Role Reversal by Jennifer
Title: Role Reversal

Author: Jennifer


Rating: NC17

Category: Rath/Michael/Maria (m/m slash) BDSM

Summary: Maria discovers Rath and Michael...

Disclaimer: i do not own the characters.

WARNING: This contains alot of m/m slash BDSM


Maria unlocked Michael's door, a smile on her face. Not only had Michael given her keys to his apartment, he had also told her to come around anytime she felt like it. He was getting mighty sweet and it was just wonderful. Of course, Rath was also living with him, since Lonnie had tried to kill him. That tended to put a damper on a relationship

So anyway, she prayed Rath wasn't there...sure, she could handle him, but ever since that little agreement they had made after their cybe smut session, he was just looking for any opportunity to jump her. Not like Michael wasn't doing the same...but they were both mighty territorial. 

It didn't look like either of them were home...she dropped her purse beside the door and tossed her coat on the couch. Michael's apartment was actually pretty clean, and she wondered which of the two aliens was the clean freak...

She placed her bets on Michael.

Noticing that his bedroom door was open, she walked over, just to peek in. Maybe he was asleep. Either "he" would work...she glanced in.

And nearly fainted from shock.

Rath was leaning back against the headboard, legs spread and arms behind his head. He looked a king. A naked king, that is. And...Michael was on his knees, in between Rath's legs, his strong arms tied behind him, a black blindfold secured over his eyes...and he was naked. 

Maria was more than a little shocked to see their position. She'd figured Rath had kinky sexual tendencies-- he'd played them out with her several times. She'd just never imagined them to be THIS kinky. 

And the weird thing was, she wanted to see more.

Her eyes travelled over Michael's back, and then back to Rath. She couldn't move. She was stuck in the doorway, quiet as a mouse. If she kept quiet, maybe they wouldn't see her...

Suddenly, Michael seemed to sense her presence, and turned his head in her direction. She could feel his eyes even through the blindfold.


Rath glanced at her for only a moment, and then turned back to Michael. She watched, transfixed, as he moved his hand up to Michael's hip, and then slapped his ass hard. Maria gasped, and gripped the doorway.

"I told you not to talk unless I said to, whore," he growled out, and then smirked at her. "Come 'ere, Maria."

Slowly, her feet began to move, and she found herself by the bed, staring at Michael's shoulder. 

"You seem surprised that your little boyfriend here's all tied didn't think Rathy was strictly for the ladies, did ya babycakes?" He pulled her forward, beside him, and wrapped his arm around the back of her neck. "The fun just started, babe. You're gonna watch, aren't ya?"

Rath grabbed something beside him and held it up for her inspection. It was a whip. Maria's eyes widened-- even more so than they were already-- and she shook her head.

"What? You think Mikey here can't handle this? Come on, he agreed to get tied up by me, so I think he can handle a little pain. Right, whore?"

Michael responded shortly, "Yes. Don't...worry, Maria..."

Rath laughed and pulled Michael forward by his waist. Maria watched as Michael's erection seemed to grow even harder, and she licked her lips. Suddenly, the end of the whip Rath was holding was dangling over Michael's dick, and the blindfolded alien seemed to feel the air change around him. His teeth gritted, but his hips thrust forward, almost unconsciously.

"Oh Michael..." Rath singsonged, "...tell me what you want, slut. Tell Maria what you want me to do to you."

"Shit...Rath, touch me..." Maria felt her insides turn to jelly hearing him was so fucking hot.

"Sounds about right," Rath said, and let the whip lick up Michael's hardness. Michael hissed, and his muscles flexed as he tried to move his arms. Rath pulled the whip back and lashed it forward, just hard enough to graze Michael's skin. And it did, mere inches from his throbbing erection. Maria winced, but Michael seemed to like it...

The whip flew forward again, and it ran down Michael's bare chest. He moaned and arched his back. Maria's hand moved forward, and she wanted to touch him so badly...Rath nodded, and she lightly ran her fingers over his abs. Michael bit his lip and cocked his head.

"Get behind him, doll," Rath ordered her, and she crawled around Michael. His fingers wiggled, and she grinned and touched her hand to his.

Rath reached around them and touched her shoulder. She felt her clothes melt away, and shivered.

"Now hold on to him...wrap those little legs around him, let him feel you."

She hitched herself up on his back, hooking her legs up on his side. Her clit rubbed into his back, and he groaned along with her. She gripped his shoulders, and kissed the skin behind his ear.


Suddenly, Maria felt Michael arch into her, and his hands grabbed at her as much as they could. She looked over his shoulder and gasped. Rath's mouth was over Michael's erection, and he was thrusting into the punk's mouth. Maria was transfixed by the action, but she let herself slide down far enough so that Michael's fingers barely played over her slit. She cooed into his hair.

"SHIT Rath...oh shit," Michael cried and his hips bucked wildly. Rath looked up briefly, and Maria could see the glint in his eyes. It made her shiver.

- - - -

Michael was gone. His thoughts were blurred and jumbled...being pressed between Maria and Rath was heaven...he didn't know at first why he had let Rath overpower him...but now he knew. He MORE than knew.

Suddenly Rath's teeth closed around his shaft, and his world exploded into Rath-colored shards. He came hard and fast, not even understanding what his vocal cords released as words.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit..." Maria's voice permeated through his haze, and the knowledge that she was just as turned on made it EVEN better. He nearly collapsed, but Rath moved up and held him there. Then his pierced lips were pressed to Michael's smooth ones, and he sighed. 

Rath's hands tangled in Michael's hair, and Michael darted his tongue out. He could taste himself...he moaned and Rath bit his tongue, then thrust his own tongue into Michael's mouth.

Michael sucked in a breath when Rath pulled away. The blindfold fell off and their eyes met, and Rath smirked.

"Time for more fun. Get the girl off your back, first."

Maria sighed behind him and moved away from him. He bit back a groan of frustration. Rath pulled Maria beside him and whispered in her ear. Michael strained to hear what was said.

Before he could catch anything, though, Rath turned to him, grinned, and said, "On your back, whore. Pussy here is gonna tie you down so we can commence with the fucking."

Michael moved to lay back, but Maria quickly untied his wrists, so he didn't break them. Resting on his back, he stared up at the ceiling as Maria tied his hands to the posts with infuriating delicacy. It took everything in him not to throw her down and have at her...her and Rath, the both of once.

Rath was tying his feet to the bedposts, and rubbing the them at the same was so gentle, like Maria was touching him. Only the occasional squared nail digging into his skin reminded him that it wasn't Maria.

When they were done, Maria moved to his side, resting one hand on his chest. Rath moved up by his shoulders and settled one knee on either side of his head. Michael kept his eyes on the other guy's erection, and Rath grinned.

"Mikey wants to suck some dick...someone's a slut, eh Maria?"

Maria smiled and pinched Michael's nipple between her fingers, and he moaned loudly. Rath moved closer to him.

"Open up, bitch," he ordered.

Michael did as told, and Rath lowered into his mouth. He almost choked on his much larger than average counterpart-- would that be considered vanity?-- but he closed his lips around him and swirled his tongue over the hardened flesh. 

Above him, Rath groaned loudly and thrust down into his mouth, as Maria watched. She kept her hands on Michael's chest, and occasionally she would flick her nails over his nipples. Presently, Rath grabbed Michael's head as he pumped into the hot cavern of his mouth.

- - - -

Growling, the heavily pierced and tattooed clone cried out for release. Michael's tongue and lips and teeth...they were addictive.

Suddenly his prayers-- if they could be called that-- came true and Michael took him in deeper, nearly choking himself...but not. Wouldn't do to kill the boy. 

And then Michael's teeth closed around the base of his cock and Rath came.

"SHIT, Michael! FUCK, fuck, fuck! FUCK!"

He spilled his seed into Michael's mouth, and was satisfied to discover that, like Maria, Michael swallowed.

Pulling away, he collapsed on Michael's other side, chest heaving. He looked over at Maria and grinned.

"Betcha didn't know your boy toy was so good at that, huh?"

Maria giggled and pressed a light kiss to Michael's chest. Rath's eyes glazed as he watched her lips lift from Michael's chest, leaving a heart-shaped mark in the sweat that sheened the other alien's bare skin. 

The young man in question was laying there, swallowing and letting his eyes drift close. Rath licked his lips and played his hand down Michael's torso. Diving his fingers into the coarse hair, he trailed a finger up his hard shaft. Michael bucked upwards and Rath sighed happily. He was SO good.

Maria moved down with him, as he had told her to before, and pushed Michael's hips into the bed, causing Michael to grunt.

"Time for a little math, kids..." Rath switched positions so that his knees were once again on either side of Michael's head. Only...he was facing Michael's feet...

"Two fucking hot aliens, plus one surprisingly strong human bitch, equals my favorite number. Can you say it with me? Sixty-nine, baby."

- - - -

Maria gasped as Rath kissed the tip of Michael's straining erection, and watched in awe as Michael did the same to Rath. Then they moved together and the both of them were going...down?...on each other.

She bit back a moan, and moved her hand down to the juncture of her legs. Watching Michael beneath Rath, and hearing the both of them moan and growl at each other...was making her unbelievably hot.

Rath flexed the muscles of his thighs, causing Michael to groan and thrust upwards even harder. Maria parted her lower lips and bit her tongue. Rath's hands were gripping Michael's hips and they seemed to move in tandem, like a living Greek statue. Maria pulled at her clit and moaned, breathing in the scent of the two men and their coupling. It smelled like sweat and salt and other strong made her spine collapse and rebuild itself over and over. 

Michael's arms and legs fought against their bonds, presumably to wrap around Rath's lean body, to pull him closer. Unable to break free, he instead pushed himself up; Maria shrieked as she slipped her fingers deep inside of herself.

She knew that Michael came when she saw him shudder, and Rath's teeth were bared as he swallowed his come. Michael, in an effort to bring Rath down with him, did the same thing, gnashing HIS teeth down Rath's dick. Rath pulled away from Michael and cried out.

"SHIT, shit, shit..."

It seemed as if he could say nothing else, and instead lifted himself up and around, and Michael and Rath were kissing again, and Maria was stroking herself to orgasm. She watched, dazed, as the two boy's tongues fought for dominance-- she doubted anyone would win that one-- and groaned as her she rubbed her swollen clit.

When Rath moved away and began sucking away at Michael's exposed neck, taking the skin in and leaving red marks all over, Maria's inner muscles clenched and she came, bucking hard against her hand, a wordless gasp escaping her lips.

She had NO idea she was such a voyeur.

Rath pulled away from Michael and grinned.

"Now that was a good time. Whaddya say, whore? You liked that? Your girl sure did."

Michael looked over at Maria and smiled when he saw her hand buried inside of her. She extracted her fingers and leaned over, placing the digits in Michael's waiting mouth. He suckled them, cleaning her up, and Maria decided that the best way ever invented to get clean was from Michael's tongue. When he was done, she pulled away and looked to Rath.

"Turn him over, baby doll," he moved out of the way as Maria untied Michael dutifully. The only reaction he seemed to have from what Rath had planned for him was a slight lifting of an eyebrow, and that made Maria even warmer. Once he was secured, he turned his head to Maria and winked at her. She giggled.

"Be a sweet thing and go to the bathroom. There's a brown bag there; go get it."

Maria hopped off of the bed and walked to the bathroom. She could feel two sets of eyes on her body, and she made sure to walk as slowly and as seductively as possible. Grabbing the paper bag from the small sink, she slinked back in and plopped down on the bed. Rath grabbed it from her hands and grinned predatoraly. 

She grimaced as Rath climbed on top of Michael, and Rath turned to her.

"What's the matter, babe?"

Meeting Michael's eyes, she spoke slowly, "Can into him? And won't it hurt?"

Michael smiled at her and looked behind him to Rath.

"Don't worry about a thing, bitch. That's why you brought me the goody bag..." he grabbed it and dumped the contents out. A tube of "Sexual Aide" lube was before her, and she grabbed it, inspecting it. She liked the show the two men were putting on, but she didn't want either of them to hurt...

"Look, you can grease him up for me. You like that, Mikey-boy?"

"Go ahead Maria," he nodded at her.

Rath moved partially off of Michael's backside, enough to let Maria join them. She flipped the cap open and stared at the opening of it, into the murky depths of the lube hidden within. Rath parted Michael's ass cheeks, causing the boy to clench his eyes shut. Maria looked to Rath for reassurance, and once she got it, she moved closer and squeezed out a liberal amount of the lube onto her finger. At first she pressed her finger to Michael's puckered entrance, but when Rath growled in her ear, she pushed her fingers fully inside of him, slicking the passage up for Rath. She heard Michael moan, and she pulled away. He was ready.

Rath pushed her up and she sat between Michael's spread arms. He smiled at her, a tired smiled, but a smile nonetheless. For one second she thought that Michael had had enough, that he should rest, but then she saw Rath slide slowly into Michael, and saw the look of pain and pleasure on Michael's face, and she decided that no, Michael hadn't had enough.

She wondered if he would EVER have enough.

- - - -

Michael growled and bit the worn comforter of his bed. Anything to keep the words he wanted to use inside of him. Feeling Rath's presence inside of him and on top of him, as he leaned down and bit the back of Michael's neck, was filling Michael with a primal urge to escape his bindings and yell at Rath to ride him as hard as he could. But Rath was going painstakingly slow, as if he were prolonging the sweet torture.

He barely felt Maria's hands on his shoulders. The only thing he felt clearly was Rath stretching him to capacity; Rath pumping into him. The ropes holding him down cut into his skin, but that too was barely felt.

He wondered if this was how Maria felt, when she was beneath him and clawing at the bedsheets, when they had tried bondage. But he had stayed in her warm pussy, not sure enough to stray from that path. But did Maria even feel a fraction of what he felt at that moment? If she did, he thanked the gods, because she must have been truly pleasured in their lovemaking sessions.

The faint chest hair Rath had seemed to rub into his back, and he struggled to rub up against him. Rath planted his elbows on Michael's sides, holding him down as his lips nipped at Michael's neck. 

"Michael...likes to...let it...ride..." 

Rath's voice was straining, like the muscles in Michael's back, and he could feel the other alien begin to stall inside of him. Michael, too, was quite close to coming, and he gave up fighting, instead letting Rath hold him down. Rath's teeth rubbed against Michael's skin and he gasped. Pounding into the bed as Rath pounded into him, Michael came.

"Oh FUCK, Rath! RATH!"

Maria's hands were a stronger presence as Michael relaxed and let Rath explode inside of him. Her nimble fingers stroked his shoulders and they stopped when Rath came seconds later. He growled and bit into Michael's skin, and the expression on Maria's face told him that she liked it. She liked watching them play rough. 

Rath lay on top of Michael and stroked the other boy's side lazily. "Untie him, bitch," he said tiredly, and Michael saw Maria smile. 

His hands were freed, and then his feet, and Michael slipped out from under Rath. Rath moved to grab him but stopped when he saw Michael grab Maria and pull her closer. Rath wrapped his arms around Michael, to rest on Maria's hips, and Maria held onto both of them as best she could. Michael stretched out between them luxuriously, latching onto the both of them.

- - - -

"Now that...was better than any porno ever made!" Maria exclaimed, as she pulled the covers over them, since the air around them was rapidly cooling.

Michael smirked at Rath and spoke, "How many adult videos you seen, baby?"

Rath interrupted her before she could speak. "Maybe we should show her what a real porno is like, huh slut?" Michael nodded and they both turned to Maria.

"'s okay, really..."

They advanced on her silently.

"You guys...ooh, guys..." she trailed off as both boys pounced on her.

//Just another day in the brothel of Roswell, otherwise known as Michael's apartment// she thought.

The End