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>>> Meet the Dupes

Rath: What is up with you, man? I'm tired of you. I'll go by myself!
Zan: They don't want the number 2. They want the royal four.

Rath: Yeah. You the man.

Ava: You said you were gonna make him change his mind about going to the summit. You...
Rath: Well, we couldn't, so we went with an alternative.
Ava: He was the leader, Rath!
Rath: Zan coulda ruled a planet, but he didn't wanna deal. We are better off without him.

Rath: They don't wanna meet with just the three of us. They want the king. So all we gotta do is get him to the summit, and we'll marinate on the rest later.

Rath: Damn! 5-0.

Rath: It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood.
Lonnie: Can you imagine actually living here?
Rath: No! I'd kill myself.

Rath: Check out this gear. Unbelievable. Where does he shop for stuff like this...freakin' Conway's?
Lonnie: Yo. Out here, they think that's hip.

Rath: Hoo! Look at this.
Lonnie: Ah. This must be his bitch. Where'd you find this?
Rath: In his sock drawer.

Lonnie: She ain't got nothin' goin' on.
Rath: Yeah, well, I'd do her.
Lonnie: Fine. Do her, but don't kill her. What we're doin' here is important. Don't screw it up.

Rath: Whassup? You look tight.

Rath: Whaddaya say you give me a little somethin' somethin', huh?

Liz: No. It's not gonna happen...ever.
Rath: Of course not.
Liz: Uhhh. Oh, my God! Eww!
Rath: Epic.

Rath: Yo. He's Zan, all right. Look at him.
Lonnie: Zan with an even bigger stick up his ass. No wonder his bitch left him.
Rath: What a bunch of scrubs.
Lonnie: I don't know why they told all those humans about their secrets. It's like a freaking town meeting down there.

Alex: Scratch that question. Uh, who needs a holiday to dress up, right? Anyway...

Rath: Hey, yo, up here!
Maria: Now this is freaky.

Max: New York?
Rath: The Big Apple. Center of the universe. Amazing pizza.

Rath: He died in a stupid accident. You know, all his powers, all his abilities, and, you know, he died in a street accident. For nothin'. Yo, I'm Rath.

Rath: Yeah. Anyways...we've been contacted. You know, it seems some of peeps from the hood, they wanna hook up with us and have a sit-down.
Max: The...the hood?
Rath: Our star system. Home. You...the ruling families of the 5 planets...they wanna have this summit meeting. I don't know, duke. I mean, I know it's important and it's got something to do with making the peace, but, you know, Zan was gonna go and represent our family and...that's why we need you.

Max: Were you close, you and Zan?
Rath: Oh, yeah, we were closer than brothers, man. I mean...you know, all my life, I looked up to him and I wanted to be like him and...and then just one day, just...bam!

Rath: Think it's gonna take some work. He's got that same brick head as Zan.
Lonnie: We don't got a lotta time.
Rath: Back off. I'm on it.
Lonnie: Like you were on Zan? Do not screw this up, Rath. He goes to the summit, or we are stuck on this wretched planet for the rest of our lives.

Maria: But you thought, hey, it's just Michael slipping me the tongue. There's nothing unusual about that...
Liz: Maria, it's not Michael.

Michael: Uh, Brody, this is my, uh, twin brother Bob.
Brody: I didn't know you had a brother.
Rath: I live in New York.
Brody: Well, that explains the hair.

Rath: You want me to kill him for you?
Michael: I'll get back to you on that.

Ava: I don't want to be a part of this.
Rath: That chick is turning into a real problem.

Rath: Start spreadin' the news.
Lonnie: We're leavin' today. Let's get the hell outta these clothes.
Rath: Word.

Rath: What you trippin' about?
Ava: I ain't goin'.
Rath: Don't be crazy. What are you gonna do, stay in the desert? Yo...just get in the car. Hey, I said get in, or I'll...
Ava: Kill me? What, you gonna kill me?
Max: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are we doin' here?
Rath: Wha? Ha ha. You think I was gonna kill her? You wanna stay? Then you can stay. It's not a problem. Let's, uh...let's go to New York.

>>> Max in the City

Rath: Ooh! Yo, pastrami.

Rath: Mayo! Who puts mayo on pastrami? Hey, you! What kinda sick mother puts mayo on pastrami, huh? I oughta bust your head open for...

Tess: And...and now you live here?
Rath: Beats livin' in Brooklyn.

Max: I wanna talk about the summit. When, where, what kind of...
Rath: Chill, duke. All in good time.
Max: The time is now.
Rath: You flexin' on me?

Rath: Alien sex, baby. Accept no imitations. Awoo! Ooh!

Rath: Duke, the emissary never left his crib. That body that walked outta here works for a temp agency.
Max: What?
Rath: It's like a vessel, you know? A puppet. The alien emissary far away on another planet. Human knobhead here on this planet. Emissary reaches out with his mind, takes control of the human. Human walks around like a puppet doing whatever the emissary wants him to do.
Max: Like he's...like he's possessed.
Rath: Ha. Yeah, possession. Doin' the Linda Blair, you know? Human dude never knows what happened to him. He thinks he's been frickin' abducted. Heh.
Max: I still don't understand why...
Rath: Lonnie will give you the 4-1-1 later. Now you should be celebrating.
Max: I should?
Rath: You passed, man. You are the frickin' king! Which means you earned yourself a slice of the best pizza in New York. And I'm buyin'.

Rath: You see, little girl, space is what we call very, very big. You know, it's not easy to get places. People just don't zip around the galaxy like on Star Trek.

Rath: And in our world...blood on the streets, baby. That dude Kivar that took your throne...people hate his ass!

Nicholas: Passage home. But just you. The freak with the mohawk stays here.
Lonnie: Yeah, I can live with that. See you at the summit.

Rath: What's up with you, huh? You just threw away our only chance of ever getting home!
Max: Maybe.
Rath: Hey, who do you think you are, huh? Makin' big-time life decisions for Lonnie and me? You think you're the man...is that it?
Max: That's right. I am the man.
Rath: Ok, you the man. Screw Nicholas. Screw 'em all.
Lonnie: Screw 'em tight. We'll find another way home.
Rath: I'm mad hungry. Let's go get a slice.
Lonnie: Sick of pizza. Chinatown.
Rath: I'm with that.