Title: Betrayed
Author: Angel
Couples: Rath/Maria
Rating : NC- 17
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea for this fic
Summery: Rath and Maria were together when the dupes came to Roswell, Micheal witnesses one of the times and loses it after Rath leaves.

PT 1

Micheal watched from the shadows his supposed girlfriend and his double from the shadows.

Rath stripped Maria’s top off her revealing her breast with her hardened nipples begging to be touched, kissed, and suckled.
Maria moved her small hands to the hem of Rath’s old black muscle shit that looked like it had scene its better days.

Rath moved his hot wet mouth down her heated flesh taking her hardened nipple into his hot wet mouth, moving his hot wet tongue around in circles around her hardened nipple.

Maria moved her small hands into his Mohawk holding his hot mouth closer to her hardened nipple.

“Rath....”Moaned Maria

Rath released her hardened nipple from his hot wet mouth running his hot wet tongue around her hardened nipple before taking the hardened nipple into his hot wet mouth. , suckling hungrily on her hardened nipple, as his other large hand moved to her other hardened nipple taking it between his fingers rolling the hardened tip. He used his other hand to push down her mini skirt making it pool at her small feet.

Maria’s small hands moved to his jeans unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans pushing down his jeans so she could take his hardened cock into her small hands. She moved her small hands pumping up and down his hardened cock, running her fingers around the large mushroom head.

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

He released her hardened nipple from his hot wet mouth, capturing her hot wet mouth in a fierce and demanding kiss as he kicked his black work boots off and then his jeans.
Rath picked her up causing Maria to wrap her legs around his waist, and her arms tightly around his neck as he walked toward the bed.

Maria’s wet heated core rubbed against his hard stomach as he walked making her throw her head back.

Rath laid her down on the bed kissing his way down her soft heated flesh till he reached her wet heated core. He slowly ran his fingers back and forth over her wet heated core, loving the way her body responded to him. He ran his hot wet tongue along her outer lips licking up her juices that had seeped through.

“Sweet and spicy.”Said Rath

Rath thrust his hot wet tongue deep inside her wet heated core, slowly moving his hot wet tongue around her inner walls, before thrusting his tongue hard and fast.

“Rath...”Moaned Maria

She moved her hips uncontrollable as Rath thrust his tongue hard and fast, her walls clamping down on his hot wet tongue milking him for all he was worth.

Rath greedily drank down her juices making certain not to miss a single drop of her juices as they filled his hot wet mouth, slowly removing his hot wet tongue from deep inside her wet heated core. He crawled up her body his hardened cock brushing against her wet outer lips as he captured her hot wet mouth in a fierce and demanding kiss. Separating when air became an issue Rath stared into her desire filled green eyes as he thrust his hardened cock into her tight wet heated core, feeling no barrier because he had already broken through it earlier.

“Yes...”Screamed Maria

“Always better the third time.”Smirked Rath

“We almost got busted at the meeting.”Giggled Maria

“Epic.”Laughed Rath

He pulled his hardened cock almost all the way out of her wet heated core before thrusting his hardened cock hard and fast inside her wet heated core.

Maria ran her nails hard down his back till she reached his firm ass checks, tying to keep him right where he was.

“Ya so tight, and wet..”Moaned Rath

“That feels so good.”Moaned Maria

Rath thrust his hardened cock harder and faster inside her wet heated core knowing that when her walls clamped down on his thrusting hardened cock he wouldn’t last much longer. He thrust his hardened cock as deep as he possible could hitting her g-spot making her walls clamp down on his thrusting hardened cock.

“Rath...”Screamed Maria

He thrust his hardened cock into her wet heated core a few more times her walls fluttering around his hardened cock till his hot wet seed filed her wet heated core.

“Ria....”Screamed Rath

Rath continued to thrust his cock in and out of her wet heated core till he had to pull his now soft cock out of her wet heated core. He rolled their bodies so that Maria was on top of his hard body, staring into her green eyes.

“I have to jet soon.”Said Rath

“I know.”Pouted Maria

“Come with me.”Said Rath

“I’ll meet you in the city, like we planned.”Answered Maria

Rath captured Maria’s lips in a passion-filled kiss reluctantly breaking the kiss. He stood uo going over to his clothes and boots, picking them up he walked back over to the bed.

Maria watched as Rath pulled back on his jean, zipping and buttoning them, then pulling his old muscle T-shirt over his head of Mohawk hair, then slipping his boots back onto his feet.

Rath reached into his pocket taking out a necklace with a leather string for a chain that had the same symbol as the one Isabel found at Atherton’s only the bottom piece was not broken off.
He placed the necklace over her head the symbol falling between the valley of her breast, Rath leaned back down capturing her lips in another passion-filled kiss.

“See ya soon.”Said Rath

“You will.”Stated Maria

Maria watched Rath walk over to her window and climb through it doing to meet Lonnie, and Ava.
She climbed out of her bed still unaware that Micheal was watching her from the shadows, walking into her bathroom. Maria took the necklace off setting it on the counter top next to the sink, before walking over to the tub turning on the warm and cold water, pulling up the shower level she stepped under the spray of the warm water, and closed the shower curtain.

Micheal stepped into her room the second he heard the water start for the shower and then the shower curtain close. He smirked to himself as he closed her window sealing it shut with his powers, and then moving his hand around the room making her room completely sound proof.
He waited in the shadows thinking “You are never going to know what hit you, you fucking whore.”

Maria finishes washing her soft body and hair the warm water rinsing away the body soap and shampoo. She pushed the shower lever down making the water go back through the facets which she turned off grabbing a towel off the towel rack , Maria started drying off her body, as she stepped out of the tub, wrapping the towel around her small body, she walked back out into her bedroom.

The second she walked into her bedroom Micheal stepped out of the shadows grabbing her by the neck, leaving bruises from the force of his hold on her neck, slamming her small body into the wall.

Maria gasped in shock and pain, losing her breath for a moment from the force from which her back impacted.

“Micheal?”Cried Maria

Micheal smirked at Maria as she looked into his eyes seeing his brown eyes clouded over with rage. He moved his large hand that was not holding her neck to grab the towel making it fall to the ground. He took his large hand running it down her bare chest taking her nipples into between his thumb and forefinger rolling the nipple really hard, making Maria gasp in pain.

“Micheal, please, don’t do this.”Cried Maria

Micheal ignored her moving his large hand to her other nipple rolling it between his thumb and fore finger just as hard as the other one, making Maria cry out in pain.

“Please..”Begged Maria

Micheal’s large hand moved away from her nipples, making Maria think she had managed to get threw to him.

When she realized she hadn’t Maria struggled trying to move.

Micheal brought his large hands to his clothes waving his hands over his clothes making them melt to the ground. He tightened his grip on her neck making his fingers dig into her flesh more.
He stepped closer to her forcing her mouth open with his hot wet tongue, thrusting his tongue deep inside her wet mouth.

Maria bite down on his hot wet tongue hard drawing blood.

Micheal removed his mouth from hers spitting the blood onto the ground bringing his fist up connecting with her left eye.

“Whore.”Growled Micheal

Maria whimpered as his fist connected with her eye.

Micheal took his hardened cock thrusting his hardened cock into her tight pussy in one swift movement.

“No...”Screamed Maria

Micheal thrust his hardened cock hard and fast inside her tight pussy, her inner thighs were already starting to have bruises from the force at which he was thrusting his hardened cock into her.

Maria whimpered tears rolling down her face, it hurt, and it was hurting more with each thrust of his hardened cock.

“So how does it feel...”Asked Micheal
“Do I feel like him?”

Micheal thrust his hardened cock harder and faster into her tight pussy, moving her hips so his hardened cock went deeper into her tight pussy.

“What’s wrong with me...Couldn’t hack it?”Asked Micheal

Micheal thrust harder and faster inside her tight pussy, his fingers holding her hips leaving more bruises. His mouth closed over her nipple biting hard enough to draw blood, relishing in her screams as his hot seed filled her tight pussy.

He pulled out taking her over to the bed, laying her down on her stomach and pinning her with his big body.

Maria was shacking from crying so hard and the pain, was unbearable.

“You know another nice thing about powers, I can use them to make my cock hard so I can fuck you over and over again.”Laughed Micheal

He held his hand over his cock making it re-harden, moving his large hand to her ass checks he opened her ass check exposing her ass hole to his hardened cock.

Maria felt Micheal’s large hardened cock at her tight virgin ass hole.

“Please, Micheal.”Cried Maria
Maria thought maybe calling him by her name would work.
“Please Spaceboy.”

That only seemed to make Micheal angrier, as he brought his large hands down across her ass checks.

“I aint stopping so you might as well relax and enjoy.”Snarled Micheal

Micheal thrust his hardened cock deep inside her tight ass forcing her to take his hardened cock into her tight ass.

Maria screamed in pain as Micheal thrust his hardened cock deep into her tight virgin ass hole.
The tears were streaming down her face, her body shaking in pain underneath his hard body.
Maria thought she was going to rip in half from the force his hardened cock was pounding into her tight ass hole, she wanted to die, it hurt so much.

Micheal thrust his hardened cock harder and faster into her tight ass hole uncaring that she was shacking in pain underneath him. His thrusts were so forceful her mattress was starting to shake.
He continued to thrust his large hardened cock deep inside her tight ass hole forcing her to take his large hardened cock deeper with each thrust, he felt his balls tightening so he thrust even harder and faster into her tight ass spilling his seed as he pulled her hips back forcing her to take his hardened cock deeper yet, leaving more bruises on her hips.

Maria screamed in pain, and agony, tears rolling down her face.

Micheal pulled his cock out of Maria’s tight ass flipping her over so he could look at her tear stained face.

Maria’s soft body was shacking beneath his hard body, she was in so much pain, and was so scared, she was at his mercy unable to do anything against him.

There was a knock at her bedroom door Maria thought “Thank god.”

“Help me....”Screamed Maria

Micheal smirked saying “I locked it no one can help you.”

Ava placed her hand on Maria’s bedroom door concentrating making the lock click open.

Micheal heard this and jumped away from Maria’s shaking body waving his large hands over his body reforming his clothes and jumping out her bedroom window.

Ava opened the door walking into Maria’s bedroom, gasping at what she saw.

“Help me...”Cried Maria

PT 2

Ava walked closer to Maria’s bed seeing that she looked even worse when she got closer.
She sat down on the edge of the bed, lightly touching Maria’s shoulder, trying to reassure her.

“I’m going to help you.”Said Ava
‘Can you tell me who did this to you?”

“Micheal.”Cried Maria

“I’m not going to hurt you.”Stated Ava
“I need to see how bad he hurt you.”

Ava saw that Maria’s left I was black and blue almost sealed shut from how hard his fist had impacted with her eye. She had finger print bruises all around her neck, her breasts had bruising all around the areola of her nipples, obviously from how hard her had pinched or rolled her nipples, her right areola and nipple had teeth marks as well as blood from the wound, there was amazingly no marks on her stomach a slight bruising on her lower abdomen, also probably cause by the force of his thrusts. Where Maria’s blonde curls were Ava could see red at the bottom, she assumed it was blood coming from her vagina., several finger tip bruises were on both of her hips. Ava was sure their were more bruises on Maria’s inner thighs.

“I want to get you in the bathtub and get the blood off of you.”Stated Ava

Ava placed her small hands under Maria’s shoulders helping Maria to sit up.

Maria screamed in pain, as she tried to move.

“He....ra...pe...ed... me.”Cried Maria

“I know...”Said Ava

Maria shock her head trying to tell Ava what else Micheal had done to her.

“B...o...t..h...”Said Maria

Ava bite her bottom lip realizing what Maria was trying to tell her.

“I want to get you cleaned up and dressed, so we can go after Max.”Stated Ava

“Rath...”Cried Maria
“He..’ s....go...ing ....to...hate...meeee...”

Ava slowly helped Maria to stand wrapping her arm around her lower back causing Maria to whimper in pain. Ava turned her head looking at Maria’s back seeing there were bruises all over her back, across her lower back was a almost black bruise from where Micheal had held her down.

“Rath isn’t going to hate you, this wasn’t your fault.”Said Ava
“He’s going to kill Micheal.”

They slowly walked across the room and into the bathroom, where Ava turned on the hot and cold water adjusting the water till it was just the right temperature, then helping Maria into the tub.

Maria screamed in pain and agony as the warm water touched her bruised and blood flesh.

Ava had tears in her eyes as she helped Maria to clean off her body, she was so into trying to get Maria cleaned up neither noticed Alex as he ran into Maria’s bedroom.

Alex looked around Maria’s room quickly seeing an imprint of her body in the wall, looking at her bed he saw their was blood on her blankets.
He walked further into her bedroom walking toward Maria’s bathroom where he saw Ava helping Maria who was in the bathtub, the water was a pale reddish color from Maria’s blood.

“What happened?”Asked Alex

Maria started to shack ashamed that everyone was seeing her like this, and that Rath would see her like this too.

“She was raped.”Answered Ava
“She’s starting to go into shock, I need you to get me a baggy t-shirt and a baggy skirt, and a blanket, but not from inside her room.”

“Zan.”Said Maria

“Zan’s dead, Rath killed him.”Said Ava

Maria shock her head no saying “I have where Zan is at I was supposed to meet Rath there in a couple of days, Rath was supposed to tell you, after the two of you got back to the city.”

Ava helped Maria to stand and then helped her to get out of the tub wrapping a towel around Maria’s bruised body, before slowly making her way out of the bathroom and back into Maria’s bedroom.

Maria looked around her bedroom expecting Micheal to jump out at her seeing Alex sitting at her vanity with his head in his large hands.

Alex heard them as they entered Maria’s bedroom slowly getting up with the baggy t-shirt and black mini skirt.

Ava helped dressed Maria pulling the t-shirt over her head, then holding the skirt biting her bottom lip as Maria winced in pain.

Alex wrapped the blankets around Maria’s trembling body, picking her up in his arms, Maria wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck burying her head in his neck.

“Who.”Growled Alex

“Micheal.”Answered Ava

“I’m going to kill him.”Growled Alex

“Stand in line his double, is going to break him in half and then kill him.”Said Ava

Maria lifted her head from Alex’s neck saying “Ava, Rath gave me a necklace I took it off when I got in the shower.”

“I’ll go get it.”Replied Ava

Ava walked into the bathroom walking over to the sink picking up the leather string for a chain with the alien symbol.

“He’s going to kill Micheal.”thought Ava

She walked back out of the bathroom over to Alex and Maria.

“Here.”Said Ava

Maria lifted her head and Ava put the necklace back around her neck.

Alex saw the necklace saying “That’s from your group.”

“Yes.”Answered Ava
“I’m going to go get us some wheels.”
“We are going to New York City, I’m taking her to Rath.”

“We will be waiting downstairs.”Said Alex

Ava walked downstairs opening the front door , going outside, closing the door behind her before walking down the streets of Roswell.
She walked over to a black Trans am placing her small hand over the license plate changing the plate to a white and red licensed plate, so the car looked like it was from New York.
Ava walked over to the driver’s side door placing her small hand onto the door handle using her powers to unlock the door, climbing behind the wheel, placing her small hand at the ignition, where the keys would go concentrating bringing the car to life.

“Watching Rath finally payed off.”Laughed Ava

Ava put the car into drive pulling the car back onto the street driving toward Maria’s house.
She pulled the car up next to the curb at Maria’s house, getting out and walking to the front door.
Ava opened the door walking inside saying “I got us wheels.”

“I’m going with you.”Stated Alex

Maria whimpered in Alex’s strong arms wrapping her arms tighter around his neck.

“She’s asleep.”Said Alex
“I don’t know how long she will be before she starts screaming.”

“Let’s go then.”Said Ava

Alex walked out of the house carrying Maria in his strong arms as Ava walked out of Maria’s house closing the front door behind herself walking over to the passenger side door opening the door for Alex, then pulling on the lever making the seat come up.

Alex carefully stepped into the car climbing into the back seat.

Ava closed the passenger side door walking back over to the driver side door opening the door climbing into the Trans am closing the door.
She pulled the car away from the curb pulling the Trans am out onto the street heading toward New York city.

Maria started thrashing about in Alex’s strong arms , screaming “No...”

Alex carefully rubbed his large hands up and down her back trying to comfort her.

“Maria, you’re safe.”Said Alex

“Shit!’Yelled Ava
“I forgot to get the address.”

“I have it, she made me go get it.”Said Alex

Maria quite screaming but still whimpered in her sleep.

“Is there anyway you can use your powers to make this car get there faster?”Asked Alex

“I’ll do my best to get there fast.”Said Ava

“She’s afraid Rath is going to hate her.”Stated Alex

“He won’t.”Stated Ava

Ava continued to drive heading toward New York city they drove all night finally reaching the city.

“Home sweet home.”Said Ava

Alex took the piece of paper out of his pocket passing the piece of paper to Ava.

Ava glanced at the address turning down the street, a few minutes later parking the car outside a run down apartment building.
She turned the car off with her powers opening her car door and walking around to the passenger side opening the door for Alex.

Alex carefully climbed out of the car following Ava into the apartment building, holding Maria close to his hard body.

Ava placed her hand on the door knob using her powers to unlock the front door walking inside with Alex right behind her.

“Yo, Rath.”Said Zan as he walked into the living room.

“Aint, Rath.”Said Ava

“You must be buggin’ out.”Said Zan

“Zan, ya can explain later.”Said Ava
“Where’s Rath?”

“On his way to the summit meeting, the old abandoned warehouse on third street.”Answered Zan
“What’s wrong with her?”

“She was raped.”Answered Ava

“Ava can you sit on the couch with her, I’ll go get Rath.”Stated Alex

Alex gently laid Maria down on the couch, as Zan walked closer to her, stopping in front of Maria looking down as Ava sat next to her.

Zan ran his large hands over Maria’s body checking her over.

“I can’t heal her till after you go get Rath, bring my dupe too, and hurry.”Stated Zan
“Two blocks down the street, you will come to third street, you can’t miss the warehouse and you know what Rath and Max look like, don’t bring Lonnie back here.”

“Got it.”Said Alex

Alex didn’t have to be told twice walking back out of the living room and outside going down the street two blocks till he got to third street.

He saw Rath, Max, Tess, and Lonnie, knowing Max had his cell phone on him he walked over to the pay phones, dialing Max’s cell phone.

Max answered his cell phone saying “Hello.”

“Max, don’t ask any questions, just listen, don’t even say its me.”Said Alex
“I need you, to give your cell to Rath, and then follow him, only you, not Tess or Lonnie.”

Max nodded his head saying “Rath, it’s for you.”

Rath took the cell phone from Max saying “Yo.”

“Zan needs you back at the apartment building now, and to bring Max with you, walk by the phones.”Said Alex

Alex hung up the phone walking behind the pay phones waiting for Rath and Max to walk by.

Rath looked at Max nodding his head signaling for Max to follow him.

They quietly and quickly walked away from Lonnie and Tess walking toward the pay phones and then past them.

Alex stepped out of the shadows as Rath and Max reached the pay phones.

“Spill.”Said Rath

Alex didn’t say a word walking back toward the apartment building.

“Alex what’s going on?”Asked Max

“Why me.”Mumbled Alex
“I don’t want to say what happened you both will know soon enough, it’s not my secret to tell.”

Rath opened the front door walking into the apartment with Max and Alex right behind him.

PT 3

“No, no....”Screamed Maria

Maria started punching and kicking as she screamed.

Rath , Max and Alex ran into the living room, Max stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Maria thrashing about on the couch.

Rath walked right over to Maria sitting down on the couch next to her .
He saw the bruise on her left eye was black and blue and the finger print bruises all around her neck, varying in darkness

“What happened to her?”Demanded Rath

“She was beaten and raped by your double.”Answered Ava

Rath growled saying “He’s dead.”

Maria heard Rath turning toward him, whimpering as she moved.

“You can heal her injuries right?”Asked Rath

“It’s going to take both Max and I to heal the damage done to her.”Stated Zan

“I’m sorry.”Cried Maria

Rath felt like his heart was going to break into a million small pieces as he heard her say that.

“This wasn’t your fault.”Said Rath
“I’m going to pick ya up, take ya into Zan’s bedroom to heal ya.”

Rath carefully picked Maria up in his arms walking toward Zan’s bedroom.

Zan opened his bedroom door for Rath and Maria, then walked inside, going over to his king-sized bed.

Rath walked through the door with Maria holding tightly onto his neck, walking over to Zan’s bed.

“She has three broken ribs on her lower rib cage on her right side, one is broken awful close to her lung.”Stated Zan

Rath laid Maria down on her stomach growling when he heard her whimper.

“Ria, I’m going to use my powers to take off your T-shirt.”Said Rath

Maria slowly nodded her head knowing that they had to take all of her clothes off eventually to heal everything.

Rath used his powers making her t-shirt melt away and fall onto Zan’s floor, tears came into his brown eyes as he saw the bruises down her spine and the three darker bruises where her three ribs were broken, the dark bruise almost black from pressure applied to her lower back.
He looked up at Zan knowing that Micheal had forced her to have anal sex with him.

“Ria, you are going to feel my fingertips on your back, while I heal each of your ribs, and then my hands as I heal the rest of your back.”Stated Zan

Zan slowly moved his finger tips over the bruises across her back where the three darker bruises were healing her broken rips, then placing his large hands lightly on her back healing all of the bruising on her back. He moved his large hands lower near the base of her spine healing the dark alomst black bruise on her lower back.
He breathed in deeply motioning to Rath that the skirt had to go.

“Ria, Rath’s going to take your skirt off.”Stated Zan

Rath walked so that he was at Maria’s head kneeling down in front of the bed lifting her face to see her green eyes full of tears.

“I’m right here, not going any where, concentrate on me.”Stated Rath

Maria looked into Rath’s brown eyes seeing tears in his eyes because of the pain she was feeling and what happened to her.

“You are going to feel my hands again.”Stated Zan

Zan placed one his hands onto Maria’s right ass check and the other on her left ass check concentrating repairing the damage done to her anus and rectum, fixing the swelling and a couple of tears, then fixing the finger tip bruises on her ass checks.
He removed his hands breathing in deeply, deciding he had enough energy to work on may be some if not all of her front.

“Now, we need to fix the front of you.”Said Zan

Maria slowly turned onto her back closing her eyes, not wanting to see Zan or Max staring at her beaten and bruised body.

Rath sat on the bed next to Maria taking her small hand into his large hand.

He slowly looked over her soft body wanting to know what Micheal did to her.
Rath saw bruises all around both of her breasts, darker around the areola of her nipples, dry blood and teeth marks on her right areola and nipple, her stomach was free of bruises, her lower abdomen had a light bruising and a small silver hand print.

“Zan.”Said Rath

Zan looked to where Rath was looking nodding his head, yes, placing his fingers at his lips telling him not to say anything.

“I’m going to touch you again, on your breast.”Said Zan

Zan placed his large hands on her breasts concentrating healing her flesh so there were no bruises and the bite mark was gone.

“I’m going to have Rath touch your abdomen.”Said Zan
“I’m going to heal the rest of your lower body through him.”

Maria opened her eyes looking down at her abdomen seeing the tiny silver hand print in the middle of the bruises.

“No..”Cried Maria

“Shit.”Said Rath
“I’m going to connect try and connect to it.”
“I will know if it’s mine.”

“I don’t want it if it’s his.”Screamed Maria
“Promise me, you will use your powers and kill it, if it’s his.”

“If it’s his, I will do that, but I would have to put you to sleep first.”Stated Rath
“Cause it would hurt you, and I don’t want to do that.”

Maria nodded her head saying “I know.”

She set her head back down closing her tear filled eyes.

Rath placed his large hand on the tiny silver hand print, forming a connection instantly.
He saw that the baby was his and was conceived when they were together at the UFO museum.

Zan motioned to Max saying “I can’t heal her anymore.”

Max walked over to the bed hating what he saw and that someone he considered a brother did this to her.
He placed his large hands on top of Rath’s large hands concentrating healing a tear at the opening of her vagina, the bruise on her inner thighs, and the finger tip bruises on her hips.

“I’m going to heal your neck and then your eye.”Said Max

Max placed his large hands on her neck healing the finger tip bruises, then placing his hand on her left eye concentrating healing the swelling and bruising.
He took his hand away from her face as Zan walked over with a different t-shirt.

Rath slowly moved his large hand away from her abdomen, helping Maria to sit up, pulling the T-shirt over her head and onto her body.

Zan and Max quietly slipped out of Zan’s bedroom going into the kitchen.

Maria went to say something and Rath placed his finger at her lips.

“Don’t tell me you are sorry again.”Stated Rath
“What happened was not your fault.”
“The baby is mine, the bathroom of the UFO museum.”

“Are you sure?”Asked Maria

“Yes, I saw when you got pregnant.”Answered Rath

“Zan and Max healed you physically but there is still the trauma from what he did to you.”
“I will be here no matter what.”

“Will you hold me while I fall asleep?”Asked Maria

“Of course but I’ll take you to my room.”Said Rath
“I’m sure Zan would like his room back.”

Rath stood back up leaning down picking Maria up in his strong arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck.
He carried her back out of Zan’s bedroom and down the hall into his bedroom.
Rath pulled back the covers laying Maria down in the middle of his mattress, laying down next to her and taking Maria into his strong arms.
His large hands moved slowly over her back as Maria closed her green eyes.

“I’m going to have Ava come in here and sit with you after you fall asleep.”Stated Rath
“I want to talk to Zan and Max, oh and your friend Alex, I think that was his name.”

“Ok.”Said Maria
“Yes that’s Alex.”

Maria listened to Rath’s heart beating soon falling into an exhausted sleep.

Rath watched Maria as she slept swearing that Micheal was going to pay for what he did to Maria.

PT 4

Rath slowly and carefully moved Maria’s soft body way his hard body, trying to not wake her as he got up from his king-sized bed.
He quietly walked to his bedroom door opening the door walking through the door closing it over but not closing the door completely wanting to be able to hear Maria.
Walking out into the living room he found Zan, Max, Alex and Ava sitting around passing a bottle of Techila.

“Ava, can you, go in my room, and like watch over her?”Asked Rath

Ava nodded her head yes getting up from the couch and walking down the hall into Rath’s bedroom.
She left the door cracked open so Rath would still be able to hear Maria like he wanted to.

Rath sat down on the couch next to Alex taking the bottle from him taking a drink.

“So are we all drinking because ya got flashes when you healed her?”Asked Rath

“I saw bits and pieces, defiantly more than I wanted to see.”Answered Zan
“I felt her pain more than I saw what happened.”

“Ava thinks when she used her powers to get into Maria’s bedroom, he was still there.”Stated Alex

“If I had insisted Ava come with us like I planned Maria would be hurt worse.”Stated Rath

“You didn’t do this to her anymore than she did.”Said Alex

“Ya can’t tell Ria not to blame herself and then blame yaself.”Said Zan

“We still have to come up with a cover.”Stated Alex

“Why?”Asked Max

“I saw her room.”Stated Alex
“Her mom sees that and Amy will call the Roswell Sheriff, and remember Jim lost his job.”

“I hate to say this, but then we fix Maria’s room.”Stated Max

“Not going to be that simple.”Stated Alex
“Even if you cover up what Micheal did, you still have a missing Maria.”
“I’m not going back either.”

“How bad is her room?”Asked Rath

“The first thing I noticed and saw was Maria’s body’s imprint on the wall close to the bathroom, the plaster was dented in from the force in which he slammed her up against the wall.”Stated Alex
“I looked around half expecting to find Maria laying on the floor, my eyes fell onto the bed there was blood on her blankets.”
“I walked further into Maria’s room going toward the bathroom, which was where I found Ava helping to clean up Maria, the water was a pale red color from Maria’s blood.”

Rath growled saying “He’s mine.”

Rath smiled as he thought of ways to be flexin’ with Micheal, his dupe was never going to know what hit him.

“Any idea what you are going to tell Amy?”Asked Alex

“Tell her mom, that she meet me and ran way with me.”Said Rath

“What are you going to tell your parents?”Asked Max

“That I got this opportunity of a life time, and I am pursuing my music career.”Answered Alex

“Why couldn’t you say that Maria overheard that you were coming to the city, wanting to get away from Micheal and also see if she could get a record contract.”Said Max

“She would want to talk to Maria.”Stated Alex

“Say she’s in the shower.”Said Zan

“That might work for a whole two seconds, but Amy will be thrilled Maria is away from Micheal.”Stated Alex

“I have to find Tess and head back to Roswell and do damage control.”Stated Max
“Cleaning up another one of his messes.”

“What are you going to tell Tess?”Asked Alex

“I’ll tell her I followed Rath and got lost in the city.”Stated Max
“They will find out the truth when I kicked Micheal’s ass.”

“Just don’t kill him.”Said Rath
“He’s mine.”

“Oh I won’t kill him, hurt him real bad but not kill him.”Stated Max

Meanwhile in Rath’s bedroom Ava sat in a chair at the foot of Rath’s king sized bed watching Maria.

Maria started to move around in her sleep.

Maria was dreaming about what Micheal did to her .

He grabbed her by her neck slamming her small body into the wall.

Maria gasped for breathe in her sleep, like she was doing in her dream.

Micheal ripped the towel away from Maria’s body running his large hands down her chest.

Maria whimpered in her sleep.

Micheal waved his large hands over his clothes, lifting Maria slightly thrusting his hardened cock deep inside her tight pussy.

“No!”Screamed Maria

Rath heard Maria scream quickly getting up from the couch and running into his bedroom.

“No!”Screamed Maria

Rath quickly went over to his bed taking Maria into his strong arms.

“Shhh.”Said Rath

Rath moved his large hands up and down her back comforting her.

Maria wrapped her arms around Rath’s neck holding his hard body close to her soft body.

“I’m here.”Stated Rath
“He won’t ever hurt you again.”

Maria opened her green eyes tears rolling down her face looking it Rath’s brown eyes full of love and concern.

“You love me.”Said Maria

“Yes, I love you.”Said Rath

“Even after ....”Asked Maria

“Yes.”Answered Rath

Maria trembled in Rath’s strong arms as she thought about what Micheal did to her.

He felt her warm tears through the material of his old t-shirt, wanting more than anything to take away the trauma Micheal caused her, as easily as Zan and Max had taken away the bruises, and physical pain.

Meanwhile out in the living room Max got up from the couch.

"Alex do you have your cell?"Asked Max

"Yeah."Answered Alex

"I'll call maybe Maria would like Liz to come by, it would just be me and Liz, unless she wanted Isabel to come."Stated Max
"Isabel will get baby sitting duty with Micheal."

"Oh Iz will love you for that one."Stated Alex

"I'm off to find Tess, and back to Roswell."Said Max

Max walked out of the living room and opened the front door of the apartment going back out into the city.

He walked around for awhile finding his way back to where he had meet up with Alex.
Max looked around finding a very pissed off Lonnie and Tess standing not far away from the phones.

"You missed da meetin."Snarled Lonnie

"Sorry, I followed Rath and got lost."Stated Max
"I did some thinking decided Roswell is my home."

Tess looked at Max trying to figure out what he was not saying.

"Tess since we don't have wheels how about we fly back to Roswell."Asked Max

"Sounds good to me."Answered Tess
"Let's go home."

Tess linked her arm through Max's arm both walking away from Lonnie.

PT 5

Max smiled to himself as the plane landed in Roswell knowing right where Micheal would be.

“Thank you for flying with us tonight, enjoy your stay in Roswell.”Said the flight attendant.

Max and Tess got up from their seats exiting the plane.

They walked through the airport going out the main doors.

“Taxi.”Yelled Max

A taxi pulled up in front of where Max was standing.

Max and Tess got into the taxi closing the car door.

“Where to?”Asked the Taxi driver.

“110 Hudson Street.”Answered Max

Tess glanced at Max knowing he just gave the taxi driver Maria’s address.

Max ignored Tess’s questioning looks sitting back in his seat not looking forward to going into Maria’s room.

Approximately fifteen minutes later the taxi pulled into Maria’s driveway.

“That will be thirty dollars.”Stated the taxi driver.

Max took out forty handing it to the taxi driver.

“Thanks.”Said Max

Max opened his door stepping out into the driveway with Tess right behind him.
He watched the taxi drive away as he slowly walked to the front door of Maria’s house.

“Max why are we at Maria’s?”Asked Tess

Max opened the front door knowing it was not locked walking inside.

Tess shock her head in frustration following Max inside and closing the door behind her.

“Max?”Questioned Tess

Max walked upstairs going directly to Maria’s bedroom inhaling deeply as he entered Maria’s bedroom.

“I have to clean up Micheal’s mess before her mother comes home.”Stated Max

Max looked around the bedroom seeing the wall by the bathroom had an indentation from the force of Micheal slamming Maria into the wall. There were cracks around the indentation where the force used seem to shatter the wall. He glanced at the bed seeing blood on the sheets and blankets covering her bed. The wall behind the bed had cracks from where the mattress had impacted with the wall.

Tess gasped as she walked into Maria’s bedroom behind Max.

“Micheal did this?”Asked Tess

“Yes.”Answered Max
“Maria’s in New York city with Rath, Ava, Zan and Alex.”
“Zan and I healed her, Micheal beat her and raped her both vaginally and anally.”

“Oh my god.”Cried Tess

“I’ll fix the walls and take away the blood.”Stated Max
“Can you clean the bathroom?”

“Yes.”Answered Tess

Max decided to start with the bed waving his large hand over the blood making it disappear.
He then made the sheets come up to the top of the bed and then the comforter, making the bed look like Maria had made the bed.
Max walked to the wall behind the bed concentrating making the wall where dented in and cracking reform just like new.
He then walked over to the wall placing his large hand over the wall making the indentation come out so the wall was flat again and making the cracks disappear.
Max looked down seeing blood on the floor smiling cause he knew that was Micheal’s blood from when Maria had bite his tongue.
He bent down cleaning up the blood then standing back up again.
Max looked around the bedroom seeing that he had fixed all the damage Micheal had done.

Tess walked into the bathroom bending down before the bathroom picking up the towel Maria had been wearing and another as she walked into the bathroom door, this towel had blood on it.
She used her powers making the two towels disintegrate into nothing.
Tess looked around the bathroom not seeing much, until she looked at the tub.
She gasped instant feeling like she was going to get sick, quickly waving her hand over the dried blood in the tub, making the tub look brand new.
Tess ran to the toilet lifting the lid throwing up the contents of her stomach.

Max heard Tess puking inside the bathroom and remember that Ava had said she cleaned Maria up before Alex and Ava left with Maria heading to the city.

Tess blew her nose throwing the toilet paper inside the toilet, pushing down the lever making the toilet flush getting rid of all the contents.
She quickly walked back out into Maria’s bedroom, closing the bathroom door behind herself.

“Max if we are done, can you walk me home?”Asked Tess

“Yes, we are done here.”Answered Max
“Yeah I’ll walk you home.”

Max and Tess left Maria’s bedroom closing the bedroom door after exiting her bedroom.
They walked back downstairs, opening the front door walking outside into the cool night air.

Max closed the front door behind them quickly walking away from Maria’s house heading down the deserted streets to Tess’s house.

“What are you going to do about Micheal?”Asked Tess

“I am going to kick his ass.”Answered Max
“So tomorrow during the meeting that I am going to call don’t say a word.”

“You plan on telling everyone.”Stated Tess

“Yes.”Answered Max

“Good everyone deserves to know.”Stated Tess
“From the blood in the tub, Maria must have been hurt bad.”

“Yes, I’‘ll tell everyone at the same time.”Stated Max

“Thanks for walking me home.”Said Tess

“No prob.”Said Max

“Good night.”Said Tess

Max waited for Tess to walk inside and close the door behind herself before turning around walking toward his house.

“Liz is going to be crushed not only was Maria raped but two of her friends moved away without saying goodbye all because of Micheal.” thought Max
“Isabel lost a good friend in Maria, and also lost any chance of being with Alex.”
“Am I going to lose Liz because of this.”

Max reached his house opening the front door, walking inside and closing the door behind .

He walked into his bedroom quietly closing his bedroom door laying down on his bed.
His mind clouded with thoughts of the meeting he was going to call tomorrow all because of what Micheal had done.

Max woke up the following day getting up out of bed opening his bedroom door.
He walked out of his bedroom walking over to Isabel’s bedroom door and knocked.

Isabel opened her bedroom door seeing Max she hugged him, pulling back Isabel noticed the serious look on Max’s face.

“Max?”Asked Isabel

Max walked into Isabel’s room closing the bedroom door behind him.

“Iz we have to all have a meeting at Micheal’s apartment.”Stated Max
“What ever I do, I don’t want you to interfere, no matter what.”

“Max, you are scaring me.”Said Isabel

“I’ll explain later.”Said Max
“Can you call Micheal and Tess, I’ll call Liz.”

“Ok.”Answered Isabel

Max left a very puzzled Isabel alone in her room.

“He didn’t mention Maria or Alex.”Though Isabel

Max walked back into his room picking up the phone dialing Liz’s number.

“Liz, are you working all day?”Asked Max

“No just till this afternoon.”Answered Liz

“Meet me at Micheal’s after work.”Stated Max

“Ok.”Answered Liz

Max hung up the phone going into his bathroom, where he turned on the hot and cold water facets, adjusting the water to the right temperature.
He stripped off his clothes, pulling up the shower level, closing the shower curtain and stepping inside and re-closing the shower curtain.
Max let the warm water wash over his hard body before picking up the bar of soap and washcloth, rubbing the bar of soap onto the washcloth.
He brought the washcloth to his body slowly washing his hard body from head to toe.
Max set the bar of soap down in the soap caddy and hanging the washcloth over the bar and picked up his shampoo.
Squeezing some into the palm of his large hand make brought his large hands into his wet hair massaging his scalp forming a lather as he washed his hair.
Max rinsed of all the soap from his hard body and the shampoo from his hair, then pushing the shower level back down, turning off the hot and cold water facets off and opened the shower curtain.
He grabbed a towel off the towel rack wrapping the towel around his waist as he stepped out of the shower.
Walking over to the sink Max picked up his hair brush, brushing his hair, placing his hair brush back down, he picked up his tooth brush and tooth paste, opening the toothpaste, and squeezing some onto his toothbrush.
He brushed his teeth spitting the toothpaste into the sink, turning on the cold water rinsing out the sink.
Max walked back into his bedroom going over to his dresser taking out a lite-blue T-shirt pulling it over his head as he took out a pair of white boxers stepping into them, then stepping into a pair of baggy blue jeans. He walked over to his bed sitting down putting on his socks and black work boots.

Later that afternoon Micheal was walking back out of his kitchen into the living room.

Tess was sitting on the couch with Isabel and Liz waiting for Max to get there.

“So we are waiting on Max.”Said Isabel

“What Maria and Alex are not coming?”Asked Liz

Tess was watching Micheal, who smirked at the mention of Maria’s name, he was sending shivers down her spine and not in a good way.

“You know as much as I do.”Stated Isabel

Max walked into Micheal’s apartment closing the front door behind him.
He walked right over to Micheal punching Micheal’s jaw hard making Micheal fall onto his ass on the living room floor.

“Max.”Screamed Isabel

Liz gasped in shock as Max hit Micheal knocking him onto his ass from the force of the punch.

Isabel noticed Tess had not gasped nor was she shocked at Max punching Micheal.

Micheal rubbed his jaw standing back up spitting the blood out of his mouth.

“Did I reopen a wound.”Laughed Max

Micheal smirked at Max knowing why Max was furious with him.

Max swung at Micheal again this time connecting with Micheal’s right eye leaving a mark that instantly turned black and blue.

“I want to make you feel as much pain as Maria did.”Screamed Max
“Now sit over there, so I can explain why we are having this meeting and why two people are not here.”

Micheal walked over to the chair sitting down glaring at Max.

“Oh, and that is nothing compared to what Rath is going to do to you.”Said Max

“Max explain now.”Yelled Isabel

Isabel got up from the couch and started to go over to Micheal.

“Sit down Iz.”Said Max

Isabel sat down glaring at Max wanting to know why Max hit Micheal and why Rath was going to do worse to him.

“Maria’s with Rath?”Questioned Liz

“Yes, but I have to explain a few things.”Answered Max
“That is unless Micheal wants to tell everyone what he did.”

“Spoil all your fun.”Laughed Micheal

“I had to clean another one of Micheal’s messes up.”Stated Max
“Which this time hurt someone very close to all of us.”
“I had to take away the evidence of Micheal brutally beating and raping Maria.”
“From my understanding Ava interrupted Micheal.”
“Alex showed up at Maria’s house helping Ava clean the blood off of Maria’s body, and take her to New York city.”
“Zan, who is very much alive, and I had to heal Maria the damage to her body was so great.”

Max paused trying to collect his thoughts as he felt overwhelmed.

“Max is telling you the truth, believe me, I cleaned up the bathroom, so much blood it made me sick.”Said Tess

Isabel was in shock not wanting to believe Max or Tess but from seeing Micheal’s reaction knew Max was telling the truth.

“Maria and Alex are not coming back.”Asked Liz

“No.”Answered Max

Max turned to Micheal saying “If you even blink wrong, I will be on you faster than you can sneeze.”
“The sight of you is making me sick.”

Max walked out of Micheal’s apartment closing the door behind himself.

“I kinda feel sorry for you, cause not only does Max want a piece of you but three other guys.”Said Tess

“I thought I knew you.”Said Isabel

Liz got up from the couch walking out the front door with Tess and Isabel right behind her.

PT 6

Maria sniffled as the tears stopped, she felt so safe in Rath’s strong arms.

Rath’s large hands were moving up and down her back trying to calm her down.

Maria looked up into Rath’s face with red and poofy eyes from crying.

“I soaked your shirt.”Said Maria

“Doesn’t bother me.”Said Rath

“Can I take a shower?”Asked Maria

“Sure.”Answered Rath

“I feel so dirty.”Whispered Maria

“I have a bathroom in my room.”Stated Rath

Maria pulled away from Rath’s hard body getting up from off the mattress and walking into his bathroom.

Rath watched Maria walk into his bathroom wanting to follow her with every fiber of his body, but knew she would have to come to him.
He heard the water running inside the bathroom and the shower curtain close.

Maria stood under the spray of the warm water enjoying the way the warm water caressed her skin.
She glanced up seeing a white scrubby handing by a rope around the shower, reaching up Maria took the scrubby off from the shower head.
Looking around the inside of the tub she found a bar of Zest soap in the soap caddy on her left, picking up the bar of Zest she rubbed the bar of Zest soap into the scrubby, then placing the bar of soap back down in the soap caddy. Maria slowly brought the scrubby up to her upper body running the scrubby around in circles trying to remove the dirty feeling from her skin and body.
Every time the scrubby touched her where Micheal had she thought about what Micheal did to her and the tears started to roll down her face. She willed herself to quite crying as she finished washing her body and let the warm water rinse away the soap. Rinsing off the scrubby underneath the warm water, she hung the scrubby back over the shower head. Maria turned around so the warm water was washing over her back, reaching down she picked up a bottle of pert shampoo, opening the top, she squeezed some into the palm of her small hand. She set the shampoo bottle back down bringing her small hands into her hair massaging her scalp as she washed her hair. Rinsing all the shampoo out of her long blonde hair Maria turned pushed down the shower lever and turned off the hot and cold water faucets. Opening the shower curtain Maria grabbed a black towel off the towel rack drying off her most of her body before stepping out of the tub. She walked over to his sink picking up Rath’s hairbrush and running it through her wet hair, setting the hairbrush back down. Maria wondered if Rath had an extra toothbrush, so she opened the medicine cabinet above the skin peering inside she found a new toothbrush.
She took the toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet opening the box, turning on the cold water, she placed the toothbrush underneath the running water as she picked up the Crest toothpaste, opening the toothpaste, and squeezing some onto the wet toothbrush. Maria brushed her teeth getting the taste of Micheal’s blood out of her mouth from when she had bit his tongue. Rinsing out her mouth with water, spitting into the sink, then rinsing off the toothbrush and sink before turning off the water and placing the toothbrush in the toothbrush holder on the counter top.
Maria opened the bathroom door walking back out into Rath’s bedroom after closing the door behind herself.

Rath had gone and borrowed a pair of black silk boxers from Zan while Maria was in the shower.
He lay on the bed clad only in the pair of silk boxers looking up when Maria entered the room he was unable to stop his brown eyes from running over her soft body from heat to toe knowing what was underneath the towel.

Maria smiled at Rath as she walked closer to his hard body laying on his bed.

“I got you another t-shirt.”Stated Rath

Maria nodded her head picking up the T- shirt off the end of the bed, dropping the towel and pulling the t-shirt over her head.

Rath silently cursed as he felt his already hard cock harden even more from the sight of her naked soft body.

Maria crawled up the bed moving her soft body close to Rath’s hard body.

Rath reached down grabbing a hold of the sheets and comforter bringing them up over their bodies. He then wrapped his arms around her waist holding her soft body against his hard body.

Maria lifted her head up looking into his brown eyes seeing his love reflecting in his brown eyes.
She placed her hot mouth on top of his hot mouth giving him a chaste kiss, then running her hot wet tongue around his bottom lip, wanting more.

Rath opened his hot wet mouth granting her hot wet tongue access to his hot wet mouth.

Her hot wet tongue entered his mouth slowly moving around touching his checks, teeth and finally their tongues met.
Maria moaned in pleasure wanting to feel his large hands all over her soft body wanting to feel him, not Micheal’s touch.

Rath knew Maria was no where close to being ready for them to be together like that so soon after what Micheal did to her.
He broke the kiss breathing in deeply much needed air.

“Rath?”Questioned Maria

“Ria, I want to...”Said Rath
“We need to take it slow.”

“I want you.”Said Maria
“Don’t you want me?”

Rath growled taking her small hand in his placing it on top of the silk boxers so she could feel his hardened cock.

“Does I feel like I don’t want you?”Asked Rath

“No.”Answered Maria

“I can sense you are not ready.”Said Rath

Maria sighed in frustration knowing Rath was right.

“One way to get past this is for you to talk about it.”Stated Rath

Maria looked up at Rath her green eyes showing her shock.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”Said Maria

Rath sighed saying “I’ll be here when you are ready to talk about it.”

Maria lay her head down on Rath’s chest listening to his heart beating, she brought her small hand up from his hardened cock to rest on his chest next to her face.

Rath kissed the top of her head closing his brown eyes, partly thankful that Maria was not ready to tell him.

Maria thought about what Rath said knowing he was right she did need to talk about what happened as part of the healing process.

“Rath?”Said Maria

Rath moved his large hands up and down her back, trying to comfort her and show he had no intentions of going any where.

“After you left I went in to take a shower, when I was done I walked out into my bedroom like I always do.”Stated Maria
“He stepped out of the shadows grabbing me by my neck ans slamming me against the wall.”
“He ripped the towel off my body with his hand that wasn’t pinning me to the wall.”
“He ran his hands down my chest pinching my nipples.”
“I begged him to stop.”

Maria was crying and shaking in Rath’s strong arms as she tried to tell him.

“Ria, you don’t have to tell me everything tonight.”Said Rath

He continued to run his large hands up and down her back trying his best to comfort her.

“He moved his hands away and I thought I had gotten through to him, when I realized he wasn’t going to stop I tried to get away but he only tightened his grip on my neck, as he used his powers to remove his clothes, he forced my mouth open and kissed me, I bite his tongue really hard and he called me a whore and punched me.”Cried Maria
“He thrust his cock inside of me....”
“I screamed no.”
“He didn’t stop.”
“When he got off he pinned me on my stomach and thrust his cock inside my ass...”

Rath had tears rolling down his face as he held Maria’s shacking and crying body in his arms.

“He won’t ever hurt you again.”Stated Rath
“Cause I’m going to kill him.”

“I want you to make love to me.”Said Maria

She placed her fingers on his lips stopping him from saying anything.

“When I am ready, I want it to be soon, I want to feel your touch and not his.”Stated Maria

“Shhh, sleep now.”Said Rath

Rath held her body close to his running his large hands up and down her back till she finally gave in and closed her green eyes going to sleep.
He watched her sleep till he could no longer hold his own brown eyes open falling into a restless sleep with thoughts of how to kill Micheal on his mind.

PT 7

Maria woke finding herself tightly wrapped in Rath’s strong arms, she looked up at his face finding he was already awake.

“Morning sleepy head.”Smirked Rath

“Morning.”Said Maria

“We should get up and have some breakfast.”Stated Rath

“I don’t have any clothes.”Stated Maria

“Shit, Ava doesn’t have any here either.”Said Rath

“Oh.”Said Maria

“I can see if Zan has another pair of boxers, and I have a T-shirt you could wear.”Stated Rath

“Ok.”Said Maria

“I’ll run out later and get you a pair of jeans and then I could take ya shopping.”Stated Rath

“Your going to take me shopping.”Smiled Maria

“You need clothes, and I feel safer with you being with me.”Stated Rath

“You are going to be all over protective now.”Stated Maria

“Damn right.”Said Rath

Maria leaned up capturing Rath’s hot mouth in a passion-filled kiss, separating for air when Rath pulled back breaking the kiss.

“I’ll go get those from Zan.”Stated Rath

“Are you going to pull away from me every time I touch you?”Asked Maria

“What?”Asked Rath

Rath ran his large hands through his Mohawk trying to figure out what to say that was not going to sound wrong.

“I would like nothing better than for you to touch me.”Stated Rath

“Then why?”Asked Maria

“We need to get up, and eat.”Stated Rath

Maria knew he was trying to discreetly say she was eating for two.

“Can you help me to connect with the baby later?”Asked Maria

“Yeah.”Answered Rath

Rath unwrapped his arms from around her body getting up out of the bed.
He picked his jeans up off of the floor quickly pulling them on, leaving the boxers on much to his distaste.

Maria noticed he was still wearing the boxers as he pulled up his jeans.

“Since when do you wear boxers?”Asked Maria

Maria got up so she was kneeling on her knees she ran her fingers down his bare chest stopping at his cock covered in the silk boxers.

Rath hissed as his body responded to her soft touch.

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

“I like it when you go commando.”Stated Maria

“Less tempting.”Said Rath his voice husky with desire.

“You said take it slow.”Stated Maria

Maria slowly moved her small hand way from his hardened cock.

“I did.”Answered Rath

“So what’s allowed then?”Asked Maria

“Whatever you are ready for.”Answered Rath

Rath adjusted his now hardened cock thanks to Maria’s teasing, zipping his zipper, pulling on a black T-shirt.
He sat back down on the bed picking up his black work boots and putting them on his feet.

“I don’t have any shoes either.”Stated Maria

“We will figure it out.”Stated Rath

He got up from the bed leaning down and giving Maria a chaste kiss.

“Be right back.”Said Rath

Maria watched Rath as he walked out of his bedroom looking for Zan.

Rath walked into the kitchen finding Zan, Alex, and Ava.

“Zan, do you have another pair of boxers?”Asked Rath
“Ria doesn’t have any clothes.”

“Neither do I.”Said Alex
“I’ll have to go buy some.”

“I have to go to our old crib and get some.”Stated Ava

“What if you run into Lonnie?”Asked Rath

“Ya know we need to find her.”Stated Zan

“Lonnie is a problem, I’m not ready to deal with.”Stated Rath
“She was in nice and tight with Nickolas.”

“She still is my sister.”Stated Zan

“I know.”Said Rath

“We can deal with Lonnie when the time comes.”Stated Zan

Zan walked out of the kitchen heading toward his bedroom.
He walked back in carrying a pair of jeans.

“I manipulated them, they should fit her.”Stated Zan

“Thanks.”Said Rath

Rath took the jeans from Zan walking back into his bedroom

“Zan found you a pair of jeans.”Stated Rath

Maria got up off the bed walking over to Rath and taking the jeans from him.

“All I need is a shirt and shoes.”Stated Maria

Maria stepped into the jeans buttoning and zipping them.

“T-shirts are hanging in the closet.”Stated Rath
“You can wear anything, ya want.”

Maria walked over to his closet looking through his t-shirts stopping when she found a black T-shirt with a white cross in the middle.
She walked back over to the bed setting down the t-shirt as she stripped off the t-shirt she was wearing, letting that T-shirt fall to the bed, and picking up the other t-shirt with the white cross and pulling it on over her head.

“Do you have a pair of socks?”Asked Maria
“My feet are cold.”

Rath walked over to the dresser opening the top drawer, from which he took out a pair of white socks.
Walking over to the bed he handed the socks to Maria.

Maria took the socks from Rath putting them onto her feet.

“I think Zan is already cooking breakfast.”Stated Rath
“Alex and Ava where both out in the kitchen when I was in there.”

“Please tell me Zan is making food without Tabasco sauce.”Stated Maria

“You will probably be craving Tabasco sauce soon enough.”Laughed Rath

“That will be all your fault.”Said Maria

Maria got up from the bed placing her small hand in Rath’s large hand, they walked hand in hand out of his bedroom and into the kitchen.

Rath was right Zan was cooking breakfast.

He looked up from the stove as Maria and Rath walked into the kitchen.

"Mornin' Ria."Said Zan

"Morning"Said Maria

"Hope you like scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast."Said Zan

"That's fine."Said Maria

Rath opened the cupboard over the coffee pot taking down a cup pausing to ask Maria

"Do you want coffee?"Asked Rath

"Yes."Answered Maria

Rath took down another coffee cup setting it down next to his coffee cup.
He took the coffee pot off the coffee maker pouring coffee into the two coffee cups.

"What ya take in it?"Asked Rath

"Black."Answered Maria

She sat domn at the kitchen table with Alex and Ava.

Rath brought Maria over her coffee setting hers down in front of her and his next to her, then sitting down next to Maria.

"Breakfast is almost done."Stated Zan

"Do you always cook breakfast?"Asked Maria

"Nah, it depends on who's up first."Answered Zan

"I reminded him no Tabasco sauce."Stated Alex

"So you going to the mall later?"Asked Ava

"Yeah, need shoes first."Stated Maria

"You could wear mine."Stated Ava
"I'm going to just chill here."

"If you don't mind."Said Maria

"No its cool."Said Ava

Zan walked over carrying two plates with scrambled eggs, sausage and toast.
He placed one front of Maria and one in front of Ava giving them both forks, then walking back over filling another plate.
Zan sat down next to Alex picking up his fork and started eating his food.

"Serve yourselves."Said Zan

"That's fowl, man."Said Rath

"I agree."Said Alex

Maria and Ava picked up there forks and started to eat their food.

Rath got up from the table walking over to the stove picking up one of the two plates left on the counter.
He scooped scrambled eggs onto his plate stabbing two sausages with a fork, putting them onto his plate, then adding two slices of toast.
He walked back over to the table setting his plate down and sitting back down next to Maria.
Rath picked up the Tabasco sauce sprinkling some all over his scrambled eggs, setting the Tabasco sauce back down he picked up his fork, eating his food.

Alex got up from the table going over to the stove picking up the last plate.
He scooped scrambled eggs onto his plate, stabbing two sausages with a fork and taking two slices of the toast.
He walked back over to the table setting down his food and sitting back down.
Alex picked up his fork cutting up his sausage, mixing his sausage in with his scrambled eggs, before eating his food.

Everyone finished eating their food, Rath picked up his plate, fork and Maria's plate and fork setting the dishes in the sink.
He refilled his coffee cup going back over to the table.

"More coffee?"Asked Rath

"Yes."Answered Maria

Rath picked up her coffee cup walking back over to the coffee pot pouring more coffee into her cup, then taking her coffee back over to her.

"We can go to the mall when ever you want."Stated Rath

"Cool, Ava's letting me borrow her shoes."Stated Maria

"I'll go get them for you."Said Ava

Ava got up from the kitchen table walking into the living room picking up her shoes, then walking back into the kitchen, handing her shoes to Maria.

Maria slipped the shoes onto her small feet.

"Want to go after you finish your coffee?"Asked Maria

"Sure."Answered Rath.

Rath finished his coffee a few minutes later he got up from the kitchen table placing his coffee cup in the sink.

"I'm ready if you are."Stated Rath

Maria got up from the kitchen table picking up her coffee cup, walking over to the sink.
She placed her small hand in Rath's large hand saying "I'm ready."

"See ya later."Said Rath

"See you later."Said Maria

Maria and Rath walked out of the kitchen through the living room and out the front door heading for the mall.

PT 8

Rath and Maria walked back into the old apartment building later that afternoon.
Rath was carrying several shopping bags carrying all the clothing and shoes he had bought for her.

“Do you buy the mall out?”Asked Alex

“No.”Answered Maria

“Good, cause Ava is going to go with me to the mall.”Said Alex

Maria slips off Ava’s shoes handing them to her.

“Thanks.”Said Maria

“It’s cool.”Said Ava

“I’ll clean out some of my closet, and empty a drawer in my dresser for you.”Said Rath

“Ok.”Said Maria

Rath walked out of the living room going down the hall into his bedroom with the bags.
He set the bags down on his bed so that Maria could take care of them when she was ready too.
Walking over to his closet he pushed his clothing further back into the closet leaving room for Maria at the front.
He walked over to his dresser opening the top drawer which didn’t really hold much just a few pairs of socks.
Taking the socks out Rath walked over to the bed with his socks setting them down on the bed, trying to figure out where to put them.
Rath opened the top drawer on his end stand finding a cock ring, his cuffs, a vibrator, and an anal vibrator, and a tube of lube.

“That won’t work.”Said Rath

Maria walked up behind Rath peering into the drawer he had open.

“What are those?”Asked Maria

“Some sex toys.”Answered Rath

“Oh.”Said Maria

Rath opened the drawer below that one which was filled with all different sizes, colors, and scented candles.
He removed the stuff from the top drawer putting them into the bottom drawer, then closing the bottom drawer and putting his socks in the top drawer, then closing the top drawer.

“You ok?”Asked Rath

Maria sat down on the mattress looking up into Rath’s brown eyes that were full of concern.

“I had fun shopping today.”Said Maria

“Epic.”Said Rath

“Rath?”Asked Maria

Rath sat down on the mattress next to Maria waiting for her to continue.

“How do you know the baby is yours and not his?”Asked Maria

“When I connected to the baby, I saw when it was conceived.”Answered Rath

“Cause, I thought it might be hard to tell because you are both have the same DNA.”Said Maria

“We do but we don’t.”Answered Rath

Maria gave Rath a very confused look not understanding what he was saying.

“I have more of the alien DNA in me than Micheal.”Said Rath

“I’m just scared, I don’t want it to be Micheal’s baby.”Cried Maria

Rath wrapped his strong arms around her soft body holding Maria close to his hard body.

Maria sniffled looking up into Rath’s brown eyes.

“Show me.”Asked Maria

Rath nodded his head moving her back against the pillows.
His large hands moving to the button of her jeans slowly unbuttoning the button and then unzipping the zipper, moving the jeans over as far as he could exposing the tiny silver
He brought his large hands to her small hands bringing her small hands to her abdomen and placing their joined hands on top of the silver hand print.

The connection was almost instantaneous as Maria and Rath’s joined hands touched the silver hand print.

They saw a tiny baby growing inside her abdomen it seemed to look at both of them as the flashes started.


Rath sneaking off during the meeting grabbing Maria and pulling her into the bathroom.


Maria small hands moving to the zipper of his jeans, freeing his hardened cock.


Rath lifting Maria up in the air thrusting his hardened cock deep inside her wet heated core.


They matched each other thrust for thrust till her walls clamped down on his hardened cock and he filled her with his hot seed.


Maria’s egg being pierced by one of Rath’s sperm


Rath kissing Maria passionately as he pulled his now soft cock out of her fluttering wet heated core


Liz have you seen my double?


Rath and Maria listening as Micheal walked away.


Rath saying “Ill see ya later.”


“Soon.”Said Maria


Rath walking out of the bathroom going back out into the main part of the UFO museum.


Maria walking out of the bathroom a few minutes later.

The flashes stopped and all they saw was the baby growing inside of Maria’s abdomen and heard the tiny heart beating.

“I’m not ready for this.”Stated Maria

“I’m not either.”Admitted Rath
“We can do this together.”

“I like that idea.”Said Maria

“I’m glad.”Said Rath

Maria sat up on the bed leaning over and capturing Rath’s lips in a passion-filled kiss.
She broke the kiss after a few minutes and Rath ran his finger around her bottom lip.

“Small steps.”Said Rath

Maria nodded her head in agreement but smiled at him.

“What are you thinking?”Asked Rath

Maria glanced down unsure of how she wanted to word what was on her mind.

Rath moved his large hand to her chin slowly lifting her green eyes to his brown eyes.

“Ria?”Questioned Rath

“How are we doing the small steps?”Asked Maria
“Kissing and touching?”

“I think smaller.”Answered Rath
‘Kissing and holding.”

“I like kissing and cuddling.”Smiled Maria

Rath smiled at her but decided to change the subject.

“Need help putting away your clothes?”Asked Rath

“No, I think I can manage.”Answered Maria

“I’m going to take a quick shower.”Said Rath

“Ok.”Said Maria

Rath got up off of the bed walking to the bathroom and closing the bathroom door after walking inside.

PT 9

Maria looked at the closed bathroom door deciding she wanted to join you in the shower.
She had taken care of all of her clothes and keep glancing at the bathroom door as if arguing with herself about wanting to join him, part of her scared he might get mad cause they had agreed small steps, kissing and cuddling, well I want touching too.
Her small hands went to the hem of the T-shirt quickly pulling the T-shirt over her head and throwing it to the floor. She moved her small hands to the button on the jeans unbuttoning the button and the zipper pushing them down her hips and legs, sliding off the shoes on her feet and then the jeans the rest of the way.
Maria walked to the bathroom door slowly opening the bathroom door and just as slowly closing it trying to be very quiet.
She walked over to the shower slowly pulling the shower curtain back. She stepped into the tub closing the shower curtain behind herself.
Maria licked her lips as she was Rath leaning back against the tiled wall with the warm water running down his hard body.

Rath was using the tiled wall to support his weight as his large hands pumped his hardened cock.

She watched his large hand pump back and forth over his large hardened cock for a few seconds before stepping forward.
Maria kneels down slowly taking his large hands away from his large hardened cock.
She took his large hardened cock inside her hot wet mouth before Rath could react.

Rath’s brown eyes flew open the moment her felt her small hands taking his large hands away from his throbbing hard cock..
He inhaled deeply smelling her desire knowing what she was going to do as her hot wet mouth closed over his hardened cock

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

Maria looked up into his brown eyes as she pumped her hot wet mouth back and forth along his hardened cock.
She pumped her hot wet mouth harder and faster along his hardened cock feeling her own desire rising with each thrust of her hot wet mouth.
Scraping her teeth along the vein on his hardened cock as her small hands massaged his balls, she sucked harder and faster wanting to taste his hot seed as it filled her hot wet mouth.

“Ria...”Moaned Rath

His balls tightened signaling his release he was unable to stop the thrust of his hips as his hot seed filled her hot wet mouth

She released his now soft cock from her hot wet mouth having drank down his hot seed not missing a single drop, slowly standing back up wrapping her arms around his neck as she captured his hot wet mouth in a fierce and demanding kiss.
Her hardened nipples rubbed into his hard chest as their tongues battled, causing Maria to moan in pleasure into his hot wet mouth.

Rath turned the warm water off as they kissed breaking the kiss he opened the shower curtain grabbing two white fluffy towels off the towel rack wrapping one around her soft body and the other around his hard body.
He picked Maria up in his strong arms carrying her back into his bedroom setting her down once they were in front of the king-sized bed.
Rath slowly removed the towel from around her soft body, slowly drying her soft body off with the towel till she was completely dry, then laying her soft body back onto the mattress.

“Please...”Moaned Maria

Rath’s heated gaze moved down her body, noticing her face was slightly flushed from desire, her nipples were hardened peaks begging for his attention, she had moved her legs and he could see her juices coating her outer lips of her wet heated core, as well as smell her desire.
He slowly dried off his hard body his brown eyes staring into her green eyes as he dried off his body, throwing the towel onto the floor and climbing up the mattress.
Rath pulled up the sheets and comforter bringing her soft body close to his so her back was pressing into his chest.

“Please I want you to touch me.”Said Maria

“Shhh, relax, I’m not going anywhere, no need to rush.”Said Rath against her ear.

Rath slowly took her ear lob into his hot wet mouth gently sucking the releasing her ear lob he kissed his way down her neck, till he reached her rapidly beating pulse.
He was encouraged by Maria’s moans of pleasure as he took her rapidly beating pulse into his hot wet mouth sucking hungrily.
Rath slowly moved his large hands up her soft body his large hands stopping when they reached her breasts her hardened nipples pressing into the palms of his large hands.
He released her rapidly beating pulse blowing cold air against the dark purple hickie that now marked her neck.

“Rath...”Moaned Maria

His large hand gently massaged her breast feeling her hardened nipple become harder against the palm of his large hand.
He started to massage her other breast as Maria moaned in pleasure, arching her back pressing her soft body back into his hard body.
Rath slowly moved one of his large hands away from her hardened nipple causing Maria to moan in frustration thinking he was going to stop.

“Don’t stop.”Moaned Maria

She turned her head slightly bringing her hot wet mouth to his hot wet mouth capturing his lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Rath’s large hand slowly traveled down her soft body finally reaching her wet heated core.
He broke the kiss wanting to hear her moans of pleasure as his fingers moved back and forth over her wet heated core.
His thumb circled her bundle of nerves as he slowly slipped one finger deep inside her wet heated core.
Rath continued to move his thumb around her bundle of nerves as he stilled the movements of his fingers.

Maria rocked her hips wanting and needing more, she was so wet, and he was making her feel so good.

“Want more?”Asked Rath

“Yes...”Moaned Maria

Rath slowly slipped two more of his fingers deep inside her wet heated core, just as slowly moving his fingers in and out of her wet heated core.

“Feels so good.”Moaned Maria

He kissed the back of her neck as he continued to slowly thrust his fingers deep inside her wet heated core, loving the sounds pleasure that were coming out of her mouth and filling the bedroom.

Maria rocked her hips as she felt her climax building in the pit of her stomach, taking his fingers deeper inside her wet heated core.

Rath pinched her bundle of nerves as Maria thrust her hips against his hand, thrusting his fingers in time with the thrusting of her hips.

“Rath...”Screamed Maria

Maria’s walls clamped down on Rath’s thrusting fingers as she felt her climax all the way to her toes.

Rath continued to thrust his fingers inside her fluttering wet heated core as she rode out the waves of her climax, slowly pulling his fingers out of her wet heated core a few minutes later.
He brought his fingers to his hot wet mouth sucking off her juices making sure to get all of her juices off his fingers

Maria turned in his arms capturing his hot wet mouth in a passion-filled kiss.
Breaking the kiss she stared into his brown eyes for a few minutes.

“I thought you might get mad at me.”Said Maria

“No, I just don’t want to feel like I am pressuring you into doing anything.”Stated Rath

“Your not.”Stated Maria

Rath captured her lips in a passion-filled kiss, the kiss showing her just how much she meant to him.
Breaking the kiss Maria moved her head to Rath’s chest listening to his heat beating as her eyes slid shut, her soft body falling into a deep and restful sleep.

Rath moved his large hands up and down her back as Maria’s soft body snuggled closer to his hard body in her sleep.
He smiled as he saw the smile on her big pouty lips, glad that what she started earlier didn’t back fire like it could have. Only wanting to take things slow knowing it was the best thing for her.
Rath soon closed his own eyes unable to keep them open any longer, falling into a deep and restful sleep as well.

PT 10

Rath was thankful that last night did not back fire when he touched Maria.
He was so afraid that Maria would freak once he started touching her though he knew Micheal had not made her give Micheal head nor had he forced her to let him eat her out.
Rath was so thankful that Ava had gotten angry with him deciding not to go he hated to think of what might have happened if Ava had not gone to Maria’s house.
He blamed himself for Micheal hurting Maria thinking “If I had insisted she came with me, this would never have happened.”
“Instead of agreeing for her to talk to Micheal explaining that she couldn’t get past him and Courtney, and in Maria’s mind Micheal and she had not been together since the psychic after all she did break up with Micheal, Maria had told him about that and about Alex knocking Micheal on his ass.”

“Penny for your thoughts.”Said Maria

“Just how much I love you.”Answered Rath

“I love you too.”Stated Maria

“I was also thinking that we have this whole apartment building, maybe we could make part of it into a studio, then you could sing.”Stated Rath

“Do it the old fashion way?”Asked Maria

“We would have to make sure the chemicals wouldn’t hurt the baby.”Answered Rath
“Maybe we could do the nursery the old fashion way, you can design it any way you want.”

“Really!”Exclaimed Maria

“Yeah.”Answered Rath

“Can we go get one of those baby books for when you are pregnant?”Asked Maria

“If you want.”Answered Rath

“You know what else I want?”Asked Maria

“No, why don’t you tell me.”Said Rath

“I want . . . ”Said Maria

Maria decided to show him what she wanted instead she was sure he could smell her desire the thoughts were making her wet for him.
She moved her small hands slowly down his hard chest circling first one nipple watching it harden underneath her finger tips then circling his other nipple loving what just the simple of touches could do to him.

Her hot wet tongue snaked out of her hot wet mouth running around his right hardened nipple before taking it completely inside her hot wet mouth.

“Ria . . . ”Moaned Rath

Maria released his hardened nipple from his hot wet mouth running her hot wet tongue over to his other hardened nipple running circles around his hardened nipple before taking it completely into her hot wet mouth suckling hungrily.
She kissed and nipped her way down his body after releasing his hardened nipple from his hot wet mouth reaching his hardened cock she ran her hot wet tongue around the large mushroom head licking up the pre-cum that had pooled at the large mushroom head.

“Ria . . . ”Moaned Rath

Maria stopped looking up at Rath her green eyes trying to tell him she wanted to do this.

“I want to.”Stated Maria

“I know, but I was thinking maybe if you are comfortable with me eating you out while you went down on me, that way we both get pleasure.”Said Rath

“How?”Asked Maria

“Do you want to?”Asked Rath

“Yes.”Answered Maria

“Come here.”Said Rath

Maria moved her soft body up his hard body capturing his lips in a fierce and demanding kiss.

Separating for much needed air Rath moved his large hands to her hips lifting her soft body turning her so her wet heated core was at his hot wet mouth.
He waited for Maria to make the first move not wanting to push her into something she was not ready to do.

Maria’s hot wet tongue moved around his large mushroom head licking up the pre-cum that had pooled there.

Rath’s hot wet tongue moved back and forth over her wet heated core tasting her juices on the tip of his hot wet tongue.

Maria moaned in pleasure taking his hardened cock completely into her hot wet mouth, moving her hips against his hot wet mouth wanting and needing more.

Rath moved his large hands to her hips stilling her movements wanting to make her feel just as good as he had last night.

Maria moaned in frustration against his hardened cock pumping her hot wet mouth up and down his hardened cock stopping when she reached the large mushroom head moving her hot wet tongue back and forth over the large mushroom head before thrusting her hot wet mouth back down his hardened cock.

Rath slowly moved his hot wet tongue back and forth over her wet heated core slowly thrusting his hot wet tongue inside her wet heated core running his hot wet tongue around her walls.
He thrust his hot wet tongue deep inside her wet heated core at the same time loosening his hold on her hips.

Maria moaned in pleasure pumping her hot wet mouth harder and faster up and down his hardened cock.
She moved her hips uncontrollably as Rath’s hot wet tongue teased her wet heated core thrusting inside her wet heated core harder and faster.

Rath greedily drank down her juices as her walls clamped down on his hot wet tongue making certain not to miss a single drop of her juices.

Maria scraped her teeth down the vein, moaning against his hardened cock, pumping harder and faster.
She greedily drank down his hot seed as it filled her hot wet mouth making certain not to miss a single drop.

Rath slowly removed his hot wet tongue from deep inside her fluttering wet heated core as Maria took her hot wet mouth away from Rath’s cock.
He slowly lifted her turning her body so her face was at his face capturing her mouth in a passion-filled kiss breaking for air when it became an issue.

“That was fun.”Said Maria

“Epic.”Stated Rath

Maria lay her head down on Rath’s hard chest listening to his heart beating.

“That felt so good, you make me feel so good.”Said Maria

“My pleasure and you make me feel just as good.”Stated Rath

“Can we go back to sleep?”Asked Maria

Maria yawned her green eyes fluttering shut as she listened to Rath’s heart beating.

“Going back to sleep sounds like a good idea.”Said Rath

Rath watched Maria sleep for a few moments before closing his brown eyes deciding to rest his eyes, soon falling into a deep sleep shortly after Maria.

PT 11

Maria felt the baby kicking her so she placed her small hand on her abdomen she was now three months pregnant.
She smiled feeling the baby kick still amazed that it was a little girl.

They had found out it was a baby girl when she connected to Rath and Maria when they had made love for the first time again a few months ago.

< Flash Back >

“I was thinking it would be fun.”Said Maria

“Ya wants to watch me, jerk off.”Stated Rath
“You have to sit where I can see you, cause the idea is for us to watch each other right.”

Maria nodded her head, her checks turning a nice rosy shade of red feeling all a sudden shy about her idea.
She sat up so her back was resting against the headboard spreading her legs exposing her already wet heated core.

Rath inhaled deeply his hardened cock jumping in response to Maria’s desire.
He moved down to the end of the bed sitting so he has a nice view of her wet heated core, where he saw her juices coating her outer lips.

Maria moved her small hand down her soft body running her fingers back and forth over her outer lips while keeping her green eyes on his hard body.
She watched as Rath took his hardened cock into his large hand pumping his hardened cock, moaning in pleasure.

Rath licked his lips seeing more of her juices coating her outer lips wanting to taste her and drink down her juices.
He pumped his hardened cock harder and faster his large hand matching the pace of her fingers Maria had thrust inside her wet heated core.

“Rath . . . ”Moaned Maria

“Ria . . . ”Moaned Rath

Maria whimpered, she was so close but she wanted and needed more.

Rath released his hardened cock from his large hand moving his hard body closer to her.
He slowly removed her fingers from deep inside her wet heated core bringing them to his hot wet mouth sucking her juices off her fingers.

Maria arched her back wanting and needing something inside of her wet heated core.

“Please . . . ”Moaned Maria

Rath slowly removed her fingers from his hot wet mouth saying “Tell me what ya want baby.”

“I need you . . . ”Moaned Maria

“I need ya too.”Stated Rath his voice thick and husky with his desire.

Maria moved flipping their bodies so her soft body was pressing his hard body into the mattress.
She rocked her hips rubbing her wet heated core back and forth over his hardened cock.

Rath’s hot wet mouth closed over her hardened nipple sucking hungrily running his hot wet tongue around her hardened nipple inside his hot wet mouth.

Maria moved her small hand down between their bodies taking his hardened cock firmly into her small hand, slowly placing his hardened cock at her wet heated core.
She slowly thrust her hips down taking his hardened cock deep inside her wet heated core moaning in pleasure, from having him buried deep inside of her one again.

Rath released her hardened nipple from his hot wet mouth looking up into her green eyes moaning in pleasure.
He stilled his actions giving Maria the control she needed, wanting her to be sure she was ready for this.

Maria slowly moved her hips up and down his hardened cock loving the feel of his hardened cock being back inside of her.

Rath could tell by the desire and need in her green eyes she was sure, as well as fell how wet she was he thrust his hips up making his hardened cock brush against her g-spot.

“Rath . . . ”Screamed Maria

Maria moved her hips harder and faster taking his hardened cock deeper inside her wet heated core with each thrust of her hips.
Her walls clamped down on his hardened cock milking him for all he was worth as he thrust his hardened cock deep inside her fluttering wet heated core, filling her fluttering wet heated core with his hot seed that was when the flashes started.

They saw the tiny life growing inside her abdomen, seeing it was a little girl.
Maria screaming at Rath he did this to her and he was never touching her again.
Rath smiling, as he held his daughter in his strong arms.
Him watching Maria breast feeding their baby girl.

The flashes ended as their bodies seemed to come back to earth from their mind blowing climax.

Rath looked into Maria’s green eyes seeing she had tears in her green eyes and the tears were rolling down her checks.

“Ria?”Questioned Rath

He was still afraid that it was too soon for them to have made love.

Maria leaned down capturing his lips in a passionate kiss breaking the kiss she told him, “These tears are from happiness.”
“I’m having a girl. We made a little girl together.”

< End of flash back >

Rath had walked into the bedroom a few minutes ago sitting down next to Maria.

“What ya thinking?”Asked Rath

“About our baby girl.”Answered Maria

Rath took Maria’s small hands into his large hands staring into her green eyes knowing he needed to tell her what he had just heard from Zan.

“What is it?”Asked Maria

Rath breathed in deeply so not wanting to upset her after everything his double had done to her.

“Max called.”Stated Rath

“Are they coming to visit again?”Asked Maria

“Not right now, they are going to a funeral.”Stated Rath

“Who died?”Asked Maria

“Micheal.”Answered Rath
“He died in a motorcycle accident was what Max said.”

“I’m not sorry.”Said Maria
“But I’m relieved, because I knew you were going to go after him.”
“And then I don’t have to worry about you getting yourself in trouble.”

“I would have just given him what he deserved.”Growled Rath

Maria leaned into Rath whispering against his mouth “No more, it’s in the past.” Then capturing his hot wet mouth in a fierce and demanding kiss breaking for air when it became an issue.

“Make love to me.”Said Maria

“Think ya wearing to many clothes.”Stated Rath

Rath waved his large hands over Maria’s clothes making them melt away from her soft body.
He kissed the silver hand print on her swollen abdomen.

“Ruby Rose De’Man, I love ya.”Said Rath

Maria smiled at Rath as he kissed their baby girls silver hand print.

“Mommy wants attention.”Said Maria

Rath moved his hot wet mouth to her wet heated core running his hot wet tongue back and forth over her wet heated core.

“Dis what ya wants?”Asked Rath

“I want more.”Moaned Maria

Rath moved his hot wet tongue around in circles around her bundle of nerves before taking the hardened nub into his hot wet mouth sucking hungrily.
He scraped his teeth over her hardened nub releasing it from his hot wet mouth and thrust his hot wet tongue deep inside her wet heated core.

“Yesss . . . ”Moaned Maria

She moved her small hands into his Mohawk holding his hot wet mouth against her wet heated core, moaning in pleasure as Rath’s hot wet tongue thrust in and out of her wet heated core bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

“Rath . . . ”Screamed Maria

Rath greedily drank down her juices making certain not to miss a single drop slowly removing his hot wet tongue from deep inside her wet heated core.
He moved back up her soft body capturing her lips in a fierce and demanding kiss breaking for air when air became an issue.

Staring into each others eyes Rath thrust his hardened cock deep inside Maria’s wet heated core, thrusting his hardened cock slowly in and out of her wet heated core.
They matched each other thrust for thrust slowly increasing the speed and intensity of the thrusts as their climax built.

“Rath . . . ”Moaned Maria
“That feels so good.”

“So wet, tight . . . ”Moaned Rath

Maria ran her nails down Rath’s back leaving marks in his skin stopping when her small hands reached his firm ass.
Her nails dug into his firm ass trying to bring his hardened cock deeper into her wet heated core. She was right there on the edge.

Rath thrust his hardened cock deep inside her wet heated core his large mushroom head hitting her g-spot causing Maria’s walls to clamp down on his hardened cock.

“Rath...”Screamed Maria

Maria thrust her hips uncontrollably taking his hardened cock deeper inside her wet heated core, wanting to feel him cum inside her fluttering wet heated core.

“Ria . . . ”Screamed Rath

Rath thrust his hardened cock harder and faster inside her fluttering wet heated core filling her with his hot seed.
He continued to thrust inside of her fluttering wet heated core enjoying the way her walls fluttered around his cock.
He pulled out of her fluttering wet heated core rolling onto his back bringing Maria’s soft body closer to his hard body, using his powers covering their bodies.

Maria listened to Rath’s heat beating her green eyes slowly fluttering closed, falling into a deep sleep
Rath held Maria close to his hard body watching her sleep his mind filled with thoughts of what their life was going to be like, one problem from their had died today, laying to rest the past so all they had was the future to come, which would be filled with lots of love, friends, their baby girl, Ruby Rose, and more children, until they would finally grow old together and have grandchildren.
He growled at his last thought wondering what boy would be able to get close to his daughter without Rath wanting to kill, the poor boy, as he too fell into a deep sleep.