clothes hadn’t automatically disappeared while he was devouring her. Satisfied that this was real he released the dazed girl, slapped her ass and told her to bring him a rum and coke.

For the next half-hour he stood riveted at the back, her voice like pulsing waves of pure seduction washing over his hot skin. His balls had tightened almost unbearably with pressure and his erection strained against the confines of his jeans as she danced around wildly, the slits running to mid-thigh on each side of her slinky dress revealing tantalizing glimpses of the smooth, snow white skin of her long legs.

After her set, she jumped off stage and was immediately besieged by men and even some women requesting her presence on the dance floor. Rath moved through the crowd, not caring who he pushed or bumped into, and when he finally reached her some fool had managed to lay his hands on her hips as they danced. Towering over the other guy, he growled, “Step off, boy.” When the idiot didn’t react fast enough, Rath pushed the guy away from her, sending the smaller man crashing to the floor where he was promptly forgotten.

As Rath turned to her, a moment of surprise flitted across her eyes until she stifled the shock and smiled at him, her intense glittering eyes roaming over him with barely concealed desire, looking like she could eat him up right there and then. “Rath,” she whispered, her voice as soft and as seductive as a purr.

Simmering with desire, Rath cupped her face in his hands, his skin tingling where it touched hers. He ran his thumb over the wet gleam of her silky pink lips as he said her name with a longing sigh, “Maria”. His pulse was frantic as he crushed his lips to hers, his tongue plunging into her sumptuous open mouth. With desperation she brought her palm up to his unshaven cheek, caressed the sharp line of his jaw, then moved her hand around the back of his head, her long fingers curling into his spiky brown hair and pulling his lips harder against hers.

As the kiss deepened, he scraped her plump bottom lip with his teeth and a soft wanton groan escaped her. Shuddering with the need to be inside her and frustrated that he had to wait until he could get her out of the club, he pulled back slightly, his forehead resting against hers as they struggled to get their breath back. Slipping his hand down to squeeze her sweet little ass, he grinned suggestively, possessively pulling her tight against his body, and escorted her out of the club. It was about time he got himself a little somethin’ somethin’. He’d been waiting a long time for this, for her, and if their kiss was any indication of things to come, come hell or high water he would have her.


They entered her apartment kissing hungrily and without mercy, but when he moved to strip her, she pushed him away with surprising strength. “No,” she said firmly, her tone brooking no argument. She walked past him and over her shoulder told him, “Come with me.” Sneering at being denied immediate gratification, he followed her into the bedroom where a large King-size four poster bed was the centerpiece.

“Lay down,” she ordered.

Rath laughed at her demands, she was such a tiny little thing, but he indulged her, knowing that a little show of power was an aphrodisiac to a woman and if he went with it for a bit, he’d have her under him in no time.

“Good boy!”

“I ain’t no dog, bitch”, he barked, but he was breathing heavily and it didn’t sound as forceful as he’d meant it to be.

Maria walked around the bed, her hands sliding over his body until she reached the nightstand next to the head of the bed. His eyes widened as he watched her take out four thick-strapped black leather cuffs, never suspecting that she was into kink. Not that he was complaining, but he’d always been the one strapping the chick to the bed, not the other way around. He’d just bide his time.

Walking around the bed, she attached one end of each cuff to the bed posts, her intoxicating scent luring him into acquiescence. Back down at the foot of the bed, she slipped off his shoes and socks, spread his legs apart and buckled the leather shackles to his ankles. The smug smile playing at her lips had him feeling too open, and he was beginning to feel like he was losing the chance for dominance in this encounter. As she spread his arms and buckled the cuffs to them, Rath reminded himself that he could use his powers at any time to release himself. He was doing this for her.

Returning to the nightstand, she pulled out a pair of scissors and starting with the hem at the bottom of his jeans proceeded to cut right through them all the way up to the waist. Transfixed, he stared as she steadily removed all of his clothing, throwing the remains to the floor until he was as naked as a newborn. It was oddly erotic, and his cock was as straight and hard as a steel flagpole.

Walking around the bed once more, still clothed, she ran her incredibly soft, small hands lightly all over his bare skin except where he wanted it the most. He panted as his stretched and straining muscles twitched and rippled under the feather light strokes, jumping when her fingers brushed over the warm flesh of his inner thighs.

Moving to stand a few feet from the foot of the bed, Maria unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. “Do you like what you see?”

He moaned, his pulse pounding and his head nodding fervently. She was a goddess, straight, long blonde hair fanning around her creamy shoulders, brushing the top swells of her luscious little breasts, a curving slender waist, and gorgeous, endless legs. His erection swelled, thick and high. “Bitch, I wanna fuck you so hard.” He ached for her.

Moving onto the bed, she crawled between his spread legs, looking like a tigress stalking her prey. When she licked those full red lips he thought, Yeah! Knew she couldn’t resist the Rath-sicle. In those moments before she reached his cock, he prepared himself for what he figured by the look of that sexy little mouth would be one of the best sucks of his life. Only when she reached him, she didn’t take him into her mouth, instead she licked the underside of his stiff shaft from base to tip. That one strong lick had a slowness and thoroughness to it that made him tremble with a lust he’d never felt before.

Her green eyes burned like dark emeralds when she looked up at him. “Not yet, slaveboy. You will cum only when I tell you to, and you won’t call me bitch again.”

Groaning, Rath didn’t know how much more of this he could take. “Little kitty wants ta play dom, huh? Where’re th' rest of ya props, yo?” He had a flash of her dressed in leather and wielding a whip which just made his frustration worse. He wanted at her, now.

Maria sat back on her ankles and spread her knees wide apart, giving him an unrestricted view of her swollen, lower lips glistening with wetness. “No, this pussy knows who is Master here. I don’t need the black leather outfit to make you submit, slaveboy.” Sliding two fingers into her soaked passage, she threw her head back and moaned with pleasure.

Licking his lips, forgetting that he could do it himself, he begged her, “Untie me, bi-.” He bit off his words, not wanting to displease her in case she left him in this state. His cock was as hard as a rock and bounced as he struggled to get free. “I ain’t some bitch.”

Pumping her fingers in and out of her slick folds, she whispered, “You will be after I’m done with you.”

Moaning and swearing, straining against the binds that held him, he wanted to argue, to tell her to go fuck herself. No bitch was worth all this trouble. But his cock was harder than it ever had been before, and his body was humming with unrelenting arousal. Even Lonnie who was a tough as nails hoe had never attempted to master him. Every chick he’d banged, he had always been in control, had the power.

She brought the juices dripping from her fingers to her mouth, her tongue darting out to lick them clean.

His cock jumped and his sacks were now painfully full. “Fuck! Untie me!” He needed to touch her, he needed to plunge his flesh into hers until he bruised her body and slaked his thirst. “Ria! I need ta be in ya. Fuccckkkk!! Please!!!” he pleaded, too far gone to stop himself from begging. And he never begged. Until now.

Crawling over him, Maria straddled his chest and unbuckled one of the straps. As soon as his hand was free, Rath grabbed at her, but she slapped his hand away. “You want to be untied? Fine. But then you walk out that door and don’t look back.”

Was he really going to let her do this? He was stronger than her, it would be so easy to pin her to the bed or wall and thrust himself deep inside her whether she liked it or not. And he had a feeling that she would like it, but that it would also be the last time he saw her. “My pansy ass dupe mighta been inta this crap, but I sure as shit ain’t!” he argued weakly.

Glancing over her shoulder to take in his muscled frame gleaming with sweat, she asked in a knowing voice, “No? Are you sure?” A flush colored his golden skin and drops of pre-cum leaked from the tip of his shaft, jutting from his body at a sharp angle. When she looked back at his face he had a desperate look in his honey-brown eyes. It wasn't a look that said stop. He was begging for her to go farther with him. She bit her lip and shrugged her shoulders. “Your choice…”

He stayed.

Using his powers, Rath fastened the cuff back around his wrist himself.

“Very, very good!” To reward him, she straddled his face, and slowly sank down onto his mouth. “Drink me, slaveboy. Make me cum.” Hot air rushed over her mound as a low groan escaped him.

The urge to taste her was primal and infinitely fierce, and he plunged his tongue into the hot flesh between her legs with abandon. Her sex clenched around his tongue as he worshiped at her altar, feasting on her savagely. Savoring her honeyed taste as she wriggled above him, Rath drove deep into her core, straining to get closer, to swallow her.

“Agghhh! More!” She ground her pelvis against his mouth, rocking her hips back and forth, trapping his face between her thighs, his lip ring erotically rubbing against her silken flesh. “Yes… yes…yes!!!”

His tongue danced inside her, slipping in and out of her with a single-minded determination to make her cum, the brutal need to taste her spurring him on. Stretching his neck, Rath sucked on her nether lips, pulling her to him, burying his face in her throbbing center. The urge to bring her pleasure was overwhelming.

“Ohhh… gaaahhhhh, yes! Fuck me… yessssss!” Fire leapt from where his mouth fastened around her clit, and it spread outward until it had enveloped her whole body in sweet torture and she came all over his beautiful face. Drowned in sensation, muscles quivering, fingers threaded through his mohawk, Maria slumped against the headboard above his head as he continued to gently lap at her, drawing out her pleasure. Her whole body felt electrified, alive.

Finally she moved off of him and back down his body, stretching her body out against the full length of his. His eyes were closed when she looked up at him and she was struck by how ethereally beautiful he was even with all of the piercings, like a demon angel.

His small gold nipple ring caught the light, and she toyed with it, her pinkie finger slipping through the small circle and gently tugging. His eyes shot open and his nipples hardened into tight knots. “The piercings, the tats… mmm, you’re really just a pain whore, aren’t you?!” She’d taken one good look at his piercings and the supplication in his gold-flecked chocolate brown eyes, and knew that he was looking to be controlled. He might not have known that was what he was looking for, but he would after tonight and while none of the women in his past had been able to keep him, she knew he’d be back in her bed over and over again for more.

Smiling, Maria tugged harder and leaned over to capture his tongue with hers as her other hand journeyed between his thighs where it slipped under his balls that were pulled up tightly to his body and massaged the soft skin leading towards his anus. “Relax, lover. I promise you’ll like it.” Grabbing the bottle of lubrication sitting on the nightstand, she squeezed the gel onto her fingers and moved her hand back to where it had been.

The press of her finger against his sensitive opening made him stiffen and he jerked his hips. No one had ever touched him there. Rath writhed and bucked, trying to escape her seeking fingers, but being tied down he had little room to move. “Fuck, no! Oh, shit!” She was inside of him, and there was no way he could get her out.

“Shhh. Be a good boy and I’ll let you cum. You do want to cum, don’t you?”

Rath moaned pleadingly, but had no words. Her finger had entered him slowly, pausing to let his contracting muscles adjust to the new feeling, now she curled it inward, massaging his prostrate. “Oh god! Wh-” It felt amazing, sharp fiery bursts rocking his body.

Acute biting pain heightened the intense soothing pleasure, and his hips rocked, taking her finger in farther as the new, unfamiliar sensations sparked across his skin. When she pulled out abruptly, he groaned, “noooo”, but then she was back and penetrating him deep with two fingers. The moments before when he’d been begging her with body and words not to touch him there were all but forgotten.

Maria moved down his body, molded her lips around his shaft and sucked on the tip of his hard length, her fingers still pumping inside of him. Already at the jagged edge and ultra-sensitive, Rath bellowed his orgasm and flooded her mouth with his creamy fluid. The long awaited release seared his nerve endings and his climax continued to roll through him on waves of pleasure, his body shuddering with uncontrollable spasms.

While he gasped air into his lungs, struggling to even out his breathing, Maria continued to stroke him, her hand twisting as it moved up and down his cock. It didn’t take long for him be brutally aroused again.

Straddling his waist, she held herself above him, teasing the tip of his shaft with her wet folds until he was undulating under her, begging her to fuck him, his deep voice raw with desire. “Oh, fuck!! Ria, I want ya so fuckin' bad… yeah, oh fuck, yeah… Please!!” Slowly she lowered herself onto his rigid length, her nails digging into his flesh as she moaned.

Rath gasped as her tight velvet walls held him captive. He lifted his hips to meet hers, but Maria had all the control, setting the speed and depth, intensifying the exquisite torturous moment. Every time just the tip of his rock-hard length was inside her, she clenched her muscles sending lightning bolts up and down his spine. “Uuugggghhh… so fuckin’ good…” Arching her back, she grabbed her ankles behind her, and rode him like a cowgirl taming a bucking stallion.

He chanted her name with reverence as she moved over him powerfully, taking him to the hilt in blinding bliss as they collided together over and over. His eyes locked on hers, and he knew he’d never be able to deny her. Her hips rocked viciously against his in a building storm, their grinding rhythm feverishly violent as he offered her his soul.

A white-hot, ripple of energy enveloped them, connecting them in a blazing brilliance of ultimate release, every cell contorted in ecstasy. Their mouths hung open in silent screams as their bodies froze, taut with tension, until overcome with immense pleasure and loud guttural cries finally escaped them, obliterating the silence with undeniable passion.


The next night Rath was back at her apartment, ready to show her what a real Master was. Without knocking, he arrogantly strode through her door.

She was waiting.

Slowly she rose from the couch, penetrating eyes as green as a dark stormy sea gazing back at him as she walked towards him. Maria pressed her body to his, reveling in the quickening of his heartbeat, and rising on her toes she whispered in his ear, “Undress. Now.”

His heart began a heavy, insistent thudding against his ribs, his breathing now rapid and shallow. Forgetting his renewed effort to remain in control, his clothes were gone in an instant.

“Kneel,” she commanded.

Rath looked at her incredulously. He may have let her tie him up and let her do delicious things to him that no other woman had ever done, but… Struggling to remember the arguments he’d thought about in great detail after he’d left this morning for not letting her have all the power this time, he halfheartedly bitched and moaned.

A sharp tilt of her chin and he immediately fell silent, complying with her wishes and sinking to the floor on his knees. Her fingers threaded through his hair, and she tilted his brazenly handsome face up to look into the whiskey brown eyes of her conquered soldier. “Into the bedroom.”

Knowing that she wanted him to crawl there, he hesitated and she told him, “You can leave anytime you want.” But, her rich honeyed voice was pure seduction, pulling him into her web.

Maria walked behind him, admiring the tight muscled ass and the magnificent definition in his athletic legs. Even down on hands and knees he amazed her with his effortless masculinity and palpable virility.

In the bedroom, she tied his wrists behind his back and guided his head to the floor. His bare ass came up as his head went down, and connecting deeply with the lust that was literally vibrating off of him, she spanked his caramel skin until it mottled pink.

Shocked by the stinging pain, he gritted his teeth and braced himself while his mind raced. A part of him was telling him to get up, to not let her do this to him, but he was quickly losing those thoughts in a torrent of sweet explosions that burned into his very being like a dark flame. Chest heaving, Rath cried out, not knowing if they were pleas of defiance or submission.

Afterwards, she caressed his heated flesh with the softest touch murmuring words of unabashed approval that made him tremble and filled him with a desire he was unable to hide.

Kneeling behind him, Maria bent over and touched her lips to the base of his spine then licked the sweat beading along the sinuous contours of his strong back until she’d reached his neck where she nuzzled against him. “Good… so good...” she purred.

She knew he prided himself on being an alpha-male, and it was going to take time to get him to realize that he was still every inch the warrior down on his hands and knees. But, he would learn and she’d be his only conqueror because she knew that even if at times he might not want it, he needed it.