*Note that I'm a Candygirl before checking out the links.

  • Message Boards

  • Lustful - FanFiction board for all couples. The posted fics are mainly Candy though.

    Candy Is Dandy - FanFiction board. Like the name says, all Candy.

    Kinky Roswell - Board for all the great NC-17 fics and RPGs out there.

  • FanFiction Pages

  • Intense - FanFiction by Zia.

    Catheryne's Roswell Fics - Like the name says...

    Re-Writing Roswell - Very nice FanFic collection.

    Triple M - FanFiction by Melissa/Mnemosyne.

    Forswear - FanFiction by Savy. A must go!

    Erin's Fanfiction - Roswell Fics by Erin

    Antar's Finest - Roswell FanFic Awards

    Alien Vibe Awards - Roswell FanFic and Website Awards

  • Music Videos

  • Dreams of Reality - Music videos by Zia. All categories, mostly Candy and Stargazer though. Has also Buffy and X-Men videos.

    Jen's Place - There are sadly not many videos up, but those few are just plain perfect!

    Scattered Pictures - Large but worth it. ;) Not only Roswell, but also music videos for other TV shows.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Alien-Mafia.Net - Domain to various other great Roswell and non-Roswell pages.

    Brendan - Official site of the master himself. Haven't been there yet? Shame on you! - Majandra's official site, finally re-opened! Get here to see private pictures, read Majandra's journal entries and purchase kick-ass merchandise.

    Kraving Candy - Arimi's page with a huge image, screencap and avatar archive, up-to-date news and a great fanfic selection. All Candy of course.

    Roswell Screen Grab Galleries - Need screencaps? Go there!

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