About Rath


Second in Command to Zan


Vilandra (Lonnie)

His Story
Along with his three other podmates, Rath was dumped in the New York sewers by his protector. All four broke out and appeared to be 6-7 year old humans. They eventually developped powers, and mysteriously found out about their past lives, their heritage, and their destiny. 10 years later, they were approached by Nicholas and other aliens, demanding that Zan join the Summit, an intergalactic meeting between the leaders of the worlds' to try to bring peace to their galaxy.

Zan, the named king, refused to join the Summit, fearing it was a trap. Rath and Lonnie however, saw this as their only way to get home, and decided to take matters into their own hands when Zan opposed their complaints. Rath pushed Zan infront of an oncoming truck and then him, Lonnie, and Ava proceded to Roswell, NM. In search of the only remaining King of Antar left, Max Evans.

They returned to New York with Max and Tess on their side, using their powers to manipulate the young king to follow. Max, like Zan would not agree to the terms brought up in the Summit and told Nicholas that he wouldn't hand over the Granolith. Rath and Lonnie, both outraged, planned to kill Max. They kidnapped Tess and tried to search her mind to find the location of the Granolith, but where stopped by Tess' powers. Both Rath and Lonnie disappeared, and no one knows what has happened to them since.

Why Rath
Good question. I can't even tell you a straight answer. Just look at Rath, slap on that attitude, and my legs turn to jelly.