Title: Mirrorless Connection
Author: Dee & Phoenix
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Michael is travelling to New York in search of Rath, needing him to help him with his alien dreams and personal struggle with what he is becoming, feeling drawn to him somehow, knowing that he is still alive. It takes part at some point during season 3.

Walking down a busy New York street he found himself at a loss. Angrily kicking an empty coke can across the black slate pavement the contents spilling from its opening as it spun across the floor. He’d been there for a day and still no sign of Rath, he knew deep down he was still alive, the nagging in the back of his mind was so clear, so powerful he just knew that there was no way Rath couldn’t be dead.

Michael sank his hands deep in his pockets unable to shake the images he’d been dreaming about for the past two weeks. Each night the same place, the same people and always ending up in that hot sheet of sweat from head to toe, each night the images becoming clearer the feelings stronger.

It had all started with a simple dream; it started out like all the others a hot and heavy make out session with Maria, even though they had been through hell he still couldn’t get her out of his mind or his dreams, but this one as soon as he began his usual caressing of her body it seemed like his world was falling apart. Images out of nowhere flashed before his eyes Maria suddenly disappearing from under him, his body almost floating before the world around him changed from Maria’s bedroom to a huge field with a deep red sky, and two huge moons hanging so low it was as if he could just reach out and touch them.

The dream would feel so real. The way the air would caress his face and blow back his hair as he walked up a hill that seemed to be in the middle of the field. Michael didn’t really put to much thought into it at first after all it was just a dream but when he’d reach the top the world would open up to a glorious city and a feeling of familiarity washed over him. And at first that was all he dreamt waking up almost instantly losing the feeling, he’d found just looking over the city. But with each night, he’d get further into the dream.

It wasn’t until he saw Rath or what he thought was Rath did his heart began to pound in his chest. At first he watched as Rath moved with the people but the night he looked straight into his eyes he woke with a sudden shock he felt as if he was being pulled to him, maybe it was his old life he was being pulled to or something he couldn’t understand why he was dreaming about it, which is why he’d taken off to New York so suddenly leaving Max, Isabel, and even Maria behind. Maybe it was the whole Maria thing that pushed him away, but he just couldn’t bring himself to be near her and not be able to touch her, he needed to get away and he desperately needed to find out what was happening to him while he slept.

With a sigh he continued walking up the street running a rough hand through his hair before he looked up at the hotel sign that he was staying at. Pushing through the rustic double doors and heading straight up the red-carpeted stairs nodding to the person on the desk that seemed to be giving him an odd look, but he shrugged it off and continued up stairs.

As he reached his door he fiddled in his pocket searching for the key before finding them in his back pocket slipping it into the key wondering why he even bothered fumbling around for it when he could have just used his powers.

He stepped into his shabby room tossing his keys on to the chest of draws looking round suddenly sure he’d seen something catch his eye. As he turned he was almost blown back in shock he’d been looking and he was sure but since he hadn’t been able to get what he wanted he was losing hope but there he was sat stretched out on Michaels bed.


"Yo...pleased ta see me?" Rath cockily insisted, more than asked, turning his head to face Michael, completely comfortable with his apparent infiltration of Michael's room, assuming a pure, unadulterated right to be there, claiming his usual, trademark, oddly and overly confident presence. He licked his lips, glazing them moderately with some saliva from his tongue, then shrugging. "What? No Rozzie-brand hug for the Rathster? What's a guy gotta do?"

Rath's dark, smokey smile was beaming for a few moments, but it wasn't clear exactly why he was so happy in this situation. He was far from an ally of anyone he'd met in Roswell, in fact by right, he was indeed an enemy and on top of that, he had now invaded Michael's privacy, unexplainably. Nevertheless, it was obvious he was invoking a large portion of amusement from the current circumstances. At the end of the day, what it boiled down to was that Rath loved being the centre of attention, he loved his natural affinity with, and talent of, shocking people with his unique, constant aura of Rathness, whatever that meant. His character filled the room, making the atmosphere as captivating and darkly energised as he was.

"So a little dicky bird tells me that you been lookin' for old Bobby...can't think why...but yo, I'm used to people wantin' a peice o' me. So...what gives Rozzie? Finally decided to join the winnin' team or some shit? Wanna lesson on the birds and bees? I'm all ears...but that could be changin' soon, so you better make it interestin'." Rath folded his arms behind his head, and kicked off his boots, just to show Michael how much he didn't give a shit about basic human manners, plus, he was getting kind of cozy on that bed.

"Gotta hand it to ya, Mitchell, ya must have some stones on ya, showin' up here all on your lonesome, lookin' for Rathylicious...and how you knew I was still struttin'...I mean your all hella human compared to us...so it be a shocker that you even tapped in enough to know I was still alive and kickin'. Guess it just proves we're made o' tha same stuff. Guess we're both full o' surprises." Rath rolled around on the bed a little, finding a desired position and bouncing on it, patting the area surrounding him down, with his large, blackly nail varnished hands, and then stopping to look at Michael with that piercing, somewhat troublesome gaze of his. "So Mitch...what can I do ya for?"

Rath was enjoying this too much, but for him too much was never enough.

Michael almost growled as he watched Rath snuggle down more comfortably in the bed he’d paid good money for, but as he spoke Michael knew he had a right to ask. After all, he had come all the way from Roswell just to speak to him.

"Yeah I’ve been looking for you” Michael said with a strong voice unwilling to let Rath think he was able to intimidate him, after all he was Michael no one intimidated him, or at least in Roswell they didn’t! Michael lent back against the chest of draws trying to think of a way of forming his questions.

Even with all the time, he’d spent thinking about his dreams, the time he’d spent looking he still wasn’t sure on what to ask. “And yes I knew you were alive, I’ve been having some… well lets face it some crazy nightmares. I and the rest of us thought you were dead but if you were it didn’t explain my dreams.” Michael said crossing his arms across his chest taking in a deep breath.

“So you been licking ya lips while dreaming o’ me aint that sweet” Rath muttered “and I should care…why?”

“I need to know what they are about. Why I'm dreaming them, you remember things we don’t. As you said you’re more…” Michael said bluntly pointing up “more alien than us. Look I'm not gonna stand here and stumble over these words cause I don’t wanna be here as much as you want me to be but I need to know what… what these images are? They’ve never been so clear before and the only explanation I can come up with is you?” Michael blurted out annoyed at Rath’s interruption.

It was hard for Michael to believe that there was someone out there who could be more obnoxious than him, but it somehow felt fitting that it was his own hybrid twin self.

The look on Rath’s face began to unsettle Michael it was an almost smug look, and a burning look behind his eyes that he remembered so vividly from his dreams. In frustration, he looked away to the window that looked out over the street rolling his eyes with annoyance. He’d said his piece although he knew he could have said it better but words were never his strong point. “Look I'm not asking you do my astrophysics homework… I just can’t get these images out of my head” he said reluctantly.

Rath stuck out his tongue a little and bit down on it, smiling widely, stretching his eyebrows upwards to form a sort of ridiculing expression, yet ironically at the same time it was indeed ridiculous. Perhaps Rath was well aware that by creating this foolish grimace, that he was making himself look like a dork. Maybe he didn't care. Maybe he was just a creature of impulse. Or maybe he had no inhibitions or insecurities, so it just didn’t matter to him. Either way, he knew how to get to someone, even with subtle little hints like this.

"Yeah OK, so lemme get this straightish...you...Roswellian preppy version of me...who shares a mutual hatred for me and mine...has these whack 'n' heavey dreams 'bout way up where and who we were there...shows up here...lookin' for me...so's I could...help ya outta your little bother? OK...now what part about me helpin' you makes sense again? 'Cause newsflash Mitch...I sorta don't give a shit what happens to you and ya little Bloomingdales mannequinns...I'm only here to add a li'l Rathy spice to the pot...maybe make thing's interestin'. I got my ways. I guess what I'm sayin is...say I can help you...why should I? What's in it for me?" Rath grittily aided, facial expression not intimidating, but instead, inquisitive, with a hint of dirtiness.

Michael looked a little defeated, but he wasn't letting himself give into it, just like Rath wouldn't. Maybe it was that Rath unexpectedly felt some sort of freaky, identical DNA bond come in to play, causing a spark of sibling sympathy to exist within him, or maybe he was just feeling playful, but in either case, he cut Michael some slack, 'some' being the active word in that sentence.

"'K Rozzie, I'm not bustin' your balls...I'm not sayin' I can't help...or that I won't help...all I'm sayin' is that I don't get why you think I'd jus' play good samaritan with ya...and what's the collateral? I mean ya take some you better give some to. This is about as fair as I get...take it or leave it." Rath wasn't being mean or at all being spiteful, this was just who he was, his nature lead him to wondering why Michael felt the need to come to him, why Michael thought Rath would help him, and what Michael was prepared to do in return for Rath's help. Rath was just a big, naughty bundle of mischief, laying there, elbows keeping the upper part of his torso at an upwards angle, eyes open wide, side smile simultaneously switching to a slight downwards smile, looking like pure sex.

“Collateral?” Michael pondered to himself. He almost laughed he hadn’t really thought that far ahead to think about what Rath would want, he wondered what Max would have to say about him rushing off to New York although he’d been wrapped up in his whole bad boy thing for so long Michael even doubted he even noticed he was gone.

It bothered him that he felt pushed aside when Max was hell bent on finding home after all these years of being told to be more secretive to try not to be so obvious and there he was running all over California looking for a spaceship without a second thought for him or Isabel.

Michael scratched his eyebrow angrily trying to suppress all the anger he’d built up lately what with Max playing wild child and Maria… he couldn’t even think about Maria not at the moment.

“Look I don’t wanna be here ok… all I want is this simple little thing, you can have what you want see if I care, a place on the ride home fine whatever I don’t give a rats ass I just want these damn things out of my head so maybe I can get a good night sleep!” Michael growled angrily his arms tense as he gestured.

He quickly ran his hand through his brown locks his eyes blazing in anger “God you’d think I’d ask Max for a favour the way you’re covering your own ass as if nothing else matters” he grumbled to himself as he looked out the window, unable to look at Rath knowing he’d be looking at him with a grin as his tongue fondled his lip ring.

With a grunt, Michael stood up with a determined look on his face. “Look if you don’t wanna help fine your loss if I figure out the secret of getting home, so why don’t get out huh!” Michael growled knowing full well he was gonna suffer the nightmares again if he didn’t find out but it was how Michael worked if things didn’t go his way he’d toss who ever was in his way out of it and at the moment Rath was in his way.

He walked over to the door and opened it holding it open. “If you aren’t gonna help what’s the point in being here!” he growled

"Oh yeah...how is Captain Bulbhead? Still anal as a sphincter muscle? Lots'a fun that guy. He's gonna love you bein' here huh? That is...if he ever finds out. An' Lonnie mark two...man, they're gonna be in love with you...what with you...running off to play who's biggest with a murderous enemy. Gotta love ya style." Rath said, brisk fully, not offended by Michael's words, in fact he sort of liked that Michael wasn't a pushover, he was more than comfortable with it, although it might have seemed odd.

"I’m ‘a pretend you didn't just compare me to your big eared leader jus' now. I reckon I can help ya out with ya little night fears...an' I reckon we can arrange a price later, but I'm not sayin' it's gonna be fair." Rath cocked one eyebrow up as he looked at Michael, sharply jerking his head upwards just once and then returning it to it's previous potion, in an inviting gesture so that Michael would come closer. "Look...Rathy told you why he's here...he like's to play...that simple. If that's a problem to ya, then sweet dreams, but you wanna play nice? Then I'm your guy. Just chill on the attitude pills will ya, two of me in the same room gives me a heache...I like you better when you're good cop."

As Michael went over to the bed, Rath gestured the space beside him, with his eyes, leading Michael there, himself sitting up, his legs recklessly spanning out, one underneath him, the other one bent at the knee, spread to fit around Michael without touching, yet although this was no big deal to Rath, it was far from casual to Michael. Rath's sense of personal space wasn't so modest.

"Now...this ain't as simple as me suckin' out tha bad stuff with a vacuum cleaner. It ain't about removal, Mitch...it's about understandin'...so I can help ya understand, an' then you'll stop bitchin' about the big bad dreams, you get me?" Even when Rath was making general conversation, it seemed offensive. He grabbed one of Michael's hands and put it on the side of his head, Rath then placing his own hand on one side of Michael's head. "Now...close ya big browns and relax...think 'bout what you see in the dream. I'll keep us both there...figure out what it is ya seein', an' why you feelin' whack 'bout it...then Rathy make it all better again. Do it Rozzie, I ain't go tall day, I told ya, there's lota peices o' me to be had, an' you're not the only payin' customer."

If Michael could have seen Rath, he would have seen this impish, powerfully bright, yet very, very naughty smile, gleaming from Rath's bad little face. Instead, Michael was entering a realm of imagination and memory, assuming clarity and existence in a mental state. As Rath helped to secure their connection and establish a mental bond between the two, white globular balls of light fizzured from the hands that made contact with each of their heads, the entirety of them glowing, emanating with shockingly bright light. From this point on, Rath and Michael would exist only in the realm of thought Michael had taken them too, and they would be there together, until Rath solved Michael's problem, whatever that was.