Title: Generally, Royally, Fucked
Authors: IkarusPhoenix/Vera
Rating: NC 17/Slash
Categories: Roswell, Roasted Peanut M&M's (Max/Rath)
Disclaimer: We don't own Max or Rath, we just like to play with them
Summary: Ever noticed that Max, out of all the Roswellians, wasn't so shocked at the Dupes existence when they arrived to Roswell? This story lets you know why, revealing an untold tale, taking place previously to that supposed 'first' meeting of Roswellians and Dupes. While Max runs an errand for his father in New York, an unexpected collision with a familiar yet unfamiliar face occurs on the subway. Much surprise and naughtiness ensues.
Authors Notes: Please feel free to comment on this fic, it is our first attempt together so feedback is much appreciated. Those who do not like homosexual materials or the thought of Max with Rath sexually, please do not bother to read this fic. You have been warned.

Max cautiously entered the subway train, still not all so sure if it was the right one. Who knew New York would actually turn out to be this big. But it was nice to be out of Roswell for once, even if it was just to deliver these personal files that were too important to trust UPS with. Max rolled his eyes. Even he had gotten a big speech about how he really couldn’t let them out of sight just once.

But he’d use any chance to escape Roswell for a few days, especially now that Liz had left. Tess seemed to be around him constantly, same as Nasedo, whenever he paid a short visit. If he wanted to practise his powers, he could do it alone. But speaking of alone… Max huffed when he was once again squeezed from all sides. What was it with these people? Couldn’t they just take another train since this one was full enough? And damn, he really hoped that guy behind him was carrying a gun. He was about to turn around and glare at him, when he thought better of it and instead pushed against the mob in front of him to be able to move a few steps forward. What if it really was a gun?

It has been a far from unusual day for Rath, having stolen every of the many bites he'd had to eat from the street-laden food carts without single flinch, having been rude to almost anyone who paid him an average or above amount of attention, hustling, bustling...that was all in a days illegitimate but enjoyable work for Rath. He sighed brashly, thanking himself for taking some time out from the company of Zan and Lonnie. True, Lonnie was Rath's fuck puppet, but he knew she was just as fucked up and corrupt as himself, maybe even more...and sometimes he needed to take a little Rath time to feel bathed on the inside, her deviant energy adding to his own often making him feel a little too unclean for his liking. As for Zan...well, he was just a know it all, know nothing, micro-managing fuckhead who Rath could go a lifetime without sharing company with.

He scratched the back of his mohawked head, not because it was itchy, and not because he was ridden with lice although to look at you would think otherwise, but because instead, he just liked how it felt...in more ways than one, Rath really likened to a dog, a big, sexy, tough dog that likes to play rough with anyone who was remotely interested, or maybe even others.

There was this preppy guy in front of him on the subway, as he was on his way back home to the sewers to put some hot alien nookie in Lonnie. Big ears, stick up his ass, posture like a ballerina and threads that Rath would sooner make a noose to hang himself with than wear. Gay ass little punk...huffin' and puffin' at the way we get down here. What a little fuck Rath thought to himself, it was obvious to him that this skinny jughead in front of him was in detest of the way things went in New York, as the guy's body language SCREAMED 'this place and these people make me sick'.

"Yo jughead...got a problem?" Rath asked harshly, his ordinary vocal volume surpassing anybody elses in general, as usual. When the young male in question turned to face Rath, he would find a face like thunder, with teeth meanly grinding together and eyes that shone with a hunger for trouble. Already, Rath was getting excited at the prospect of some conflict with this sap.

Max sighed. God, now it was worse. That guy right next to him stank as if he had never ever seen a shower from the inside. He wrinkled his nose in disgust when suddenly that guy behind him started talking. Okay, this was the last straw. He turned around angrily, ready to blow off some steam. "Yes, in fact I do. My problem is that everybody in this filthy..." He stopped all of a sudden and squinted his eyes. "Michael?" What the hell? He had only just taken the time to look at his opponent, and he... he looked just like Michael! Michael in a very, very bad disguise. "What's the matter with you? I told you you couldn't come."

Sometimes Michael was just like a dog. A loyal, very unnerving dog which kept running around your legs begging for food crumbs. Yes, he had a bad life and what not, but still. His dad had said not to take Michael, so he didn't. Or so he thought.

Suddenly, an overjoyed look of goofiness shone from Rath's face...this was one of the duplicates from the other batch...the duplicate of Zan nonetheless, and this guy didn't have a clue who Rath was. Rath bit his bottom lip, still smiling wickedly, at the prospect of the only other man in existence who he could call King, was absolutely clueless...he didn't even know there were two batches of the Royal Four...he thought Rath was his fucking moron duplicate for fucks sake. This was just making Rath's day...and there was so many ways he could play it...just how he liked it.

"Nigga, I'm a lotta things, but I ain't no Michael, you dig?" Rath informed Zan's cleaner cut double, eyeing him up inadequately in a way which could be construed as a predator to it's kill, or a lion in mating season to a helpless lioness. "Not bad, G." Given the facial expressions, body language and thick New York accent, not to mention the freaky deaky vibes bouncing off of Rath, it should have been obvious at this time that this was NOT Michael. And if that much wasn't already certain, the playful tap of Max's ass Rath just claimed undoubtedly would. Whatever look Max just conveyed, it made Rath grin even wilder.

"I'm Rath...third...no...fourth...shit maybe even fifth in line to the throne. Don't know what you go by but...I know your in the running for first, you get me?" Rath flapped his tongue obnoxiously in a playful gesture towards Max, completely insensitive to how while this may be thoroughly entertaining for him, Max may be uncomfortably dumbfounded. "So what you on our turf for? Come to play dirty or nice? Either way...we can have fun with that." Rath smiled again, victoriously, his intentions not clear. All that WAS clear, was the fact that Rath found this whole situation positively, energetically enjoyable.

This was too much, a version of Zan that Rath could make his toy...it was like all Rath's birthday's had come at once. The horny deviant in Rath had always wanted to fool around with Zan, but Zan's superiority complex and know it all fuckhead attitude got in the way of that possibility...while also, the sadist in Rath would find nothing else but lewd satisfaction in making this...Zan-alike his plaything, just to express some devilish forms of the harboured feelings he held towards Zan. This is gonna be a shitload o' fun Rath sniggered, watching Max's every hilarious reaction.

"Michael?" Max smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. Was that his way of paying him back for denying him the opportunity to visit New York for free? If so, then it wasn't very clever. But Michael wasn't this good. He could never pull of an accent this thick. Or could he? But if this was not Michael, then who was it?

He jumped when the guy grabbed his ass and his initial frown came back full force when the guy introduced himself as Rath. Oh, so this was Michael after all. Who else could know that name? "Michael... are you on drugs? Did someone slip you something around here?" Max still remembered how stupid and careless he had behaved back when he had been drunk, although he kept telling everybody he wouldn't. It was just easier this way. But now with Michael, this was something different. But his powers had definitely gone wild and caused some freaky side effects. He shook his head. Why did Michael never learn?

Fuck this guy really is defective Rath rolled his eyes, realising he'd have to prove his unique identity to Max in some other more extreme way in the immediate future. He huffed as he exhaled then scratched his head again, a usual characteristic he used. "OK dude...you asked for it." Rath assumed that due to this guy's obvious lack of character, the apple mustn't fall far from the tree, or on other words, that Rath's own double was similarly devoid of character, at least as far as Rath's standards would declare. And so, believing This version of Zan's Rath-a-like would never dare do such a thing, Rath roughly grasped Max's face with his big, tough hands and pulled him in for a vicious but undeniably good kiss. It was only momentary, but Rath was sure that this would do the job, and for once prove that he and Michael were separate entities, harshly clutching at Max's crotch just once, before finally leaving his new plaything be. "Satisfied?" Although Rath asked this, it sounded more like a statement, what with that overbearing yet sexy confidence dripping from his mouth. Rath even took a moment to snigger at the onlookers who were not comfortable with the display of advanced male bonding he had just created, tonguing his lip ring as he smiled mischievously.

"K, so now we got that cleared up...it's time you spilled on why you're here...shit even I had the decency to tell you my name...so you better put a rocket up your ass and get your ass into gear...that is, unless you gotta get rid of a hard on first." Rath said, his mildly growing impatience causing his tone and body language to appear unpredictable and curious. It became apparent at this time that Rath was a very animated individual, and what he felt, changed how he animated, it was a large part of his character. Max still didn't seem to be getting it...Rath rolled his eyes again, shaking his head in disagreement this time. "Newsflash...I'm not your stinkin' lameass duplicate version of me...I'm ME...put two and two together already you blockhead. Shit, if you ever get the throne, Antar got bigger problems." Rath's blatant disregard for the eyes and ears of all those around him was accurately prominent. Hopefully now, Max would have some hold on what was going on here.

Max gulped. His mind was reeling after the kiss. It had been an undeniably hot kiss of which the likes he had never experienced. With Liz kisses were sweet. Hot, sure, but not quite as hungry as this one just had been. Oh! Maybe this came with the alcohol! Now he finally had an explanation for the odd feelings he had developed towards Kyle that night they were snooping around Liz's room. Just he had had less of a drink than Michael, obviously, because he had still been man enough to not act on them, while Michael here.... Michael here...

He gulped again and blushed when Michael was talking about his hard-on. Could he see? Damn. But hey! He had nothing to be ashamed of. After all, Michael's was worse. His gaze involuntarily focused on his crotch. From the looks of it, Michael's erection was far worse than his. It was just so... big. Yes, alcohol. Or some other drugs. But this definitely had to be a side effect of their powers.

Suddenly he wondered, if he'd get Tess drunk, would she get it on with Liz for him? But he quickly discarded the thought, because it wasn't helping his current problem one bit.

So, the alcohol obviously messed with Michael's head. Maybe he actually thought he was now Rath and this wasn't just some game. Maybe he even forgot who he was, because his mind had jumped back to a previous state of consciousness? If Liz was here, she would know. She was so smart. He smiled.

But he couldn't leave Michael alone like this. He had to make sure he wasn't going to expose them, or hurt himself and others in the process. But to do so, he had to play along, or Michael might get pissed and just run off. "I'm Max." He cocked his head, letting it settle, hoping to catch a flicker of recognition in Michael's eyes. But no such luck. He sighed. "Uh, nice to meet you?"

"Yeah whatever...so what you here for? 'Cause you might think your King o' the castle and all, but me, Zan, Lonnie 'n' Ava, this be our patch...so if you wanna be takin' it over then you got a problem on your hands, oh mighty one." Rath mixed clear hard words with sarcasm, to get his point across, but then shifted to a lighter note, curious about how his own duplicate got along with this Zan rip off. "So Max...you didn't seem to shocked by that little play kiss. That mean you and my dupe are...more than jus' friends?" Rath wondered, this Max guy certainly seemed like the tortured homosexual type...something he and Zan definitely had in common. Hehehe Rath laughed at his own jokes, even if just in his own head. "Not a bad package either...could do with a piercing though." Rath complimented with a naughty wink thrown at Max, but the filthy look on his face almost made up for the positivity of that gesture.

"Look...for reals yo...you here to start somethin', or make nice with the neighbours, 'cause Rath's all about either option? We can settle this right here, and now. Ain't no thing." Rath had to stop himself from smiling at the thought that what he just said, for if applied to the concept of Max not being here to start trouble, would have it that the two get their freak on in public and on this train no less. Of course, given Max's obvious piss ant exterior, that wouldn't happen, but it was still a fun thought to Rath...but then again so were most things.

"I'm just here to run an errand for my dad, you should know that, Mi..." Max quickly coughed to cover his slip. "I didn't think I'd meet you here." He flashed him a fake smile. "And yes! Me and Michael, we're more than just friends. He's my brother." If Michael remembered this, he'd better be grateful. And maybe he could get him to leave him alone for a while. "I love him." There. Now Michael had something to go by for the whole year. The poor bastard really had nothing else.

Max smiled, still proud of himself. There, one good deed a day. But when he looked at Michael again, there was still this hungry glance in his eyes. He gulped, remembering his own words. Ack, stupid, Max. Very stupid! He had forgotten about the odd gay thing that came with the alcohol. And maybe it was in Michael's breath, that's why he was feeling it too.

"Uh, as my brother, you know? My best bud and all." He nudged Rath's shoulder in a playful gesture he had picked up on TV.

Love? What the...fuckin' Hell this is classic. Someone who looks like Zan sayin' that with me in mind...this is fuckin' hysterical Rath could barely hold back the laughter which rightfully came forth from those thoughts, but he managed it. Brother? He thinks I'm his brother but he loves me and is all about the kissin' and gropin'? Fuck this guy is twisted. I almost kinda like him Rath was obviously being deviantly satisfied at least.

"I still don't think you get it G...me and this Michael...we ain't the same person. Back home sure, we were then...but now...we got two separate bodies, two separate pairs o' balls, two separate dicks. This Michael chump...this brother who you got the mushy feelin's for...he's back home wherever home is to you, doin' his thing...an' me? I'm here...doin' my thing. If you got some sorta problem takin' that in, then someone's sellin' you bad weed." Rath, realising that this Max guy was obviously so naive it was criminal, deliberated that it would take a little more explaining than that for Max to grasp the concept perfectly.

"OK...you, your sister, your general, your wife...me, my bitch, the asshole who calls himself King every five seconds o' the day and his retardo girlfriend...two separate batches. Back home we were one in the same...but now...no so much. They sent two batches of us here...sorta like a backup plan in case some shit went wrong. You and yours live...wherever those kinda clothes don't get people killed...and me and mine...well we hang here in the apple that is biggest. You followin' this yet? If not...I'm over trynna explain it." Rath was done explaining, if Max didn't get it by now then this meeting was over, for fucks sake, Rath HATED being the voice of reason in any given situation, and he'd met his quota.

"So you sayin' we met by chance? Ain't that ironic. Cool thing about chances like this is...they gots lots of opportunities thrown in to the package. It's a game o' give and take Maximus...maybe we could work somethin' out. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Ya follow?" Rath was always thinking of ways to give himself an advantage over Zan, so maybe this unforeseen, chance meeting with the other King, Max, would provide just what he lusted after...and maybe even more.

With one eyebrow raised, Rath gave Max's face the once over once more. He was so much like Zan but then his energy...his presence...was so...fucking freakishly different. Zan could never be so human even if a guarantee that he get his throne back depended on it. Just in case Max still wasn't grasping the duplicate concept, Rath made one last ditch attempt to solve that problem, but it was the very last attempt he'd put out there.

"You still don't think I'm not Michael? Fine King Shitforbrains, you come up with a way for me to prove it, and I'll do it...as long as it's not some lame shit." Rath offered, or was he insisting?

"Uh..." Max scratched the back of his head again. Two sets? Was this possible? But Nasedo would have told him, wouldn't he? Unless maybe he was using them as a back-up plan too. Maybe he wasn't constantly leaving for the FBI headquarters, but to train those guys here? But no, this all didn't make any sense at all. If only Liz was here. She would know of a way to prove if this Michael here was telling the truth or not. And what was all that stuff about scratching his back? Did Michael want a free ride home now, or what?

Suddenly there was this obnoxious ringing sound right next to him, and that filthy guy who had never seen a shower, since he obviously spent all his money on electronics instead of water, pulled out an all fancy cell phone and answered it. This was really annoying sometimes.

"Look, I don't know what...." Oh, wait! A cell phone! Why didn't he think of this before? Max rolled his eyes and fished his own cell out of his pocket, a little embarrassed that it wasn't quite as fancy as the other one. He had to talk to his father about getting him a new one as soon as he was home. But anyways, he was on a mission now.

"You stay right there." He pointed his finger at Rath and then quickly called Isabel on her cell. She answered with an annoyed "What?" after the second ring.

"Uh, hey, it's me, Max. I was just wondering if you'd know where Michael is?"

"Know it? Geeze Max, he is driving me nuts!" Isabel's voice had lost nothing of the annoyed undertone. "He just won't leave me alone."

"So he's with you right now?" Max narrowed his eyes at the Michael version in front of him.

"Yes, he's lounging on the couch watching hockey. And ugh, spreading chips all over the carpet. Michael!" Max held the phone away from his ears after Isabel's yell. But he could still hear Michael's muffled protests in the background. Damn! He almost dropped his phone.

"I'll call you back." He quickly disconnected and kept staring at the guy in front of him. Rath. Rath?

"So you're not Michael?"

"Finally he gets it." Rath said, nonchalantly, thankful that moron boy had finally got the clue up his ass that he so desperately needed. "Now let's give the naive shit a rest, K? I haven't gotten off in the last few hours, so I'm cranky Rath...and a cranky Rath is your funeral." Rath smiled, batting his eyelids in an expression which was difficult to understand.

"So...we gonna make us a deal or what? 'Cause this next stop is me...so if we're gonna work somethin' out, then you better come with. If not? See you in Antarian Hell." It was obvious Rath wanted to at least come up with some mutual benefit between himself and Max, and maybe this was an opportunity that should not be ignored. He looked to Max with questionable eyes, his brow raised and his lips slightly pursed to form a pout of consideration. "Well? I ain't got all day here Maximus." The train was coming to a halt, and this next stop was Rath's...the ball was in Max's court, but he'd have to throw it soon or not at all.

Max shrugged. "Uh, sure. I'll come with you." He was still confused about the two sets, so he definitely wanted to know more. He couldn't let the opportunity slide. Still smiling, he shook his head. Man, and all the time he had thought this was Michael on drugs.

Hey, wait a minute! This was not Michael on drugs! But he had still kissed and groped him, and... and... "Hey, you're still drunk, right?"

"Hehehe." Rath laughed in a low, dirty grumble as he exited the open sliding doors of the cart, making his way to the subway exit, amused that Max had just suddenly came over bamboozled at their previous physical contact and what it meant. This guys a fuckin laugh riot. Naive...but...hey, who said bimbo's can't be fun? He thought to himself, as his chuckle came to a close.

"Rathy don't need no liquor to put his hands on a perfect stranger Maximus...whatever they got between their legs. But if ya ever wanna drink like a normal person without say...dying...I can show ya how." Rath confirmed that nothing he did was a result of intoxication, and was all planned with a clear, willing mind.

"By the looks of your rod at the time, it didn't seem like you minded it too much either, blockhead." Rath mocked, but at this point was only joking on a friendly level, not that it was obvious although he did lick his lips in approval of Max's previous arousal towards him. "Relax, no need to get bent over it...Antarians weren't built to swing one way...it's no big deal. Besides...I liked it." He granted Max a dastardly smile of assurance, as he lead him through the tunnels up into the city streets of New York.

As they strolled along the busy streets, Rath oozed with this casual strength that was quite offputting to most people, like not only the world was his oyster, but the whole universe. "So..." Rath said, holding a few dollar bills in his hand, "...you wanna go somewhere more private?" Rath nudged his head sideways, gesturing towards a luxurious hotel, while at the same time swiping his other hand over the dollar bills, changing them into hundreds with his powers.

Max stumbled after Rath, having a little trouble to keep pace. There was so much more to see, so why kept his gaze focusing back on Rath's ass? He closed his eyes and almost bumped into him when he came to a sudden halt. "That's immoral, you know?" Max scolded, gesturing towards the bills. But wait till he told Isabel. He was sure she'd go on a shopping spree. If she didn't already have. Maybe that explained her coming home with stuffed bags mumbling about special discounts.

Overall he realized he was ignoring the initial question. Did he want to go somewhere more private with Rath. And somehow Max doubted they'd just have a tea and talk about powers. Was it true what he had said before? Did Antarians "swing both ways"? And if they did, could he really deny his true nature? He was an Antarian king after all, as hard as it was to believe it sometimes.

That kiss had certainly been hot. But... but this was a guy. And he wasn't intoxicated. But damn, he wished he was. Then this would all be so much easier.

"Immoral? Fuck, like sending us here after we shoulda been left to rest in peace, in a world that'd sooner cut us open and make superpowered cosmetics out of our asses isn't immoral? Get with it Maximus...our whole existence is immoral, makin' a little money into a lotta money with some help from our little green man whammy is hardly rapist material." Rath may have been a character to be cautious of, but he had a point which couldn't be denied.

"Well lanky, you comin to work on it or what? I mean sure the outdoors are a thing o' beauty but there's a lot more fun waitin' for us inside." Rath winked at max again, this time with a promising sparkle in his eye, but what did he mean? Was he just going to teach Max a few beneficial tricks and other such things that would be useful to him, or was he planning on something else?

Max pondered about it for a minute, then he nodded. "O..okay." It made a lot of sense, what he had been saying. After all, he never asked to be reborn and set out in the desert. And his life sure would be a lot easier if he was just a normal human boy, and not some alien freak who had to keep hiding. Maybe it was time he got some benefits out of it all...

But no, what was he thinking? This was still bad. It was like stealing. And benefits? He could save Liz that one fateful day in the CrashDown. That should be all the benefit he ever needed.

Liz... He missed Liz. What would she think of him entering a hotel with another alien, paying with fake money? She'd surely be disappointed in him. But then again, she couldn't really ignore him even more than she already was, could she? And she wasn't here. Heck, she wasn't even in Roswell anymore.

Max took on a grim expression. Liz made it obvious that she didn't want him anymore, so he should just stop thinking about her. And if this Rath guy could teach him some alien tricks, then maybe this trip would turn out to be less of a waste than he had thought.

"Okay." He repeated, more forcefully this time. And with a sly smile on his face.

After paying one of the guys at the desk for one night's accommodation in one of the best suites, Rath lead Max up to the room, via the elevator, and within minutes the cardkey in his hand swiped across the door of his paid for room, and they were there, finally away from the irritating eyes and ears of the city.

"Look...don't feel guilty about the money thing aight? I did it, so it's my bad karma on the line...not yours. You is a straight up saint...I'm the devil incarnate...it's all good." Rath attempted to make Max feel better about them using alien-enhanced money to pay for the room they now stood in, as the door shut behind them.

"Sweet." Rath said in approval of the room, after taking a good look around. It was large, luxurious, with all the special high tech features an alien hybrid could want. There were two large beds, a jacuzzi and even a commendably sized, high quality bathroom. It beat life in the sewers, even if just for the night.

Out of nowhere, Rath started squeezing at his crotch. It wasn't like some perverted attempt, and it wasn't even done in a way that was intended to imply anything at all, it was just a sign Rath was horny as Hell, which was usual throughout the day. Rath just wasn't inhibited about sexual things...far from it.

"Yo Maximus...I gotta rub one out. Me an' Lonnie...this is meant to be our nookie time an' well...as you can see Lonnie ain't here so...", Rath rose his right hand and wiggled all it's fingers quickly to physically identify what he was about to refer to, "...I guess I'll settle for my five friends here. You don't mind do ya? I mean...it's just a guy gettin' his hot alien rocks off...it's not like you gotta watch or somethin'. It won't get in the way o' what we gotta talk about either." Rath somehow managed to exude that there was no cause for concern, and that sex to him was really a casual subject, and that was not a fact other people should be intimidated by, although they often were.

As Rath, still groping at his own member through his torn jeans, launched onto one of the beds, he continued to squeeze and roughly groom his growing cock, while at the same time maintaining both casual conversation with Max, and a casual expression. For one reason or another, this didn’t appear to be a sordid scene. It fit Rath's nature.

"So Maximus tell ya what...let's make a fair deal. There’s things I know you don't, an' things I can do that you can't...and there's things you know that I don't, and things you can do that I can't...so...", Rath licked his lips at the realisation that he was SO good at this game, "How about we each get to ask each other to do or tell three things for the other? We can take turns. Shit you can even go first. So go right ahead...pick your poison lanky...what can I do for ya?" This was a perfect opportunity to learn a few things about the other duplicates, as well as PLAY with Max is he was game, which Rath was sure he was.

The expression burning over Rath's face as he wickedly eyed Max in a devilishly appealing way, told Max that he was very eager to meet anything Max put forward, and he hoped Max wasn't too shy to play this game to full effect.

Max just kept nodding to anything Rath said. He was right after all. He was all to blame for the fake money, and yes, this was a "sweet" room. But then his nodding stopped and he was back to just standing there dumbly, staring at him. Max had never ever met a guy this... casual. Here he was just playing with himself, and he didn't even mind that Max was watching.

At first he had been sure he would have left for the bathroom, but nope. Max cocked his head. It was kinda entrancing, in a way. He reached for his own crotch but then quickly took his hand away again. No. That would be just too damn weird.

That's when Rath asked him the question of all questions. What could he do for him? Many things came to his mind. Explanations. If there were two sets, then why did Rath know about it, but he didn't? He was the damn king after all. And did he really have a duplicate just like Michael here?

Why had he kissed him? And liked it? That was a question he could just ask himself all the same though. "What you said about Antarians... with us going for both sexes... is that true? And how do you know? I mean, do you remember this, or were you left with a book as well? Did Nasedo tell you? What?" Maybe it was in the destiny book? Maybe these guys had already figured out how to read it?

"Ah, Maximus...these three questions you got could be valuable to your crew...but I guess for this round you're goin' for the sexual discovery route...which is just fine by me...after all...your questions, your choice." Rath reminded Max that there may be more to this endeavour than finding out about personal curiosities, but at the same time made it real hard for Max to think that way, given the dark, charismatic tone of voice Rath was using right now, and what he was doing to himself while looking at Max in that undeniably infectious way.

"First of all beanpole...my set of dupes...there's a little more alien in us. We remember more about Antar than you guys, and we aren't as human in general...so we always sorta KNEW we were never cut out to have a preference." Rath explained, quite clearly. "On top o' that...let's just say Naseudo wasn't the only protector sent along with our pods...I mean...you're the King...don't it make sense to you that if there be two batches of us, then one protector wouldn't be enough?" Again it became even more apparent how comfortable and casual Rath was about getting himself off in the company of another, it was no big deal to him at all, and it didn’t come across as perverse, ironically. "So if there was ever any doubt...the protector I jus' told you about cleared it right up for us...but we got rid of him a while ago...cut him loose...we don't do well with authority." And that was Max's question answered. "But maybe since you guys are more human, that might makes you a little more vanilla...but we're all cut from the same cloth, no denying that. Tell you the truth, if I were a full on human, I don't see how I could just settle for pussy."

"My turn." Rath closed his eyes and licked his lips, making sure to tongue his lip ring again, and when he did so he looked so damn blissful but at the same time as chaotically charged as a thunderstorm. Still tugging his cock through his withered, dirty jeans, He returned his attention to Max, making sure to present the outline of his raging erection through the denim of what imprisoned it, to any onlookers that might be eager to see it.

"I could go hard on ya...but I'll cut ya some slack. No bullshit...bein' in this room with me right now...seein' what I'm doin'...whatever it makes you feel like doin'...I want ya to do it. Fair is fair Maximus...so far I've met my end...so no backing out. And no flaking either...there's no allowances for bein' a pussy in this room. You are the King aintcha?" While that was Rath's version of cutting somebody some slack, it wasn't everybody elses...but then he could have probed for vital information that would perhaps put Max and his crew at risk...but it was early in the game, and there was plenty of time to raise the stakes. Besides, he wanted to test this Max out to the Max...see how the clean cut version of Zan could get naughty. It was making his mouth water.

Max was about to protest when Rath accused him of only having asked his questions out of a sexual interest, but then he shrugged it off. What he had already learned by now was that Michael's dupe was a lot better and faster with words than Michael himself. While Michael usually went for just a sarcastic remark here and there, Rath here obviously liked to chat it up. But this could be good. This way he would learn more about Antar.

And so far he really liked what he was hearing. Except for the part with them being more alien. Did that mean they had more powers too? Max could take Michael in a fight any day, but Rath? Oh, he could take him too. But there was no reason to worry about it right now. Especially not when his opponent was still clutching at his most valued possession. One hand less to fight with. Max smirked slyly.

"So... your question is if I'm the king?" He frowned. If so, then Rath was wasting away his question far worse than Max had been.

"Don't try to be clever now Maximus...you know how I spent the first of my three wishes...so be the good little honour-abiding King you are and hop to it. Unless o' course...you're too chicken." For Rath to be denied his rightful wish granted would be utterly unfair, and would not be responded to well either, which would be learnt well by those guilty of such a thing. Max knew what Rath had implied, he must have, it was so forwardly put to him...but Rath sort of admired that Max was at least beginning to exhibit a little bite to his personality. Was Rath the cause of this? If so, he'd be a very pleased hot alien duplicate indeed.

"You... I..." Max passed his hand through his hair and avoided looking Rath in the eye. "I'm not chicken. I just... I really don't know what you want me to do." He huffed and glanced at him once, quickly, before looking away again. A clear sign that he was lying, but he just couldn't help it. What if he had caught him wrong? He wasn't gonna embarrass himself in front of a Michael-look-alike. And hey, what is this was all staged? Would the other three jump out with a camera once he let loose?

Max suddenly grew very hot. He wanted to... he wanted to... he just wasn't really sure about it. He couldn't be, because it was just... it was wrong, wasn't it? What if they were really just looking for leverage to use against him later? But what if not? God, he really just wanted some clarity right now.

"Relax Max...all I want you to do, is what watching me right now makes you want to do. Now that's so simple even I get it...so come on...don't be shy...you weren't earlier. It's not like I'm gonna record the whole thing and upload it to the internet. Although...it's a career I might jus' go into one day. Hehehe." Rath clarified with Max, not allowing him to back out this early into the game, how much of a pussy would that make Max? A huge one. Rath also managed to add some humour to the mix, to loosen Max up.

"Come on snakehips...show Rath a little naughty. Whatever it is that's naughty for you...that you wanna do right now...bring it. Bring it all the way. Our secret." An ominously tempting wink came from one of Rath's eyes, energising whomever it may land upon to be very compelled to follow his lead.

Max cocked his head. This really wasn't a joke, was it? Just like this really wasn't Michael. This could be happening. He just had to relax and let it happen. And lean onto the fact that on Antar, this was normal. And hell, where did they live? This was normal here on Earth too, or they wouldn't make as many TV shows about it.

He smiled a little and stepped out of his shoes. After all, they would be staying in here for a while. Then he loosened the top buttons of his shirt. So far so good. He glanced at Rath curiously, then slowly snaked his hand down towards his crotch, cupping his erection and adjusting his pants so they would at least stop pressing in the exact same spot they been torturing for a while now.

"Do I get a request again now?"

Rath bit down on his bottom lip, fighting against a wide, chaotic smile as Max let loose his inhibitions for him, and succumbed to the mischievous, deviant nature of the game at hand. As his mouth watered, Rath pursed his lips and nodded in agreement, letting Max know that he was proud of his recently found bravery and eagerness to take part properly in the game.

"Well...even if you didn't deserve it, lookin' like that with that tight little golden skinned body o' yours...Rathybaby'd just have to let you get another wish anyway...so go right ahead you sexy piece of munchable martian...do your worst." Eagerly Rath watched Max tend to his own alien missile, and as he knew from being naked on occasion with Zan, was electrically tickled at the fact that it was a formidable weapon like his own. He liked when there was a lot to play with. Rath's breathing began to get heavier as his eyes powerfully indulged in the vision of the usually innocent Max, sinfully cherishing himself and looking so fucking good while he went about it.

To perhaps entice a more daring request from Max, Rath let his mouth hang slightly open, and began to emit dirty, low, exciting grumbles from the back of his throat, his head writhing around against the pillows on the bed in an excruciatingly arousing fashion. Quickly his rough, large hands made effortless work of the fly to his stretch-tested jeans, and in a quick motion he did a sharp abdominal crunch, using both of his hands to lower said jeans to his ankles, revealing in full glory, his thick, rhino horn-esque cock, which was also quite a commendable length, and throbbed rawly at the head, which raged a fiendish flush of immaculate red. Laying back down again, he motioned his head downwards and looked down at his epic member which rested along the flat of his stomach, pulsating with sexual hunger, and then threw Max a look, accompanied by a naughty wink and series of obnoxious tongue flickage. He then licked the palm of his right hand, with a tongue drenched in juicy saliva, only to grip the head of his powerful cock to hold it upright, and then slowly grind his fist around it side to side in a corkscrew motion, with a grip that read watertight. With his other hand, he sordidly pinched and twisted at his left nipple, flicking the piercing there with perfection, from time to time.

"So...what was it you were saying?" Rath acted as though he were coy, but it was an obvious act since he was utterly the opposite of what he aimed to suggest, but that was the fun, offbeat charm of Rath, he liked to play up and he knew how to play up so well it should have been a crime.

Max took his hand away from his crotch to instead scratch the back of his head again. Now he had it. He wasn't even sure what to request this time. He just... he just really wanted to touch him. He was drawn to Rath like a moth to the flame, and Max was sure he'd get burned if he got too close. But it was still just so very, very tempting.

He took a few steps closer and bit his lip. This was Michael, in a way. Would he ever be able to look Michael in the eye after this? It was already hard enough some nights, when he had come over to crash on his floor. Many nights Max had stayed awake to watch him. He saw his nightmares, but he pretended not to, because he knew if he knelt down to hug Michael and comfort him, it wouldn't have been just for Michael. Max himself would have liked it way too much. But Michael... he wouldn't. Max knew that. Maybe not even because he was male, but just because Michael didn't let anyone close. That's why it stung when he had started with Maria. And that's why Max had been glad when Michael had listened to him and didn't let her get too close after all.

But here he was avoiding the subject at hand again. Rath. And Rath wasn't Michael. And he had made it rather obvious that he was interested. To some degree. Or was it a sick joke after all? "This will stay between us?" Max just needed to be reassured again, before he could utter his request.

"Don't see anyone else here, Maximus." Rath said, while forming a crescent moon of naughtiness upon his lips, head taking a look to either side of the room, as if to look for someone else. "So yeah goldenballs...it's all about the 'tween us." Rath winked. To look at him, nobody would believe he was performing such sexual acts upon himself, except for the fact that he was. It was just that in a surreal way, this was no big venture for him...it was as casual to him as walking down the street...of course he enjoyed this a lot more, especially now that Max...his newfound plaything in the more immaculate image of Zan, was playing along.

"So what's it gonna be? Is the King gonna make a request? Or the horndog inside him? Is Rathybaby makin' it hard for you to decide?" Rath licked his lips playfully again, wondering if Max would be able to ask a question that might benefit his family back in Roswell, or if he would request something to benefit his more immediate needs.

"Go ahead Max...do your worst...I ain't shy none." He promised, not that it was something that had to be further proven at this point.

Max' ears perked up at the word king. "You know, I could just give you an order instead." He smiled and blushed, discarding it as soon as he had said it. Though it would sure be a nice fantasy to file away for a time when the actual Rath wasn't lying on a bed in front of him.

He took another few steps closer till he was standing on the edge of the bed, then he sat down and took a deep breath before he was able to look Rath in the eye again. "Can I... can I touch you?" Michael would never allow him to. Never. He'd blast him straight off the bed. Max gulped.

"Hehehe...'course you can Maximus...the Rathster is your playground. Touch whatever you want...Pretend you’re playing on your Xbox and I'm your joystick...whatever. I'm all for it...in fact, I was hopin' you'd ask...it's about time. I mean look at me...how can you resist this shit?" Rath said, blatantly loving himself, and the fact that Max ASKED him if he could touch him...as well as the fact that Max was surely about to. Rath was going to enjoy this.

Rath let go of his cock, and joined his hands, interlocking them and holding them above his head with his arms slightly bent at the elbows, in a very submissive position, making his dick look like the main event, the focus of Max's attention, the object of desire, solid as steel and strong like a bull. He curiously eyed his own gargantuan member, which seemed to sing a song of lust all by itself, and then eyed Max with a warm yet quirky smile. Rath at this point looked like an evil teddy bear, but a cute one, one you wanted to snuggle up to, but you only loved it because it was all raggedy. "Well Maximus...make yourself at home...you know I want ya to." Rath made mental note of how much he liked the nickname he'd gave to Max, so early into knowing him. Every moment Max looked at him, just pondering touching him instead of actually doing it, made Rath's cock utterly thirsty for some rough Max-delivered treatment.

"Just so ya know...when two aliens get freaky like this...even just a bit...it'll blow ya mind like dynamite in ya skull...'specially if one o' those aliens knows how to turn on the supersex whammy. Nothin' ta worry about though browneyes...you're in for an epic fuck of a time." Rath left no room for doubt about what he claimed, and he felt so anchored by the sexuality of his soul, it was both painful, waiting to be touched and get this freaky hot alien male to male sex on the road, and euphoric. On the inside, he was just begging to let Max treat him like his big, sexy, roughneck toy.

Max just watched Rath for another minute or two, then he slowly reached out towards his cock. He realized he was shaking and quickly cursed himself. Was this because he was just so nervous, or because he was so damn excited that he finally got to explore something he always wanted, deep down, but had always been too afraid to admit. Even to himself. Not even an hour ago he had blamed it all on alcohol. This all seemed so silly now.

As if in slow motion, he finally touched it. Softly at first, as if he could break it, although he knew that was impossible. It was just too thick to break. Max raised his eyebrow and closed his fist around the throbbing flesh. Thicker then his. He let go and then trailed the length of it with his index finger. But certainly not longer. He smirked with a happy twinkle in his eyes. There was nothing to feel inferior to.

His eyes were now focused on the rod in front of him, as if it was the only thing in this room. As if it was really just a joystick and Rath himself wasn't even there. For now it was easier this way. Max smiled and made a fist again, squeezing it before jerking him off a few times. He gasped. The harder he touched, the more electric it felt. But not in the usual way, it was... it was just more. But the air was definitely charged. He glanced up at Rath after all. "Is that... " He trailed off, unsure how to formulate it. Was that this alien sex thing he had been talking about? It was starting to make him dizzy and he just couldn't stop moving his hand.

"Hehehehe...that's IT alright. Don't worry none Maximus...you'll get used to it...not that it'll stop blowin' you away. Awww...poor little first-time-bi gettin' all shaken' by the bigtime alien sex whammy...an' this is jus' the beginnin' of it. At least you in good hands...Rathybaby's the best teacher good looks can buy." Rath said, his eyes watching every one of Max's actions and expression with predatory conviction.

"You're not so bad with you're hands...for a sap." True, what Rath just said to Max wasn't entirely flattering, but then it did come across as nothing more than harsh sarcasm. For some reason, Rath got away with all the things he said and did, like no matter how rude or obnoxious or threatening he was...you had to love him...it was like some sort of unwritten law that was not agreed to, but was always demonstrated.

"My turn again...", Rath stroked alongside the arm of Max's that was working at his cock, with a smouldering amount of dark passion. Rath may have been big, bold and brash but he certainly knew how to share expressions of undefined lust and make them felt for what they were, "...don't worry King Handjob, you can keep touchin' on the Rath however you want...that don't gotta stop jus' 'cause it's my turn." After all, Max was good with his hands...gentle yes, maybe a little too vanilla in styling for Rath's usual strong tastes, but Max definitely demonstrated above average skills. Guess he gets plenty o' practice...his bitch must be frigid as fuck...hehehe. Besides which, knowing it was Max touching his cock, the man who shared Zan's face and Kingship, knowing that he had tempted Max into doing all of this, something Max would never have usually done, got Rath off all the more.

"K...number two...I want ya to keep in touch...so that I can call in a favour some day. Don't know when it'll be...don't know what it'll be...don't know where it'll be. But you gotta promise that when Rathy calls that favour in...you'll be all over it like your hand on my dick right now, got it?" Rath made his second request quite clear, and it was obvious he was enjoying being physically dominated by Max right now, maybe because it wasn't what he usually allowed, or maybe because Rath liked knowing he was making Max get naughtier and naughtier while at the same time reaping all the benefits personally.

Rath sat up a little and slid his rough hand upwards along Max's darker skinned arms, until it met with a dark, aroused nipple. He began to flick, rub and otherwise play with it, as his eyes drank in the vision of Max's body. He was truly a thing of beauty this Max, maybe in need of a few piercing, but still, there was no denying that he had a body like an adonis, with skin like hot chocolate.

Aroused by these thoughts which crossed his mind, Rath seeped a little precum from the plump, crimson head of his meaty, pocket warrior. Almost instantly he could smell the bittersweet aroma of his seed, which seemed to carry with it a titillating promise. Rath looked down to see his precum gloss over his mighty dickhead, watching it meet stickilly with Max's hands to some degree, which only made Rath even more engulfed with sexual glee. He glanced at Max knowingly, to make it clear that they both knew of the fluid that had just spilled from Rath's glorious weapon. "Rathylicious baby!" Rath howled like a wolf on a fool moon, who was very pleased with himself. He then started to powerfully buck into Max's hand, at an impressive speed, to advance the levels of pleasure he felt from Max's efforts. Rath was greedy, he always wanted more, sexually and generally.

"So that's that...your turn again ya sexy little manwhore. What can Rathy do ya for?" He asked Max, with an air of eagerness and happiness about him as he formed the question.

Max just nodded when Rath demanded the favor. His mind was just too warped to grasp the full extend of what he had agreed to. All he knew right now was that he wished the favor meant they could repeat this again. And maybe do more as well. Because Max wanted to do more. So much more than this. He let put a soft yelp when Rath touched with his nipple. Everywhere he touched, his skin tingled, and the more sensitive the spot, the worse it was. Or to say 'the better' was probably more appropriate.

He smiled and swiped over the head of his cock once, to collect more of the precum to help him move his hand faster. He watched Rath' face closely as he did so and smirked when he thought he saw him flinch. He liked that, didn't he?

But now it was his turn for a request again. Damn. He couldn't waste it yet again. He couldn't ask Rath to keep touching him, to free his own cock and play with it. To allow him to taste him, lick him, drink him up. The smell... Max growned. God, he really just wanted to taste him.

"Can I... can I ask you later?" Maybe when they were done and he would have come down again. When his mind wasn't so focused on pleasure. Maybe then he could actually make a good use of the opportunity. He was the king, he should have more restraint than that.

He groaned again and licked his lips, staring at the glistening precum which kept pooling around the object of his desires. Maybe just a quick taste? Maybe Rath wouldn't mind? He looked at him, trying to read his expression, but it was hopeless. Rath was daring him, that he knew. But what did he really want?

Rath knocked Max's hand away from his cock, dominantly establishing that this was a game that HAD to be played fair. There was no room for 'we'll get to that later'. If Max wanted to play, like he so eagerly seemed to want to, then he would have to understand that it meant the game was on at all times, there no pauses, no breaks, no cutting of slack.

"Bitch...there's no asking later...it's all about here and now...so you better get on with your third wish...otherwise THIS...and a number of other things you don't know about yet...is over." At this instant it was clear that Rath didn't like when people accepted their role in game and then started to back out. Ironically, in this way, Rath was more fair than most. It was all or nothing. Nonetheless, Rath now was acting relentlessly, shockingly primal, a fact that could be changed if met by the right response.

"If you don't wanna get on with it Maximus, then you can get the fuck out. Flakers make me wanna fuckin' spew. I'd sooner cut my dick off than keep my end of the deal up with someone who's got less nuts than I got in my little finger." Rath did not like to be denied, especially when for once he was being fair. Anything Max requested or asked, Rath was prepared to oblige in fulfilling, but it seemed now that Max had less optimistic views.

"Forget it...this is obviously over. You know where the door is canhead...so since you're a pussy, make yourself familiar with the fuckin' thing...I'm more then happy to finish up here myself." In no measurable way, was Rath about to branch out and let someone change the rules, in a way this showed the nastier more domineering side of Rath. Either way, he was having none of this 'let's continue requesting things later' bullshit. It was like Max wanted to make Rath cum and then think on a clear head. That wasn't going to happen as long as Rath was Rath, which wasn’t going to change.

Max took a few deep breaths, his chest heaving. He wasn't so sure if he wanted to cry or just scream, or maybe just jump that evil bastard in front of him and make him forget all about the game. He was too confused for the latter and he was too proud for the first, and he kinda didn't think screaming would help. He exhaled audibly. Alright, clear head, clear head...

"No, wait! I just..." Max shrugged. "Can't blame me for trying, can you?" He gave him a sheepish smile. Damn now... his mind was still too warped to come up with something good. Something that didn't involve his most primal wishes. He sighed and gave up.

"I want to keep touching you... However and wherever I want." That was a good one. Max congratulated himself. He should have said that the second time already, then maybe now he still had another wish left... But the second Rath pulled away, that weird alien rush had started to fade, so finally his head was clearer. He kept smirking at Rath, still happy with himself. "And then... then I'll show you that I have balls." He raised his chin stubbornly. But if Rath still threw him out now, he most likely would start to cry.

"Then show me." Rath said, making it clear that this was the last second chance Max would be getting with him, just because he hated flakers who spoilt the fun. "Jus' for the record, touching me is still on the menu...so it don't count as wish number three." Rath reminded Max that his first request to touch him was enough, and all things considered, it was a fact Rath liked a lot.

"So you better get your wish on if you still want this, King Cock-a-lot." Rath said, with a fist holding his cock, slamming the head into the flat palm of his other hand, making loud, wet, slapping sounds. "Sup to you. Come on Maximus, show me what you're made of...request the fuck outta me, otherwise it's the door." Rath wasn't being mean, but bluntly honest, he wanted Max's best efforts here, nothing less would be acceptable.

Teasingly Rath swiped some precum from the eye of his large, throbbing penis, and stuck the two fingers covered in it, into his mouth, sucking them off, tasting himself on them. "Mmm...Rath's babies taste good. Wanna try?" Rath said with an evil but cute puppy dog expression on his face, with newly precum-covered fingers offered out to Max. The thought of feeling Max's soft, moist, warm tongue around his fingers, absorbing in the taste of his seed, was quite the turn on.

Max frowned, again totally confused. So he still had another wish left? Damn, this Rath was surely so nothing like Michael. Michael wouldn't even grant him a single one.

He watched mesmerized as Rath sucked on his own fingers. The second they left his mouth, Max let out a small whimper of protest, which hopefully went unheard by Rath. So he eagerly nodded when Rath held the fingers out to him. Max wrapped his fingers around Rath's wrist to bring him closer to his mouth and to keep him there, in case he planned to pull away. Then, keeping eye contact, he slowly closed his lips around them, swiping the sticky treat off his fingers with his tongue quickly. So yes, he was eager, and right now he didn't have enough self restrained left to try and hide it.

And god damn, the taste! It was even better than he had imagined. That must be an alien thing too. Or maybe it was a Rath thing. Max briefly wondered if he would ever find out, because the only way would be to have Michael. Or Kyle. Or both of them. He shuddered and sucked on the fingers in his mouth with a little extra force, before he eventually opened his mouth to let go. He knew there was more where that came from. But first...

With an almost feral growl Max cupped the back of Rath's head and pulled himself up, pressing his lips against Rath's in a hungry kiss before the other alien could utter any protest. He just... he just wanted to see if there would be any taste left on his lips.

"Mmmm..." Rath let out a low grumble, tasting his shared essence amidst the meet of his and Max's lips, tongues grazing each other, fighting for who should taste Rath's seed more, who could claim the most of that intoxicating flavour which seemed even hotter when tasted against the hot, swirling tongue of another. That's more like it Maximus...this is what hot alien sex is all about. Rath thought with his eyes closed.

It was noted at this point that Rath had not yet touched Max in any extreme way, and given Rath's undeniable freaky nature, the question arose as to why. It was a communication that seemed to happen between Rath and Max's eyes, without verbal words, in fact in a barely empty moment there was a feeling of pure shared instinct there, which Rath responded to. "Bitch...Rathy'd love ta get his hands all kinds o' dirty on you...but one o' us has to see the genie about that one. Wonder who it'll be?" Rath winked knowingly in Max's direction.

With Max on top of him now, Rath began to tug at his cock again, and with his other hand, he placed one of Max's on top of it, sandwhiching Max's hand in between the two as if to show him the way he liked it done, rough, hard, wreckless, fast, tight, relentless, strong. Each pump of Rath's fist was literally almost as equal in strength and potential damage to a fistfight punch. Max was getting the hang of it, so he left him to it, but still used his hand to aid Max's in other ways, playfully slapping at it, or rubbing the head of his rampant cock.

"You're gettin' good a that Maximus...maybe underneath that 'sayin' fuck makes you go to Hell' exterior...you are the real King after all. Too early to say, 'course...we might never find out...but the way you handle Rathybaby's rod don't suck none at all. So...what else ya wanna do, goldenballs?" It seemed Rath's sexual appetite knew no bounds, nor did his ability to address Max with different nicknames.

Max smiled proudly. Or was that an insult? Oh, he'd just take it as a compliment. But was he really going to make him say what he wanted to do next? Couldn't he just go and do it? He opened his mouth. "I..." 'I really want to suck you off?' No way in hell could he ever say such a thing. It was hard enough to think it. But if not on booze, then he could blame it all on the alien thing. The one that was making him feel so dizzy and light-headed again. But sadly not light-headed enough.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then he just slid down on the bed so his mouth was even with Rath's beautifully thick hard-on. Max inhaled deeply before slapping Rath's hand away and closing his mouth around it, swirling his tongue around the head quickly, so he'd at least get another taste just in case Rath was going to make him stop again right away.

He didn't dare looking up at him, or thinking this over even more. He should just go with it and then find out. It had worked all fine with the kiss as well.

All thoughts were suddenly losing his head when Rath's flavor exploded on his tongue. There had to be some drug in it as well. Something that was highly addictive. Max closed his eyes again and started to suck, to get more of the wonderous substance that was all Rath.

Rath's eyes lit up as Max put his tender mouth to work on his naughty womb punisher. Who'da thunk? Maximus here ain't got a bad set o' lips on him at all. "Well it took ya some...mmm...time but...mmm...ya certainly got number three out the way...ya sexy...little...fuck." Rath spoke through drowned waves of sheer mindblowing charges of alien-powered sexual bliss, thankful that at least Max's third request was a good one, although he'd waited long enough for him to make it. Uncontrollably, Rath began to buck his hips slightly, forcing his cock into Max's mouth, causing more intense motion. It seemed that too much was never enough for Rath.

"Mmmm that's right Maximus...drink Rathy's cockstuff all the way down...fuck yeah...give it to Rathy like ya wanna kill some fucker." Rath certainly had a way with words, and when his face was all burnt over with that intense expression of regretted pleasure, and his words so dirty and passionately uttered, it was a chore to look away and not fall prisoner to it. The very thought of his precum lacing Max's mouth and windpipe right now was making Rath burn, and on top of that his whole body was orgasmic, as he and Max shared the hot alien sex aura, which had grown more chaotic now, throwing flashes back and forth into each others minds.

Rath had one last wish...and he had been planning on saving it to ask Max about the Granolith, but now it seemed like a million miles away from the most important thing to discover about. The a voice that shook with pure, unadulterated lust, in such a dark, dry, rich tone, Rath let his final request roll from his turgid tongue. "I wanna give it to you Maximus...I wanna put this fuckpump in you any way I want...then I wanna blast you with my hot alien cumload however I want...and while all this happens...anything else I wanna do to you, I get ta do. I wanna be the boss o' you Maximus...that's what I want." If Max was happy to accept that request, he should know that he was in for the fucking of his lifetime...and if he all of a sudden became reluctant to accept, whether Rath could be stopped anyway was a hard question to answer.

"So, King Likes-my-ding...you want Rath to get his naughty all up in you and on you...and own your golden little ass just for the night?" At this point, Rath's mouth watered so much that he was practically second away from drooling, finding it hard to even speak or think too clearly, what with the hot alien sex whammy invading his every cell. He was used to it though, and due to his nature, Rath was more at peace with it than others like him could ever be...Max on the other hand...who knew? Now that was a thought that made Rath's dangerous lips curl.

Max took one last lick and then looked back up at Rath, with a look of bewilderment all across his face. But there was interest mixed in it as well. And want. Need. Lust. He slowly nodded. Actually, he was off good now, because he could blame it all on Rath. This was his last request, so how could he deny it? Whatever it was, right? And now it meant that Rath would just tell him what to do, and he had to do it. It was a calming thought.

But then again, part of him also found it scary. Did he really want Rath to put that monster in him? Never in his wildest dreams... Oh, now he was lying to himself again.

The more he thought about it... it was already so damn intense right now, but logic demanded that it would get even better the more sexual contact they had. Max grew excited. After tonight, he really would know all about sex. And alien sex at that. He grinned. And hey, if it got too much, he could always put up that forcefield and Rath wouldn't be able to touch him anymore.

That little not was all Rath needed, in fact he barely even needed that. Rath greedily yanked off Max's remaining clothes and threw him back-first atop the bed, taking a position over him and removing his own clothes. He eyed Max's erect package, sprung free from it's trouser prison, admirably longer than his own but not as mouth-wateringly thick. This was the first time he'd had the opportunity to touch Max's massive pussy puncher, and needless to say, he took that opportunity for all it was worth and more. "This is one sweet ass deal you got here Maximus. Eyes like choklit, cock like thunder. Rathybaby's gonna make you feel so fuckin' good." Rath aggressively promised through a seemingly vicious face, which meant only one thing, Rath was ready to generally, royally fuck Max.

First, Rath worked on Max's royal love horn, swirling his fist ruggedly and powerfully around it as he liked to do to his own, and he didn't accommodate to Max's gentler nature, he gave him the full strength, full works treatment. If it was unbearably good for Max, then there was always a whole lifetime Max could pay Rath back in. As he at first started slower, Rath then began to pump and crank at that golden, lengthy shaft with a demonic speed and thirst...he wanted to blow Max's mind. Then just when Max tuned in to the orgasmic hot alien sex wavelength, Rath threw his hammer-headed clit tickler right up Max's chute, deep as it could go, painfully hard.

Rath let out a breathy groan of pleasure and then chuckled naughtily, looking down at Max's reaction. "Shit you're tight...tighter than Lonnie. We gotta do this again sometime." Rath said, in pure calm, but it was obvious he knew what was coming next, like the calm before a storm, he was going to make Max Evans feel fucked on a cellular level, in every way imaginable and unimaginable.

He thrust forcefully into Max's virgin asshole, full length, full depth insertions. Rath was a ruthless fuck, he didn't hesitate or take into consideration that others might have a pain threshold...but that was what was so intoxicating about Rath, his powerful yet unexplainable presence raped people of their usual morals. He was the ultimate deviant, with a dark charm and demeanour that bought him his way into people's baby making parts.

The stimulation Rath overheatedly forced upon Max's pulsating cock only grew in strength and sensitivity. Both men were in mental states of pure bliss. For Rath it wasn't about a peaceful Euphoria like it was for most, but instead it was about pushing his limits and dominating something much bigger, much more powerful than him, and not succumbing to it like a dumbly happy sexed up alien hybrid like he should have. With his free hand he squeezed Max's jaw and pulled it up towards him so lick Max's face like a really big dog would a piece of bloody stake, eyes closed. Rath's breathing was heavy now...he was enjoying this deep, chillingly tight ride better than he'd expected.

"You like that Maximus? My cock in your golden hole lightin' you up with all kinds o' hot alien sex fireworks? You wanna cum dontcha Maximus? You wanna cum with the Rathster? Is that it? Both at the same time ya sexy fuck? That what ya want? Answer me ya little prick!" Rath had no intentions of holding back his lustfully heated passion towards this face sharer of Zan, especially at this point. The energies which passed through a hybrid during hot alien sex made the mental state effects of drug overdosing look like breathing fresh air.

"Fuck yeah Maximus...Rathy's gonna make you blow your royal fuckin' load and you're gonna like it...you got it? That what you want honeydick? Huh? Answer me you sexy fuck!" Was Rath sexy or scary? Maybe both.

Max was totally lost in a whole new world. This all couldn't be real. It was much too... extreme. The sheer agony of getting so brutally fucked in his former virgin hole mixed with the sheer bliss the same action caused. That, and Rath's broad fist around his own erection was making him unable to actually process the pain. He was just on an all out high.

And it burned. Rath was using the right words, for once. Fireworks. That truly fit it. There were fireworks going off all over his body and in his mind. But the biggest and best was yet to come. Max let out a grunt and tried to move his hips along with Rath's, but it was hard. He was just too heavy on top of him, and he had him under control. But as expected, it was good. Great, even. It made it all easier if he didn't really have to try. Max could literally just lie there and get fucked.

"God, yes!" Max finally found the strength to answer the question. "Please!" The ultimate firework. How could he even ask him? Wasn't that what this was all about?

"Fuck yeah you nasty little sex puppy, Im'a make us both cum, all over your fuckin' tight little abs. Fuck it." Rath quickly sprung out his cock from Max's tight exit, then proceeded to hammer his own meaty dick in unison with Max's, eventually forcing both cocks to blast a massive load all over Max's stomach. But even though both men had came, Rath wasn't satisfied with just that, he wanted more, continuing to twist, crank, jerk and tug at the cockheads of both pipes as fast and as hard as he could, extending the orgasm, making Max jolt. Rath himself was just buzzing from underneath his skin, he loved what just happened, but then again he always did when it was all because of him.

As both men stopped moaning and groaning, Rath looked down at Max's torso, and beamed a cunning smile upon the vision of how far both men hot shot their load...there was even some on Max's face. "Not bad for a first timer." Rath joked, in his usual cocky, yet somewhat likeable way. "You made a new friend tonight, Maximus...but before we get to the mushy stuff...hows 'bout we have one last taste o' naughty...now that our nuts are both mixed up together." Rath lowered his head and drank in large portion of the massive amount of mixed spunk that was splattered across the majority of Max's toned, dark torso. He then came to Max with a mouthful of their blended seed, and began to kiss him violently, humming and grumbling at the very touch of Max's tongue and lips. They tasted so fucking good together.

Rath even used his hands to rub the rest of the wet cum on Max's body, into his skin, stickilly and playfully stimulating the man who lay beneath him, the man he'd just shown how a true Antarian fuck went. "Now that shit taste's better than pastrami sandwiches." Make no mistake, that was a compliment, pastrami sandwiches were Rath's favourite.

Max frowned a little but nodded. Pastrami sandwiches? But by now Max was sort of used to all the odd comparisons that left Rath's pretty mouth. But you wouldn't think something so sensual would be able to produce just as much obscenities as he did. Max smiled a little. He could really start to like him.

He kept lying in the position Rath pushed him in, his chest heaving with each ragged breath he took. He glanced down at himself and his frown deepened. He should get up and clean himself, but he didn't have the strength to even move a finger. He looked up at Rath. What now? The rush was slowly fading, but it was still coursing through his veins. Not as strongly as before, but he was still nowhere near able to think straight.

Rath eyed the direction of Max's line of vision, noticing that Max felt a little messy with all that cum drying up on him. It looked like Max was too spent to do anything about it, so Rath waved his hand over Max's torso and used his powers to clean up the remainder of the mess they'd both made there. "That better for ya Maximus?" Could Rath actually be...loving? Perhaps...but never in a way which was mushy in approach, he still looked like a mean motherfucker when he was doing things classed as 'sweet'.

Rath lay beside Max, both men naked as the day the were born, and both getting their Mr Sleepy-Heads on, looking into each others eyes, searching for everything and anything about the other. "So sexy...tell ya what...for bein' such a bad boy tonight, Rathy's gonna give you one last wish. Wanna make it now?" Rath brushed his hand gently alongside Max's chest, grazing his nipples ever so slightly, but liking the feel of his hot flesh against his own rough palms. If it took a night like this to have Rath act tenderly towards you, maybe it was worth it every night of the week. Rath smiled in a childlike way as he snuggled cutely up to Max, with his head tilted and resting on his shoulder. It was surreal how someone capable of so much extremity could be so...simply adorable.

Max smiled at Rath gratefully when he cleaned him up. Yes, he really could get used to this guy. Too bad he would have to leave again in the early morning. He had to come up with a good excuse for staying so long anyways. Maybe he'd say he took the wrong subway, although in truth he had picked just the right one.

He kept watching Rath and shuddered at the unusually gentle touch. One last wish? He only really wanted one thing right now. With his last strength Max pushed himself up and claimed one last, rather gentle kiss from his lips before he fell back down in exhaustion. "Stay the night?" He looked at Rath hopefully.

"Sure...you sleep right there next to the Rathster...he'll take good care o' ya." was Rath's reply, and it was odd yet loveable how well he responded to the sincere request Max finally asked of him.

And so after one night of pleasurable chaos, there they lay, two chess pieces from different sides of the board, sleeping in each other's arms, with new secrets to keep and new stories not to tell. In the morning, everything would be different, but then at the same time remain the same. But somehow there was a feeling this would not be the last time Rath and Max met. Maybe someday soon, everyone in Roswell would Meet The Dupes.