Title: Need
Author: Angel / RiaRath101
Rating: R-NC17
From challenge:
-Maria gets kicked out of town
-near overdose
-Rath helps her-relationship blossoms
-secrets from someones past come to haunt them
-alien stuff
ending- preferably happy but up to you
Disclaimer: I own nothing

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Maria was starting her shift at the Crashdown mumbling to herself, I so don't want to be here. At least it was a slow night.
Maria felt like she was being watched which creeped her out.
Made her wonder if it was the FBI.

A month ago Micheal had told her that what was between them had to end, but they could still be friends.
She had to laugh who was he trying to kid.
They could never be friends.
After her breakup with Micheal she felt it was best to make a clean break.Which meant no longer hanging out with Liz, Alex, and the Czechoslovakians.
It was hard at first. so she decided to get something to take her mind off of them and the heartache. Maria decided since it was almost time to leave. It was time for a pick me up.
Maria went to her locker and got out some speed.Putting the pills in her mouth and swallowing them. Will only take a couple of second to work. Maria proceeded to finish closing the cafe. Her blood was pumping fast in her veins. She was feeling good.
Everything was cleaned up, she was getting ready to lock the door to leave, when the chime to the door rang.

Sorry we are closed.

It was Max, Liz,Alex, Isabel and Micheal. they did not look very happy. Maria looked at Liz, everything is done .

I'm going to leave.

Maria, wait .

We want to talk to you.

I have to be somewhere. Turning around Maria tried to open the door but it would not budge.

You are going to hear what we have to say, then you can leave.

Maria turned around staring at the group before her knowing it was useless to try to argue. Telling herself the faster she listens the faster she can leave.

Micheal speaks first.
Just because we are no longer together, does not mean we can't be friends.

I don't want to be your friend, Micheal, or anyone elses for that matter. I can't be friends with you its to painful.

well, what about the rest of us?
We where all friends before
Why can't we be friends now?

The only reason you want to be friends now, is you are scared I will tell your little secret. Don't worry your secret is safe.
I can't be friends with you because you are friends with him.
So I decided to make a clean break.
If you do't like that then that's your problem.
Now let me leave, and if any of you try this again, ALL OF YOU WILL BE SORRY.

Liz and Isabel started to cry.
Alex,Max and Micheal looked pissed.
Micheal's eyes where like you are so dead.

Maria it is like we don't know you anymore.

I want you to leave me alone.
I don't want to know any of you anymore.
If I have to leave Roswell in order for this to happen, I will.

The door to the Crashdown was released and Maria ran out of the Crashdown.

Pt 2

Amy Deluca sat in her living room waiting for her daughter to get home.
Maria should have been home hours ago.
Amy did not like Maria's new friend.
Who was this weird punk chic who had moved to Roswell a couple of months ago.
Maria had said Ava had to get away from her boyfriend,Zan.
Amy would not have to worry about that much longer.
Ava was going home.
Amy wished Maria would talk to Liz,Max,Alex and Isabel.
She knew it was hard because of Micheal and Maria's recent break up.
Maria was so calm it scared her.
It was like the calm before the storm.
Lately Maria would come home real late usually after partying with Ava.
At first Amy let it slide feeling it was just a stage.
Maria had always been a good kid.
Maria's rebellion started after Amy caught Micheal in bed with Maria.
Recently it had escalated.
Amy had enough.
SHe was going to try and see if by some chance, Maria had decided to stay for a girls night.
If she had not so help her.
She would wished she had come home.


This is Amy, I was wondering if Maria was still there?
Maria has not come home yet.

No, Maria left hours ago.
We all tried to talk to her.
Maria informed us that we could no longer be friends.

Liz, you have to give Maria sometime.
You have been friends for a long time.
She will realize that she is being stupid.
If you hear from her give me a call please.
Thanks, Bye.

Just then Maria staggered in the house.

Where have you been young lady?
Do you have any idea what time it is?

Sorry, I was out with Ava.
We lost track of time.

Well it won't happen again.
You are grounded except fro school and work.

Mom you are being unfair.

I have rules.
If you don't want to follow them, You can leave and live somewhere else.

Whatever, Im going to bed.

Once in her room Maria grabbed a duffel bag and started throwing clothes into it.
Maria checked the clock was almost midnight.
She had to meet Ava to catch the bus in a half an hour.
Maria quickly wrote a letter to her mother.

Dear Mom,

You told me if I did not want to live by your rules to leave,so I am.
I can't live by your rules.
I can't handle Roswell or the people this town, anymore.
When I feel like me maybe I will come home.
Please don't try to find me.

Maria took on last look before exiting her room through the window.
Maria went to the bus stop to meet Ava.
From there they would be taking a bus heading for their new home.

Maria are you sure about wanting to leave?

I can't wait to get there.
So are you going to introduce me to Zan.
Did not take you long to kiss and make up.

Zan wants me back.
What can I say, we were destined to be together.
I will have to introduce you to his brother.
You will like him.
Well there is our bus.

They boarded Bus # 13 destination New York City.
As they passed the sign, now leaving Roswell Maria thought to herself starting a new life without the FBI or Czechoslovakians.
Pt 3

The next day Amy walked into the crashdown.
She was looking around her eyes settled on the group she had come to see.
Walking over to the booth that Liz,Max,Alex,Isabel and Micheal sat at.
Amy placed Maria's letter in front of Micheal.
I was hopping against hope that Maria had ran off with you again.
Unfortunately you are here and Maria is not.

As Micheal was reading Maria's Letter.
Amy was explaining what happened last night.
Maria must have been planning this
I found out this morning that Maria closed out her bank account.
I thought you would like to know.
Micheal was hoping if he concentrated.
he would get a vision nothing happened though.

Please let me know if Maria happens to contact any of you.
I don't care what time of day or night it is.
Let me know immediately.
I have a feeling it will be a long time before or if ever Maria returns to Roswell.

After Amy left the group sat in silence staring at one another.
Max looked at Micheal, Did you get anything from holding the letter?

No,Max nothing!

Liz was in hysterics saying over and over Maria is gone.
Amy is right Maria planned this, or we pushed her to hard.
Maybe if we had waited Maria wouldn't have left.
Maria said last night, something about a new start.
I guess this is what she meant.

I could dreamwalk her tonight.

No I don't think that's a good idea.

What do you mean Alex?

If we keep pushing her.She might never come back.

Maria will realize how important we are to her.

What if you are wrong?

We give her some time and then if Maria is not back in Roswell.
Isabel can dreamwalk her.
Until then we wait.
pt 4

Maria and Ava arrived in New York City.

Ria, I insist you stay with me.

It was not much but beats being on the streets.
There place was not in the best part of town.
Not that Maria minded though, free of Czechoslovakians.

Ava i need to get the lay of the land.
Let's go get a java,need a pick me up.

Sounds cool, maybe by the time Zan will be back.
Then I can introduce ya.

Maria was starting to lose her high.
So while sipping her coffee she popped some speed.
The blood started pumping in her veins, making her feel alive again.
At the coffee shop Maria watched all the millions of people walk by.
Wondering if anyone back in Roswell missed her.
They are probably relieved I am gone.
Unless now that i am gone Micheal,Max and Isabel feel I am a threat and will reviel their precious secret.
Fat chance.
I want to forget all about them.

What ya thinkin' about Ria?

Oh sorry.
I was just spacing out.

Ava gives her a skeptical look.

So it's just you and Zan that live at the apartment?

It was me,Zan,Zan's brother and his psycho bitch girlfriend,Lonnie.
I hated Lonnie.
I'm so glad their not together anymore I mean wouldn't you dump the b'tch.
Lonnie tried to kill Zan and his brother.
She was on this crazy trip about going home.
Now it will be the four of us again.

Ava I want to change the way I look

What so no one will recognize ya.

Yes that's it.

Well let's go then.

Maria bought some spaghetti strap half shirts, some skin tight mini skirts and a pair of cowboy boots.
Maria got her belly button pierced with an alien.

Then they went to the hair salon.
Ava and Maria laughed at the expression on the on the lady's face when Maria told her how to do her hair.
Her hair was now blond with purple streaks.

Damn Ria, if I did not know it was you.
I wouldn't know ya.
Ready to go meet the guys now?

Let's go.

pt 5

Ava and Maria where sitting in the living room waiting for Zan.

Ava, who's Zan's brother you keep telling me about?

Did I spike your curiosity?

Maybe a little.

Ava laughs, just a little Ha ha then why all the questions?

Does he have a name?

Ya want to know his name.

Come on Ava, so far all I know is he's Zan's brother.

Rath, his name is Rath.

Rath huh. Does Rath have a last name?

His full name is Rath De'Man.

Well what does Rath look like?
Is he a hottie?

Oh now your saying he's a hottie.
I personally think Zan is da hottie, but in compared to Zan I think Rath's not that bad.

Ava of course your going to say that Zan's your man.

True Zan is mine.
As far as Rath being hot judge for yourself.

I will.

Rath is single so are you.
Never know might be the man for you.
The one ya been lookin' for all your life.

Maybe it will be love at first sight.

Just as Maria finishes saying that in walks Rath with Zan trailing behind him.
Maria's breathe catches in her throat and her heart races.
Rath and Maria's eyes lock from across the room.
Rath never breaks eye contact as he says

Damn Ava ya nev'r told me yo'r friend was so fine.

taking Maria's hand in his bring it to his mouth for a chaste kiss.

He smirks.

Hi, I'm Rath De'Man

Authors note all the parts in italics will be speaking mentally or thoughts

pt 6

You look tight.

Rath felt Maria's pulse quicken as he rubbed her wrist with his thumb.

Maria was having a hard time finding her voice.
When she finally did.

Hi, I'm Maria.
I've heard so much about you.

Whaddaya say you give me a little somethin' somethin'
Alien sex accept no imitations.

Maria's face turns crimson.
Her tongue slips out and licks her lips.
I don't move that fast.
Don't you think we outta get to know each other better first?

Chill, no need to get your panties in a bunch.
i'd love to get to know you better.

Smirking and licking his lips.

Can I have my hand back.

Oh ya want your hand back.
Not letting go still running his thumb over her rapidly beating pulse.

Rath yo'r going to scare her.

Maria I'm Zan.Ava's other half.
Don't mind my brother, he likes you.
Ava tells us you will be staying here with us.
Ava I missed you.

Zan I missed you too.

So where are you sleeping Ria?
You can sleep in my bed.
I promise to behave unless you wanna give me a little somethin' somethin'

Ria be warned Rath does not know the meaning of the word behave.

Her stuff is already in your room didn't think you would mind.

Maria looks Rath up and down I think I will take my chances.

She's going to me mine.What's this chics story.

Rude much.

Just wanted to know.

Chill we will talk later.

Ok, I don't know about anyone else but I'm famished.
What do you wanna eat?

Maria looks at Rath you would be nice how's pizza sound.

Pizza, she's stealing my heart.

Ava goes in the kitchen to use the phone.

Pizza should be here in a half an hour.
Rath quit looking at Ria like you are going to eat her.

After they finish eating.

Damn I did not realize I was so tiered.
Can I use the shower.

Don't have to ask make your self at home.

This is your crib too.

Can I join ya.

Maria runs to the shower,He says he can behave, what about me.

pt 7

Later that night after Maria had taken over Rath's bed.

Ava,Zan, and Rath sat around talking.

So what's her story?

Maria wanted out of Roswell.

I know that but why?

She was involved with your dupe Micheal.


Jealous much Rath.

From what Maria said all they did was kiss.
She was vague.

Something about only being wanted when it was to his convenience.
Usually when when the group needed another car.
So they could use her mom's Jetta.

Do ya think Maria knows about their alien status?

Yes, the last night Maria and I where in Roswell, she was rambling a mile a minute.
About being scared.

I don't want her to be scared of me.
If we ever have to tell her.

No, that chic she was friends with Liz was rumored to have gotten shot a while ago.
Something about Max and Micheal being there.
It was about not wanting to have ties with them.
It was like Maria felt she had to or they would hurt her.
She was rambling about them feeling threatened.
Micheal tried to keep her at the Crashdown.
I don't think she knows I heard the last part about him making the doors lock so she could not leave.

Micheal does not even want to try to hurt her.
It will be the last thing he does.
The look of anger on his face was Micheal is a dead man(alien).

Then Maria took a whole bunch of speed, drank some whiskey and was chillin'.

What's the deal with that shit?

Rath, I think Maria likes the adrenalin rush she gets.
Maria was real tight with the Czechoslovakians.


That's what Maria calls Micheal,Max and Isabel.
That's why I think she knows.

I will give her an adrenalin rush not from that shit either.

Rath,push her to far,she will leave.

I know I'm just going to have to show her.

You really like her.

Never seen ya try so hard before.

Never had to try before.

Hell ya! I like her want her.

Sleeping tonight is going to be torcher.
How the hell am I going to not touch Ria and keep my hands to myself?

Don't want to hear Zan and you through the walls either.
So sound proof ya room.


Ava laughs how much ya wanna bet Rath needs a cold shower in the morning?

I will bet they are closer in the morning.

Let's shack on it.

Got a better idea.
Taking Ava in his arms kissing her passionately.
Finally separating for air.

Give me a little somethin' somethin'.
pt 8

Rath opens the door to his bedroom.
Sucking in air trying to gain control at the sight before him.
Feeling himself getting hard as Maria kicked off the covers to reveal that she is practically naked.
She calls that a night gown.
God I'm in trouble never going to be able to keep my hands to myself.
Stripping out of his jeans all the while watching Maria as she moves in her sleep.
Chuckling to himself as he climbs in beside her.
I never told her I sleep in the nude.
Maria starts thrashing in her sleep screaming

No,No leave me alone. Please leave me alone.

Maria, I'm here.I won't let anyone hurt you.

Almost jumps out of his skin when he hears Micheal's name.

Micheal leave me alone.

Micheal must be having Isabel dreamwalk her.

Rath uses his powers to help Maria put up a block kicking Micheal and Isabel out of her dream.

Wonder what she was dreaming about.

maria's hand have taken on a mind of their own.

Rath moans as her hands clamp down on his growing erection.
Maria's hands start pumping his cock.

Maria moans his name.


No longer able to control himself.
He attacks her neck leaving a silver hickey.
Blowing on his mark causing it to separate and spread before disappearing.

Sending shivers down her spine.

Rath's hands have a mind of their own as his fingers find her wet heat.
Letting his thumb circle her clit.

Maria moans in ecstasy.
In response maria starts to pump his throbbing member faster and harder.

Some how Maria ends up on top of Rath.

B'tch you need to wake up or stop.
I'm not made of stone.

As Maria is marking his neck her eyes open as she wakes up.

Maria looks up at Rath whose eyes are full of desire.

I'm sorry......before she can finish Rath captures her mouth in a hard passionate kiss.

I was dreaming I was doing this to him. How did my dream become reality?

Reluctantly releasing her bruised swollen lips
So they could breathe in much needed air.

All the while Maria is grinding her wet heat into Rath's pulsing member.

Moaning If ya wanna stop ya better stop dat.
I don't have much control left.

I did this to you.

Yes, was easy though one look at you gets me hard.

Maria blushes.

Trying to lift Maria off of him as Maria lifts herself and places her wet heat on his painfully erect cock.

Pushing down as he tried to lift her.
He was now partially inside her.
Rath trys to resist the urge to embed himself deep with in her.

Maria looks into his eyes

I want to feel you all the way inside me.
As she bites her bottom lip and pushes all the way down.
Rath felt her barrier before he broke it.

Maria you feel so good.
You are like a vice around me.

Rath waits for her to adjust to his size.
Maria lifts he hips to show she can't wait any longer.

Rath flips them so he is in control.
They find a rhythm together.
Its not long before her walls clamp down on his cock.
As she screams his name.



He screams deeply filling her with his hot seed.

Reluctantly pulling out of her.
Maria whimpers at the lose.

Rath kisses her passionately before they both fall into a deep sleep.

pt 9

The sun is streaming in through the window as Rath watches her sleep.
Maria's eyes slowly flutter open taking in the sight of her lover watching her.
Maria blushes as the blankets slip to her waist revealing her naked breasts.
Her nipples harden under his heated gaze.
She watches as his eyes fill with desire and his cock hardens.

Morning someone else is up as well.

Morning how are you feeling?
I know last night was your first time.
I wasn't that gentle.
Now you are mine.

Im fine.
Capturing Rath's lips in a fierce kiss.

Are you trying to make last night start all over again?
We should get up Ava ans Zan are probably already up.

We are.
You need to sound proof your own room.

Don't ya wanna give me a little somethin' somethin' first.

Ya feel me B'tch.
I want ya.

Rath watches as her eyes fill with anger.

B'tch means you are my woman.
Please don't take offense by it.
It's killing me not having you now.

Pulling back the blankets Rath sees blood.
Pulling her up looking Maria all over.

Rath whats wrong?

Pointing at the blood.
Maria looks down at Rath and sees he's covered in blood too.

I'm going to take a quick shower, then I will make coffee while you are in the shower.

We could take one together.

No later I'll give you a little somethin' somethin'.
If you are up to it.

What do you mean I'm your B'tch.

Just what I said.
You are mine.

So that means you are mine.

Yes I'm all yours Ria.
Pt 10

Zan and Ava where in the kitchen chatting away when Rath struts on.

Well well look what the cat dragged in.

We were beginning to wonder if ya where ever getting out of bed.

Haha I was comfortable didn't wanna.

Ya made me lose a bet man now I have to be Zan's slave for a month.

Ya bet on whether I would make it with Ria or not pretending to be shocked.

Zan snickers yah baby ya gotta do what ever I want for a whole month.

Morning Ria have a nice night last night.

Maria blushes Morning guys.

Maria unknowingly takes Rath's coffee and drinks it.

Ria that was mine.
I did not know what ya put in yours
I was going to make yours when you where done.

Its good turning and kissing him.

I never found anyone who drinks my coffee the same as me.
There's Tabasco in it.

Rath what did you do knock her up?Hehe I would be an Aunt.

That's not funny Ava.Not that I would mind.

So what's on the agenda for today peoples?

Zan and I have some business to attend to.

Ava tells Maria figure you and I could gossip while they are gone.

Yah in other word Ava wants the down low on us.

Zan kisses Ava goodbye.

Zan do't forget to pick up something for dinner.

Rath kisses Maria goodbye.

I'll be back before ya miss me.

I miss ya already.

Longer it takes us to leave Rath the longer it takes to get back.

Now that they are gone spill.


So ria I thought you wanted to take thing slow.

I did I planned to but I can't explain it.


Well I like Rath from the moment I saw him.
I wanted to take things slow.
Cause ya know what they say only fools rush in.
I was dreaming about him.
I was doing stuff to him in my dream.
Then I was doing these things in my sleep without realizing it.
Rath was trying to behave but I guess I made him lose control.

Rath does not have that much control.

I was a virgin. up until last night I only kissed a guy.
It hurt like hell at first Rath's so big.
Then it was out of this world.

Did not need the visual on how big Rath was I will never be able to look at him the same.

Talking about it makes me so hot.
Wanted to have him this morning but he didn't want to.

I don't think it was that he didn't want to.
He didn't want to cause ya pain.
I'm sure you will be gettin a little somethin' somethin' later.

Zan and I bet that Rath would need a cold shower in the morning.
I lost cause you attacked him.

You didn't.

Yah i did. I couldn't resist.

What do you have to do.

What ever Zan wants for a month.
Good thing there is good isolation in our room.
The poor neighbors cause Rath and you certainly are not quiet.

What's the fun in being quiet.

You are so bad girl.
You and Rath are together now?

Yes he was so funny this morning.

What did he do?

He called me his B'tch.
Then thinking I was going to rip his head off.
He was all explaining what it means.

Ava and Maria are laughing hysterically when Rath and Zan return.

What's so funny?

Ria was just telling me about you explaining why ya called her a B'tch.

I'm cooking dinner tonight.

You can cook.

Ya I can cook.
Quit looking at me like that B'tch or everyone will starve in this house I will be taking ya back to bed.

Maria licks her lips, can't help it
You would not let me play this morning.

Rath groans I'm going to cook.

Don't I get a kiss.

Later for some reason I have no control when I touch you.

What are you cookin?

I'm going to make Chicken fajitas.
Then we rented Fast and the Furios and Sweet Home Alabama.

Want my help.
I promise to behave.

Ya wouldn't be helpin you would be distracting.

Pt 11

Hours later after dinner and a movie Maria was tiered of waiting for Rath to come back out and get her.
He said that he had to do somethimg to the bedroom.
He was sound proofing the bedroom.
She walked in the bedroom was light up with candles.
There was a very naked Rath in the center of the bed.

Thought you were coming to get me.

I was but I wanted this to be about you so I figured when you were ready.

Sit, Rath kisses her different than last night.This was soft sweet and slow.
Maria moans with the lose of his mouth.
Looking into his eyes which reflect the same desire she felt.
Rath took his time removing her clothes.


his lips and tongue follow his hands which were worshiping her body.
When he took her hardened nipple into his mouth licking sucking biting and sucking.
Maria thought she was going to come right then.
Alternating between her breasts.

When Maria tryed to touch him.
Rath pinned her arms above her head with one hand.

No this is about you tonight let me pleasure you.

Rath I wanna touch you.

Rath kisses his way down her body until he got to her thongs removing them with his teeth.

Then his tongue enterd her heat and his thumb was circling her clit.


Come for me baby
let it go
I wanna taste ya

Returning to taste her Rath drank down her juices every last drop as she screamed his name.

Ya taste so good my favorite flavor Ria juice.

Rath's dick was so hard it hurt but he wanted Ria to be ready for him.

Rath please I want you inside me now.
I need to feel you inside you

Capturing her mouth in a passion filled kiss.

Open your eyes I want you to see me while I enter you.

Maria opens her eyes and looks deeply into his as their bodies become one.

I'm going to come again.

Rath moves in and out of her while her walls clamp down on him and her juices coating his cock.

Ria you feel so good.

Rath can't hold out much longer

Rath maria screams

She came again as he filled her with his hot seed.
If we keep this up.She will be pregnant if she is not already.

I love ya.

The words are out of his mouth before he can stop them.

As he pulls out Maria whimpers.

Did I hurt ya?

No, I feel empty without you.

Pulling her into his arms and snuggling with her.
They fall into a deep sleep.

But not before Rath hears Maria say

I love you Rath


Hi Micheal.

What do you want Lonnie?
You are a long way from home aren't you?

Wanted to talk.

What could I possible have to talk to you about?

Maria.Let me see a picture of her.

Lonnie manipulates the picture to look like the new Maria.


Micheal, Meet Rath's B'tch, Ria.

Only problem is Ria has no clue that Rath is your dupe or an alien.
But be warned Ria is Rath's in every way.

Micheal wakes up.
Finding it hard to believe and wondering if it is a trap.

Micheal calls a meeting.

We need to go to New York City.
I know where Maria is.



Lonnie showed me what Maria looked like and where to find her.

She is with Rath.

Did you ever think that Maria is happy.

Not only will you destroy Rath but also Maria.

I don't care Maria has the right to know the truth.

Pt 13

Ok so when Ria gets back we have to got to the sewers.
We have to tell her everything.
Don't want to be keeping secrets from her.
I need to be open and honest with her.
I just hope that I don't lose her.
Will be better coming from all of us.
Rather than the others.
If they some how found out where Ria was and told her.

How would they find out?

Lonnie could still be keeping tabs on us.

She would do something like that.

Lonnie would use that to her advantage.

So ready to do this?

No, but I have to.

A couple of hours later Rath, Zan and Ava took Maria to the sewers.

Why are we going here anyways?

We want to show you somethin' and we have to tell you some stuff.

Rath, you look tense.

I am.I could lose you.

Ria took in her surroundings her eyes falling on the pods first.

Whats going on?

Rath lead Maria over to an old beat up coach.
Ria sat down.

I'm waiting.

I'm going to tell you somethin' that I should have told you from the beginning.
There is no easy way to put this.
Zan,Ava and I are not of this earth.
We are aliens origionally from Antar.
We hatched out of those pods over there.
We are the second set of the royal four.
The first is Micheal, Max ,Isabel and we don't know who Ava's dupe is.
After Lonnie tryed to kill us all we got the apartment and decided that destiny was for the birds.
You see according to my past life I was destined to be with Lonnie.
Zan and Ava where destined.
They loved each other so it worked for them.
I thought I love Lonnie until I meet you.
We lived her a few months before Ava went to Roswell.
We figured that you needed to know the truth.
I didn't want any secrets between us.
I want us to be open and honest.

Are you done?


You hatched out of those pods then lived in the sewers.
I would think you all were crazy if I didn't know the others.
You all have Samantha Genie powers I think you forgot that.
It's not like every day you find out your man's an alien.
Not just that but the dupe of my ex.
Micheal scares me.
Rath you don't.
I was a risk to the others.
I felt like they wanted me dead.
I see the similarities now.
The both of you are copys of your past selves but so different.
Don't think that I'm not pissed at all of you cause I am.
I need sometime to think.

We can go.

Good idea.

I will see you later at the apartment.


Later,Rath I just need sometime.

Ria walks away leaving Rath, Zan and Ava.


Maria has been walking around for what seemed like hours.
Finally ending up bacjk at the apartment.
For some strange reason it was locked.
All of a sudden the lock clicked.
How did i do that?
Oh my god.
Walking in and looking around to make sure her assumption was correct.
No one was home.
I'm going to be sick running to the bathroom.
Feeling strange and needing to lay down.
Maria barley made it to the bed before passing out.

Didn't we lock this?
Yes I locked it.

Maria has a key.

No I never gave her the key.

They cautiously walked into the house.
Seemed like no one was there.
That's to weird.

So are we going to lok for her if she is not back soon?

Yes I don't like the idea of her walking around the city at night.

I'm going to grab some clothes and take a shower.
If she is not back by the time I'm done.
We go look for her.

Walking into their bedroom Rath found Maria.
He is about to go tell the others that Maria is here when it sinks in the door was locked.
Rath walked over to the bed not careing if Lonnie was in their room.
Sitting down and touching her face.

She's burning up.

Ava Zan get in here.

They came running in.

What is it Rath?

Ria she is sick.

She is not like us.

She can get sick.

But how did she get in here we locked the house and you forgot to give her a key.

Just then ever light in Rath and Ria's room exploded.

What the hell.
I didn't do that
What is going on.

I think it's Ria.
The lights did not explode till you where no longer touching her.
It stopped when you touched her again.

Zan get out.

Why are you telling me to get out and not Ava?

Cause I need Ava to help me undress Ria then load her up with blankets.
When we get her covered up you can come in.


Rath I know Ria's not pregnant.

How do you know that?

you were not getting any last week.

What's that got to do with anything?

It was that time of the month so she can't be pregnant.

What else could it be?
This never happened until tonight.

Did you ever make a connection to her or use your powers with out her knowing?

Yes, that night I kicked Micheal and Isabel out of her head and set a block against them.

You must have transfered some of your power to her.

Why didn't anything happen before tonight?
You have unknowingly been connected to her since day one and the connection was broken.
We will have to figure out how much of your powers you transfered to her.
Help her learn to control them.

Maria tryed to open her eyes but it was no use.
Maria made a connection to Rath.
Rath is hit with flashes

Maria collapsing--walking into the apartment--lock clicking open under her hand--walking around town ending up at the apartment

Maria is hit with flashes

Rath being frantic does not know what to do--scared Lonnie was holding her hostage or somethin'--wondering how she got in--getting back at the apartment where she was--thinking Ria was going to leave him as she walked away--telling her everything

Her fever has broken.
she is sleeping now.
As long as you are with Ria
I think she will be fine.

Looking at Ria Ava tried not to laugh.
Ria had turned her body into Rath's pulling him closer to her.
She looked like she was holding on for dear life afraid she was going to lose him.
Not that that would ever happen.

We will figure this out in the morning.

Rath watched Ria for several hours before falling asleep himself.

Ria woke first.
Rath loked so peaceful in his sleep.
A smile on his face probably dreaming about me.
So unfair he's in all of his clothes and I'm naked.
What's wrong with this picture?
Ria started taking his clothes off.
When she achieved the difficult task.
Wanted to wake him another way.
Looking down at his harded cock well part of you is awake begging for attention.
Running a finger down his length watching it jump in response.
Holding it firmly with one hand runnig her tongue around the mushroom tip and then down his length
before running her tongue back up the tip before taking the tip in her mouth teasing the tip with her tongue.
Then taknig his full length into her mouth.
going up and down increasing the pressure as she went
As well as sucking she was using her tongue to drive him crazy.


looking up but not stopping
Reveling in the power she had over him.
Increasing the movements and the pressure.
Knowing he was right at the edge.
Gently rubbing his balls, runnning her tongue up his length as she sucked hard.
Stopping to run circles around the tip.
Then starting again.
All the while playing with his balls.

Ria I'm going to come.
Yes,Yes that feels so good.
Ria Yes yes Ria

she swallowed every last drop as he ca,e in her mouth.

Releasing him crawling up his body capturing his mouth in a passionate kiss.
Breaking for air.

Good morning.

Rath flips them so he is on top.
My turn.

Kissing his way down her body till he got to her core.
Finding her so wet.
Licking his lips as he inhaled her sent.
feeling himself getting hard again.
knowing what he was going to do to her.
Inserting a finger in her.
God she is so wet.
Doing that to me turned you on that much.
Pumping his finger in and out of her.


Then his mouth replaced his finger his tongue deep inside of her.

Maria bucked her hips wanting more.

Rath used his hand to still her movements wanted to be in complete control.
As he attacked her with his tongue.
Using his other hand to circle her clit then pinching.
Removing his tongue replacing it with his fingers now using his tongue to circle her clit.
Before switching back using his tongue as she came.
Rath licked up her juices.

Then caturing her mouth in a fierce kiss.
thier tongues did battle as they tasted each other.
He pluges into her in one swift movement.
Her nails digging into his back as he plunged in and out.
They mated almost primal.
They came together as his hot seed filled her womb.
They were hit with flashes as his seed filled her.

Maria three months pregnant--Rath watching her in awe as his baby grows in her womb--Maria in labor as she screams at him that he did this to her--Rath feeling helpless cause he could not reduce the pain--Maria tears running down her face as she hold their baby--Rath tears running down his face as he kisses the top of her head looking down at their baby..

End flashes

Rath stares at Ria trying to find the words.
Ria brings his mouth to hers kissing him.

I'm not pregnant why the flashes.

You wiil be soon.
I think that's what they meant.

How will we know if it will be normal?

It will be I just know.
I love you.

I love you too.

I'm betting by tonight you will have a silver hand print on your abdomen.

We will have to break this to the others slowly.
Ava had a miscarriage before she went to Roswell.
That's why she left couldn't handle it needed time away.
When she was pregnant there was a silver hand print on her abdomen.

I hope Ava will not be upset by this.

You are going to have to deal with me being over protective.

Rath you already are.

I will be worse.
When we know for sure you are pregnant.

Ava will be an aunt and Zan will be an uncle.

Maria you have my powers.
We needed to help you control them.
They could get stronger with a baby growing inside of you.

I don't want to hide this from Zan and Ava.
I think we sould tell them about the flashes.
Find out what they think.

They are probaby up and worried about you because of last night.
We need a shower first.

Shower breakfast then we talk to them.

Good morning you two.

Good morning guys.
We all need to talk but first we need the shower.

We are making breakfast let's talk after that.

Ok sounds good.

Pt 15

Ria and I have to tell you about our vision we had this morning.
It will cause a lot of changes around here.

Ria was leaning on Rath picking at her food.

This is missing something.
Ria grabs his coffee drinking it.

Coffee is not food and you need to eat.

Doesn't taste right.

You two are like a married couple.

Ria sticks her tongue out at Ava.

So what was the vision?

It was about Ria and I having a baby.

Are you pregnant?

I don't know yet.
There wasn't a silver hand print earlier.

Here try one of these.
Handing Ria a plate with one of their pancakes on it.



Well looks like you now have one of our dietary quirks.
Sweet and spicy.
You have been drinking his coffee for months though.
Rath puts Tabasco Sauce in his coffee that's what in the pancakes.

So we need to find a bigger place.
We need funds.

Zan how much is left from our last gambling trip?

Not much man.

They go with us this time.
If something is going to happen I want Ria where we can protect her.

Where are we going?

Vegas baby.

You and her could get married as well as gamble.
Ria's responce was only if you and Zan do.

Rath swallows hard.

We are getting off topic here.

So how do you win in Vegas?

We use our powers to win at the games.

We don't win big at the same casinos that way it does not draw attention.

So you cheat.

The games are rigged anyways.

I was only picking.

So while Zan and I are gambling Ava and you can rest in the suite or gamble some too.

What happens if I go all Samantha Genie?

If you start to lose control of your powers we go back to the room.
After we have acquired funds.
We can find a place.

We will also have to look for someplace secluded to work on contolling her powers.

What powers do all of you have?
I know you all are stronger than your dupes.

Zan speaks first.
I can manipulate molecules,heal and produce a force field.
The healing might come in handy after you deliver if you are pregnant.
Just wondering who I will have to heal more you or Rath?

Very funny man.

Ava tells Ria one of my powers is mind warp which I don't use unless I absolutly necessary.
You see if you use it too much it can destroy a persons mind and kill.
i can also manipulate molecular structure and heal.

Last but not least to tell about their powers was her lover.

Mine are blowing things up manipulating molecular structure and healing.

Your powers are similar to theirs.
Zan and Max's are the same.
I never meet your dupe Ava.
Rath, Micheal can only blow thins up and manipulate.
Hell he doesn't need powers to manipulate.

Rath growls.
Ria kisses him.

I only have eyes for you.

Would you marry me?

No, to soon for that ask me after we have lived in sin for a while.

Before you two start the fore playing bit in your relationship.
I believe Ria can probably do everything Rath can do.
Reason being Rath shared his powers with you.

Ok since we decided that we are going to Vegas lets pack.

Ria and I can manage that.

Why don't Zan and Rath commender a vehicle.

I think the first night in Vegas we should just stay in the room.

The next day we will gamble.

Sounds like a plan.

Ria had gotten really quiet.

You ok baby?

I don't know if I'm ready for all of this.

That's what the visions where for.

Me having your baby could put you all in danger.

We don't know if you are yet.

When exactly did you two get this vision?

Ria's face turns bright red.


As far as being in danger we can deal with it.

You are part of our group.

So Rath and I will go get a vechile.
You and Ria go pack.


Rath told me about.........

My miscarriage.
I will be fine Ria.
You are dieing to know.
So see if there is a silver hand print.

Ria lifts her shirt pushing her pants down slightly.

There on her abdomen are two glowing silver hand prints.


PT 16
Those two hand prints had better be from one baby.

Rath and you are going to have to connect to the baby or babies.
Breathe Ria you will be fine.

I don't even know if I will be a good mom.

Don't be silly Ria
You will be a great mom and I will be a great aunt.
I get to spoil them rotten.
Rath is going to wait on you hand and foot.
He probably won't let you do anything.

I'm pregnant not handicapped.
I want to tell him in Vegas.

Ok my lips are sealed.

Are you two ready to go?


Viva Las Vegas.

The ride to Vegas did not seem to take that long.
We walked into the Ritz
Walking right by Max and Micheal as we went to check in.

Can I help you?

We have a reservation for the honeymoon suite.


De'Man party

Just sign here sir

Rath signs the papers.

The host gives him the electronic keys.
The bell hop will take your bags and show you to your rooms.

They follow the bell hop to their room.

Once at the room Zan looks at Rath

You are supposed to carry the bride over the threshold man.

Rath scoops Ria up in his arms doing just that.

But instead of stopping and putting her down.
He continues to their bedroom.
Kicking the door closed behind him.
Depositing Ria on the bed.
Following her with his own body.

He pinned her to the bed pressing his lower body into her.
Ria squirmed.

Why have you been so quiet?

There's two hand prints.
I'm going to get big and fat.
Your not going to want to touch me.

Grinding his pelvis into hers so she can feel how hard he is.

This is what the thought of you swollen with my child does to me.

Running his hands over her body dissolving her clothes and his.

Ria opens her legs granting him access.
Pushing up and pulling him into her in one swift movement.

Your so wet.
I could stay like this forever.


They move in unison taking each others pleasure higher and higher.
Ria screams as she climaxes


Rath follows her screaming


Rath reluctantly pulls out of her looking down at her abdomen seeing two silver hand prints.

Let's try to connect to our baby or babies.

It better only be one or you are never touching me again.

In response Rath moves his hand lower sliding two fingers into her.

I'm never what?

Ria moans as he moved his fingers in and out using his thumb and pointer finger to pinch her clit.

Don't stop
I'm going to come.

Rath stops.

Though I was never touching you again.

Ria's hand has found its way to his hardened cock.
Pumping his hard cock.

Please Rath

Rath moans as she increases the pressure and speed.

Taking her hand away
Flipping her on top of him

I want to be inside you
When you come.

Ria's wet heat engulfs his hardened cock.
Ria sets the pace which speeds up the closer she gets.

Rath reaches between them pinching her clit.

Causing her to lose it


Her walls clamp down on him pushing him over the edge as he spills his hot seed into womb.

rath sucks on her neck marking her as his.

Don't you think you have marked me enough?

Proved my point all I have to do is touch ya
You would never be able to not have me touch ya

You are sort of right

Sort of?

You get me hot just looking at me.

We need to get in the shower and go make some money.

Ria is wearing a black velvet bra covered by a short mess top with low cut jeans but not low enough to reveal her pregnancy.
Rath was wearing a metallica t-shirt with black button down jeans.
His arm was wrapped around her waist.
Walking into the casino neither noticed Kyle playing Black Jack with Alex.

Kyle looked up seeing the two.
Deciding not to say anything when he saw how happy his sister was.

Rath was going to go play Craps.

You can be my lucky charm.

In other word you don't know where Ava and Zan are and you aint letting me go with out one of them.


At the crap table the stick guy pushes the dice to Rath.
Rath places his bet.

I got to roll a seven or eleven
Blow on the dice for luck baby.

Ria blows on the dice.

Rath throws the dice across the table so that they strike the other side of the table from where he is standing

We have a winner

After several wins Rath collects his chips and Ria and he cash them in.

I think we have enough for our house now.

Rath I'm hungry can we go to the room an order room service?

Yes baby you be eaten for three

Not funny Rath

Back at the room

Ava and Zan are counting there winnings.

We have enough for our house man

Better make it a five bedroom.

Yes Ria's pregnant.

Congratulations man.

Ria you having triplets?

Zan I don't find that funny.
There is two hand prints.

Could be from one baby.

Ava you are taking away my fun.

I plan on keeping her pregnant.

Oh you did not just say that.

Rath smirks at her.

Want a repeat of earlier?

No your sleeping on the couch.

Before Ria can react Rath picks her up throwing her over his shoulder.

Carrying her kicking and screaming to the bedroom.

Put me down.
You aint getting any.

Wanna bet

Ava and Zan are laughing

you two are too funny

Ria if Rath has his way we all go to the Elvis wedding chapel

Ava I don't think thats funny

What's the matter Zan cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

Rath yells back call room service and then i guess we are going to the wedding chapel.

Cause she will be begging soon.

I can smell how much you want me right now.
Pt 17

so do you give up yet?

No Ria moaned as Rath attacked her neck and ground his hardness into her.

She was pinned underneath him.
Her body was pumping with need.

Ria wanted Rath so bad she could taste it.

Marry me



Rath jumps up from the bed heading for the door.

Where are you going?

To talk to Ava and Zan.


Cause you won't marry me.
I love you Ria
Why won't you marry me?

Rath I love you too.
Why are you so insistent that we get married?

I want to spend the rest of my life with you is that so wrong.
Thought it was an earthling thing to do.

Rath I'm not ready to get married.

You aint ready to have a kid yet but we are doing that.

What's gotten into you?

Nothing has gottin into me.
This is me you don't like it leave.
Micheal's at the crap table.
Why don't you go to him.

Ria slaps Rath across his face.

Fuck you.
I was only joking and you turned this thing around on me.
I don't even think I even know who you are right now.
Stay away from me.

Walking out of the room.

Ava will you go down to the casino with me?

What's going on?

I just need to get out of here for a little while.


Don't Ria me Rath.
I don't know what I did to make you even think something like that but Micheal Guiren is the last being I would ever want to touch.
Now before I say something I will regret.
Cause I am so pissed at you right now.
Ava and I are going down stairs.


Ria opens the door and who's standing there Micheal.

Ria was no longer angry she was scared.
Backing away from him running by Ava.


Ria ran right to Rath.

What the hell.

Micheal walked right in pushing past Ava.

We did not invite you in Micheal get out.

Rath hears Ava picking Ria up heading toward the bedroom.
Ria is trembling in his arms.

I'm sorry baby for what I said earlier.
I saw Micheal and I was just scared I would lose you.

Find away out of here now.
They are not taking me to Roswell.
I will marry you.

What about earlier?

Hormones and sexual frustration.

Where is she Zan?



I don't know any Maria girl.
Get out before I call security.

Zan try to distract him so Ria and I can make a break for the wedding chapel.

Ava can you mind warp Micheal so he's not seeing them?


Ava mind warps Micheal as Ria and Rath walk by.

A short while later at the at the Elvis wedding chapel.

You sure about this Ria?

What now that I said I would marry you your getting cold feet.


Are you two ready to proceed?


We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.
If anyone objects speak now or forever hold your peace.

Do you Rath take this woman to have and to hold forsaking all others till death do you part?

I do.

Do you Ria take this man to have and to hold forsaking all others till death do you part?

I do.

Repeat after me

With this ring

With this ring

I thee wed

I thee wed

I now pronounce you husband and wife
You may kiss the bride.

Rath kisses Ria leaving her breathless.

I now introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Rath De'Man.

Micheal Max Isabel Alex and Liz all run in screaming wait.

Followed by Zan and Ava.

Sorry you seemed to have missed the part where you could have objected.

They are now married.

Congratulations Man.

Ria looked at Zan

Hey aren't you two supposed to get hitched too.

Looking at Rath we have something to finish that we started earlier.

The making love part or the fighting part?

Making love part.

We are going to a different hotel .

Can I help you?

Yes we would like to get the honeymoon suite.


Mr. and Mrs. Rath De'Man

Sign here both of you.

They sign and are handed the key.

Can you not tell anyone we are checked in here please.
My ex boy friend saw us earlier.
He is very abusive.
We don't want any confrontation with him.

Yes Mame
We can not give out that information.
It is against policy.

Thank you.

Rath carries Ria over the threshold as Ria kisses him passionately removing his tux jacket as Rath kicks the door closed.

She rips his shirt open in frustration trying to get closer to him.

Rath waves his hand over her wedding gown undoing the zipper.
It crumples to the floor followed by his pants.

Rath I can't wait.

We aint going to make it to the bed.

I need you now.

Rath picks her up so she is leaning against the wall.

Pushing his pulsing cock into her wet heat.
Pumping in and out of her as her walls clamp down on him
as he shoots his seed into her.

Well Mrs. De'Man want to try to make it to the bed this time?

If you are carrying me Mr.De'Man cause I don't think I can walk.

Did I hurt ya?

No that was out of this world
My legs are like jello.

Rath carries her into the bedroom where they make love for hours.
Finally falling into a deep sleep.

Pt 18

Ria woke up finding Rath's loving eyes looking down on her.

Morning Mrs. De'Man

Morning Mr. De'Man

Ria snuggles into Rath's arms.

I could stay like this forever.

We have to find Ava and Zan.

I know but I don't want to run into the others.
Couldn't you try to contact them telepathically?

Yes later.
I think we need to connect to the babies.

One Rath it's one.


They take each others hands placing them on her abdomen.

They connect to the little life growing inside her.

Rath and Ria see a baby girl.

The little baby acted as if she had been waiting for them to connect to her.

It's a girl B'tch.
Little girls grow up to attract boys.
Rath growls.

We are having more I want a boy.

What your not happy cause it's a girl?

I want a son and a daughter.
Maybe we missed one
the other one he's hiding.

Ria laughs at her husband.
Rath it's one baby a little girl.
She will be a daddy's girl.

Rath smiles at the thought of that.
That settles it I'm keeping you pregnant.

No you are not.

What do you want to do today?

This afternoon lets go sight seeing.


Everything was going fine until we ran into Micheal.

Maria have you lost your mind?
You are supposed to have a normal life.

Micheal get over yourself.

Micheal grabs Maria so she has to look at him.

Rath jumps in

Let go of her now.

What are you going to do about it?

Your about to find out.

Micheal let's go of Ria.

Let's go Rath.

They go to leave but before Rath can walk away.

Micheal punches him.

Rath looks at him unbelievably

You don't know when to quit do you?

Rath punches Micheal drawing blood.

Micheal goes to hit Rath again but somehow Ria ended up in the middle.

Instead of hitting Rath
Micheal hits Ria knocking her down from the impact.

Just as Micheal hits Ria
Zan and Ava where coming around the corner.

Zan and Ava run up to Ria and Rath.

Rath is furious.

Rath pins Micheal to the wall by the throat.

If you ever touch my wife again it will be the last thing you do.
Leave now while you still can.

Zan had checked Ria over.

Rath walked over to her concern written all over his face.

Micheal over hears what Ria says as he is walking away.

We are fine.
Can we go home?

Micheal goes back to the hotel.

What happened to you?


Doesn't look like nothing

What mess do I have to clean up now?

I got in a fight with Rath all right.

Does he look as bad as you?

Micheal walks out of the room slamming the door.

This is just great.

In walks Lonnie impersonating Isabel.

What did Micheal do now?

Go talk to him.

I will.

What happened?

I got in a fight with Rath.

Lonnie trys really hard not to laugh.
Does he look worse than you?

I ended up hitting Maria.

You hit Maria.

I didn't mean to.
The worst part is not only did I hit her but she is pregnant.

Maria's pregnant.
How interesting maybe I just found my ticket home.
Max will clean your mess up he always does.

Lonnie leaves barely missing Isabel as she goes into the room.

So what's all the excitement?

Isabel you were just here.

Max I just came from the casino.
I haven't been here since this morning.

Pt 19

Ria had changed her mind there was no way Rath could talk her out of it.

That's how they ended up at the others hotel room.

They walked in on an argument.

Isabel it was you I talked to.

No it was not.

Before Micheal can speak he is flung against a wall.

Micheal looks up to see Ria with her hand raised.
A look of pure shock on his face.

What did you tell Lonnie?

That I hit you by mistake and hears you tell Rath You and the baby where fine.

Do you ever think before you act?

You ever heard the expression don't threaten a mother bears cubs?
Lonnie better not try to do anything to my baby or it will be the last thing she does.

I didn't mean.

Save it!

We are really sorry.

We don't care.
Stay out of New York.
If any of you come to New York you will regret it.

Rath Ria Ava and Zan leave.

We won't let Lonnie do anything to you or the baby.

Ria snuggles into Rath's body as they drive back to the city.
Falling asleep on the way.

Rath carries Ria into the apartment.
In the bedroom he strips off her clothes and lays her in bed before covering her up.
Kissing the top of her head.before heading out to talk to Zan and Ava.

I don't want to leave Ria alone for long.
So lets make this quick.

We are going to go get that house tomorrow and move.

Rath I don't think Lonnie will try anything before the baby is born.

I also think she will try to get Micheal to help her.

He does not want to.
I will kill him.
Lonnie is going to Die!

We all agree on that.

There is nothing more we can do now.

Rath walks in to find Ria is no longer sleeping.

You should get some rest.

I will.
I lost my nice warm pillow.

Ria licks her lips as Rath strips off his clothes.

Rath's cock immediately stands at attention when Ria pulls back the covers exposing her naked body.

Make love to me Rath.

Rath attacks her neck sucking then bitting licking away the sting.

Ria's hands are running down his back.

Rath kisses his way down her body.
Taking a hardened nipple into his mouth while kneading the other.
Then kissing down her abdomen stopping at the silver hand prints
Kissing them
Maybe we souldn't do this cause we connected with the baby.

Rath please she will be fine

Kissing them
Ok your mommy wants some attention.
Moving down to her core.
running circles around her clit with his thumb.
then licking and sucking on her heated core.
Sticking his tongue into her

Enticing several moans of pleasure from Maria.

Don't stop!

Rath smirks
When is she ever going to learn
I love to tease her.

Stopping to insert to fingers into her pumping in and out of her for a few times then switching back to licking and sucking and playing with her clit.

Stopping when he knows she was going to come.
Moving back up her body and capturing her mouth in a fierce kiss.

Entering her in one thrust holding still till he could take teasing her no longer
Pulling almost all the way out then plunging back into her.

Ria's walls clamp down on him as they climaxed together.



Pt 20

It had been five months since their trip to Vegas.

They had moved into a new house.
Wasn't much but they fixed it up in no time with their powers.
Lonnie had not show up yet.

Rath never let Ria out of his sight for more than a few minutes.

They had made a nursery that was connected to their room.

Ava and Zan where setting up a security system that would detect Lonnie or any other alien.
It also rendered the person powerless.
If they tryed to break it.

Zan had been the guinea pig.

Ria was grouchy.

Rath smirked as she walked around the house.

Come here.

Ria walked over to Rath standing in front of him.
Hands on her hips.

Quit looking at me like that.


Like I'm all hot.

You are.

Before you did this to me pointing at her swollen belly.

Rath pulls her down on his lap.

What's the matter Ria?

I'm all hormonal
I just want to cry


Don't patronize me

I think your adorable.

I'm not a puppy.

No you are my sexy pregnant wife.
who I love very much

Then why don't you want to touch me anymore.

Ria your dreamin
I never want to stop touching you.
You where sleeping I didn't want to wake you.

Never stopped you before

Stop squirming
I don't think Zan and Ava would appreciate it if they walked in here
and i was doing what you want me to do to you.

That would be there problem.
Tell them to stay in the kitchen

Ava will be telling us to stop christening all the rooms in the house.

I need you Rath
I'm all hot
its all your fault.
You need to fix the problem

Grinding into him

Rath's hands go to her ass trying to still her movements

She grins at him
as he finds she is not wearing any panties

Rath inhales sharply as he feels her tiny hands unzipping his jeans and releasing his pulsing member.


Ria sinks down on his pulsing cock

They match each other thrust for thrust as Ria's walls clamp down on his pulsing cock and he fills her with his seed.


Rath kisses her picking her up taking her to the bedroom

We aint done yet.

Meanwhile back in Roswell Micheal was slumming around his apartment.
When in walks Isabel
Is that really you Isabel?

No I'm Lonnie morphing back into the real her.

Micheal raises his hand.

What not happy to see me?
Got a proposition for you.

What's that?

Help me get Rath and Maria's baby.

Why would I want to help you?

You want off this rock right?

But what has that got to do with their baby?

It's our ticket home.
All we have to do is hand it over to Kivar.
You think about it and let me know.

Morphing back into Isabel
See ya

Micheal stares at the door after she leaves.

Guess I'm going to New York
But not for you Bitch.

Pt 21

Micheal stood out side of Rath and Maria's house
wondering if he really should be here.

Rath came walking out of the house.

What the hell are you doing here?
Didn't I warn you once?

Rath hear me out.

Why should I?

I know what Lonnie is up to.

I should trust you.
Don't make me laugh.

Fine listen

Ria walked out

Get out of here Micheal

What are you doing outside Ria?
Let me handle this.

I already have my knight in shinning armor.
I don't need you.

Go give Lonnie her own baby.

Zan came out with Ava

Ava usurer Ria back inside.

Zan says lets let him in test the security.

Just as Zan says that Lonnie walks up behind Micheal.

Thanks babe I couldn't have done it with out you,

I didn't help you.

Not knowingly
But I knew you could sense Rath
And Love Ria so
You would lead me right ro them
You never did think first
But the thought of sleeping with you is appealing
Wonder if you are in good in bed as Rath.
So you want to save the B'tches baby or you want to get off this rock?

Fuck off Lonnie.

Micheal walks away

I'll be seeing you Rath

Zan and Rath watch Lonnie walk away.

Ava comes running out.

Rath we have a problem

Rath Zan and Ava run into the house

It fucking hurts

Zan checks her over

Rath she is having braxton hix contractions

Ria you need to calm down

Braxton hix?

There supposed to to prepare your body for the real thing

The real thing?
This is false labor the real thing is worse.
You have her Rath.

Rath sits down pulling Ria into his arms

Calm down

Micheal brought her here.
How am I going to calm down?
She is going to try to take our baby.

I think she kinda liked the idea of Micheal giving her one

Ria trys not to laugh as another contraction hits

Rath there not stopping there getting worse

Rath places his hands on her abdomen.

I'm not ready for this its to soon.

Ria breathes deeply as the contraction passes.

Rath holds her in his arms as she falls asleep.

Zan the next time there not going to stop.

She needs to take it easy.

What are we going to do about Lonnie?

Turn her to dust.


Meanwhile in a run down hotel room Micheal sat thinking about what had happened earlier.

I wanted to warn her.
Don't want anything to happen to her baby.
I still love her.
Who am I kidding I just keep thinking that it's just her baby
Rath is the father

There is a knock on the door.

Mabey it's Rath he can kill me and put me out of my misery.

Micheal opens the door to find Lonnie.

What do you want Lonnie?

Do you want off this rock?

I'm not helping you get Ria's baby?

Ria's baby?
It's Rath and Ria's baby.

Fine Rath and Ria's baby.
I won't help you.
It would hurt her.
I can't stand to see her hurt.

Lonnie looks Micheal up and down.


Just wondering if you are as good in bed as Rath.
If you won't hep me get her baby give me one.

No way am I touching you.

It's the one place that Rath's been that you actually can have.
You never will have her.
She started going into labor earlier.
Tic toc tic tock.

Micheal walks up to Lonnie grabbing her slamming her against the wall.

If I fuck you.
You promise to leave Ria alone.

Just Ria?

All three of them.
Ria the baby and Rath.

I promise.

All I have to do is pretend she is Maria.

Micheal kisses Lonnie.

Walking back towards the bed taking her with him.
Stripping off her clothes as he goes.

Lonnie removes Micheal's clothes with a wave of her hand.

They fall to the bed.

Kissing and touching.

Micheal enters her in one thrust .

Matching each other thrust for thrust as her walls clamp down on him.
Micheal spills his hot seed filling her womb.

Pulling out get dresses
Get out.
I'm going to be sick.

You would do anything for her.
To bad she loves Rath not you.
Did you really think i would leave her alone.
Pt 23

Micheal could not believe what had just happened.

I'm losing my mind.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

Lonnie I told you before I'm not helping you.

Sorry to disappoint ya but I'm not Lonnie.

Rath looks Micheal up and down.

You really went there!
I'm here to tell you to watch Lonnie.
Shouldn't be a problem since you fucked her.

Tell me!

Tell you.
Unless you want to walk away.
While you still can.
But you can't
Your in to deep.

Why come to me Rath?
It's not like you trust me.

Rath starts laughing.

Trust you.
Thats comical.
You love Ria.
You always have the best of intentions
never works out for you though.
Make sure it does this time.
Ria started going into pre mature labor.
So get Lonnie out of New York
Or keep her occupied.

Oh and how am I supposed to do that?

Rath laughs.

No way.
I'm not going there again.
No way.

You will figure it out.
Keep the B'tch away from my house.
Since you brought her there.

Rath walks out leaving Micheal by himself.

God damit.
He's right.
The only way Lonnie will fall for this
Is if I'm fucking her.
Why don't I ever think first?!

Pt 24

Ava Zan where did Rath go?

We aren't supposed to tell you.

Why not?

Cause Rath does not wish for you to get upset.

You should be in bed.

I'm sick of being in bed.
I want to know where Rath went.

Calm down Ria.
I will.
Tell me.

Rath went to see Micheal.


Just then Rath walks in.

What are you doing on your feet.
Your supposed to be in bed.

What where you talking to Micheal about?



Want him to keep Lonnie busy and away from you.
Said he would.

Picking her up in his arms.

Now you are going back to bed.

Rath places Ria on the bed.

Ria kisses him passionately.

Rath pulls away.

I don't think we should.

Rath please.


Rath pulls her into his arms

We can't.
I want to too.
I'm sick of cold showers.

Rath please.

Ria runs her hands down his body to the bulge in his jeans.

Rath hisses.

As Ria's hands come in contact with his erection.


Ria pouts at Rath giving him puppy dog eyes.

Unzipping his jeans and pulling his throbbing member from them.
Her hand wraps around his hard throbbing cock.

Rath goes to move her hand away but can't.

You mastered your powers.
Using them against me is just wrong.

Rath moans as her mouth engulfs his hardened cock.

Ria sucks on his cock.
While pumping her hand up and down.
Running her tongue over the tip.

Driving him crazy.


Ria pulls his throbbing cock out of her mouth.


Ria kisses him passionately.
Pulling away from him.

Smiling evilly at him.

You want me to stop?

Hell no!
Ria please.

Rath trys to move but can't.


Ria goes back to teasing Rath.
Running her tongue along the vein but not taking him into her mouth.
Then teasing the mushroom head running her tongue all over it
In quick movements


Ria takes his throbbing member back into her mouth.
Sucking and pumping hard

Rath spills his seed.

Ria releases his cock and him at the same time.

Rath pounces on Ria.
Kissing her deeply and pinning her body beneath him.

Hard but not hard enough to hurt the baby.

Taking his hand running it along her wet heat.
Taking his hand and licking it clean.

Your going to be really frustrated now.
Cause we can't.

Ria feels his hardened cock pressed into her body.

You want to.

Yes I want to.
Agree to stop or I'm sleeping on the coach.



Rath jumps up pulling his pants up and zipping them.

I know you are used to getting your own way.
But not this time Ria.
It will put you in full blown labor.
Your not far enough along.
The baby could die.

Rath walks out slamming the door behind him.

Ava comes running out.

What's wrong?

Go talk to Ria please.

Ava opens the door to find Ria crying.

What happened?

We got into a fight cause I wanted some and Rath's afraid it will put me in labor.
So he is sleeping on the coach.
Told me I was used to getting my own way.

In the living room

Zan I can't do this for another three months.

Rath whether Ria and you have sex does not mean she will go into labor.
She could go into labor for many reasons.

But it's to soon.

We don't know that.
We know nothing for sure.

A human pregnancy is nine months.

But the baby is just not human she is alien too.
We could have totally different time frame.
According to Max we do.
So in alien standards Ria would be late.
Under human standards she would be early.

That's not the point.

What is Rath?
Your scared.
That is an emotion foreign to you.
Stop being so stubborn.
If this is about sex.
If Ria wants to get off bad enough
She could always get herself off.

Rath growls at the though.

She would too.

Kick Ava out of your room and be with your wife.

Rath walks back in their bedroom.

Ava get out.

Make up your mind already.

Rath thought you were sleeping on the coach.

Like I would be able to sleep without you in my arms.

Ria just stares at him unsure of what to do.

Rath I......

Rath cuts her off.

You would get yourself off anyways wouldn't you.

Ria bites her lip.

That is all the answer Rath needs.

Where is it?

Where is what?

The vibrator.

Ria goes to the nightstand by the bed.
Opening the drawer.
Taking out a green vibrator.

Maria holds the vibrator in her hand.

Looking into Rath's eyes.

You are only supposed to use that thing while I'm watching you.

Rath I...

Do it.
Get yourself off.

Rath sits in the chair across from the bed.

Ria strips her clothes off as Rath watches her.

Rath adjusts his jeans as his cock hardens.

Rath moves the chair closer to the bed.

Ria lays down on the bed.

Rath takes her feet placing them on the chair.

Ria turns the vibrator on looking into Rath's eyes placing the vibrator inside her heat.
Moving it in and out.
Then completely out to run it around her clit.
Placing the vibrator back inside
moving it in and out.

When suddenly Rath takes the vibrator from her.
Throwing it on the floor.

Fuck that.

Moving Ria up the bed.

Rath pushes himself inside her
Capturing her mouth in a passion filled kiss.



Ria moves her hips urging Rath to move.

Rath thrusts into her and out.

They match each other thrust to thrust.


As Ria's walls clamp down on his cock drawing him in deeper as he thrusts once more filling her with his seed.


Pulling out of her.

Kissing her and pulling her body into his.

Didn't you like my toy?

I think I would come from watching you before you ever got yourself off.

Probably cause nothing beats the real thing.

Ria giggles.

See no labor pains.

I will still be the one to put you in labor.

More than likely.

PT 25

Micheal paced back and forth waiting to see if Lonnie took the bait.

He had walked all over New York looking for her.

Not finding Lonnie he had returned to the roach motel.

He had been back for about two hours.

When he heard the lock click open.

Laying on the bed Micheal pretended to be asleep.

Lonnie climbed up his body kissing him.

She forced his mouth open so her tongue could do battle with his.

Pulling back.

Hello lover.
Did you miss me?

Grabbing his hardened cock which she had freed from its restraints.

I can make you want me even if you really don't want to.

As Lonnie pumps Micheal's cock.

Your not thinking about her this time are you.

Micheal hisses as Lonnie increases the pressure.

Micheal grabs Lonnie by her hair bringing her mouth to his.

Kissing her.

While taking his hands and going for her breasts.

Concentrating Micheal turns Lonnie to dust.

Good riddance Bitch.

Getting up and going into the bathroom.

Stripping and jumping in the shower.

Scrubbing himself clean.

Changing his clothes.

Micheal looks over the room before leaving.

Going back to another motel where he had rented a room earlier.

I will go tell Rath tomorrow that Lonnie is dead.

Then go back to Roswell.

The next day at Rath and Ria's house.

Micheal rings the bell.

Out walks Rath.

Thought we agreed that you would stay away.

I just wanted to tell you that Lonnie will no longer be a problem.
She is dust.

You killed her.
Didn't think you had it in you.

Did it for Maria not you.
I'm going back to Roswell.

Rath watches Micheal walk away.

Going back inside.

What's going on Rath?

Lonnie is dead.
You and the baby are safe.

So are we going to come up with any baby names?

Girls names Rath growls.

We start at A each picking a name then pacing the book.

I like Alliyah

Ria paces the book to Rath

i like Alejandra

Rath passes the book to Ava

I like Amnethyst

Ava passes the book to Zan

I like Aspen

Rath and Ria both don't like Amethyst and Aspen.

Why don't you two do this without us.
Keep going eliminating one as you go.

I don't like any that start with B.

Me either on to C.

I like Candy

Rath makes a face.

She will get picked on.

Did you find any C?

I'm looking.
Let's try D.

Quit laughing at us.

Try looking together..

Rath and Ria look through the baby book.

It took them a long time to narrow it down to three names.
That they both liked.

So what did you two decide on?


Alejandra which means upwardly mobile combined with a classic pedigree with high fashion appeal.

Faith which means Puritan virtue name is straight forward feminine image

Rochelle which is a French name relates to rock image more fragile and shell like.

I like Rochelle says Ava.

Then it would be R and R and R.

What about a middle name?

No more names tonight.

We could always use the names we have.

No more Ria Please


Pt 26

We need to go baby shopping.

You are not going shopping and walking around the mall.

Rath it is just a baby store.
You are driving me crazy with all this protectiveness.

Ria, I can get the furniture we need for the nursery.
Then later we can go to the baby store together.

We need a crib, mattress , changing table four draw dresser night stand toy chest a mirror and a rocking chair.

Is that all?

For furniture yes.
I want them in oak not white.
I want the walls painted blue.
Since we have hardwood floors I want a blue throw rug.
We also need some stuffed animals a lamp baby monitor diaper genie diapers clothes and a mobile.
I narrowed down the theme that I want to three
Alien Winnie the Pooh or baby snoopy

We can talk about the theme you want later.
I will go to the baby store with Zan while you talk with Ava.

We heard our names.

Got to go furniture shopping.

I'll go with you.

Rath kisses Ria.

I will see you after I buy out the baby store.

I'm so sick of being pregnant.
Rath is driving me crazy.
He won't let me do anything.

Ria is pacing back and forth.

Ria calm down.
You are like all hyped all of a sudden.

I can't help it.
I'm tiered of sitting.
My back hurts ,my feet are all swollen and my boobs hurt.
Rath and I agree to disagree on everything.

Did the two of you decide on a name yet?


so are you telling me or not?

Rochell Rose Deman.

I like that its pretty.
Rath and you agreed on that finally.

Sounds like they are back.

Where is the furniture?

The delivery guy is bringing the furniture and rug.
Want to help decide on the color blue before the delivery guy gets here?

I want the same color as the rug you picked.

Zan holds his hand against the wall making it a light blue.

How is that Ria?

I like it Zan.

The delivery guy is here.

Everything comes assembled except the crib.

Ria sits on the rocking chair.

Tell us where to put the furniture.

I want the crib in the middle of the room.
On that wall over there i want the four draw dresser.
I want the changing table across the room.
The nightstand and toy chest here on the wall opposite the dresser.
The mirror i want here across from the crib.
Toy chest I want next to the dresser.

Ok now I have to assemble the crib.

Ria laughs you have to assemble the crib without powers.
Assemble the crib the human way.

I can do that.

No I am going to sit here to see that you do not cheat.

Zan want to help me?


Hey Zan you cant use your powers to help him either.


After several cures Rath and Zan managed to put the crib together.

The nursery was all set up with the furniture.

Rath even got some teddy bears and a beanie baby unicorn.
Diaper baby monitor diaper genie a couple of throw blankets and clothes.

Ok who helped you at the furniture store?

We did it all by ourselves.


Ok I asked the lady at the baby store.
I picked these two by myself.
Holding up a cookie monster jumper and a white and pink dress with lace on the front.

Ria walks up to Rath

You never cease to amaze me.

Kissing him passionately.

About the baby theme can we decide so I can go get that?
Then all we need is the baby.

I want Winnie the Pooh.

Just then Zan and Ava come in with four bags a Winnie the pooh mobile and lamp.

Think Rath already knew that.
As Ava pulls out the bedding.

Ria and Ava put the bedding on the crib.

So the nursery is all done.


Ria there was no bottles on your list.

I'm breast feeding.

The thought of his daughter sucking on Ria's breast start to go through his mind.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

It was not.

Well it was going there.

Several hours later

Finally I can take you to bed.

What do you have in mind?


Ria pouts.

That is not going to work.
I am honestly tiered.
I just want to hold you and sleep.
Admit it you are exhausted.
You have not been sleeping well.

True I just cant get comfortable.

In the morning I promise.

Rath kisses her passionately.

They fall asleep in each others arms.

Pt 27

Rath watches as Ria slept

Knowing that their baby would be here soon.

Ria's eyes fluttered opened.

Morning beautiful.

So can I have my husband for breakfast?

Ria licks her lips

Rath moans at the look of hunger on Ria's face.

Ria moves her hands up and down his chest.
Playing with his nipples watching as they harden under her menstruations.
Taking her tongue and running circles around it then moving down his body.
Till she gets to his hardened cock.
Licking the pre come from the mushroom head.
Just as she is about to engulf his hardened cock.

Rath stops her.


Let me.
Give you pleasure as you do me.

Rath positions her so she is lying on top of him but her face is at his throbbing cock.
Her heat is at his face.

Like this.

Without warning Rath licks her folds.

Ria bucks her hips trying to get closer to his tongue.

As she engulfs his hardened cock.
Ria sucks hard pumping up and down as Rath uses his tongue to drive him crazy.

She moans about his cock as Rath's tongue hits her g-spot.

Ria circles his tip with her tongue before running her tongue down the vein.
Playing with his balls.

Ria stop.

Ria ignores him.

B'tch stop.

Why do you want me to stop?

I want to come inside you.

I can get you hard again.

Ria continues what she was doing.

Rath moans.

As his seed fills her hot mouth.

Ria continues making him hard all over again.

Rath moves her so now Ria is on the bottom with Rath on top of her.

Your evil.

I know.

Rath plunges into Ria hard and fast.

That feels so good.

They match each other thrust for thrust.

Rath feels his own release approaching again.

Pinching Ria's clit sending her over the edge.

Ria's walls clamp down on him as he fills her with his seed.

Rath pulls out of her.

Kissing her deeply.

Ria breaks the kiss.
Pulling away from Rath.

What's the matter Ria?

Nothing I just have to go pee.

Ria gets up from the bed.

Throwing on her robe.

Walks like three steps when a contraction hits her.


Rath my water just broke.


You heard me.
My water just broke.

Rath jumps up picking Ria up and laying her down on the bed.

Jumping into his jeans.

Zan, Ava the baby is coming.

Zan and Ava rush in.

How far apart are the contractions?

I don't know I haven't timed them yet.

Why not?

Cause my water just broke.

Your water broke that means you have been having silent contractions.

Ria looks at the ground.

You were having them yesterday.
When I made you sit down.
While Rath and Zan went to the baby shopping.

Yes but then they stopped.

When did they restart?

Ria doesn't want to look at Rath.

When did they restart Ria?

Ria screams as another contraction hits.

Ava looks at the clock.

They are like three minutes apart.
Shouldn't be this fast.
Cause it is her first child.

Realization hits Rath.

You were in labor while we were........

We need to check to see how dilated you are Ria.

Ava checks her.

She is like eight centimeters.
She has to be ten centimeters to deliver.

As another contraction hits Ria.

It hurts.
This is all your fault.
I hate you.

Rath wants to scream.

Ava looks at him sympathetically.

As the contraction ends.

Rath I'm sorry.
I love you.

Zan looks at the clock.

They are coming fast and strong.

Rath holds Ria hand.

I can't believe you.
You where in labor when we.

Im sorry.....

Ria clutches Rath's hand as another contraction hits.

I want her out now.
Use your powers and get her out.
You are never touching me again.

Rath smirks at her.

We will be doing this again in like nine months.
Cause I'm keeping you pregnant.

I'm can't get pregnant while I breast feed.

Ava is checking her.

Ria on your next contraction I want you to push.

She's ten centimeters already.

Ava looks at Rath.


Breath in and out.
Are you ready Ria?



Ria pushes.

I can see the head.
Breath in and out.

Ria pushes again.

The head is out.
Next contraction will do it.

Ria screams as the next contraction comes.

Pushing the baby all the way out.

We have a girl.

Rath you cutting the cord?

Rath uses his powers cutting the cord.

Ava runs her hands over the baby cleaning her up.

Well Miss Rochelle Rose Deman welcome to our family.
I'm going to give you to your mommy now.

She's beautiful.

Ria has tears streaming down her face.

Just like her mommy.
Who I'm gong to pay back later.

Rath watches as his daughter latches onto Ria's breast ans Ria feeds her.

Rath has tears in his eyes.

After Ria finishes feeding her.

Want to hold your daughter?

Rath takes the tiny bundle into his arms.

I'm your daddy.
No one will ever hurt you.
I promise.

Rochell latches onto Rath's thumb as he rocks her to sleep.

Pt 28

Zan and Ava come walking into Rath and Ria's bedroom.

Since you and Rath are not using the nursery right away,
We bought a bassinet and all the accessories.


Rath that means you can put her down.

Or let someone else hold her.

Rath shakes his head no.

She is going to be so spoiled.

Well we will leave the three of you alone.

Rath reluctantly places Rochelle in the bassinet.

Looking at Ria

How are you feeling mommy?

A little sore and tired.
Rochelle will wake up soon to be feed.

You should have gotten a breast pump.
So I can feed her too.

You can change her.

Rath makes a face.

That's part of being a daddy.
You get to change diapers.

I wanna feed her too.

Ria laughs

You look so cute when you pout.
Do you have a bottle?

But no breast pump.

You can use your powers to get my milk to the bottle.

That could work.
Don't like the idea though.
Don't want to use my powers like that on you.
I will have to wait.
I could go to the store and buy one.

Just then Rochelle starts to cry.

Rath gets up picking her up.

She's got to be changed.

See you get to change her diaper first.

I don't know how to go this.
I would rather feed her.
It's not funny Ria.

Yes It is.

The next baby we have you are changing the diaper first.

That will be when Rochelle is about two.

No you are getting pregnant as soon as we can make love again.

Rath I can't get pregnant while I am breast feeding.

We will see.

Rath hands Ria Rochelle.

Rochelle latches onto Ria's breast and starts feeding.

That's so unfair.
I get no attention.

Rath snuggles into Ria.

If you stop whining I will do something for you later.

Then you will be all hot and bothered.
Cause we can't do anything else.

I think I will survive.

What do you want for dinner.
I will make it while you are feeding her.

What ever you want is fine.
Rath kisses Ria going to the kitchen.

While Rath is cooking dinner Ria starts to fall asleep with Rochelle.

Hey Zan did we buy a camera?

No that is like the one thing we forgot.

Putting that on my list.

You have a list.

Yep camera and breast pump.
So I can feed Rochelle and take pictures of her.

Poor Ria she ids going to feel neglected.
You be givin Rochelle so much attention.

Rochelle gets more attention than I do.

I'm going to tell Ria dinner is done.

Rath walks in to find Ria and Rochelle fast asleep.

I had to forget the camera.

Rath slowly picks Rochelle up kissing her forehead.
Then placing her in the bassinet.

Placing a kiss on Ria's forehead.
Sleep I can eat your food up when you wake up.

Pt 29

Ria woke up looking for Rath she was not surprised that he was not in bed.

Ria looked over by the bassinet finding Rath fast asleep holding on to Rochelle in the rocking chair.

Ria got out of bed taking Rochelle from Rath.

Looking down at their daughter

You have to sleep in your bed.
Cause your mommy wants your daddy to sleep in your mommy and daddy's bed.

Rochelle smiles in her sleep.

Ria kisses her check before laying her down in her bassinet.

Ria looks down at Rath

Now to get you where you belong.

Suatting down Ria unties his work boots and takes them off his feet followed by his socks.

Deciding this would be esier if she kneels instead.

Ria reaches up unbuttoning his shirt.

Trying to move Rath but being unable to.

Ria kisses his collarbone then moves down his chest circling one nipple then the other with her tongue.
Kissing down to the button on his jeans.
Fighting with the button then finally getting it undone.
Unzipping his jeans and freeing his hardened cock.

Well at least I can get a response out of one part of you.

Ha ha very funny Ria.

Rath moans as Ria takes all of his throbbing member into her mouth.

Moving up and down slowly taking her tongue and running around the tip when she reached he top before running her tongue along the entire length as she sucked on his throbbing cock.

Rath's hands where in her hair as she looked up into his partly closed desire filled eyes.

Running her tongue around the tip driving him mad.


He so wanted to just thrust into her heated mouth.

Ria sucked hard increasing the pace up and down.

Rath spilled his seed and Ria swollowed every last drop.

She released him and captured his mouth in a fierce kiss.

Rath stood stripping his clothes while Ria kissed him.

Breaking for air.

I want you.

Rath smirked at her.

We can't Rochelle is only a week old.

I know.
What I was going to say was in bed.
I wanna snuggle with you cause we can't yet.

Rath is reluctant to move away from Rochelle.

Mommy wants you.
Rochelle is fine.
You don't have to watch her every second.

Pulling Rath toward the bed.

You have not sleep in bed since she was born.
I think your falling asleep in the rocking chair is the first time your eyes have been closed in a week.
Your being over protective.
Nothing is going to happen to Rochelle while you sleep.
She will be awake in a couple of hours for a feeding.
You are staying in bed and getting some sleep.

Your being bossy and jealous.

I am not jealous.
I just would like to spend sometime with you too.
And you are being over protective.
We are waisting time that we could be sleeping.

Rath gets in bed pulling Ria's body close to his.

I am not jealous.

I am not over protective.

Goodnight Rath.
I love you.

Night Ria.
I love you too.

Pt 30

Rath woke up to find no Ria or Rochelle.

Rath jumps up throwing on his jeans.

Practically running into the living room.

Ava looks up.

God Rath we all thought you were bad before Rochelle was born.
Now you are worse.

Rath goes over to Ava trying to take Rochelle away.

No I am holding her.

Zan walks into the living room.

What's up Ava?
Take Rath somewhere out of the house.

She is my daughter.

So she is my niece.

Ria comes into the living room.

So we are arguing over Rochelle.
Well you both are out of luck.
It is time for her feeding.

Zan that is what Rath and you could go to the store buy some bottles and a breast pump.

We need diapers too.

Rochelle starts crying.

Next time you are going to have twins.

Ria gave Rath a dirty look.

Ria takes Rochelle from Ava.

She walks into Rath and hers bedroom followed by Rath.

Ria places Rochelle on her nipple.
Rochelle latches on sucking.

Ria looks at Rath

Sticking her tongue out at him.
I have her.
You can hold her after I finish feeding her.

Rath growls I'm going to take a shower.
Then Zan and I are going to the store.
You are pumping when I get back so I can feed her.


Then tonight I am making love to you.

Ria feels moisture pool between her legs at the thought of Rath making love to her.

Rath smirks at her.

You like that thought.

Ria nods her head yes.

Rath walks up to her capturing her lips in a long kiss.

Breaking for air.

Me too.
I love it when you give me head.
I'd much rather be inside you.


Rath walks out of the room.

A few hours later Rath and Zan walk back into the house to find Ava and Ria chatting away in the living room.

Before Rath can ask

Rochelle is asleep in the nursery.

Pointing to the baby monitor.

Rath goes into the kitchen washing a baby bottle.

Coming back into the living room with breast pump in one hand and baby bottle in the other.

Ria gets up from the coach going into their room.

Rath trails behind her.

Ria unbuttoned her blouse taking her breast out of her nursing bra.

Rath handed her the pump and bottle.

Ria attached the pump to her breast pumping milk into the bottle.

Removing the breast pump and setting it aside.
Handing Rath the bottle which he puts the top on.

You have to put the bottle in the fridge till it is time for Rochelle's feeding.
Then you have to heat it.

Ria I can handle it.

I was just....

Before Ria can finish her sentence Rath has captured her mouth in a heated kiss.

Breaking for air.

How long do we have till Rochelle needs to be feed?

Not long enough for what you have in mind.

Rath pouts walking out to the kitchen to put the bottle in the fridge.

Then walking into the nursery to check on Rochelle.

Who wasn't sleeping at all.

Rochelle was watching her mobile go round and round.

That was until she saw her daddy.

Rochelle started crying.

Rath picked her up and she instantaneously stopped crying.

Ava walked in telling Rath

She has been awake for like fifteen minutes.
Rochelle is smart.
She knew it was you.
Knowing that if she started to cry her daddy would pick her up.

Pt 31

Later that night Rochelle was finally fast asleep in the nursery.

There was a baby monitor on the side of the bed.

Rath strutted into their bedroom.

Rochelle is in the nursery.

I know that.
Just came from checking on her.

Rath strips off his clothes climbing into bed beside Ria.

Rath pulls Ria's body close to his.

Whispering in her ear.

Your not bleeding anymore are ya?

No I'm not bleeding anymore.

Ria turns her body so that she is facing him.

Rath captures her lips in a fierce kiss.

I missed ya.

Ria laughs

Your just horny and you want a little somethin' somethin'.

That too.

Rath was now nibbling on her collar bone.
While his hands were running up and down her back.
Then they traveled down her back to her ass and squeezed.

Ria moaned in pleasure loving the feel of his hands all over her body.

Rath moved her so that she was laying on her back on the bed.

He kissed his way down her collarbone to her chest.
He circled one hardened nipple with his finger then the other.

Ria warned him.

You are going to get breast milk in your mouth.

As Rath took on nipple into his mouth and sucked.

Rath tasted her milk.

Ria moaned the sensation of Rath sucking on her breast was so different than Rochelle's sucking.
Rath was making her so wet.

Rath released her breast looking up at her and licking his lips.

Not to bad.

He smirked.

Kissing his way down her stomach to her heated core.
Teasing her folds with his fingers then replacing his fingers with his tongue.
His tongue digging into her heated core driving her wild.


His finger was now circling her clit.

I can't wait any longer Ria it's been to long .
I need to be inside ya now.

Rath condom.

Fuck no.

Rath pressing his hard cock into her wet opening.


Ria moaned lifting her hips.

You want me to stop cause I aint usin' nothin'.
Either we do this all natural or not at all your choice.


Ria moaned.

Rath slowly pushed into her heated core.
Filling her with his rock hard cock.
Stilling till he knew Ria was ready.
Rath thrust in and out of her wet heat.
Ria matched his thrusts till her walls clamped down on him pulling him over the edge with her.
As he spilled his seed deep into her womb.

Ria was still feeling like she was in the clouds.

When Rochelle started crying.

Rath reluctantly pulled out of Ria.
Pulling on his boxers.

I'll go get Rochelle and bring her to you.

Leaving the bedroom and heading to the nursery.
Walking into the nursery.
Rath picks up Rochelle.
Rath gets a diaper to change her.
Telling Rochelle as he changes her.

This is daddy's least favorite part.
Let's go to your mommy.

Rath walks into the bedroom with a crying Rochelle.

She won't stop crying.

He hands Rochelle to Ria.

She is hungry.

Rochelle latches onto Ria's breast.

Rath climbs into bed next to them.

He watches his daughter as Ria feeds her.

Ria burps Rochelle.
Handing back a sleeping Rochelle to Rath.

Rath takes Rochelle back into the nursery laying her down in her crib.
Kissing the top of her head.
I love ya.

Walking back into the bedroom crawling into bed beside Ria.

Ria curls her body into his placing her head on his chest.

I love you
I swear to god Rath.
You better not have gotten me pregnant again.

I love you to Ria.
I did.
It's your turn to get up the next time Rochelle crys.

Mmm Ria moans as she falls to sleep.

Rath wraps his arms around Ria closing his eyes.
Soon Rath is asleep too.

Pt 32

A couple of months later.

Ria was in the bedroom getting dressed when she noticed that her clothes where getting tight again.

Looking down at her abdomen


There where two silver hand prints on her abdomen.

Ria walked out of the bedroom looking for Rath.
Knowing that he would be in the nursery with Rochelle.

Rath was sitting on the floor with Rochelle.
He was on her blanket with her and a whole bunch of her toys.

Rath looked up at Ria.

Her hands where going as fast as her mouth.

You stupid alien.
You did it to me again.
This time instead of one there is two.
You are not sleeping with me.
You are sleeping on the coach.

Rath just continued to play with Rochelle and smirked at Ria.

Don't ignore me!

Rath looked up at Ria.

Rath was now getting up from the floor.
He than picked Rochelle up.
Then walking over to her crib.
He put her in.

Daddy will be right back.
Mommy and Daddy have to talk.

Rath turned around taking Ria by her arm.
He dragged her to their bedroom.

I was not ignoreing you.
I heard every word you said.
So you are pregnant again.
Big deal.
I'm not sleeping on the coach.

Then you are not getting any.

I will last longer than you.

It is a big deal Rath.
I wanted to wait.

Stuff in their bedroom was starting to shake.

Ria calm down.

Rath pulls Ria into his arms.

Ria beats her fists into his chest repeatedly.

In my defense you said that while you were breast feeding you could not get pregnant.

That was what I read.

Guess you forgot about my alien status.

Rath snicker.

Ria laughs.

I'm still mad at you.

Why is it all my fault?

Because I want it to be.

Rochelle started to cry.

I will go get her.
She is probably hungry.
You are going to have to calm down so that you can feed her.
We will talk about this later.

Rath goes and gets Rochelle.

Walking back into their room Rath hands Rochelle to Ria.

Ria feeds her.

Rath lifts Ria so that she is laying in his arms while feeding Rochelle.

Burping Rochelle Ria turns her head looking at Rath.
She sees that he is fast asleep.
Getting up.

Ria takes Rochelle back to the nursery.

Placing her in her crib.

Your daddy is in hot water with your mommy.

Rochelle smiles in her sleep.

Going back into the bedroom Ria is expecting to find Rath asleep.

Are you going to talk to me or yell Ria?

Ria sits on the bed.

It's not like I don't want to have more children with you.
I wanted to wait till Rochelle was older.

Ria was crying now.

Rath wiped away her tears.

After these two.

Pointing to her abdomen.

We will wait a while.
Or till you are ready.
You can go on the pill or something.

I can't do that while I am breast feeding.
You won't use a condom.

We have a lot of time to figure that out.
This pregnancy is different than the last one.
It took two months for the hand prints to show up.

You already new.

I knew right after.
I knew you wouldn't take it well so I didn't say anything.

Ria climbs up on the bed closer to Rath.

Can you just hold me?

That is a stupid question.

Rath pulls her into his arms.

I love you Ria.

I love you too Rath.

Pt 33

Rath watched as Ria rummaged through her clothes trying to find something to wear.

He was holding onto Rochelle who was now four months old.

Ria's mood swings where driving him crazy.

Rath placed Rochelle on their bed walking up behind Ria.


None of my clothes fit.
I am twice the size I was with her.
I'm so horny I could scream.
You haven't touched me since you got me this way.

Rath turned around picking Rochelle up and walked out of the bedroom.

Can you watch Rochelle for awhile Ava?


Rath handed Rochelle to Ava.

Turning around and walking back into the bedroom to deal with Ria.

Rath walked up behind her turning her around ti face him.

Every time I have tried to touch you in the last four months you haven't wanted me to.
Ria I love you but you are driving me crazy.

I don't want to fight anymore.

Ria stepped closer to Rath.

I need you.

Ria brought his mouth down to hers for a fierce demanding kiss.

Breaking for air.

Don't start something Ria unless you are going to finish it.

Ria's hands were on his jeans unbuttoning them.
She unzipped the zipper and touched his hard cock with her tiny hands.
She pushed the jeans off his hips.

When they hit the floor Rath stepped out of them.

Rath was currently attacking her neck while his hand searched out her heat.

Ria whimpered when Rath finger touched her wet heat.


Ria was trying to pull his t-shirt off with one hand.

Ria moaned in frustration when Rath moved away from her.

He pulled the t-shirt over his head then pulled Ria back to him.

Rath capture her mouth in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Rath picked her up.

As he picked her up her legs wrapped around his waist.

Breaking for air.

Ria whimpered as his hard cock rubbed against her wet heated core.

Rath please.

Rath smirked at her as he fell back onto the bed pulling her with him.

Ria moaned as she sank down onto his hard cock.

She felt complete again.

Rath noticed tears in her eyes.

Rath wiped away her tears.

Am I hurting you?

It's been too long since we were like this.
I love you.

Ria moves her hips up and down with each movement pushing Rath deeper.

I love you too baby.

Rath takes one of her hardened nipples into his mouth teasing the tip.
Then switching to the other one.

With the next thrust Rath hits her g-spot.


Ria's walls clamp down on his hard cock.

One more thrust and they both tumble over the edge.


Rath turned them so he was now on his side and so was she but they were still face to face and he was still deep inside her heated core.

Rath looked deep into her eyes and noticed tears again.

Rath was running his hands up and down her back.

I'm sorry for being all emotional.

Sh sh sh.

Is it possible to go through post pardon depression while being pregnant again?

Rath just looks at her like she has finally lost her mind.

I would know this.

Ria starts laughing.

I miss your smile and laughter.
If something is bothering you I don't care what I am doing talk to me about it.
No matter what.

I will.


I promise.

There is a knock on their bedroom door.

We are decent you can come in.

Ava sticks her head in.

I just wanted to tell you Rochelle is down for her nap.
Why don't you guys let me watch her for the night.
So you can spend more time alone.
Zan and I are going to order pizza for dinner.
we will order your usual.
Zan or I could bring it in later if you want.

Thanks Ava.

No problem.

Ava leaves.

Rath starts kissing Ria all over her body.

So where were we?

Rath thrusts his hips into her.

You want me again already.
Ria laughs

Her laughter turned into a moan as Rath started sucking on her neck.

Rath pulled back looking into her eyes.
I always want you.

Rath moved her leg so it was draped over his hip.
Placing his hands on her hips pulling her closer while thrusting into her.

They continued to make love way into the night.

Rath laughed when he heard her stomach growl.

Somebody is hungry.

I don't want to move.

I'll get the pizza.

No I don't want you to leave me.

I will be right back.

Rath was back in like two seconds.

They ate their pizza.

When they were done.

Ria looked at Rath I will be right back I have to go to the bathroom.

Pulling on her robe.

Soon as Ria was back she tossed the robe on the floor.
Climbing back into bed.
Snuggling close to Rath's body.

Rath held her tightly in his arms.
Ria was listening to his heart beat.

I love ya.

Ria smiled.
I love you too.



I'm not going to have to wait another four months till I make love to you again am I?

I'm tiered now.
You wore me out.

I wore you out.

Rath smirks.

He watches Ria's eyes close and she falls asleep.

Unable to keep his open any longer.
Rath falls asleep as well.

PT 34

Rath stared down at Ria after he woke.

He wanted to wake her, and start to make love to her again.

Since Rochelle and the new babies on the way, Ria had been extremely moody.

Rath slowly moved the sheet back , looking at her very pregnant body.

Ria would say that she hated the way her body looked.

Rath loved how her body changed while she was carrying his babies.

Her breasts where twice her normal size, her abdomen was the size she was at the end of her pregnancy with Rochelle.

Rath smirked as her nipples hardened under his heated gaze.

Then unable to resist temptation Rath’s tongue circled around the hardened tip before he took it completely in his mouth.

Ria moaned in pleasure as Rath teased her hardened nipple.

When she felt his hand at her heated core, Ria moved her hips further apart wanting him to continue his menstruation.

Ria moved her hands into his Mohawk pulling his head closer to her breast.

Rath teased the tip more, then suddenly released her hardened nipple from his hot mouth.

Ria moaned in a combination of pleasure and frustration as Rath’s fingers teased her core.

Rath smirked at her as her slowly moved his fingers like he was going to pull them out of her heated core.

Asking “Do you want me to stop?”

Ria answered “I want more.”

Ria’s hand moved to his hardened cock.

Rath moaned in pleasure as Ria’s small hand pumped his hardened cock.\

Ria moved her other hand up his chest teasing his nipples by running circles around them.

Rath thrust his fingers in and out of her heated core.

With each thrust he hit her g-spot causing her to buck her hips.

His thumb was now running circles around her clit.

Ria’s screams of pleasure as her climax came was muffled by his mouth as their tongues battled.

Rath reached down to where her hand was pumping his hard cock.

Rath removed her hand from his hardened cock.

Rath states “You need to stop, unless you want me to come now.”

Ria shacks her head no.

Ria’s voice was husky with desire when she said “I want you inside of me.”

Rath smirked at her before he kissed her neck.

Rath took the rapidly beating pulse into his mouth.

He nipped at the pulse as he took it into his mouth.

Ria squirmed as her whole body felt like it was getting shocked as the sensations of pleasure drove her close to the edge again.

Ria came again as Rath sucked on her rapidly beating pulse.

Rath released her neck leaving a very dark purple almost black hickey on her neck.

Rath smirked saying “Are you that turned on right now.”

Ria’s body quivered as his fingers teased her heated flesh.

Ria moaned “It’s your fault.”

Rath asked “Why is it my fault?”

Ria moans “I’m more sensitive with these babies than I was with Rochelle.”

Rath smirks saying “So, I can make you have multiple orgasms.”

Ria states “You always make me have multiple orgasms.”

Rath moved so that his hardened cock was rubbing against her heated core.

Ria moaned in pleasure as another orgasm came.

Rath slowly thrust into her fluttering core.

Ria moaned “Yes, .........”

Ria bucked her hips as he slowly thrust into her.

Rath stilled his movements when he was buried deep inside of her wet heated core.

Ria moaned in frustration when Rath stopped.

“Rath please......”

Rath looked deep into her eyes saying “I’m in the mood to tease.”

He slowly pulled almost all the way out before slowly thrusting back into her heated core.

Ria ran her nails down his back and then back up.

After her hands came back up she moved them to his chest.

She ran circles around his nipples making them harden under her finger tips.

Ria then pinched his hardened nipples.

Rath moaned in pleasure as Ria touched him.

Deciding to return the favor, Rath teased her nipples with his fingers before pinching the over sensitive nipple.

Ria thrust her hips up hard as Rath pinched her nipples causing Rath to hit her g-spot.

Ria’s walls clamped down on his hard cock as his thrust hit her g-spot.

Rath thrust faster as her walls clamped down on his hard cock.

Ria moaned “ Rath...”

Rath thrust into her heated core several more times before he filled her with his hot seed.

Rath moaned “Ria..........”

Rath collapsed on top of her.

Rath went to move but Ria held his body close to hers.

Rath says “I don’t want to squish you and the babies.”

Ria states “Your not.”

Rath says “Are you sure?”

Ria smiles saying “I’m fine.”

Rath smirks saying “Your more than fine.”

Ria’s eyes had started to close.

Rath watched her till his own eye lids got heavy.

PT 35

Ria and Rath listened to Rochelle through the baby monitor.

“Ba ba ba ba ba ba” came through the baby monitor.

Rath says “I can’t wait till Rochelle says Da da.”

Ria smiled saying “Rochelle will probably say Da da before saying Ma ma.”

Rath says “We should get up before Rochelle decides to start crying.”

Ria smiles saying “Yeah, come take a shower with me.”

Rath smirked saying “Just a shower?”

Rath steps out of bed and helps Ria out of bed.

“I’m so big, I can’t do anything by myself.”Whined Ria

“I happen to like you being dependant on me.”Stated Rath

“You would.”Laughed Ria

Rath walked toward the bathroom holding onto Ria’s hand.

Rath started the water and adjusted the temperature, he then helped Ria into the tub and followed close behind her.

“See I even....”

Ria was cut off as Rath captured her lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Breaking for air Rath says “Stop complaining, and enjoy being pampered.”

Rath saw a flash of anger in Ria’s eyes and gulped saying “I hate mood swings.”

Trying to make Ria forget that he had just pissed her off, Rath started to kiss and nip at her collarbone.

“I’m mad at you.”moaned Ria

Rath tells her mentally “Not for long.”

Ria states “Rochelle is awake, we don’t have time.”

Rath grumbles “Later.......”

Ria says teasingly “Maybe.”

Rath grabs the shampoo and places some in the palm of his hands and starts to massage Ria’s scalp and running his fingers through her long hair.

He then rinses the shampoo out of her hair, and picks up the lavender body soap and the scrubby.

After applying the body soap to the scrubby, Rath slowly washes Ria’s body.

He starts at her shoulders, moving down over her chest, smirking as the scrubby made her nipples harder peaks causing Ria to moan in pleasure.

“Rath, we don’t have time.”Moaned Ria

He continued to slowly wash her body, moving the scrubby over Ria’s round belly, and to her heated core, teasing her slightly as he washed her there.

He washed her thighs, her calves, and finally her feet.

Standing back up Rath turned Ria’s body as slowly started to wash her back.

Rath then watches as the water rinsed off her body.

He then pushed the shower pull down making the water come out of the faucet.

Rath opened the shower curtain saying “You go get Rochelle while I finish washing up.”

Ria slowly stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel saying “Okay.”

Rath watched Ria as she waddled back into their bedroom, before closing the shower curtain and restarting the shower.

Ria pulled on a purple stretch tank top with a built in bra, a pair of blue maternity carpenter shorts, and slipped on a pair of white mules.

Ria walked into the nursery finding Rochelle still doing the ba ba ba ba.

Rochelle looked up when Ria entered the nursery and stopped her babbling.

Rochelle raised her arms up, and stuck her bottom lip out as if she was pouting.

Ria waddled over to the crib and picked Rochelle up.

“Hey, beautiful, Let’s go in the kitchen and mommy will make you a bottle.”Said Ria

Ria waked out into the kitchen and placed Rochelle in her highchair.

Ria placed Rochelle’s alien rattle on the tray for Rochelle to play with while Ria made her a bottle.

Rochelle picked up the rattle and shook it happily playing with it before dropping it on the floor.

Ria says “I know that game, it’s the drop it, make me pick it game.”

She points to her stomach saying “But I can’t play that game.”

Rath walked into the kitchen saying “I’‘ll get the rattle.”

Rath hands the alien rattle to Rochelle.

Rochelle plays with it for a few minutes before dropping it on the floor again.

Rath picks up the rattle and looks at Rochelle saying “Daddy doesn’t want to play, so next time you drop it, I’m not giving it back.”
“Daddy hasn’t had his coffee yet.”

Rochelle dropped the rattle and Ria laughed as Rath growled.

“She wants this.” holding out Rochelle’s bottle .

Ria hands Rochelle her bottle and Rochelle instantly puts it into her mouth.

Rath says “I’m making breakfast after I put the coffee on.”
“What do you want for breakfast?”

Ria says “Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.”

Rath noticed Ria’s shorts as she walked by him.

“Those had better be maternity shorts.”Stated Rath

“They are.”Stated Ria

“Just checkin’”Stated Rath

Ria watched as Rath made the coffee, and started to make her waffles.

A few minutes later Rath placed a plate with two waffles smothered in strawberries and whipped cream.

Ria picked up her fork and started to eat her waffles.

Rath placed a large glass of milk next to her food.

Ria says “These are decisions and I hate milk.”

Rath says “Thanks, and drink your milk.”

Rath sat down and started to eat his waffles too.

Ria says “I finished my milk.”
“Can I have coffee now?”

Rath smirked getting up to get Ria a cup of coffee.

Rochelle threw her bottle on the ground and looked at her father.

Ria says “If you don’t pick that up, she is going to start crying.”

Rath gets up picking up the bottle and telling Rochelle “Daddy wants to drink his coffee.”

Ria says “I’m finished with my breakfast.”
“I’ll take Rochelle, change her diaper and get her dressed.”

“I’ll meet you in the living room after I do up the dishes.”Stated Rath

Ria nods her head as she takes Rochelle out of the high chair.

As Ria walks by Rath, Rochelle puts her arms out, and starts to fuss.

“She wants Daddy.”Stated Ria

Rath smirks going over to Ria and taking Rochelle out of her arms.

Rath kissed her before saying “Mommy is gonna get you changed.”

Rath hands Rochelle back to Ria before going to pick up the kitchen.

Ria walks out of the kitchen heading for the nursery.

PT 36

Rochelle sat in her crib saying “ma ma ma ma .”

Ava walked in saying “Your mama is sleepin.”

Rochelle said “ ma ma.” and started to cry.

Ava picked her up saying “Ok, we will go get your mama.”

Ava walked out of the nursery and headed down the hall to Rath and Ria’s room.

Ava opened the door hoping that they were decent..

“Ma ma.”Said Rochelle.

Rath opened his eyes first saying “Mama is sleepin.”

“Mama mama .”Says Rochelle

Rath snicked saying “You are so much like your mama.”

Rochelle was squirming in Ava’s arms wanting to be on the bed with her parents.

Ava walked over to the bed handing Rochelle to Rath.

Rochelle squirmed out of Rath’s arms and crawled over to Ria.

Ava laughed saying “She wants her mommy.”

“For once.”Said Ria
“She almost all ways wants her daddy.”

Rath watched as Ria opened her eyes saying “Hi, baby girl.”

Ria picked her in her arms and Rochelle laid her head down on Ria’s breast closing her eyes and going back to sleep.

Rath moved closer to them wrapping his arms around Ria so his hand was laying on her swollen abdomen.

The babies kicked Rath’s hand making themselves know.

“They just kicked.”Said Rath in amazement.

“I know, I felt it.”Said Maria

“When they kick again, Rochelle should feel her baby brothers kick.”Said Rath

“I’m not wearing any clothes, your not either, get up while Rochelle is sleeping and put on a pair of boxers.”

Rath looks at her saying “That is so unfair.”

Rath quickly gets out of bed pulling on his boxers and then getting back into the bed.

“I’ll get dressed when she wakes up, which will probably be soon, or when I have to go pee which ever comes first.”Stated Maria

A little while later Maria looked over at Rath saying “I have to go, can you take her?”

Rath leaned up taking Rochelle out of Maria’s arms and holding her firmly to his chest.

He watched as Ria struggled to sit up in bed and get out.

His heated gaze ran over her body as she pulled on an oversize t-shirt and then walked into their bathroom.

Ria walked out a few minutes later walking over to her dresser.

Rath thought “Oh no here we go again, about the clothes.”

“I am not going to complain about my clothes.”Stated Ria
“I am hungry, so I figure I would put something on so you can give me Rochelle, and get dresses and make me somethin’ to eat.”

Rath smirked saying “What am I cookin’?”

Rath laying Rochelle down on the bed getting up he pulled on his jeans and t-shirt.

Rath walked over to Ria and captured her lips in a passion-filled kiss.

“Can I have you for dessert?”Asked Rath

Ria licked her lips before saying “Of course.”

Rath smiled turning around to get Rochelle for Ria finding her already awake and watching them.

“Mommy’s hungry are you?”Asked Rath

Rochelle held her hands up signaling she wanted to be picked up.

Rath went to pick her up and Rochelle said “Mama.”

Rath smirked saying “I’ll hand you to mommy.”

Rath picked her up and handed her to Maria before he opened the bedroom door for them.

Ria walked out with Rochelle in her arms and Rath followed her closing the door behind him.

Ria sat down in the chair at the table after putting Rochelle in her highchair.

“Daddy’s gonna cook us dinner.”Said Maria

Rath opened the refrigerator peering inside saying “There is some chicken, peppers, and tortilla shells.”
“Want chicken fajitas?”

“Yeah that sounds yummy.”Answers Ria
“Is there sour cream?”

“Yeah.”Answered Rath
“What do you want for Rochelle?”

Looking in the cupboard saying “We have bananas, applesauce, peaches, pears, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas.”

“Bananas and sweet potatoes.”Answered Ria

Rath took out the sweet potatoes and bananas getting out Rochelle’s baby spoon and taking them to Ria.

“I’ll feed her while you cook.”Stated Ria

Rochelle pointed to the bananas.

“You want bananas first.”Said Ria

Rath watched Ria for a few minutes before starting to cut the chicken and adding it to the pan to cook.

In another pan he placed the cut up red, yellow, and orange peppers to cook.

He added the fajita sauce to the chicken after it was cooked and then added the peppers leaving it to simmer for a few minutes.

While the chicken, peppers and the fajita sauce was simmering he started to clean up his mess.

“Rath can you get her some apple juice?”Asked Ria

Rath took out Rochelle’s Winnie the pooh sippy cup and poured some apple juice into it.

Rochelle saw him coming with her sippy cup and put her hands out for it.

“Can you say cup.”Said Rath emphasizing the word cup

Then he handed her the sippy cup which Rochelle placed in her mouth and started to drink.

“Dinner is almost done.”Said Rath

Rochelle started to rub her eyes saying she was tiered.

“Do I have enough time to give Rochelle a bath and put her to bed?”Asked Ria

“Yeah, I can do that if you want to eat.”Stated Rath

“No, I want to eat with you.”Stated Ria

:”Ok.”Said Rath

Ria stood up unhooking Rochelle out of her high chair and picking her up.

“I’ll be back.”Said Ria

Twenty minutes later Ria walked back into the kitchen and Rath placed the plates on the table.

“How did you?”asked Ria

“It usually takes me about fifteen minutes so I added five for you fighting to get up.”Laughed Rath

“It’s not funny.”Snarled Ria
“Smells good.”

They sat at the table and ate their food, then Rath cleaned up the rest of the dishes.

Rath was putting the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher when Ria walked up behind him whispering “I’m ready for desert now.”

Rath turned capturing her lips in a fierce and demanding kiss breaking for air he said “Me too.”

PT 37

Rath took Ria’s hand in his leading her to their bedroom closing the door behind them.

He captured her lips in a passion-filled kiss as his hands moved up under neither the hem of her top slowly moving the material up till they separated for air, then pulling it over her head.

He slowly moved his large hands up her back till they found the clasp to her bra.
Unclasping the hooks he moved his large hands back down her back along her spine, then slowly up her arms to her shoulders and slowly pushing the straps down her arms.

Stepping back as he removed her bra completely so his heated gaze could take in the sight of her fuller breasts.

Ria’s nipples hardened from the combination of the cooler air in the room and Rath’s heated gaze.

“Rath..”Moaned Ria

Rath moved closer to Ria kissing and nipping at her neck as his large hands teased her hardened nipples making them into harder peaks if that was at all possible.

He moved his hot wet mouth further down her body, taking first one hardened nipple into his hot wet mouth circling the hardened nipple with his hot wet tongue making the nipple harder if that was at all possible, gently scraping his teeth over her the extra sensitive tip, then sucking to sooth the scrape , he tasted her breast milk on his tongue as he sucked.

He took him mouth away from her hardened nipple looking up into her eyes full of desire, love, and need, before capturing her other hardened nipple firmly between his teeth, gently biting and then sucking hard on her sensitive tip.

Maria moaned in pleasure as Rath teased her hardened nipples making her juices start to seep through her outer lips of her wet heated core.

He released her hardened nipples moving the tip of his tongue up from the valley of her breasts, over her collarbone till it reached her rapidly beating pulse his hot mouth closed over her rapidly beating pulse as he marked her heated flesh.
Rath released her rapidly beating pulse to capture her big pouty lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Maria’s small hands moved underneath his t-shirt running her fingers up and down his chest.
She felt him shiver under her finger tips as her fingers pinched first one hardened nipple and then the other.

She moaned in frustration when her nipples rubbed against the material of his t-shirt wanting to feel his heated flesh against her heated flesh.

Rath pulled away from her mouth breathing in deeply, as Maria moved her small hands to the hem of his t-shirt pulling it over his head and throwing it to the floor.

Maria moaned in pleasure as Rath’s large hands moved down her back sending shivers down her spine.

His large hands grabbed a hold of her firm ass, gently massaging her muscles in her ass checks before moving his large hands to the front of her stretch pants, slowly pushing them down her body.

Rath kneels down kissing the two silver hand prints on her abdomen as his large hands pick up first one foot and then the other as he removed her stretch pants.

Maria’s arousal seemed to fill the room when Rath removed her stretch pants.

Rath breathed in deep licking his lips as he smelled how turned on she was for him.

He looked up from where he was kneeling staring into her desire filled eyes.

“What do you want?”Asked Rath

“You.”Moaned Maria

“Me how.”Teased Rath

“I want you to use that oh so talented tongue of yours.”Moaned Maria

“Here?”Asked Rath

He moved his hot wet mouth to her wet heated core taking her bundle of nerves into his hot wet mouth and sucking hungrily.
At the same time he took two of his fingers inserting them in her wet heated core, just enough to make her wreath in pleasure but not push her over the edge.

Maria moaned in pleasure as Rath’s hot mouth teased her bundle of nerves and his fingers slowly teased her wet heated core.

“More..”Moaned Maria

Rath thrust his fingers deeper into her wet heated core, and scraped his teeth over her sensitive bundle of nerves.

Maria moaned in pleasure, she was so wet and so close.

Rath thrust his fingers deep inside her wet heated core hutting her g-spot repeatedly as he thrust his fingers in and out of her wet heated core.
He pulled his fingers all the way out of her wet heated core, and removed his hot wet mouth from her bundle of nerves.

“Rath.”Screamed Maria

She watched as he brought his fingers to his hot wet mouth placing them in his hot wet mouth sucking off her juices.

“Why?”Moaned Maria

Rath took her small hand in his leading her toward the bed.

“You have been an your feet to much.”Said Rath

“I was fine.”Whined Maria

“I figured you could give me some attention, while I make ya come, with my tongue.”Stated Rath

Maria couldn’t take her eyes off his tongue as he moved it around showing her what he had planned to do with her with his oh so talented tongue.

She brought her small hand to the button on his jeans whimpering in frustration when the button seemed to have a mind of its own.

Rath placed his large hands on top of her small hands helping her to unbutton his jeans.

She moved her small hands to his zipper, unzipping his zipper with no problem.

Rath moaned in pleasure when her small hands move inside his jeans taking his hardened cock firmly into her small hands and freeing it from its confides.

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

Her small hands pumped up and down his hardened cock making him thrust into her small hands.
She pumped his hardened cock with her small hands a couple more times before stopping.
Maria removed one of her hands from firmly around his hardened cock, pushing down his jeans.

Rath shook his jeans off the rest of the way then moved them closer to the bed.
He laid down bring her soft body down with his so that her wet heated core was rubbing against his hardened member.

She moved her hand around the base of his hardened cock so that she was positioning his hardened cock.

Rath moaned as her felt her slowly push down on his hardened cock.

“Is this what you want?”Asked Rath

He thrust his hips up making his hardened cock fill her wet heated core.

“Yes...”Moaned Maria

Maria thrust her hips uncontrollably as his hardened cock thrust in and out of her wet heated core.

They matched each other thrust for thrust till her walls clamped down on his thrusting hard cock milking his hardened cock for all it was worth.

Rath thrust his hardened cock up hitting her g-spot as he filled her wet heated core with his hot seed.

“Rath...”Moaned Maria

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

Maria slowly pulled her wet heated core off of his now soft cock then moved to lay on the mattress next to him.

Rath turned over wrapping his arms around her pulling her back close to his hard chest.
He kissed the back of her neck as he held her close to his hard body.

“I love you.”Said Rath

“I love you, too.”Said Maria

She yawned before saying “You wore me out, I’m all sleepy.”

“I wore you out huh.”Laughed Rath
“Sleep baby.”

Maria closed her eyes falling into a deep exhausted sleep.

Rath watched her sleep for awhile before sleep finally over took his exhausted body.

PT 38

Maria woke in the middle of the night with pain coursing through her lower back.
She knew why the babies had decide that it was time for them to come out
She slowly moved away from Rath’s strong arms and warm body.
She moved her legs over the edge of the mattress slowly standing up
Maria slowly walked into their bathroom, when she looked in the mirror she noticed her abdomen looked like the baby has dropped.
She sat down on the toilet going pee, when she wiped Maria looked at the toilet paper noticing the lite- pink and white gloppy substance on the toilet paper which was her mucus plug.
Maria had lost her mucus plug.

“My labor is starting.”Said Maria

Maria stood up from sitting on the toilet throwing the toilet paper inside of the toilet then flushing the toilet.
She went over to the sink turning on the facet, she washed her hands, then turned off the water, going back into the bedroom.
She noticed that pain in her lower back had not stopped it had actually increased.

Maria sat down on the edge of the bed looking over at Rath, who was sound asleep unaware that their babies were ready to come into the world.
She smiled looking down at her husband, lover, and best friend deciding since it would be six weeks before they could make love again, she was going to make love to him.

Maria slowly moved the blankets back revealing Rath’s naked and hard body.
She brought her small soft hands down to his hardened cock grasping his hardened cock firmly in her small soft hands, she started to pump his hardened cock, up and down making pre-come pool at the large mushroom head.
She slowly leaned down running her hot wet tongue around his large mushroom head, licking up the pre-come that had pooled at the large mushroom head.
Maria placed her hot wet mouth over the large mushroom head, sucking on the large mushroom head, before taking his hardened cock completely inside her wet hot mouth.
She moved her hot wet mouth up and down his hardened cock as her small hands pumped his hardened cock.

Rath thrust his hardened cock into her hot wet mouth as he opened his brown eyes.

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

She slowly removed his hardened cock from inside her wet hot mouth, but continued to pump his hardened cock with her small soft hands.

Maria moved her soft body so her wet heated core was right above his hardened cock.
She slowly moved her wet heated core lower, sinking slowly onto his hardened cock till his hardened cock was buried deep inside her wet heated core.

“Rath.”Moaned Maria

Rath moved his large hands to her hips helping her to thrust up and down his hardened cock.
He leaned up slightly capturing her lips in a fierce and demanding kiss, till air became an issue.

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

They matched each other thrust for thrust till her walls clamped down on his thrusting hardened cock, milking his hardened cock for all it was worth, pulling his hardened cock deeper inside her wet heated core.

“Rath....”Moaned Maria

Rath thrust his hardened cock harder and faster inside her fluttering wet heated core.
He thrust his hardened cock as deep as he possible could filling her with his hot seed.

“Ria”Moaned Rath

Rath felt a warm fluid burst against his hardened cock flowing out onto his hard body.

“Ria!”Growled Rath

He quickly pulled his cock out of her wet heated core as he realized that Maria’s water had just broke.

“Rath!”Whimpered Maria

Her contractions started to come hard and fast after her water broke.

Rath ran his large hands through his Mohawk in frustration.

“This is the second time, I have put you in labor.”Said Rath
“Next time, we are not having sex past your sixth month.”

“Next time.”Yelled Maria
“No next time”
“This is it.”

Rath glanced at the clock on the end stand timing her contractions.

“It hurts worse than Rochelle I thought second delivery was supposed to be easier.”Screamed Maria

“Your contractions are less than a minute apart.”Growls Rath

Rath quickly jumped up out of their bed finding Maria a T-shirt to wear on her upper body.
He helped her to pull the t-shirt over her head and on.

Rath grabbed his jeans stepping into them, he pulled them up his long legs buttoning and zipping them.

“I’m going to get Zan.”Said Rath

He walked over to their bedroom door opening it and walking down the hall to Zan and Ava’s bedroom.
Rath knocked on Zan’s bedroom door, practically pounding on the wood of the door.

Zan quickly got out of bed pulling on his jeans.
He walked to his bedroom door opening it and walking out to find Rath

“She’s in labor.”Stated Rath
“A minute apart.”

Zan tried not to laugh but couldn’t help it saying “The two of you had sex which sped up the contractions.”

“Not funny man.”Growled Rath

Zan and Rath walked back into Rath’s bedroom.

Hours later Rath watched an exhausted Ria sleep while their sons, Rath Jr, and Rhett De'Man suckled her breasts feeding hungrily.
They were identical in every way, you could barely tell them apart.
They had brown hair and brown eyes, like their father, weighed eight pounds even, and were twenty-one inches long.

Maria had made him count their fingers and toes to make sure they had all ten.

Rath nor Maria knew whether their sons had inherited any of their fathers powers, but were sure they would find out soon.

He glanced to his left looking down at his sleeping daughter, Rochelle, who lay fast asleep after her daddy had gone into the nursery to get her.
Rath told Rochelle that the boys were her baby brothers, and she was their big sister.

Rath looked back at Maria smiling as he thought that he the big bad alien had gotten everything he could have never dreamed possible from his one true love which surprisingly he had found on this planet, that was not his original home, all because of her, his wife, lover, and best friend Maria De’Man.