to the page where I host all my new graphics and skins. You might have noticed the updates coming slow lately, which is due to me not be as inspired anymore. I often just sit there and stare at pics but don't know what to do with them. But you can help me out by placing requests. So please, if you stumble upon pictures that would make a great skin, or lyrics that could inspire a wallpaper, anything, please fill out the form. :)

11.09.2006: Man, a whole year without updating... I suck. But I made a new WinAmp Skin. And I've made a bunch of new icons, just they're all at Xconic. I think I'll add tag specific links to the icon section. I'll see.
29.10.2005: I made a new Halloween e-card!
30.05.2005: I have to update my challenge icons soon... for now a new affiliate: Transitions.

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