Past Layouts:

(Version 1: Fray)
My first layout featured Fray, a future slayer created by Joss Wheadon. Buy the 8 issue comic book from Dark Horse, because it's just great!

(Version 2: Liberty Meadows)
The second layout featured Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows, which is right now my favorite among the funny books. Check it out at and buy new issues from Image Comics. It's hilarious and 'Eden: Book One', a collection of the very first issues, is well worth it's money!

(Version 3: Return of the King)
The third layout featured images from the upcoming last part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Return of the King. I don't think I need to explain this to anyone though. ;) Images taken from Latino Review.

(Version 4: Happy Kurdy)
My fourth layout featured images from Jeremiah, episode 6: The Bag. Kurdy is played by Malcom-Jamal Warner. Find out more about the show at the official site and watch the new eps every Friday on Showtime.

(Version 5: Tiffany Thiessen)
For my fifth layout I used pictures from a very cool photo shoot of Tiffany Thiessen, 'cause she's just a kick-ass and great looking actress. The images were taken from Rave.

(Version 6: Smile Time)
For layout number six I had used caps from a season five episode of Angel called "Smile Time".

(Version 7: Tonaja)
Layout number seven was done with pictures of Tonaja, a character from the latest run of the Marvel comic book Inhumans.

(Version 8: Majandra Delfino)
Layout number eight was the one I was using for the longest time. For one because I really, really liked it, especially since Majandra is my favorite actress/musician, but also because I had sort of a layout block. *lol*

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