Title: Unexpected
Author: Angel
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Maria lives in New York with Rath. But how did she end up there?
Rating: NC17

We all had decided to take a trip to the big apple would be a break from all the stuff that was happening in our lives.
In addition we were going to look for our friend Maria Deluca.
She had left Roswell almost a year ago.
Before she left Micheal had asked her if she would come back to him.
She had walked away without answering him.
I knew that Maria had had enough Of all the Czechoslovakian shit.
It did not help that Tess was responsible for Alex's death.
Tess was responsible but Max,Isabel and Micheal were innocent bystanders.
I feel sorry for Micheal after he finally figured out how important Maria was to him.
She was gone.
He says he will do what ever it takes to win her back.
I personally feel its not possible.
Isabel has tried several times to dreamwalk her but nothing.

We had asked Amy.
She angrily told us her daughter was happy and had no intentions of returning to Roswell.
Amy told Micheal he should forget about Maria because she has moved on with her life.
The subject of my daughter is forbidden with you.

I later asked Kyle.
Kyle made me promise not to tell Micheal.
Micheal has to find out on his own.
I nearly had a heart attack when Kyle told me Maria was with Micheal's brother Rath.

Do you remember when my father,Amy and I went to New York City?

What happened?

Ok Liz you are going to have to read between the lines. so technically I did not tell you.
Let's just say Amy has a new son-in-law and knows about the pod squad in New York City.
Tell Isabel not to dreamwalk Maria again.
It would not be a good idea.

Max looked at me.

Are you done writing yet.
We are almost to New York City.

Yes,max writing helps clear my head have all these thoughts floating in my head.
Micheal I would not get your hopes up.

yes Liz I understand.

Isabel gives Micheal a funny look
Isabel had told Micheal that Liz had told her not to dreamwalk Maria anymore.
Micheal thinks Liz knows something.
He told Max this and of course Max defended Liz.
Isabel agreed with Micheal.

Isabel had not told Micheal about the last time.
When she had gone into maria's dream.
Maria had told her to get out.

We had found a nice hotel near a local club.
we decided that we would check out the club later.
Funny enough the name of the club was the visitor and it had an alien theme.
Isabel was reading about the visitor and gasped Micheal you have to read this.
Micheal took the ad for the visitor.

The visitor is owned by Rath,his wife Maria, and their partner, Zan.
It is one of the busiest clubs in the city.
Live entertainment on Fridays and Saturday nights with featured singer Ria.
Ria who was originally from Roswell come to New York City to start her singing career.
But later decided that she did not like what they where doing with her music.
Any other night there is a DJ.
If you are interested in this club be warned it is always packed.
Expect to wait in line for entrance.
Has strict security.
In the corner was a picture of the three together.

Very funny Isabel where did you come up with this idea.

Micheal I didn't do anything to the flier.
I was only reading it.

Max took the paper away from Micheal.
Liz took it away from him.

Max was in shock I thought Zan was dead and this must be some other Maria.

Liz could not take it anymore.
Enough we are going there tonight.
I guess we find out then.

Liz I want to know what Kyle told you.

Micheal he did not tell me anything other than to read between the lines.
Maria does not want to be with you.
She would be here right now if she wanted to be with you.

One question was Rath and Maria's name mentioned.

Micheal that's not fair if I answer that question I break my promise to Kyle.
He mentioned their trip to New York City and Amy's New son-in-law.
That's all I'm telling you.

I can't believe you Liz.
I thought you were my friend.

Micheal I am.
This does not affect you,Max and Isabel.
It's Maria's life.
She choice not to be with you get over it.

Liz is right Maria's life is her own.

Rath must have done something to her.
Why else would she be with him?

We don't know but we will find out.

Meanwhile back at the club Maria was dancing with Rath.
They were dirty dancing.
Rath had Maria's leg wrapped around his waist.
She was grinding into his erection.
Rath kissed her passionately as Maria came.
They were instantaneously engulfed in flashes.
Rath pulls away in shock.
Why did you not tell me?

I was going to tell you later.
I just found out.
Don't be mad Rath.

Rath has tears in his eyes.
I'm going to be a daddy.
Zan I'm going to be a daddy.

You are ok with this cause I know we had agreed to wait till later.

I love you.
Now we are going to have a baby.
Yes, I'm ok with this.
Let's talk to Zan see if he can cover, call the DJ to cover for you tonight.
I want to take you home and make love to you all night long.

Your customers will be disappointed I'm not preforming tonight.

Ok, It's all set.
The DJ will be here at eight.
Zan we will see you later man.
Let's go home baby.

Pt 2

Max, Liz and Micheal where in the line at the club.

I can't believe there is a ten dollar cover charge to get in.

The bouncer tells Micheal that it usually thirty on Fridays and Saturdays but Ria's not preforming tonight.

Do you know why Ria isn't preforming tonight?

It's against policy to talk about my boss.
If you are that interested speak to the bartender.
The one you want to speak with is Zan.
Rath took the night off.

They find a table close to the bar.
Micheal watches as the bouncer talks to Zan,pointing Micheal out.

Zan has an evil smile on his face.
this is going to be fun.
Zan walks over to the table with a tray of drinks.
These are on the house.
Was just wondering if you were going to have the balls too ask me.

Before Zan could antagonize Micheal more Ava comes running up to him screaming.

Did you hear?

I'm going to be an aunt and your going to be an uncle.

Yes, why ya think they aren't here.
Snickering at Micheal have a nice night.

Micheal says so the big secret is Rath got Lonnie knocked up.

A very pissed Ava yelling at Micheal.

Why the hell would Lonnie be knocked up by Rath.
They have not been together in three years.

Rath's wife Ria is pregnant.

So I guess in some cruel way your the kids uncle too.

Ava walks away pulling Zan behind her leaving a stunned group at the table.

Pt 3

Michael are you ok?

Max are you crazy.
No i just found out my ex girlfriendwho I'm still in love with is pregnant by my dupe and married to him.
I always thought I would find her kiss her like nothing happened.
we would be back together and all would be forgiven.

Sorry but we don't live in a fantasy world.

Liz I did not ask for your two cents.

Get realistic.
You asked Maria before she left
if she was coming back to you.

Did she answer you?


She cut all ties with everyone.

In a quiet voice almost a whisper.
They live normal lives.

What's so great about normal?

They are not on a quest to find home running from evil aliens or the FBI.

Talk to Maria but if you can't handle what will be said.
Shut up and walk away.

Damn Liz I could not have said it better myself.

Thanks for the support Isabel.

I thought we came here to have fun.

We did.

How about we do that then.

I'm talking to Maria when she comes back down.

Do that.

Isabel don't start.

I'm not sitting here and listening to you whine.

Fine, I will try to have some fun.

Pt 4

Upstairs Rath grabbed Maria pinning her against the wall.
With a wave of his hand Maria's clothes crumpled to the ground.
She whimpered as her wet heat came in contact with the bulge in his jeans.
Maria yanked his shirt over his head.Wish I had powers too.So his pants would disappear.
wanting to taste her Rath rushed into the bedroom.
Then he tied her hands to the headboard.
She whinnied in protest.

I wanna touch you.

He snickered taking her hard nipple into his mouth bitting the sensitive tip and licking.

Maria bucked her hips in response.

Well that won't do.
Tyeing her angles too so he was in total control.


He licked kissed and sucked all the way down her body.
Teasing by passing where she wanted him the most.
Using hot wax from a candle that was burning by the bed he dripped hot wax on her nipples.
Causing her to pull on the restraints.
The pleasure pain was almost un bearable.

I'm so close.

He dripped hot wax down her body.
All the while using his other hand to drive her crazy.


His mouth replaced his fingers using is oh so talented tongue until she was right at the edge.

Rath Please
I'm so close
I need to come.

Rath used his powers to release the bindings.
Flipping Rath onto his back in one swift movement his cock was buried deep inside her heated core.
Meeting each other thrust for thrust in no time at all were falling over the edge as his seed her and she milked him for all he was worth.

Pay back is a B'tch.
Just you wait.

Is that a threat or a promise.

Oh, It's a promise.

pt 5

I'm hungry lets go down see what has to be done then order Pizza.

What you want pizza with Tabasco sauce on it?

Thanks to you I'm going to now put Tabasco sauce on everything.
Do't laugh at me.
But you taste sweet and spicy.

I'm not food.
If you start that it will be a long time before we eat.
I just heard your stomach growl.

That is so embarrassing.

Well you are eating for two maybe three.

Take that back I don't find any humor in that.

What are you thinking about Ria?

Will you still love me when I'm big and fat?

You won't be big and fat.
You will be with child,my child.
I think I will keep you bear foot and pregnant.

Keep it up Rath and you will not be getting any for a long time.

Don't make threats you can't keep.

Kissing her to shut her up.
Making her blood boil for him.

Let's go you need to eat.
We can finish this later.

Yes,I will be paying you back for earlier.

Hey guys.


I'm starved we are going to order pizza.

Zan announces last call.

Last call for drinks we will be closing in an hour.

What did you order?

Two pizzas.
One with pepperoni,mushroom,black olives and Tabasco.
One buffalo chicken with extra Tabasco.

Ria's craving Tabasco sauce.

See what he's done to me.

Oh guys we have company pointing out the Roswell group.

What are they doing here?

Ria could feel the vibes coming off of Rath as Micheal watched every move she made.
Micheal approached the table.

Maria can I speak to you alone for a minute?

I no longer go by Maria anymore.
Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of Rath, My husband.

Micheal winced at the tone Ria used.

I want to talk to you alone.

Not going to happen.
So either say what you have to or leave.
Preferably leave and never come back.

Ria was getting angry the lights in the club started to flicker.

Max came running over to Micheal

Control your emotions now.

It's not me.

Rath looks At Ria

It's you.

This is a bad idea.
Micheal you are upsetting her.
i don't want her getting upset.
It's not good for her in her condition.

No,Rath let him say what he has to say.
Grabbing his hand and concentrating on him so she could get control on her emotions

I came to New York looking for you.
I was hoping we could get back together.

I'm with Rath.
Married to him and having his baby.
Micheal I have not been in love with you for a long time.
You are my past Rath is my future.
I love him.
I'm not the little girl you knew.

I can see that.
You are his bitch.
How could you end up with him?
Was I not good enough for you.
So you went to my dupe.
Last we all knew he was a killer.

Get out!

Rath stands motioning to the bouncer to come over.

Bouncer walks up to Micheal I'm going to have to ask you to leave sir.

I'm not done yet.

Yes you are.
Max either you get your second out of my club.
Or I will blast him out of my club.
Micheal if you come back to my club.
I will be a killer yours.

Max,Ria would like the rest of you to come back tomorrow.
But not if you are going to judge her like he is.
He knows nothing.
Pt 6

Zan had quietly watched the scene unfold.

Hey Max.

What do you want Zan?

Before you take off I want to speak to you.

Ok shot.

Don't tempt me.
This is our stomping grounds.
All of you might want to remember that you aint in Roswell anymore.
I would think that if you where really her friends as you say.
You would be happy for her.
Rath is right you know nothing.

Zan the last I knew Rath killed you.

I look good for a ghost don't I.

Rath tried to kill me.
That's all I can see.
I hope he has changed cause the Rath we all saw only wanted one thing what ever Lonnie wanted.

Oh my infamous sister.
Maybe you should rethink what you know.
Lonnie is the key to everything that happened back then.
She was controlling Rath.

We don't have that power.

We are more powerful than You Micheal and Isabel.
Plus we remember.

This is a pointless argument
We have different views.

That is true remind Micheal that Rath will do anything to protect Ria.

Ok Zan I get it you are the King of New York.

That I am.

If Ria wants to tell us anything I respect that.
I'm leaving now.
So I can calm Micheal down.
Liz and I will stop by tomorrow night.

Ok I will tell her.

Ria Rath and Ava where going to wait for Zan to eat.

I'm starving we will save some for Zan.

Ria digs into the buffalo chicken with extra Tabasco.
As does Rath.

Ava are you eating or waiting for Zan?

I'm eating digging into the other pizza.

What you guys couldn't wait for me?
See how you are.

I'm eating for two.

Maybe three.

Zan you will be using your powers to heal my husband.

Zan and Ava cracked up laughing.

What I'm innocent.

You innocent please.

Please what baby?

I'll show you when we go back upstairs.
Remember pay backs a B'tch.

Rath feels himself get hard as thoughts of Ria tyeing him up go through his head.

Max said Liz and him would stop by tomorrow night.

Rath starts to say but Zan cuts him off.

Max has been warned.

What ever you tell them or don't tell them we stand behind you one hundred percent.
You know that Ria.

Yes Ava I know.

It's just Max sees things his way.

No more talk of the pod squad for tonight.

Zan and I will clean up
See you in the morning.

Rath take me to bed or lose me for ever.

Rath jumps up pulling Ria out of her seat.

I'm taking you to bed.

Then I'm tying you up.

Good night guys.


I'm going to go jump in the shower.
You can get comfortable in the bedroom.

What can't I join ya in the shower?

No you gotta wait.
Patience is a virtue.

I aint got none.

Oh you are going to regret tying me up earlier.

I heard that.

Sticking her pierced tongue out at Rath running to the bathroom.

She's going to tease me all night long.
Ria's going to kill me from pleasure.

Rath strips off his clothes pulling down the blankets.
Lies on the bed waiting for Ria.

Ria walks into the bedroom in a skimpy towel water dripping down her body.

Rath's cock hardens as he takes in the sight before him.

Ria drops the towel slithering up his body.
Taking his hands and cuffing them to the headboard.

Pay backs a B'tch baby.

Moving down his body tyeing his feet as well.

You look so yummy I could just eat you up.
I'm going to.
No powers allowed.

Rath's cock jumps in response to her words as well as the erotic sight of water dripping down her body nipples hard with desire.
Just begging to be kissed and sucked.
Water continued to run down her body to the silver hand print on her abdomen.
She just watched him and straddled his thighs.

Licking her lips.
You look so yummy I don't know where to start.
Her hands run up his chest stopping so her fingers can play with his nipples.
watching as they harden from her menstruations.
Then her mouth follows her fingers.
Sucks then bites licking away the sting.


Rath pulls on the restraints.

Moving to the other nipple repeating the process.

Rath feels her wet heat on his thighs.

Kissing and licking up his body.
Purposely going up instead of down.

Loving the moans and hisses of pleasure.

Capturing his mouth in a fierce bruising kiss.
Their tongues do battle.
Finally breaking for air.

Please baby......
I wasn't this mean.

Ria marks his neck licking away the sting from the bite.
Admiring her handy work of a dark purple almost black hickey.

Licking down his body stopping by his painfully erect cock.

Licking the pre come from the tip not touching any other part.
Rocking back and forth on his thigh.


Taking him all into her hot mouth.
Pumping up and down and sucking hard.
Playing with his balls with the other hand.

That feels so good.
Don't stop.

The pleasure is too much for Ria though but not wanting to untie him.
Ria had another idea.

Releasing his cock and moving her body so her wet heat was at his mouth.

Ria moaned as Rath dug in to tasting her.
Sticking his tongue as deep as he could.

Ria in response engulfed him moving up and down and sucking hard.
The faster Rath's tongue moved the harder Ria sucked.

Till Ria's walls clamped down on his tongue and he spilled his seed into her mouth.
They tasted each other as they kissed.
She felt him get hard as her heat was pressed against him.

Looking down at him with an evil grin.

Untie Me B'THC!

I like you all tied up.

Are you going to tease me all night.
You are so wet you are dripping down my hard cock.
I want to be inside your tight cunt.

Rath watches as she pinches her nipples and rubbing her cunt on his painfully erect cock.

Rath has had enough concentrating he breaks the bindings on his feet and hands.

Thrusting up with his hips taking Ria by surprise as he enters her in one swift move and captures her nipple between his teeth.
The other hand pinching her other nipple between his thumb and fore finger.

Ria moves up and down in a slow steady pace.
Her legs are shacking so badly from the sensation of his cock hitting her g-spot.

You feel so good baby.
So hot wet tight.

Rath...........I want

What do you want baby
Thrusting hard into her.

You on top

Thought you wanted to torchier me.

I did but I'm torchering myself too.

Pushing up hitting her g-spot and pinching her nipples.

As Ria moves up this time he pulls out.


Smirking at her as he flips Ria on her back.

Reentering her
You wanted me on top
Capturing Ria's mouth in a fierce kiss.
Releasing her mouth when air became an issue.

Yes,Rath Yes I love you.

Rath doesn't last much longer
As her walls clamp down on his cock he spills his seed.


Pulling her onto her side their bodies are spooned together.
Rath is still buried deep inside her.

I love you too.
Good night.
Pt 8

During the night Maria was plagued with dreams or flash backs that had not happened for years.

You will stay away from him.

Courtney what are you talking about.
I left Micheal and Roswell.
Micheal and I are no longer together.
He is all yours.

Well I'm going to make sure you never change your mind.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Before Maria could react.

Courtney raised her hand blasting Maria.
Doing this over and over again till Maria was a bloody mess.

When someone finds you.
It will look like someone beat the shit out of you.
You will have died from the injuries.

Courtney walks away leaving Maria to die.

Rath was walking down the deserted streets of New York when he found her.
She was barely breathing.
If he had found her a few minutes later Maria would have been dead.

Leaning down next to her beaten body.

I'm going to help you.

Rath places his hands on her beaten body.

Maria you have to look at me.

A connection was made the healing process began.
Rath fixed all of the internal damage.

I'm going to take you back to my crib.

Zan's going to have to heal the rest of you I have no more healing energy.

Rath scooped Maria up in his arms.

Maria moaned....

I won't let anything happen to you.
Your safe I promise.

Kicking the door of the crib.

Zan open the fuckin' door
Hurry up too.

You got hands open it yourself.

My arms are full.

Zan opens the door.

What the hell!

Zan you are going to have to heal her the rest of the way.
I healed all of the internal injuries.
I'm spent.

Isn't that Micheal's B'tch?


I'm not with Micheal anymore.

Looking at her injuries this is from being blasted not fists.
Someone wanted it to look like she was beaten.

We need to help her.

You realize after we heal her.
She is going to freak.
Last she knew I was dead and you killed me.

I know Zan but we have to save her.

Ava walks in
What the hell is that Maria?
Rath what did you do?

I found her like this.
I healed her as much as I could.

Someone wanted her dead and for it to look natural.


Someone who thinks I'm dead.
This is New York after all.

What she was attacked by an alien.

They lay maria on Rath's bed stripping her clothes so they could see the extent of the injuries.

Zan winced at the bloody sight before him.
Zan connected with her.
Healing her the rest of the way.

Ava could you clean her up.
Ava waved her hand over Maria making the blood disappear from her body and the bed.

Rath sucked in air god she's so beautiful.

Ava covered her up.

Maria woke up the next morning screaming.

Take it easy we aint gonna hurt ya.

Maria winced as pain shot through her body.

We healed you but your body is sore.
Ya gotta take it easy.

Maria started to shake as shock sets in.

Rath jumps up pulling her into his arms.

Your safe now.
I won't let anyone hurt ya ever again.

The shaking subsides.

Ria wakes up completely.
Turning molding her body to his so that they were skin to skin.

Feeling safe Ria closes her eyes falling back into a dreamless sleep.

I haven't had those dreams for a long time.
I see Him and everything comes back to me.

Maybe you should tell them.
If Micheal comes with them tonight.
I will show him.

Rath I don't think Micheal and you could be in the same room together without kill each other.

Probably true but that is the only way his questions will be answered.

I don't want to start a war.

Micheal keeping his shit up will.

What do you think Zan.

I think the only way to do this is for all of them to be present.
I know where they are staying.
I went out last night to clear my head from all the memories.
While I was walking I sensed Max so I can go talk to them.
So be ready.
I will tell them to be here in a couple of hours.


At the hotel Zan knocks on Max's door.

What do you want Zan?

To talk to you and Micheal.

Come in.

What is he doing here?

I need all of you to come to the club in a couple of hours.

You told me not to return.

Like that would have stopped you.


The invite is from Rath.

Rath,why does he want me to come?

You want answers?


Well he is the only way you are getting them.

No tricks

No tricks.
I just hope you can handle the truth.

In the mean time Liz and Isabel had walked in.

Liz answers for all of them.
we will be there.

Just so you understand the only one getting answers is Micheal.
Whether or not he tells you or not is up to him.

Is there a catch?

Rath will explain it all see ya soon.

Pt 9

Liz Max Isabel and Micheal all arrived at the club.

Ava let them in.

Zan came out from the back.
Ava where are Rath and Ria?
They agreed to do this.

Who agreed to do this Zan?
Whose not letting him leave?

What Rath changed his mind?

Are you that dense Micheal?
Rath didn't change his mind.
Ria has him otherwise entertained.

That could be waiting till the club opens.
We aint doing this with a lot of people around here.


It would be obvious that we are all not normal.

What are they doing anyways?
Why can't you just go get them?

You want to be dust be my guest.
Rath's getting a little somethin' somethin'

I don't believe this.

In Rath's defense Ria does not want to tell you guys.

Then why is Rath going to?

Rath feels the past needs to be put to rest.
Makes him worry when she relives it over and over again.
Feels its not good for the baby.

Meanwhile upstairs,Ria we need to go downstairs.
They should he here by now.
Ria kisses him grinding her pelvis into his.
Don't wanna I wanna play.

Biting his neck and sucking hard.
Slipping her hands into his pants grabbing his bulging member.

Rath hisses.


Rath picks her up.

I won!

But instead of walking into the bedroom he walks out the door.
Putting her down at the bottom of the steps at the entrance to the club.
Running her hands over her clothes.
Kissing her we will finish this later.

They walk into the club.

About time.

Wouldn't be here at all if I had my way.

Ava snickers poor baby didn't get her way.
I got to write that down.
Hell froze over cause Rath told Ria no.

Ria sticks her tongue out.

So first off this is how its going to work.
I'm not going to tell you I'm going to show you.
Be warned its not pretty.
No one will interfere.

Yes we all agree.

Micheal do you understand?

You open a connection then show me stuff.

Only what pertains to Ria becoming a part of our lives.
Nothing more.

Good cause I don't want to see any shit about yours and hers life together.

That's better than what you are going to see.

Zan this is going to take a lot.
I need Max and you to sound proof the club.
Ava you and Isabel lock the doors.

The doors are locked.

The club is now sound proof.
Zan and Ava have Ria sandwiched in between them.

Why all the precautions?

I have to connect to Micheal.
Let's just say Micheal is either cry like a baby or start screaming when he starts seeing what he's going to see.

Can we get this over with?

Rath motions for Micheal to sit across from him at another table.
Micheal sits across from Rath.

Now what?

Clear your mind and we have to hold hands
Not my idea of fun either.

My biggest fear was I got there one second later.

Micheal is hit with flashes.

Rath walking around the streets of New York. It's late at night walking down an alley.Finding a bloody Maria she was barely breathing.Rath telling Maria to look at him.Rath healling Maria internally Rath's frustration it was not enough.Picking her up feeling Maria's pain.Taking her to Zan. Ava stripping off her clothes so Zan could see the extent of her injuries. Zan wincing at the sight. Zan healing her until he was so weak he could hardly stand. Ava cleaning her up Zan's it was an alien. Rath promising to protect her.

Rath lets go of Micheal's hands

Micheal is shaking tears running down his face.

Max gets up what did you do to him?

Don't touch me Max.
Unless you want to see.
Believe me you don't.

Micheal looks at Rath screaming you didn't tell me anything except how.

The lights start to break in the club.

Zan let me go.

Ria walks over to Rath looking at Micheal.
He's not telling you.

Micheal gets up to touch her.

Don't touch me.
You wanted to know he showed you what happened to me.

Pt 10

He Can't tell you.
He doesn't know who I never told him.

What Micheal are you that stupid.

Well well the rumors are true you are alive.
Rath you should have listened to your wife.
You are too weak to protect her.
You see my plan didn't work.
Micheal was supposed to be crushed when they found her body.
Then he would have been all mine.

You are a sick Bitch.

Courtney just laughs.

I would have never been yours.

It's ironic the only one that is still human out of the three is buried six feet under.

Shut up bitch.

Courtney raises her hand

Not again.

But before Courtney can do any thing she is a pile of dust.

God I hate skin bitches.

Kyle what are you doing here.

Kyle says Thanks for saving our asses.
Rath catch your wife.

Ria faints.
Rath sees all of what happened.

More lights start to break.

I'd put a closed family emergency sign on the door.

Micheal watches Rath's eyes turn black.

What's happening?

She is remembering and Rath is seeing what happened to her.
I would not go near him or her.
His eyes are black because the alien part of him is in control.

Zan can I have a drink.

Zan looks at the bar what do you want?

We can't drink alcohol.

That sucks we can.

Ava can you make coffee?

I'm already on it.

Zan call the staff and tell them we are closed have Micheal help you.

We are on it.

Ava walks back in with a tray full of coffee.

That's not going to hurt the baby is it?

We hope not.

She never told any of you who?

No we never pushed.

Micheal looks sad.
If he had gotten there any later she would have died.

That was the plan.
Courtney did not know I was alive.
Why would Rath want to save your B'tch.
He was not supposed to care about anyone.
He didn't either till she came along.
Ria changed everything.

They did not click right away.
They became friends then lovers.
He asked her to marry him she said yes.
You guys showed up right after Ria found out about the baby.

Micheal she does not love you anymore.
She has not loved you for a long time.

Pt 11

Micheal watched as Rath's eyes returned to normal.

Maria looked like she was a sleep.

Is she ok?

She is sleeping.
Zan I want a drink.
Forget that give me the whole bottle of Tequila.

You want it there?

Yes I'm staying right here hand the bottle over.
That was to much to take in all at once.

For you or her.


Is the baby ok?

Yes the baby is fine.

What did you see?

Taking a shot from the bottle.

What did you see?

Everything from the day she was born till now.
Seeing her and Micheal together I really didn't want to see.
Taking another swig of Tequila.

Rath that's no reason to drink.

Want to see my life with Ria?

Guess I understand.

Plus she has seen everything I have ever done.
I have done stuff I'm not proud of.
That's more of a reason.

You can share the tequila.

Hell no.

Ria turns capturing Rath's mouth in a passionate kiss and trying to get the bottle.

You two better not start that down here.

We are all in the room.

Do you hear me?

Yes Ava I hear you.
Kyle go shut your girlfriend up.

Liz looks at Zan
Ava and you aren't together.


Oh I just assumed you were.

You and Max are together?


To bad I could see possibilities there.

They still haven't stopped.

A few minutes later

Rath pulls away from Ria handing the bottle of Tequila back to Zan.
When are you leaving?


I'm hungry.
Ava call the pizza boy.
Get two Buffalo chicken with extra Tabasco.

I aint eating that.

What do you want Kyle?

Meat lovers and no Tabasco sauce.

You found a pizza place that puts Tabasco sauce on pizza.


Liz you want meat lovers or do you want what we are having?

I'll have meat lovers
Kyle can share.

I don't share.
No kinky three somes with Zan either.

Zan do you have a girl?

I was checking this B'tch out.
I asked around her name was Leanne.
But I haven't seen her since.
To bad I would have liked to give her a little somethin' somethin'.
She was tight.
Think she was just passing through.
Enough about me.

Call the pizza boy.

He will be here in forty five minutes.

Rath and Ria finally got up off of the floor.

Can I have a drink.

Rath smirks at her.

Cherry coke.

Can you two behave.

We are.

We be savin that for later.
Pt 12

None of my clothes fit anymore.

Rath smirks at her.

This is all your fault.

My fault how is this my fault.

Cause I say it is

Rath gets out of bed in all his naked glory.
Stalking toward her.

Your beautiful when you are mad.
Kissing on her neck.
Hands wrapping around her touching her abdomen.

I'm fat
Rath I'm only like three months and I'm huge by the time I'm nine months


It's true.
And its all your fault.

It will be my fault the next time too.

There will be no next time.

Rath snickers at her.

Kneading her breast with one hand taking the other down to heated core.

Since none of your clothes fit come back to bed.

Ria moans as his thumb circles her clit and then pinches it causing more wetness between her thighs.

I can't stay in bed for the next six months.

You could.

Rath picks her up
Ria wraps her legs around hid waist.
He sinks into her in one movement.


Moving thrust for thrust
pumping in and out.
As her hot heat pulls him deeper.

Rath bites her neck sucking till there is a deep purple almost black hickey.

Pulling ou of her completely then falling back onto the bed pulling her with him.

Ria sinks back down on his pulsing cock as she controls the pace.
Rath pinches her nipples
Causing her to pull him deeper and for her to arch her back.

Rath thrusts into her matching her pace.
He feels her walls clamp down on him as she milks him for all he is worth.


as he filled her with his hot seed.


Ria falls on to him snuggling close to him.

We need to start picking out names.

Boys and girls

We should try to connect again and maybe this time
we can see what it is.

I still think you are having twins.

thats the last time your getting any

Ria trys to get up as he traps her against his body.

I'm comfy your not moving.

Rath I gotta go pee.
The baby is pressing on my bladder.

I suppose that's all my fault too.

Yes it is.

Ava knocks on the door.

Are you two coming out for breakfast?

I have no clothes that fit.

Rath jumps out of bed putting on his jeans.

Taking her black stretchy dress and manipulating it.

Here use this for now.
We can go shopping later.

You hate shopping.

Yes but your not going alone.

Ava could go.

If you can get her away from Kyle.

Kyle has not let her out of his sight since he found out she was pregnant.

We could all go.

Pt 13

Ava we need to go shopping.

Like Rath is going to let you go or Kyle let me go.
I swear he is as bad as Rath's with you.

Well if they won't let us go without them

Smiling evilly

We could really go shopping.

Zan walks in the kitchen

What are you two planning?

Going shopping.

Hey Rath
Maria and Ava going to the mall without you and Kyle.

Hell no.
Ria aint going anywhere without me.

Who said I'm going to the mall.

Ava gives Kyle puppy dog eyes.

My clothes are getting to tight because of you.

No way not going to no mall with any females.
You will drag me from store to store.
Not buying anything.
Then ending back at the first one again.

So we go by ourselves.




We can go after breakfast.

Ava and Ria smile at each other.

You know they are going to make us pay for not letting them go by themselves.

It will be fine.

You never went to the mall with Ria before have you.


Kyle starts laughing.

What's so funny.

You will see.

At the mall.
After several hours.

Thought you were going shopping.

I am Rath.

But you haven't bought anything yet.

I'm still looking.

Ria this is the fifth store you have been in.

Ava did you find anything here?

Lets go back to the other one.

See what did I tell you.

In the liquere section.

Rath what do you think about this?

Ria was holding up a sexy teddy.

Never mind it won't fit me.

I found some maternity ones.
Look Kyle.
What do you think?

Groaning, I thought you were buying clothes.

What you insisted on coming.



Smirking at her.
Walking up behind her and whispering in her ear.

I'll remember this later.
When you want to come.

I found three outfits I wanted the first time.
I'll get those.
You didn't have to come.

Then you wouldn't have had all this fun.
But I will be having more later.

Kissing her passionately.

Hours later.

Rath was sprawled out on the bed.

Faking sleeping

Ria lays down facing him.

Kissing her way down his chest till she gets to the waist band of his jeans.

With a wave of her hand his jeans melt away.

I could get used to this.

Smiling at her handy work.

Licking her lips at the very naked and hard body before her.

Before Ria can do anything Rath has her pinned underneath him.

Remember what I said earlier?

Ria nods her head yes.

Kissing the pulse point on her throat then licking and sucking.

Moving down her body to her fuller and more sensitive breasts.

Running his tongue around the nipple before taking it into his mouth.

Sucking like their baby will.

Kneading the other to apply equal attention.
Then switching sucking the other one he just kneaded and kneading the one he had just sucked.
Then pinching that one.

Causing Ria to buck her hips.

Moving her thong so it was stimulating her clit but not allowing her to come.
Rath kissed and licked his way down her body.
Stopping at the silver hand prints.
Kissing them.

Rath please

Rath looks in her eyes.

You want my attention here.

Running his fingers back and forth over her opening.


Removing her thongs.

Pinching her clit but not enough so she would come.


Taking two fingers and inserting them in her heat.
Moving them slowly just missing her g-spot.

Rath Please.
I need to come.

Five stores you dragged me through.
I shouldn't let you come for five hours.
Think thats equal.


Good thing I can't wait anymore.
Isn't it.

As he plunges into her.


Ria's walls clamp down on his pulsing cock as he thrusts in and out.

You feel so good.


As Ria climaxes again capturing her mouth in a passion filled kiss.
He thrusts in and out of her.
She matches him thrust for thrust.
Her walls clamp down on him again as he increases the pace.
Pulling him over the edge as he fills her with his hot seed.


Breathing heavily and pulses racing from their love making.

Rath it's a good thing I'm already pregnant.

That's why I said I was keeping you pregnant.
Cause as soon as you are no longer pregnant you will be.
Speaking of babies.

A huh.

We need to connect with the babies to find out what we are having.

You know in normal pregnancies its called a sonogram.

Is this normal?

Rath tomorrow.
I just want to sleep.

Curling into his body.

Pt 14

Rath hands Ria a box wrapped all in red wrapping paper.

What's this?

Open it and find out.

Ria opens the box

In the box is a red velvet spaghetti strapped dress.

It's beautiful.
But it won't fit me.

Ria looks at her swollen belly.

Humor me
It will fit.
Change while I finish out here.

What me to come out when I'm done changing?

I will come get you.

Rath I've been in here all day.
Whined Maria

It's a surprise.

I hate surprises.

Rath leaves so Ria can change.

Out in the dinning room

Rath has set up a romantic dinner for two.
There is a dozen long stem roses as a center piece on the table.

Rath lites the candles.

Waving his hands over his clothes
So now he is wearing a white silk shirt
with the top three buttons unbuttoned.
With a pair of skin tight button fly Levis.

Going back to the bedroom.

Close your eyes.

Rath takes Ria to the dinning room.

Open your eyes, Ria.

Ria opens her eyes.
Gasping at the sight before her.

Happy Valentines Day baby.

Rath pulls her chair out for her.

Ria sits down.

Rath sits down across from Ria.

In walks Zan dressed like a waiter.

Good evening.
I will be your waiter for you tonight.
Your food will be done shortly.
Zan pours white strawberry zinfandel wine into Rath and Ria's glasses.

One glass will not hurt the baby.
and it's valentines day.

I want to make a toast.
You changed my life so much since you came into it.
I couldn't imagine my life without you
I love you.

I love you too.

Zan brings back out their food.
Setting Ria's food in front of her
Rath's in front of him.

Enjoy your Lobster salt potatoes and broccoli and cheese sauce.
Ring the bell if you need anything else.

Zan walks out of the dining room.

They eat their food.

That was wonderful
So what's for dessert?

Smirking at her

Getting up from the table walking over to Ria.

Do you want dessert or what else I have planned?

There's more?

Wanna dance?

They slow dance to a love song playing on the cd player.

Ria kisses Rath passionately.

How about that dessert now?

How about giving me a little somethin' somethin'
Dessert is in the bedroom.

Rath leads Ria into the bedroom which is also lite up with candles.

Rath kisses her passionately
Leaving Ria breathless.

Ria sees strawberries whipped cream and chocolate sauce on the night stand by the bed.

You going to feed me or are you dessert?


Rath pulls the velvet dress over her head.

What no undergarments?


Ria removes his shirt and jeans.

Licking her lips at her naked husband.

I think I should go first.

Rath lays down on the bed.

Ria takes a strawberry and feeds it to him.
Then kisses him passionately.
As she straddles his waist.
Reaching next to the bed Ria takes the whip cream.
Putting the whip cream on his nipples.
Watching them harden from the cold.
Running a line of whip cream down his chest to his belly button.
Then putting chocolate on top of the whipped cream.

Taking one nipple into her mouth and sucking then the other.
Licking down his chest to belly button.

Ria looks at his throbbing member.
Licking her lips
Ria licks away the pre come before taking his throbbing member into her mouth.
Sucking and pumping up and down

Rath's hands are bunching up the sheets
Trying to let her have control as her talented mouth gives him pleasure.

Running her tongue along the vein as she sucks hard.
Rath spills his seed into her hot mouth.


Ria pulls his now limp cock out of her mouth.

Rath flips her onto her back.

My turn.

Rath takes the whip cream
Placing some on each of her hardened nipples
Running a line down her chest to her patch of golden curls.
Then doing the same with the chocolate.
Rath also takes a strawberry in his hand.

Smirking at her as

He places the strawberry in her heated core.

Ria moans in pleasure as Rath sucks and licks at her heated core as he eats the strawberry.

Ria's walls clamp down on his tongue.


Rath moves up her body licking up the line he placed earlier.
Till he gets to her breasts.
Taking one hardened nipple into his mouth.
As his fingers buried themselves deep with in her.
Pumping his fingers in and out of her as he sucks on her breast.
Biting the nipple and licking away the sting.
Switching to the other breast as her walls clamp down on his fingers.

I want you inside me.

Rath captures her mouth in a passionate kiss
As he plunges into her wet heated core.

They meet thrust for thrust
As Ria's walls clamp down on his cock
Rath fills her with his hot seed.


Happy Valentines Day Ria
Did you like your surprise?

I loved it.

Curling into his body as Ria falls asleep in Rath's arms.

Rath was holding Ria when he felt the baby kick him.

The baby just kicked me.

I know.

We should connect with the baby.

Maybe it will cooperate this time.

Rath places his and Ria's hands on the silver hand prints on her abdomen.
Concentrating a connection was formed.

They connect with two little babies.

One was a boy and one was a girl.

They look at their parents like they had been waiting patiently.
For them to connect to them.

Rath was in shock.

Ria was going to have fraternal twins.
He was going to have a son and daughter.

Rath I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to have two babies totally natural.

Ria calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down.
You give birth to them.

I can't Ria.

I know that.
I want drugs.

You can't.
We don't know what drugs would do to them.

One baby the pain would not be so bad.
But two.
Rath I don't think I can do this.


Rath pulls her to him holding her tight.

I will be there with you every step of the way.

Not the same.

I love you.

I love you too.
Maybe Zan could find away for you to feel the contractions too.

No don't think that is possible.

You hope that's not possible.
I'm asking him.

If that will make you feel better then go a head.

Since one is a boy can we name it Alexander?
I want to name him after my friend Alex.

Yes but I get to name the girl.

What do you want to name her?

I don't know yet.

Zan will have to heal your hand cause I'm going to break it during labor.

Let's go tell the others.

What's going on guys?

I'm having twins a boy and a girl.


Oh my god.

Your telling me.

I better not be having twins.

Ava glares at Kyle.

Zan starts laughing.

Not funny Zan.

I can picture it now.

Rath you are in for it now.

Don't I know it.

Picked any names yet?

Alexander for the boy.
Rath is picking the girls name.

You named the boy after Alex.
He would like that.

I know.
I still miss him.

Ria starts to cry.

I hate hormones.

Rath walks up to Ria taking her into his arms.

I'm still keeping you bare foot and pregnant.


It worked your not crying anymore.

Ria kisses Rath passionately.

Keep that up and we are going back to the bedroom.

Ria sticks her tongue out at him.

No we are not.
I'm hungry.
Will you make me something to eat?

What do you want?

French fries with Tabasco sauce and chocolate ice cream with dill pickles and Tabasco sauce.

That sound so gross.

Rath makes Ria her food.

When she gets to the ice cream.

Are you really going to eat that?

Want some?

Holding a spoon full of ice cream out to him.


You don't know what you are missing.

That's ok.

Zan and Kyle say at the same time.

I lost my appetite.

If you love me you will try it.

I love you very much Ria.
But I draw the line at trying that.
I'd eat it without the pickles.

Ria finishes her ice cream.

Walking out of the kitchen going to her bedroom and slamming the door.

Now she is pissed at me.
I can't win.

Zan and Kyle laugh.

You should have tried it.

I want to see you eat it the next time Ava wants the same.

Smiling evilly.

No way.

If you don't Ava will be pissed at you too.

I think I will let her cool down before going in the bedroom.

Think that is a good idea.

Pt 16

Rath slowly opened their bedroom door.
He was expecting to find Ria still fuming about earlier.

Ria was fast asleep.

She had kicked off the covers to reveal her naked body.

Rath's eyes ran over the length of her body taking in her swollen belly and enlarged breasts.

Rath strips off his clothes.

Climbing into bed facing Ria.

Rath runs his hands over her body.
Placing on on her breast and the other on her swollen belly.

Ria's eyes flutter open.

Rath takes her mouth in a passion filled kiss.

Pulling away for much needed air.

I love seeing you like this.

What big and fat?

How your body is changing cause you are carrying our babies.

His hand was kneading her breast running circles around the hardened nipple.

His other had was rubbing her swollen belly.

Rath felt the babies kick his hand.

Ria laughs at the look of awe on Rath's face.

Do they always kick that hard?

I want some attention.

Rath starts to nibble on Ria's collarbone.

What did you have in mind?
Something like this?

Rath moves his hand down her abdomen to her heat.
Circling her clit with his finger then running his fingers along her folds.


Rath smirks at her.

You want me to tease.

Inserting two fingers inside her heat.
Then pulling them back out.
Circling her clit with his finger then pinching it.

Rath kisses his way down her body.
Taking the hardened nipple into his mouth.
Circling the nib with his tongue before taking the whole thing into his mouth and sucking.
Then moving to the other breast and doing the same.

Ria runs her nails down his back as Rath kisses lower down her body.

Ria bucks her hips as his lip ring comes in contact with her clit.


As Rath's tongue enters her heat.
Rath tastes her.
Moving his tongue hitting her g-spot.


Rath feels her walls start to clamp down on his tongue.

Ria screams in frustration as he stops.


Rath moves up her body capturing her mouth in a passion filled kiss.

Their tongues battle for dominance.

Rath pulls away looking deep into her eyes.

I love you, Ria.

Rath flips them so Ria is on top.

I love you too.

As Ria sinks down on his pulsing cock.


Rath moans as he feels her wet heat around his pulsing cock.

Ria sets the pace.

Rath matches her thrust for thrust.
Pulling her down slightly so he can tease her nipples then takes her breast into his mouth.
With his other hand he is pinching her nipple that is not getting the attention from his mouth.

Ria screams as her walls clamp down on his cock.

Rath plunges into her a couple more times before releasing his seed into her tightening core.



Ria collapses on top of Rath.

Rath rubs her back as the after shocks of their lovemaking make Ria's body shake.

Ria looks up at Rath seeing all the love he has for her in his eyes.

I love you.

I love you too.

They both feel the babies kick.


I think that means they love us too.

I'm comfy.
I don't want to move.

Then don't.
close your eyes and go to sleep.


Rath watches Ria sleep before sleep over takes him.

How did I get this lucky?
Pt 17

The next morning Ria wakes up to find Rath holding her in a tight embrace.

One hand is resting on her abdomen and the other hand is clutching her breast.

The babies kick Rath's hand.

Ria laughs as Rath opens his eyes.

I guess they feel that you need to wake up.

We are staying in bed all day.

That won't work.


Cause I have to go pee and I'm hungry.

Batting her eyelashes at Rath.

Will you make me Tabasco pancakes with maple syrup?

That means I have to get out of bed.
Do you want Tabasco pancakes before we shower or after.

Before I'm eating for three.
Speaking of the babies
Did you pick a girls name yet?

No Im still thinking.

Are you going to decide before they are born?

Maybe does not mater I get to pick her name.

Ria sticks her tongue out.

Don't stick it out unless you are going to use it.\

I will later.

You are suck a tease.

Ria smiles.

I'm going to make your breakfast.

Rath pulls on his boxers then goes into the kitchen.

To find Kyle.

Ok man help me out.
How do you make Tabasco pancakes?

Like this.

Rath makes the pancakes like normal then adds a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Then you cook them like normal.

Ava and Maria walk into the kitchen.

Rath's giving cooking lessons.
We need a camcorder.

Ava and Ria are laughing so hard they have tears in their eyes.

Well at least we are making you laugh not cry.

They sit down to eat.

Kyle why don't you try one.

Tabasco sauce is just not my thing Ava.

Remember your advice Kyle.

I will try one.
If that will make you happy.

Maria looks at Rath.

Pouting you wouldn't try my ice cream.

Ava looks at Maria we can all have dessert later.

Kyle and Rath groan.

Ria and Ava smile evilly.

So are you going to join me in the shower?

Hell Ya.

Don't use all the hot water.

Rath adjust the water.

Watching Ria strip and get in Rath follows her.

Pulling Ria into his arms as the water pours down on them.

Can we go back to bed after the shower?

What do you have in mind?

Moaning as Rath lathers her body playing with her nipples.

Rinsing her body off.

Ria lathers Rath's body up and pumping his hardened cock.


Rinsing his body off.

Ria then gets on her knees placing his hardened cock in her mouth.

Rath looks down at his pregnant wife giving him head.
Thinking it was the most erotic thing he has ever seen.


Ria looks up at Rath with her deep green eyes.

Pulling away from his throbbing cock.

I want you to be inside me.

Leaning against the shower stall.
Rath picks her up.
Ria's legs wrap around his waist.
Rath enters her in one thrust.

I'm not to heavy?

No Rath growls kissing her deeply and passionately.

Ria's walls clamp around his cock as she climaxes pulling him deeper.


As Rath spills his seed deep in to her pulsing heat.


Rath turns off the water.

Putting Ria down.

Rath grabs them some towels.
Drying her off then wrapping the towel around her.
Then drying himself off and wrapping the towel around his body.

Now lets go back to bed.

Ria snuggles into Rath.

My favorite pillow.
Always warm and snuggly.

Rath smirks at her.

Pt 18

Rath wakes up to see a naked Ria looking in the mirror.

Ria stood facing the mirror then turned to the side looking at her body in a different angle.

Rath knew that Ria was looking at the changes that where taking place in her body.

Rath smirked

What's the matter baby?

I'm half way through my pregnancy.
I look like I have a basketball in my stomach.
I want my figure back.

Ria you are beautiful.

Rath's cock was so hard from watching Ria that it hurt.

Deciding that since Ria would not come to him.
He would go to her.

Rath tossed the blankets back.
Standing up.
Strutting across the room in all his naked glory.
Wrapping his arms around her.
His hardened cock pressed into her back.
Nipping at her neck.

Feel what ya are doin to me?

Ria moaned yes.

Leaning back into his hard body.

Rath's hands moved up her body cupping her now fuller breasts.
Fingers were running circles around her hardened nipples.


Rath turned Ria around so they were face to face.

Kissing her quickly then walking backward toward the bed.
Taking Ria with him.

Ria wa now lieing on her side the way Rath had position her body.

Ria moaned as Rath touched her sensitive breasts.
His hands were followed by his tongue then mouth.
Circling the nipple then taking it into his mouth.
His other hand was running up and down her back.

Ria moaned in frustration when she tried to get closer to Rath but could not.

See I'm to big.
I can't get close to you.

Rath took Ria's leg draping it over his hip.
As Rath moved in closer to Ria's body.

Ria moaned as she felt his hardened cock rub her wet core.


Rath captures Ria's mouth in a slow sensual kiss.
His tongue explored her mouth like it was the first time he had kissed her.
Ria's tongue explored his mouth familiarizing her self with every nuck and crany.

When air became an issue they broke apart.

Rath slowly entered her heated core.

They found a rhythm together.

Rath thrust in and out of her heated core as Ria matched his thrusts.

Ria placed her hands on Rath's firm ass trying to get him deeper.

Rolling their bodies so that Ria was now on top.

This way Ria could control how deep his hard cock went.

Ria moved her hips feeling him deep inside her heated core.
Ria leaned down taking one of his hardened nipples into her mouth.
Then biting and licking away the sting.
Then switching to the other nipple circling it with her tongue.

Rath thrust his hips up pushing his cock into her deeper hitting her g-spot.
Then reaching between their bodies Rath circled her clit then pinched it at the same time Ria's walls clamped down on his cock.


Following Ria over the edge Rath filled her with his hot seed.


Ria slumped down onto Rath.

Rath moved their bodies so Ria was on her side.
Hugging her to him tight.

I love you Rath.

I love you too Ria.

Pt 19

Ria was running circles around Rath's chest with her fingers.

We are going to have to try different positions it is uncomfortable when you are on top cause I am so big.
And i read somewhere it can cut the blood flow off to the baby.
Why are you smirking at me?

Cause you are all embarrassed.
I happen to like it when you are on top.
We could always try doggie style.

Ria curls her nose.
I hate that position.

We can't do anything else but that.

Here i'll show you.

Rath kisses Ria deeply.
Then breaking away from her.
He has her kneel on the bed.
He goes behind her.
Wrapping his arms around her as he positions his cock at her wet heat.
Slowly thrusting into her from behind.
Slowly thrusting in and out of her.
She rocked with him meeting his thrusts.
His one hand went down her body finding her clit and circling it.
His other hand was playing with her nipples.

Ria moaned in pleasure as Rath bites the back of her neck.

Thrusting into her a couple more times her walls clamp down on his hard cock.
She milks him for all he is worth.
He follows her over the edge spilling his seed deep into her womb.
Pulling out they lay together on their sides facing each other.

Ria kisses Rath's chest.
That was not what I meant.
What I was trying to say was that I can't touch you in that position or look in your eyes.
She was now circling his nipple with her tongue.

Keep that up and we will be doing that again.

No we will be doing that again but a different position.

You on top.

Rath kisses her deeply.

Later you need to rest.

I'm not tiered.



You are turning into a nympho.

I can't help it.
It's my hormones.

Ria lays her head down on his chest listening to his heart beat.

When Rath looks down again.
Ria is fast asleep.

Rath smirks not tired my ass.

Rath closes his eyes following Ria into a deep sleep.

Pt 20

Ria woke up to find Rath's loving eyes staring down at her.


Hey yourself.

Your so beautiful.
I can't get enough of you.

I'm big and fat.

No you are carrying my son and daughter.

Did you come up with a girls name yet?

Rath smirks

No not yet.
I'm still thinking.

Any that you might like?


care to share?

cause I have not decided.
I've got to go do some work at the club later.

You mean I can be out of your sight.

Very funny Ria.
Am I that bad?

It is sweet and then you get where I want to ring your neck.
Sometimes I feel smothered.

I figured Ava and you could talk while Zan and I actually go to the club.

Zan works all the time.
We are his partners and we have been neglecting the club.

You are not getting on stage in your condition.

I don't want to get on stage the way I look.

Rath just looks at her like she has lost her mind

You might like how I look........
But I don't think singing and being pregnant go hand in hand.
Plus they keep pressing on my bladder.
I have to go pee all the time.
Speaking of which they are doing it again.

Rath reluctantly let's go of her.

Ria struggles to get up.

Rath smirks as he helps her out of bed.

This is all your fault.

Ria tells him as she walks into the bathroom.

After going pee.
Ria starts the water on the shower.

She gets in under the warm spray of the water.

She sighs as the water hits her back.

When she opens her eyes
She finds Rath's loving eyes staring back at her.

Couldn't wait for me?

I knew you would be in here soon after I got in.
My back is killing me.
The water feels so good.

I'll give you a massage later
You will just have to lay on your side.

Ria reaches up capturing Rath's lips in a passionate kiss.

When the broke apart for air.

Keep it up and you will be known as a softy.

Rath snarls
I am still de'man and I am still bad.
I'm not soft with you either.

Ria feels his hard cock pressing into her thigh.

I wasn't talking about that.
You know what I meant.

Ria moaned as he moved his soapy hands all over her body.
She watched the soap wash away.

When the soap was all off of her skin.

Rath bend down so that he was now kneeling before her.

What are you........

Ria moaned as

Rath's mouth tasted her heated core.
His tongue was driving her mad.


Biting down on her clit then circling it with his tongue before pulling it into his mouth and sucking hard.

Ria's hips bucked as she started to come.


Rath drove his tongue into her as deep as he could while he drank up her juices.

Rath stood up telling her

Turn around.

Rath I hate this position.

Trust me.

Rath places her hands on the front of the shower.
Positioning her so that the water was still hitting her back.

He pushed into her from behind.

The sensation of the water hitting her back and Rath thrusting in and out of her was intense.

When Rath reached in front of her kneading one of her breasts and pinching the hardened nipple while his other hand found its way to her bundle of nerves.

Her walls clamped down on him hard.

When Ria's climax hit Rath's ball started to tighten as her walls pulled him deeper.

Rath filled her with his seed.

He pulled out of her heated core pulling her close to him.

He felt the tremors still going through her body as he turned her and held her close.

Turning the water off
Rath grabbed a towel wrapping it around his body.
Then wrapping one around her before picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom.

Feeling his concern.

her hand brushed his face.

I'm fine baby.
That was just really intense.

Rath sets her down so they can both get dressed.

When he does this Ria starts to waiver on her feet.

Rath helps her to sit on the bed.

He watches her with concern.

I just got light headed
It happens to pregnant women.

Ria starts to feel Nauseous.

I'm going to get all the pregnancy symptoms now.
I'm going to be sick.

Ria rushes to the bathroom.

She is pucking her guts out when Rath walks in.

He pulls her hair out of her face and rubs her back.

Ria grabs a tissue blowing her nose.

Flushing the toilet Ria then stands up.
She goes to the sink to brush her teeth.
After brushing her teeth.

Rath it is just morning sickness.
I am just getting it now.

Rath just looks at her.

Your going back to bed and laying down.
After you put dry clothes on so you don't catch a cold.

You are going to drive me crazy.

Ria walks by him walking into the bedroom.

Rath walked in pulling out a t-shirt and jeans.

Ria was already dressed in a t-shirt and stretchy pants.

Ria was heading to the door when Rath told her

I want you to lay down.

Rath I am fine.
I'm just going to get a drink.
I'm only nauseas.

When Ria got to the kitchen Kyle was making Ava breakfast.

When she smelled the food her stomach flip flopped.

Not again.
Rushing toward the bathroom.

Rath walked in the kitchen looking for Ria.

Kyle tells him.

She just ran to the bathroom.

Rath goes to follow her

word of advice.
If she needs you Ria will call you.
Ava threatened to kill me if I didn't give her some space.
It is just morning sickness.
Ava is getting it too.

Rath starts to leave

Didn't you hear me.

Yes Kyle I did.
She needs me.
It's our connection.
I just know.

Walking into the bathroom Rath finds Ria shacking and hugging the toilet.

Rath I'm still Nauseas and there is nothing else in my stomach to throw up.

Your shaking.

The shakes subsided as Rath held her.

I'm taking you back to bed.
I don't want to hear any arguments out of you.

Ria nods her head.

Rath picks her up carrying her to their bedroom.

He positions the pillows so Ria is not laying directly on her back.
He then pulls the blankets over her.

You wanted a drink, I will go get you one.

Can you get my apple juice?

Rath nods his head.
I will be right back.

A few minutes later Rath reappears with her drink.

Ria gladly excepts it.

Zan is bring the books upstairs.
I would rather work on them up here.
Just in case you need me.
Rest for awhile.
Hopefully when you wake up the nausea will be gone.

Ria doesn't argue.
Just tells him

I love you

Rath smirks
I know
I love you too

Rath watches her as she sleeps.

PT 21

Rath worked on the books for the club while he watched Ria sleep.

Up until today Ria didn’t have any fainting spills or morning sickness.

Rath wondered why they called it morning sickness when it could happen at any time.

Rath set the books aside going over to Ria, sitting on the bed next to her.

He slowly pulled down the blankets only far enough to expose her abdomen.

Rath used his powers to check Ria over making sure everything with her was fine.

Now he wanted to connect with the babies to make sure they were ok.

Placing his hand on the two silver hand prints Rath opened a connection to them.

From what Rath had read in the baby book Ria bought What to Expect when Expecting the babies looked like they should for a normal pregnancy.
The first thing that Rath noticed was that there wasn’t that much room in there.
They slept back to back, sucking their thumbs.
Rath had known that they would not respond to him without Ria and only if they wanted to.
Rath smirked seemed they were going to be as stubborn as their parents.
Satisfied that they were doing fine Rath broke the connection to the babies.

Rath was going to pull the blankets back up but found that Ria was watching him.

Rath asks “Did I wake you?”

Ria says “ No, But know that I am awake.”

Rath moved his mouth close to hers saying “ Is this what you want?”

As he captures her lips in a passion filled kiss.

When Rath pulled away Ria tells him “ That and more later right now I am hungry.”

Rath laughs.

Ria tries to pretend that Rath is making her angry saying “What is so funny.”

“What do you want? I will bring it to you in bed.”

“I am not eating in bed.”
“You are not confining me to bed for the rest of my pregnancy either, though when I want a little somethin’ somethin’.......” laughed Ria.

Rath tells her “ You and the babies eat and I’ll give you a little somethin’ somethin”

Rath holds out his hand for her, so he can help her up.

Ria says “ This is all your fault.”

Rath smirks “ All my fault.”

Rath and Ria walk down stairs entering the kitchen.

Rath opens the refrigerator looking inside.

Ria says “I want a sub with ham, turkey ,roast beef, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, extra mayo, black olives, and hot peppers.

Rath tells her “ I thought it was going to be normal to you got to the black olives.”

Ria pouts “What’s wrong with black olives.”

Rath smiles “Nothing but not on my sub.”
“Are you calling or am I?”

Ria picks up the phone saying “ I will what do you want?”

Rath tells her “The same without the black olives.”

Ria is speaking into the phone saying “ I would like to order two subs.”
“Ham, turkey, roast beef, lettuce, tomato, extra mayo, provolone cheese, hot peppers and one with black olives.”
“Delivery please.”
“The apartment above the visitor.”

“So how long before our grub gets here?”asked Rath.

“Twenty minutes.” answered Ria.

Rath had poured Ria a big glass of milk.

Ria wrinkles her nose saying “I hate milk.”

Also touching the glass and manipulating it into coffee.

“Ria!”snarled Rath
“Change it back to milk.”

Ria changes the coffee back into milk.

Rath tells her “Now be a good girl and drink it.”

Ria picks up the glass and reluctantly drinks the milk.

It seems like no time at all and there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get the food.” says Rath leaving the kitchen and going to the door.

Rath walks back in with the subs.

Rath pulls two plates out of the cupboard placing Ria’s on her plate and handing it to her.
He puts his on the other plate then sits down across from her.
Ria takes a big bite out of hers while Rath was putting Tabasco sauce on his.
Rath pushes the Tabasco sauce to her knowing that she would want it too.

As Ria sprinkles Tabasco sauce on her sub, “Thanks needs Tabasco.”

Rath nods his head while taking a bite of his sub.

Ria takes another bite of her sub.
After chewing and swallowing saying “much better.”
“Want a black olive?”

“No.” Answered Rath.

Ria sticks her tongue out at him then saying “Your lose, more for me.”

They eat the rest of their food in silence.

After they were done Rath takes the plates and puts them in the dishwasher.
Then walking over to Ria, picking her up in his arms saying against her lips “ Now I want desert.”

Capturing her lips in a passion filled kiss, Ria moans into his mouth as he deepens the kiss.
Breaking for air Ria tells him “Bedroom.”

Rath carries her up to their bedroom taking the stairs two at a time.
Laying her on the bed, covering her body with his, recapturing her mouth.
Then moving to the rapidly beating pulse on her neck.

Ria moaned “ Clothes ..” as she tried to remove his shirt.

Rath pulls back long enough to remove his t-shirt before returning to her.
Nibbling on her neck as his hands traveled under her shirt teasing her nipples causing them to harden against his hand.
Wanting to taste her, Rath pulls back removing her shirt.
Ria moans as her hardened nipples come in contact with his bare chest.
As they kiss her nipples rub against his chest sending chills down her spine.
Rath had moved his hands to hips lifting her with one and tugging on her pants with the other.
When her hips came in contact with the mattress again Rath kissed his way down her body till he reached where her pants had settled removing them all the way.
Then setting back to the task at hand Rath kissed the inside of each of her thighs.
Ria whimpered as Rath removed her thongs with his teeth.
Rath covered her body with his before taking one hardened nipple into his mouth and teasing the tip with his tongue
Ria moaned in pleasure and frustration as she tried to remove Rath’s jeans but couldn’t.
After Rath releases her hardened nipple he looks into her eyes finding them full of desire.
Moving his hips closer to her before taking the other hardened nipple into his mouth and teasing the tip till Ria’s head was thrashing on the pillow.
Rath kissed and nipped down her body to her heated core, running his tongue along her folds.

Ria moaned in pleasure “Rath please.”

Rath ran his tongue around her clit before plunging his tongue deep into her heat.
Ria bucks her hips as Rath tongue moves all around inside of her.
Ria’s hands were in his Mohawk kneading his scalp.
Rath moves his tongue in and out of her as his thumb circles her clit.
Ria’s walls clamped down on his tongue as he thrust his tongue as deep as he could.
Rath drank down all of her juices, then moving up her body to capture her lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.
As Rath had kissed her he had disposed of his jeans.
Ria moaned into his mouth as he filled her with his hard cock.

Breaking for air they look into each others desire filled eyes.

Rath says “I love you.” as he starts to move thrust in and out of her heated core.

Ria tells Rath “I love you” as she matches each one of his thrusts.

Ria moves her hands down his body till they are on his firm ass.

Rath slowly pulls out before slowly thrusting back into her.

Ria moans in pleasure as Rath picks up the pace as he feels his release close at hand.

Rath moves his hand in between their bodies circling and pinching her clit so that they will come together.
Rath thrusts hitting her g-spot as Ria’s walls clamp down on his hard cock and he fills he with his hot seed.
Ria’s walls continue to flutter around his cock as Rath slowly pulls out of her.
Ria moans at the loss.

Rath tells her “If I stayed inside you on more second we would be doing this again.”

Ria pouts “ That’s not a bad thing.”

Rath tells her “No, you need some sleep.”

Ria smiles saying “So if I wake up before you can I wake you up for another round?”

Rath smirks “Only if you sleep first.”

As Ria moves into his body placing her head on his chest saying “You know me to well.”

Rath smirks.

Holding her body tight to his as sleep over takes them.

PT 22

Ria woke up to find that Rath was no longer in bed with her.

She was about to get out of bed and pull on her robe to go find him, when Rath walked into their bedroom carrying a tray.

Rath says “Stay right in bed, move the pillows so you can sit up and I can put this over your lap.”

Ria says “You made me breakfast in bed.”

Rath says “Yes” as he places the tray in front of her.

Ria asks “What’s the occasion?”

Rath says “Today is Mothers Day.”

Ria looks down at the tray to see what Rath had made her.

Ria found a tall glass of milk, mushroom, peppers, and cheese omlete, home fries, and wheat toast.
He had even thought of the Tabasco sauce.

Rath leaned down capturing her lips in a quick kiss.

Ria smiled saying “Thank you, I’m starving.”

Rath smirked as he heard her stomach growl.

Ria started to eat her food.

A few minutes later Ria asked “Aren’t you eating?”

Rath answered “I ate while I cooked yours.”

Rath had one hand behind his back.

Ria asked “What’s behind your back.” as she tried to see.

Rath took his hand from behind his back, revealing, a single long steam red rose with thorns.

Ria smiles “For me?” as Rath hands her the rose.

After Ria was finished with her breakfast Rath took away the tray.

But not before he made her finish the milk.

Ria had gotten out of bed and was putting her robe on when Rath came back into their bedroom.

Rath asks “Do you want to take a shower or a bath with lots of bubbles?”

Ria answers “A bath with lots of bubbles.”

Rath says “Sit while I start the water for you, I’ll get you when the tub is full.”

Ria sits down on the bed as Rath walks into the bathroom.

Rath starts the water adjusting it to just the right temperature, then adding the bubbles.

When the tub was full, Rath walked back into the bedroom to get Ria.

Rath takes her hand leading her into the bathroom.

Ria noticed that Rath had lite candles around the tub.

Rath slowly pushed Ria’s robe off of her shoulder making it pool at her feet on the floor.

He then took her hand and helped her into the tub.

Ria sunk down into the warm water sighing in pleasure.

Ria asked “Are you going to join me?”

Rath says “Only if you behave.”

Ria pouts sticking out her bottom lip, “Do I have to?”

Rath tells her “You can misbehave later tonight.”

Ria pouts saying “Promise.”

Rath says “Yes”

Ria licked her lips as Rath stripped off his clothes to reveal his naked hard body.

Rath stepped into the tub, sinking down into the warm water.

He picked up the bath scrubby and slowly washed her body.

After Rath had washed her body, Ria takes the scrubby from Rath.

Ria washes Rath’s body with the sponge.

Ria then leans back into his body relaxing.

Rath holds her close to him as he looks down at her.

Rath noticed that Ria’s eyes had closed and her breathing was getting slower.

Rath tells her “Ria, let’s get out and you can go back to bed.”

Ria reluctantly moves away from Rath saying “I was nice and comfy.”

Rath stands up, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his body.

Rath then helps Ria out of the tub and wraps a towel around her body before picking her up in his arms and carrying her back into the bedroom.

He helps her to dry off before tucking her back into bed.

Rath placed a kiss on her fore head before getting dressed and leaving their bedroom.

While Ria was taking a nap Rath was busy setting up for later.

Rath had placed a fancy table clothe on the table.
Then he set two red candles in the middle of the table.
He set the table for two.
There was a plate, two forks, one small, one large, a knife, spoon, and a wine glass.
Then placing a fancy napkin on top of both plates.
He placed a round bowl on the right side of her plate and his.
Over on his side, he temporarily put a bucket that was for the wine later.
On the side of the table Ria was going to sit at Rath placed a basket that had rolls in it.
Rath put the salt and pepper, Tabasco sauce and butter in the middle of the table.

Rath had asked for Kyle, Ava, and Zan to go somewhere else for the night.

Rath went into the kitchen to start preparing for dinner later.

Rath washed the small red potatoes and placed them in the pot.
He filled a big pot with water, that he was going to boil.
He husked four ears of corn, then wrapped them in wax paper, placing them in the microwave.
In a small pan, he put two sticks of butter that he would melt later.

When the potatoes where about done Rath walked upstairs to their bedroom.

When he got up there, Ria was just waking up again.

Ria says “I’m sorry, I slept all day.”

Rath says “That’s ok”

Rath pulls out a box that was wrapped in red wrapping paper with a big while bow on it.

“Can you open this and put it on?” Asked Rath.

Ria takes the box from him.

She opens the box to find a spaghetti strapped red velvet dress.

“Sure this will fit me?”Asked Ria

“It will fit you.”answered Rath.
“I’ll come get you when I’m done.”

Ria says “Ok.”

Rath walks down stairs to finish dinner.

Ria pulls on the red velvet dress, which clings to her body like a second skin.
The dress came half way above her knees and clung to her fuller breasts.
She put on a pair of leather high heeled shoes.
Then sat down waiting for Rath.

Rath had finished putting the food on the table.

He quickly waved his hand over his clothes manipulating the molecules into that of a Tux.

Rath went upstairs to get Ria.

Ria took one look at Rath and she wanted to forget about dinner and skip right to the part where she had him for desert.

Rath growled his approval at how the dress clung to her body.

He couldn’t wait till later.

He took her hand in his and lead her downstairs.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs Rath took out a blind fold and tied it around her eyes so that she couldn’t see.

He lead her to the table having her sit in the chair he pushed her in.

He then concentrated turning on the cd player.

The cd player was playing soft romantic music.

He lite the candles before taking off the blind fold.

Ria gasped in awe at what Rath had done.

On her plate was Lobster, baby salt potatoes, and corn on the cob.
He poured red wine into the wine glass.

“One glass of wine will not hurt the babies.”Stated Rath.

Ria smiles saying “This is lovely.”

Rath sits down across form her.

After they had eaten their food, Rath got up clearing off the table.

When he walked back in it was with two pieces of death by chocolate.

Ria asked “ Now that we had desert, can I have what I really wanted for desert?”

Rath smirks saying “What would that be.”

Rath stood up and blew out the candles.

Getting up from the table, walking over to Ria, he offered her his hand.

He lead her back upstairs to their bedroom.

The second the door closed Ria pounced.

She captured his lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Rath broke away for much need air.

Ria took that moment to wave her hand making his clothes fall to the ground.

Rath snarls “You cheated.”

He quickly pulled the red velvet dress over her head, throwing it to where his clothes where in a pile.

Rath then pulled her naked body close to his so they were now skin to skin.

He moved toward the bed taking Ria willingly with him.

Ria gasped in pleasure as his mouth closed over her hardened nipple.

He teases the hardened nipple with his tongue before switching to the other.
Kissing and nipping his way down her body making Ria moan in pleasure.
He ran his tongue along her wet folds, and then around her clit.

Ria moaned in pleasure as Rath thrust his tongue deep inside her heated core.

Rath teased her by twisting his tongue around and then thrusting his tongue as deep as possible.
His thumb circled and pinched her clit as her walls clamped down on his tongue.

He drank down all of her juices before removing his tongue from inside her wet heated core.

Ria moaned in pleasure as Rath moved up her body so that his hardened cock was pressing at the opening of her wet heated core.

He captured her mouth in a passion filled kiss.

Ria moaned into his mouth as she tasted herself on his tongue.

Rath pulled back looking into her desire filled eyes as he slowly pushed into her heated core.

They matched each other thrust for thrust as her walls clamped down on his hardened cock and he filled her with his hot seed.

Rath reluctantly removed his cock from her heated core and pulling her into hi side so her back was pressed into his chest.

Rath wrapped his hands around her waist so they were sitting on her abdomen.

They soon were both fast a sleep.

PT 23

Ria woke in the middle of the night staring down at Rath.

Ria was so hot again, it felt like her juices were dripping.

Ria kissed her way down his chest, first circling one nipple and then the other with the tip of her tongue.

She then kissed and nipped down his body till she reached her desired goal, Rath’s throbbing member.

His cock jumped in response to Ria’s tongue running around the mushroom head.

She then ran her tongue down the vein of his throbbing cock and then up.

Ria took only the mushroom head into her mouth and sucked and then teased the tip with her tongue.

Rath moaned in pleasure as Ria took him completely into her hot mouth.

Ria pumped up and down on his hardened cock.

Rath puts his hands in her hair as her head moves up and down his hardened cock.

Ria runs her tongue along the vein as her head bobs up and down on his hardened cock.

Rath says “Ria, stop.”

Ria releases his hardened cock looking in his eyes in shock.

Ria says “I want to.”

Rath says “So do I, move so I can give you pleasure while you do me.”

Ria happily complies with his request.

Ria moans in pleasure as his tongue runs along her wet folds.

Rath says “Your so wet baby.”

Ria says “I’m so hot.”
“I need to come.”

Rath says “Oh, you will”

As he drives his tongue deep into her wet heated core.

Ria moans in pleasure against his hardened cock as she takes him fully into her mouth.

Rath tongue teases her as he runs his tongue around her heated core.

Then thrusting in and out of her heated core.

Ria pumped and sucked in time with his thrusts of his tongue.

Her walls clamped down on his tongue and Ria sucked and pumped on his hardened cock faster.

Rath drank down her juices as he filled her hot mouth with his hot seed.

Ria swallowed every last drop.

Releasing him from her mouth as Rath removed his tongue from her heated core.

Rath turned Ria capturing her mouth in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Ria moaned into his mouth as his hands teased her hardened nipples.

They separated for much need air, both breathing heavily.

Rath asks “Feeling better?”

Ria moans “No, Need more.”

Rath’s hardened cock was pressing into her heated core.

Rath stated “You need me here.”

Ria moaned “Yes.......”

Rath slowly thrust into her heated core, causing Ria to climax.

Ria screamed “Rath.......”

Ria’s walls were fluttering around his hardened cock as Rath thrust in and out of her heated core.

They meet each other thrust for thrust as her walls clamped down on him again.

Rath growls “You feels so good, baby.”

Ria moans in pleasure “Don’t stop.....”

Rath thrust as deep as he can hitting her g-spot as he feels his balls tightening.

Wanting Ria to be there with him, Rath reaches in between their bodies finding her bundle of nerves.

He circles her bundle of nerves with his thumb before pinching it.

Ria thrusts her hips hard as her walls clamp down on his hardened cock and Rath fills her with his hot seed.

Ria screams “Rath.......”

Rath screams “Ria....”
Rath stills his movements, enjoying the feel of her walls fluttering around his cock.

When Ria’s walls stopped fluttering he pulled out of her heated core.

Ria whimpered from the lose.

Rath rolls their bodies holding hers close to him.

Rath asks “Better now?”

Ria says “Mmm.”

Rath says “Sleep now.”

Ria nods her head as her eyes close and she falls into a deep sleep.

Rath closes his eyes falling into a deep sleep as well.

A couple of hours later Ria wakes up again.

Ria places her hand on her abdomen as she feels pain going into her back.

Ria shakes Rath awake saying “Rath!”

Rath opens his eyes seeing pain on Ria’s face.

Rath asks “What’s the matter.”

Ria tells him “I think I’m in labor.”

Rath says “What!”

Ria says “I think I am in labor.”

PT 24

Rath looked at Ria saying “It’s to soon.”

Ria screams “Well I’m in labor.”
“It hurts, I hate you.”

Rath runs his hands through his Mohawk “I’m going to get Zan, so we can see how dilated you are.

Rath walks out of their bedroom going to Zan’s room.

Rath bangs on Zan’s bedroom door.

Zan says “Just a minute.”

Zan gets up out of bed and pulls on his jeans.

Walking to his bedroom door and opening it to find Rath.

“Ria’s in labor.”Stated Rath.

Zan nods his head and follows Rath back to their bedroom.

They walk in finding a very agitated Ria.

Ria yells “It took you long.”

Zan sighs thinking this is going to be a long night.

Zan says “Let’s take a look and see how far along you are in labor.”

Rath goes over to Ria sitting down on the bed next to her.

When Rath tries to take her hand, Ria snatches her hand away.

“Don’t touch me.”yelled Ria.

Another contraction came and she grabbed Rath’s hand anyways.

Rath smirked but his smirk quickly turned to pain as Ria squeezed his hand as hard as she could.

Zan waited for that contraction to stop then he positioned her legs, and checked her to see how dilated she was.

Zan tells them “You are only three centimeter dilated.”

“You have to be ten centimeter to deliver.”

Ria says “I have seven more centimeters to go before I can deliver.”

Zan says “Yes and your water has to break.”

Ria asks “Rath can you get me a drink?”

Rath says “Yes, I’ll be right back.”

Rath goes out to the kitchen and Zan follows him.

Once in the kitchen Zan tells Rath “You do know that since Ria is having twins her labor will start all over again for the second baby.”

Rath says “Shit, she’s gonna wan to kill me.”

Zan says “We also have a problem.”
“The second baby is breech, which means its butt fist.”

Rath says “What.”

Zan doesn’t say anything knowing Rath was just being Rath.

Rath gets Ria a drink and hurries back into the bedroom.

Ria sees the look of worry on Rath’s face and asks “what the matter?”

Rath lies to her saying “Nothing, I just don’t like seeing you in pain.”

Ria says “You’re the one who got me this way.”

Rath smirked “Did I?”

Ria pats the mattress saying “Come sit with me.”

Rath asks “no contractions right now?”

Ria says “No, why?”

Rath says “Cause you are not wanting to kill me right now.”

Out in the living room Zan was pacing back and forth.

Kyle came into the living room saying “Does anyone sleep in this house?”

Zan says “ I need you to do me a favor.”

Kyle says “What, man.”

Zan walks over to the coffee table grabbing a pen and paper.”

Zan hands Kyle the piece of paper.

Zan says “Max, Micheal , Liz and Isabel are in town, that is where they are staying.”
“I need all of then here before Ria delivers the first baby.”

Kyle asks “What’s up?”

Zan says “I would rather explain once.”
“Get them here, break their door down if you have to.”

Kyle hurried to his and Ava’s bedroom.

Kyle tells Ava “I have to go some where for Zan.”

Kyle quickly kisses Ava before walking out their bedroom door.

A few minutes later Kyle is banging on the door of the address Zan gave him.

“Just a minute.”

Micheal opens the door finding Kyle.

Micheal says “What do you want?”

Kyle says “ Where is Max, please tell me everyone is here.”

Kyle pushes past Micheal yelling “Max.”

Micheal says “Hey, I didn’t invite you in.”

Kyle yells “I don’t give a fuck.”

Max comes out of the bedroom followed by Liz.

Max asks “What’s going on?”

Kyle says “I don’t know everything, all I know is Zan needs all of you at our house now.”
“He said something about before Ria’s first baby was born.”

Liz smiles “Ria’s in labor.”

Isabel had woken up because of all the yelling and screaming.

“What’s going on?” asked Isabel.

Kyle says “Everyone get dressed Zan will explain everything.”

Micheal says “ I should just stay here.”

Kyle looks directly at Micheal saying “Zan said everyone.”

Micheal says “Rath won’t want me there.”

Kyle says “We don’t have time for this.”

Max says “Lets all get dressed and go.”

Max. Liz, Isabel, and Micheal all go to get dressed.

A few minutes later they all left to go to the dupes place.

Meanwhile Zan walked back into Rath and Ria’s room to check on Ria.

Zan says “I want to check you again.”

Ria says “I have to go pee first.”

Rath helps Ria out of their bed and starts to help her walk to their bathroom.

Half way there, Ria was hit by another contraction.

Ria screams “I hate you......”

Ria breaths in deep and then slowly exhales.

When the contraction stops Ria starts walking again.

Ria says “My water just broke.”

Rath asks “Do you still need to pee.”

Ria shakes her head no.

Rath helps Ria back to their bed.

After Ria gets in position Zan checks her again.

Zan tells them “Ria you are now eight centimeters dilated .
“I’m going out to the living room.”
“I’ll be back in about fifteen minutes to check you again.”

Ria nods her head as Rath holds her hand as another contraction hits.

Zan says “If you want to push or your contractions are three minutes apart before I come back in, yell foe me.”

Rath says “I will.”

Looking at Ria saying “Breathe in and out.”

Ria breaths in deeply and slowly exhales.

Ria says once the contraction stops “I love you.”

Rath says “I love you too.”

Zan had walked out heading for the living room.

Zan said to himself “They had better get here soon.”

They all said “We are here, what’s going on?”

Zan states “Ria is in labor, the second baby is breech.”
“I need Max just in case I have to do a c-section with my powers.”

Max says “ So I will heal her after, you take the baby out.”

Zan says “You will heal her, while I preform the c-section, someone else will have to take the baby out.”

Micheal says “Rath can do that.”

They were interrupted as Rath Yells “Zan.”

Zan says “If I yell .”

Zan hurried back into Rath and Ria’s bedroom.

Ria yells “I need to push now.”

Zan says “Let me quickly check you first.”

Zan checks her saying “You are ten centimeters on your next contraction I want you to push.”

Ria screams as her next contraction starts.

Zan says “I can see the head, push Ria.”

“I am fucking pushing you asshole.”
“I hate you, you are never touching me again.”

When the contraction stopped Ria grabbed Rath’s head and kissed him.

Rath smirks “Thought you were never touching me again.”

Ria smiles “It’s the pain making me say that.”

Rath says “I know.”

Ria pushes when the next contraction starts.

Ria screams as she pushes and Rath whines as she squeezes his hand.

Zan was now holding the baby saying “We have a boy.”
“Rath, are you cutting the cord?”

Rath says “Hell ya.”

Rath uses his powers to cut the cord and clamp it off.

Rath then takes his son saying

“Wanna see your mommy little man?”

Rath places his son on Ria’s chest.

Ria looks down at their son with tears in her eyes “Alexander, welcome to our family.”

She then looks at Rath saying “I have to go through this all over again with our daughter don’t I.”

Rath shakes his head yes.

Zan tells Ria “Ria, the other baby is breech.”

Ria says “What.”

Zan says “I might have to do a c-section on you if your labor gets to difficult.”

Rath says “How the hell are you going to do that.”

Zan says “Calm down and let me talk.”

Rath watches as his son latches onto Ria’s breast and starts feeding for the first time.

Zan takes a deep breath saying “Max, Liz, Isabel and Micheal are here.”

Rath snarls “Micheal is not coming in here.”

Zan says “I will preform the c-section if necessary and Max will heal her.”
“Rath either you can take your daughter out or some one else can.”

Ria speaks up “Liz can sit with me and hold my hand.”

Zan says “I am going out in the living room, let me know when the contracts start again.”
“I am hoping that the second one will come faster.”

Rath sat down on the bed watching his wife and child.

Ria ask “So what’s the name you picked for the girl?”

Rath smirks “I’m not telling till she’s born.”

Ria sticks her tongue out saying “You’re mean.”

Ria touches Rath’s check telling him “Every thing is going to be ok with our daughter.”

Rath takes their son from Ria and waves his hand over him cleaning him up.

He then dressed him in and outfit bought earlier.

Kyle walks in carrying a bassinet.

Kyle says “Ava wanted to carry this in I wouldn’t let her.”

Kyle puts the bassinet next to Ria.

Ria asks “Wanna hold him, that is if you can get him away from his father.”

Kyle says “No.”

Ria laughs “Scared?”

Kyle says “No, Ava would have me sleeping on the couch if I saw him before her.”

Ria starts to laugh but it stops as her contractions start again.

Ria says “My water just broke.”

Rath walked over to the bassinet putting his son into it.

Kyle says “I’ll go get Zan.”

Kyle practically runs out of their room to get Zan.

You hear Kyle yelling “Zan, Ria’s water just broke.”

Zan walks back in saying “Ria, I told you to call me soon as your contractions started.”

Ria screams “They just started.”

Zan quickly checks her saying “The girls coming faster, your already seven centimeters.”

The contractions are coming faster and lasting longer.

Ria screams “I want her out now.”

Rath holds her hand saying “I love you.”

Ria screams “I hate you.”
“You fucking did this to me.”

Rath just breaths in saying “Ria breath in and out.”

Zan tells them “Ria I am going to check you again.”

Zan checks Ria saying “Your still seven centimeters.”

Rath says “Still its been like fifteen minutes since her water broke.”

Zan says “I’ll check you again, Ria, when you tell me that you want to push.”

It was at least a half an hour before Ria screamed at Zan.

She screamed “I need to push now, so check me again.”

Zan tries not to laugh as he checks her.

Zan tells her “Your ten centimeter.”

Ria screams as another contraction comes “I’m pushing.”

Rath looks at Zan trying not to show how worried he was.

Zan tells him “Looks good so far.”

As the contraction stopped Ria asked “How do you know?”

Zan says “I just do.”

Another contraction came as Ria pushed.

Zan says “The butt is crowing, you can do this Ria push.”

Ria screamed “It hurts” as she pushed.

Zan watched as the baby was almost to where he could take it.

Zan says “Yes.”

Zan was now holding Rath and Ria’s baby girl.

Zan says “Hey beautiful” as he cut the cord.

Rath asks “Why did you cut the cord?”

The he noticed the baby was bluer than his son and she hadn’t cried yet.

Ria asked “Why isn’t she crying?”

Zan used his powers to clean out her lungs and nose as he did the baby started to cry.

Zan placed her on Ria’s chest and the baby instantly latched on to her breast.

Zan used his powers to clean up Ria and get rid of the two placentas.

Rath asked Zan “Can you have everyone come in here in like five minutes.”

As he asked Zan,Rath was pulling the blankets up around Ria.

Ria asks “So what’s her name?”

Rath smirks.

Ria says “You did pick one.”

Rath says “Yes, I did.”

Ria says “Then tell me.”

Rath says “Is she done feeding yet?”

Ria says “Yes.”

Rath takes their baby girl into his arms saying “Your mommy, wants me to tell her your name.”
“Raven, your so beautiful.”

Ria says “Raven is a very pretty name.”

Zan and the others walked into Rath and Ria’s bedroom.

Rath says “I would like ti thank all of you for being here just in case Ria needed you.”

Liz smiles saying “Your welcome, can we see the babies.”

Rath motions for them to come over.

Ria tells them “The boy I named Alexander, and the girl he named Raven.”

“You must be exhausted, can we come back tomorrow to see them?” asked Liz.

Ria and Rath both say “Yes.”

Everyone leaves so that Rath and Ria can be alone with their new babies.

PT 25

The babies started crying in the middle of the night, and Rath practically jumped out of bed to get them.

Ria wakes hearing them cry saying “They are probably hungry, can you give me them?”

Rath hands Raven to Ria first watching as Ria placed their daughter on her breast and Raven suckled on Ria’s breast.

Then Rath placed Alexander on Ria’s other breast and watched his son, suckles on Ria’s breast.

Rath says “She’s so much tinier than Alexander.”

Ria asks “Did Zan and you measure and weight them while I was sleeping?”

Rath says “Yeah, Alexander weighs eight pounds, seven ounces, and is twenty-one inches long.”
“Raven weighs six pounds, and is twenty-one inches long.”
“Zan says they are both healthy, and all human.”
“We will have to wait and see about the powers thing.”

“No traces of your alien side.”Stated Ria

“Not this time, maybe next time.”Smirked Rath

“You are not getting me pregnant right away.”Stated Ria
“I want to wait till they are about three.”

“If it happens it happens, cause I don’t think anything will work against my alien side.”Stated Rath.

“You are probably right about nothing working on your alien side.”
“Just my luck, I fall in love with an alien.”Laughed Ria

“The others want to come back tomorrow and see the babies.”States Rath

Ria nods her head, telling him she knows this.

Rath can’t take his eyes off the sight before him.

Ria looked so beautiful with their children suckling on her breasts.

Ria pats the mattress saying “Come sit with me.”

Rath moved to the bed, sitting down on the mattress and lifting Ria.

Ria leaned her head back against his chest. Rath kisses the top of her head.

He watches as Ria’s eyes close and she starts to fall back asleep.

Rath moves her slowly, trying not to wake her.

He slowly picks up Alexander and carefully places him back in the bassinet.

He then picks up raven and places her in the bassenette as well.

Rath looked down at his children thinking “I never expected this.”
“If your mother hadn’t come into my life, I wouldn’t have you.”

“But I did come into your life”She told him mentally

Rath turned saying “I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was but I lost my pillow.”Stated Ria
“And daddy’s need sleep too.”

Rath smirks pulling his T-shirt over his head and stripping out of his jeans.

“Daddy, I like the sound of that mommy.”Stated Rath

Ria moved so that Rath could get into bed.

He quickly climbed into bed and Ria snuggled into his body.

They both soon fell into a content sleep.


Ria watched as Rath played with Raven and Alexander, who were now three years old.

Ria smiled as she thought of what she had to tell Rath later.

He did it again, but Ria wasn’t mad she was so happy.

It seemed that by some miracle Rath had managed to keep from getting her pregnant for the last three years.

We found out when they were a year old that they did indeed have powers.

Kyle and Ava’s daughter Emily took something from Alexander, and he waved his hand, and poor Emily’s toys that were on the ground near his feet all lost their heads.

Emily started crying “Alexander killed my dollies.”

The very next day Rath started teaching them how to control their powers.

Alexander tried saying “She’s a girl, and has cooties.”

Rath laughed saying “Someday. You will like girls.”

Alexander made a funny face and then said “ Nu huh .”

Ria watched as Rath walked toward her with Alexander and Raven right behind him.

Rath sat down next to me and pulled me into his arms.

Ria leaned into his arms saying “Rath, I’m pregnant.”

Rath just stared at Ria for a few minutes then his mouth was on hers in a passion filled kiss.

When Rath removed his mouth from hers, “You’re pregnant.”

Ria smiled saying “Yes, and I actually got to tell you this time.”

Rath smiled remembering how he had found out about Alexander and Raven.

Rath placed his hand on Ria’s abdomen concentrating he formed a connection with the baby.

Rath saw the little tiny baby that they had made together out of love.

Rath tried to pretend to be disappointed saying “It’s a girl.”

Ria smiled saying “A girl.”

Rath says “Yeah, us men are going to out numbered.”

Raven and Alexander had been watching their parents, wondering what their dad was getting all mushy for.

Rath turned to Alexander and Raven saying “You are going to have a little sister.”

Alexander says “A girl. I want a little brother.”

Rath smirked saying “Next time.”

Ria laughed saying “I haven’t even had his baby and you are thinking about the next time.”

Raven says “A little sister. I can’t wait.”

Alexander says “I’m going to find Uncle Kyle.”

Raven says “I’m going to tell Emily.”

Ria and Rath watch their children walk into the house.

Rath looks deep into Ria’s eyes saying “I wouldn’t have anything without you.”

“You never have to worry about that. You’re stuck with all of us.”Stated Ria.

Rath captured her lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

When they separated for air, Rath, looked into her eyes that were full of passion, desire, lust and love.

He was sure, his eyes reflected the same emotions back to her.

“I love you, Ria.”Stated Rath

“I love you, Rath”Stated Ria

Rath stood up and took Ria’s hand in his, they walked into the house.

They walked up the stairs to their room, and closed the door behind them.

As they kissed, they got flashes of what the future hold.

Watching their children grow up, Rath being over protective when Raven brought home her boyfriend to meet her parents, Alexander and Emily finally admitting that they were head over heals in love with each other, Raven breaking up with a boy Rath couldn’t stand, their youngest telling her father, she was pregnant, Ria telling Rath he could not go and blast the boy who dared touch his baby, Ria smiling at Rath telling him, you did it again, Rath staring at Ria in astonishment saying it had better be a boy.

They were breathing heavily when they separated for air

Rath looked at Ria’s stomach and said “I’m locking her away, as soon as she’s born.”
“Raven too.”

Ria laughed at Rath.

“Are you laughing at me?”sneered Rath

“If what we saw happens, you can’t stop it.”Stated Ria

“I can try.”Stated Rath

“The only part I see for certain is you being over protective.”Stated Ria

“I am not over protective.”Stated Rath

Ria captured his lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Rath picked her up and carried Ria to their bed.

Using his powers he removed her clothes and then his.

Ria moaned in satisfaction as Rath thrust into her wet heated core.

They matched each other thrust for thrust as her walls clamped down on his hardened cock milking him for all he was worth.

He thrust into her a couple more times before he filled her with his hot seed.

Rath rolled their bodies to the side and held Ria close to him

“You were so unexpected.”Stated Rath

“I know.”Smiled Ria