Ep Summaries

Er - I only talk about the important stuff. I leave out a lot of 'Roswell happenings'. Sorry about that, but do they have to do with Rath? Not really. But most of the needed info is included in the summaries

>>> Meet the Dupes

We come upon four teens in New York City, who look identical to the alien teens in Roswell (except they're decked out in 'punk' wear). When the 'Max-look-alike' disagrees with the 'Michael-look-alike' (Rath) about attending something called the Summit, he's brutally killed in a street accident. Now, the remaining 'dupes', Rath, Lonnie (Isabel), and Ava (Tess), decide to travel to Roswell, New Mexico to find the only remaining King of Antar and bring him to the Summit.

While in the car, Ava asks why they had to betray Zan and Lonnie bits back with a threatening comment. When the Dupes arrive in town, they're meet by Valenti, who cracks up in their latest costumes. But after talking their way to the Evans house, Lonnie convinces Isabel and Max's father that she is indeed Isabel, but merely in costume for a school re-edition of Romeo and Juliet. Which leads Mr.Evans to talk about his own past experiences in the limelight and Isabel's recent problems with Max.

Rath and Lonnie come across a photo of Liz in Max's sock drawer (I guess people really do hide stuff in there...), but when Rath makes a comment about her, Lonnie tells him not to screw up.The next day at school, Rath approches Liz and kisses her... Liz walks away and gives a little hop, shruddering while saying 'ew'.

The Dupes finally locate Max and the other in the UFO Center, when Alex comes upon them, thinking their playing a joke. The two sets of Royal Four meet and Rath explains to Max what he needs him to do - accompany them back to New York in order to attend a meeting with Leaders of the other worlds in order to find peace in their universe. Max is doubtful and uncertain about what he should do. Meanwhile, Isabel and Lonnie exchange what little info they recall about their past life as Vilandra. Michael discovers that they were the messed-up set of Royal Fours (which actually isn't true...) since they were made too 'human'.

Liz begins to admit to Maria about what might of actually happened between her and Kyle, but only after Maria asks Liz why she didn't mention Rath's kiss.

The little gathering is interrupted when Brody comes to open the UFO center and demands to know what's going on. Maria, full well knowing Brody's interested in her, takes initiative and asks him to breakfast, taking his mind off the group in his museum. Over said breakfast, Brody admits that he's afraid he'll be abducted again since he's discovered he's been missing moments in his memory from the past couple of days.

Desprite to get Max to return with them to New York, Rath and Lonnie alter their appearances to look like Michael and Isabel. Together they manipulate Max into a sibling fight, which puts him exactly where they wanted him to go. When Max shows up with Tess, Ava backs out of the journey and the four aliens are headed back to New York...

>>> Max in the City

Max starts to panic over his role as leader, saying he's only a kid and doesn't know the first thing about peace or ruling Antar, but Tess reassures him that he'll make the right decision. Meanwhile, Rath and Lonnie meet up with Nicholas and promise him he'll get Max and the Granolith. Nicholas stalks away when Tess and Max return to find Lonnie and Rath. Together the four venture down into the sewer to the Dupes home and place of birth.

Through certain actions and words, it's apparent that Lonnie and Rath followed their destiny and got together. They ask if Max and Tess have taken the next step and when the two shake their heads, Rath and Lonnie begin to make out on the couch.

All the while in Roswell, Isabel is concerned when her parents start questioning about Max's whereabouts for Thanksgiving diner. Michael assures her that it probably has something to do with Liz and nothing serious. Liz finds Ava outside, trying to sleep in a dumpster and invites her in from the cold. But when she wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare, Liz starts to become suspicious of exactly what happened to Zan and Rath and Lonnie's motives.

Max passes the emissary's test, which proves he is indeed the King of Antar. But when Lonnie and Rath question him about the Granolith, Max instictively tells them he's never heard of it before. And the subject is dropped. After an explanation of the 'home universe' the dupes and aliens venture to a undesclosed location for the Summit. Much to Max's suprise, Brody is present, but is being controlled by Larek, an old friend of the Past Life Zan. Lonnie promised Nicholas that if she, and she only could get safe passage back to Antar, she would ensure Max would give up the Granolith. But Max, refusing to give Nicholas or any of the other Leaders the location of the Granolith, leaves the meeting, angry and despondant.

Before entering the Summit, Max called Isabel to call, but the two begin to fight and Isabel realizes that Lonnie impersonated her, sending her to seek out Ava for answers.

Lonnie and Rath are enraged by Max's decisions and plan to kill him. But (back in Roswell) when Ava finally admits that Rath and Lonnie killed Zan and predicts that Max will mee the same fate, Liz, with the help of Isabel, warns Max. With the Dupes and Tess gone, Max races back to the sewers, only to find a zones-out Tess who tells him she used her mind powers to expell the dupes from her mind.

With Ava leaving Roswell, no one knows what happened or what will happen in the futures of the Royal Four of New York.