Title: Coup d'etat
Author: ZanZaBehr/Belinda
Rating: NC17
Ship: Rath/Ava
Summary: Coup d’etat: The Sudden overthrow of Government by force or illegal means.

Authors Notes: This is an idea I've had in my head for a long time ever since I watched 'Meet the Dupes' when Rath gets pissed off at Ava for not wanting to go back to New York with them. I loved the dynamic. This is set just before Meet the Dupes when they are trying to convince Zan to go to the Summit. What was Ava's position in all of this? Don't be confused this is pretty much PWP.
Spoilers: S2 Meet the Dupes


Coup d’etat


Coup d’etat: The Sudden overthrow of Government by force or illegal means.


“This ain’t your decision ta make by yo’self, you got the rest of us to think bout. The rest of tha hood too, yo’. Don’t be such a pussy.”

“Don’t flex on me, my Royal Ball-and-chain, I ain’t got nothin’ ‘gainst remindin’ you this ain’t no free-fo’-all. I’m da man.” Zan’s eyes narrowed. “You lot been forgettin’ that too many times in the recent. Don’t push me, Ava.”

For a moment she stared into his face, her blue eyes round and innocent and horrible to see. Zan didn’t look away, he set his jaw and stared her down until her face flushed. She hated living in the sewers, living like a rat had turned her into one. She stood abruptly, closing her arms across her chest and walking briskly away toward her private domain. Zan smirked at her back but she didn’t see, she was too caught up in her own problems.

She agreed with Rath and Lonnie. She didn’t understand why Zan refused to go to the summit. She pulled an old blue curtain to the side and then closed it behind her. Sinking down into her small single mattress she stared at the ground. This place was filthy, it didn’t matter how many times she used her powers to fix it up, the grime crawled into her world and took it over. This was New York. She hated this place, hated the sound of the subway; hated the apathy of its people. She could remember being a Queen; she could vaguely recall radiance and grace. Now she was white trash, living in the gutters, always having to look over her shoulder…


Ava stiffened at the familiar voice. He chuckled.

“Slow yo’ roll – I ain’t done nothin’ yet, Sprite. I’m concerned is all…wouldn’t want ya gettin’ inta no shit.”

“I ain’t bitin’ today scrub, get lost.”

He laughed again and threw himself nonchalantly on the mattress behind her. She gripped the edge of it, where she was perched, to prevent her body being dislodged. The voice laughed softly again, it sounded so sinister that she was forced to picture him in Lonnie’s rags again to keep herself from screaming out for help. As if it would ever come.

“You ain’t bitin’? Don’t try and dis’ me on this [i]bitch[/i].” He growled. “You tryin’ ta say that Duke ain’t on the hook no more?”

“Same tune – says it’s a set up—”

“Fuck that! He ain’t spoilin’ my joy ride home ‘cause the stick up ‘is ass is stuntin’ the use of his balls.” She could feel him moving behind her and bit down on her lip to prevent herself turning around.

“Maybe he’s right. We don’t know nuthin’, what Zan says goes so you bet—”

“Not if he can’t say nuthin’.”

Ava turned around swiftly, her blues eyes wide with shock. She knew it was a mistake. He always knew how to stir her, get her to do what he wanted her to, to look down upon him in her bed and realise how he’d forced her join their ‘recruit-Zan-to-the-cause’ game. Zan would never bend but Lonnie and Rath had, had so much fun making Ava take their side. A slow smile spread over Rath’s face as his eyes steadily flicked over her small form. Even from up there, looking down upon him, she was aware of how much larger he was than her. His arms were beneath his head, cradling his rough haircut, his golden-brown eyes looked darker in her shadow.

“I ain’t gonna be a part of this no more…you plannin’ somethin’ whack…I’m tellin’ Zan everythin’!” She pushed down on the mattress to stand up but Rath was too fast, he grabbed the wrist closest to him and twisted it behind her back, his other hand came up to cover the scream that escaped her mouth. She was pulled close to his chest now, she could feel the slow pace of his heart against her shoulder blade, his breath a steady rasp beside her ear. She tried to tell him to get away from her but the words came out a damp murmur of nonsense against his fingers.

“You already a part a dis. You want home, I’m offerin’ it – what’s it matter what I do? You’re just a pussy fo’ any dawgs cock.” She protested and struggled again clawing at his arm with her fingers. He couldn’t hear the insults she was screaming but he laughed as she struggled helplessly. Lifting her up from her position straddled over his thighs, he dumped her on the mattress and promptly fell on top of her, holding her hands down.

“Fuckin’ get off me, Rath! I ain’t playin’!” She screamed and pushed against his hands with her wrists, it was a futile effort. “ZAN!!” She called out in a last ditch attempt. Rath’s face distorted into a look of innocent guile as he pretended to listen out for Zan’s response. There was only silence and the gentle hum of the subway in the distance. Rath grinned triumphantly when she slumped back down on the mattress in defeat.

“Givin’ up?”

“Zan’ll kill you.” She hissed, her blue eyes narrowed.

Rath lowered his body until he was lying on top of her, Ava gasped, his weight was uncomfortable when he was only using it to smother her. “Zan a killer?” Rath chuckled darkly, “you really think he’d have shit on me?” She tried to pull back but that just made it easier for him to stop her getting any air at all. He let one of her hands go and gripped her face. Immediately her hand went up to his shoulder for leverage, but the grip on her face tightened and she paused staring up at him.

“He ain’t got nothin’ – ‘sides, what’s he gonna do ‘gainst all of us?”

“I’m not with you, I’m with Zan—”

“Stupid, bitch. Better be more careful, choosin’ your friends…some of us make worse enemies.” Rath hissed. Ava tried to hide her fear, but her face was too guileless and he knew her too well. He caressed her cheek gently. “Fuck me feral kitten, you know I can be real nice to yo’ tight self.”

“I’m not your ho’!”

“Got that straight up, bitch, ho’s ain’t free like you.”

“You make me sick!”

“Want me and your hatin’ it?” He whispered back to her and she growled shoving at his shoulder again. He laughed. “Don’t lie Ava…you’re knockin’ nothin’ with the great bean pole. I’m all you got and that’s aiight, ‘cause I’m all you want.”

Her face flushed and she opened her mouth to scream at him but his patience was gone. This was the only way to shut the bitch up, he could make her forget all about Zan. All about what he was going to do to that pussy. He would make her forget. Ava protested with a muffled groan but Rath tilted her head back viciously and bit down on her lower lip. She opened her mouth with a jerk and he inserted his tongue. It was a dominating kiss designed to suffocate but it had achieved its purpose. Ava’s arms clutched Rath’s shoulders; nails digging in to stretch black cotton. He was so large above her that all her instincts cried out in submission, trying to find some symbiosis in the way their bodies moved against each other.

Rath quickly slipped his hands beneath her skirt, hiking it up to her waist as he positioned his own hips in the valley of her thighs.

“This don’ mean shit.” Ava breathed huskily.

“Ain’t that da truth.” He pulled her shirt up and over her small breasts. They weren’t worth much, not nearly as magnificent as Lonnie’s but it was all he had to hold onto. She was so tiny and breakable, but she had a spirit like a bucking bronco – he wanted to break her. Hear her shattering scream as she came when he tore her in two.

Ava sat up in impatience and helped Rath get rid of his own shirt. His skin was almost too pale, faintly blue in the sewer light. He had a tattoo on his solax plexus, the celtic symbol of war, Ava thought it looked frightening with him straddling her legs like that. She moved forward and scraped her teeth across the symbol. With a tiny flick of the tongue across that mar, she had Rath in his usual passionate rage.

He pushed her back down and quickly unzipped his fly, falling onto her. His mouth found hers quickly and keenly – tongues raging war and drawing blood and sucking out the soul as they connected. She hated that he was right, hated that he could make her hot simply because he was all she had.

Her lips were stinging but it was the kind of pain she’d come to relish, living as she had. His tongue continually swiped the cut he’d made with the silver ring in his lip. She shuddered in reaction, tasting the metal and salt of blood. This was how she’d always remember kisses with Rath, he tasted so dangerous, to get pleasure from him was painful. Fucking exhilarating though.

Ava threw her head back and gasped as Rath’s hand gripped her thigh. Oh his hands…he had such large hands, they were fucking incredible, simply stroking her. She moved against him, starting the friction by rubbing her sex against his thigh. A finger quickly entered her vagina and Ava gasped, arching in instinct to accommodate the rough intrusion. He scratched around, stretching her roughly, impatient to have her ready for him and half inclined to give her no preparation. She’d be tight either way and that was all that mattered. Ava attached her mouth to his neck and sucked, her pouting lips and vacuum-like tongue would leave a mark. He could take care of that later, get his revenge…

When he moved his fingers from her she flopped back down on the mattress in frustration, gazing up at him with horrified wonder. Transfixed. He sniffed his fingers appreciatively, meeting her eyes as he inserted his finger into his mouth and sucked. Damn him, she felt so hot. She hated him. He laughed when her eyes darkened and she growled. Jerking to her knees she inserted her hand into his pants and cupped him roughly. He hissed with a jerk and she slammed her mouth onto his from beneath. He was quickly kissing her back, a punishment of burning fire as her hand continued to wreak her own havoc on his arousal.

Their dance changed pace rapidly as he ripped his Levis down to around his knees. They were kneeling, facing each other for only a moment before he gripped her slender hips and wrapped her body around him.

“AHH!” She cried out when he impaled his hard cock inside her. “Rath…” She closed her eyes trying to relish it, that one moment when he took her, penetrated her like an open attack on her very life. That was existence. There was such violence in this act, a violence she couldn’t ignore especially when Rath wouldn’t let her forget it.

He began to plunge his dick inside her, upwards and down in a pistoning motion that would never cease until bliss was reached. Ava buried her head in his neck as he controlled her hips, grinding her down whenever he pushed up so he was deep…oh so deep. She felt wet and hot and overpowered. She clung to him to stop herself from falling, her thigh muscles clenching in time with her throbbing passage. She was overcome with passion wriggling to try and break free of his dominance. It did nothing except make him take her harder.

“AHHHHH! Fuck!” She hissed as he tilted her backwards and slid even deeper. She released her grip on his shoulders, arching her body in a wave of subliminal pleasure. Her cheeks were flushed, her skirt a horrible constriction but all she could feel was that slick penetration pushing higher and higher. He lifted her hips as he changed positions, lying down on top of her missionary slump. Her legs wrapped around his hips, clenching and pulling. Nails digging in, blood being spilled.

His tongue devoured the side of her neck, sweaty and salty – he scratched and pawed.

“I want to hear you scream….” He growled grinding his pelvis against his clitoris, she automatically cried out but smothered it at the last moment by biting her lip. “More….”

“Screw you, Rath!”

“You are.” Then his mouth crushed her, his tongue lashed and stroked and her eyes fluttered. She was so tight and warm, he could feel that warmth seeping over his cock, crawling down his legs, overcoming him. And the air – the air smelled like pungent erotica – her flushed quivering skin, her hot sex full of passion – all for him. Whatever he wanted he could take from her, how could she stop him?

He gripped one small breast, yanking on her ribena coloured hair with the other. She screamed out his name, grinding back against him – she had never missed a beat of this rhythm, he hadn’t let her. It would only end for her when he wanted it to. He moved his hand from her breast, looking down at the stiff pink areoles with a faint smirk as his balls began to tighten. Oh yessss…

As her spine arched to his next deep thrust, he held her there, her breasts tilted up in supplication to his ravenous mouth. He enclosed a nipple, torturing that tender flesh with his piercing. She was crying, writhing, tripping over and under the barrier between pleasure and pain. When he twisted her clit in his fingers it was all over and she came screaming like the thunder. He pounded into her harder, sweat running down his face. A familiar tremor of pleasure started at the base of his spine before ecstasy shot about his system and he collapsed on top of her. A masculine sigh left his mouth and his lips brushed hers reminiscently for just a moment before they were pulled from their bodies.

Pleasure, sweet pleasure and they were all around each other. Red and green and hot and wet, they were each others atmosphere. Breathing sex, that’s what this was. Rath inhaled and let the pleasure invade him, he could feel the peace in Ava, could see the girlish grin on her face down beneath their souls. She was still clutching his naked spine, where her nails had dug into his back to engrave him with half moons and her name. The stupid little sprite would forget all about Zan, he could fuck priorities from any bitch, Lonnie had taught him how.

An hour later, Rath returned to his body. To aching limbs and warm fatigue. Ava was staring up at him, her eyes a little glazed, her expression completely stupid. He grinned at her, still inside of her body, their sweat now dry, though her vagina was still seeping with the evidence of their game.

“Don’t you worry ‘bout Zan…” Rath whispered, running his tongue across the line of Ava’s jaw. Predictably, she flinched away from the mocking caress as soon as Zan’s name was mentioned. He smirked down at her. “I can change any mo’ fo’s mind…” He ran his eyes over her naked chest as if those small mounds were evidence of his claim. “Even a brick like da duke.”

“And if you don’t?” She tilted her chin stubbornly.

Rath surveyed her with his cold urban eyes. He couldn’t resist one last kiss, he opened her mouth and tasted her, she tasted like Zan and betrayal. Or maybe it was just the tang of blood that set his heart racing in such an exhilarated way. But she lay there like a submissive doll, refusing to give what she had so willingly received. He pulled away, making sure to stain her lips with his saliva, to swipe with an unnecessary thoroughness across her bruised mouth.

He didn’t answer her but her eyes widened. A dark smirk was spreading across his face and his cock hardened inside her again. She gasped when he moved his hips playfully, awakening a lust she’d hoped would be extinguished by now.

Her eyes were a dark blue like the ocean at twilight, looking questioningly up at his arrogant face.

“Ask no questions, hear no lies.” Rath husked with amusement before he smothered her again, blocking out the light with his body, drowning out her voice with his tongue.

The End