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He played both Rath and Michael Guerin in Roswell. He's the man who brought our sexy aliens to life

Brendan Fehr

Born in Bristish Columbia (Westminister), Canada Brendan grew up playing sports and wanted to become an accountant when he 'grew up', due to his love of numbers. He moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1990 and his interest went from accountant to wanting to become a teacher, never once thinking of the television and film industry.

In his teens, he worked some modeling jobs for some local catalogues. In the fall of 1997, during a family trip to Vancouver, Brendan decided to go in search of a management company to find some work work, but instead, he was quickly diverted to film/television where he got his first guest role on Breaker High. And it went from there.

Long Weekend, The (2005) - Ed
Childstar (2004) - Chip Metzger
Sugar (2004) - Butch
Nemesis Game (2003) - Skateboarder/Dennis Reveni
Biker Boyz (2003) - Stuntman
Long Shot (2002) - Danny
A Wilderness Station, aka. Edge of Madness (2002) - Simon Herron
Forsaken, The (2001) - Nick
Kill Me Later (2001) - Billy
Final Destination (2000) - George Waggner
Christina's House (1999) - Eddie Duncan
"Roswell" (1999) TV Series - Michael Guerin
Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge (1999) (TV) - Barry Bennett
Perfect Little Angels (1998) (TV) - Mitch Furress
Every Mother's Worst Fear (1998) (TV) - Alan
Disturbing Behavior (1998) - Brendan - Motor Jock
Hand (1998) - Hart

television guest roles
"New Addams Family, The" (1998) - "Sam Sedgwick" ep: "Wednesday's Crush" (episode # 1.34)
"Spacebar" (1998) playing "Himself"
"Breaker High" (1997) ep: "Tamira Has Two Faces"
"Night Man" (1997) ep: "It Came From Out Of the Sky" (episode # 2.3) 10/25/1998
"Millennium" (1996) - "Nick Carfagna" ep: "Collateral Damage" (episode # 3.11) 1/22/1999
"Millennium" (1996) - "Kevin Galbraith" ep: "Pest House, The" (episode # 2.14) 2/27/1998

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