Alien Sex, Baby. Accept no immitations!   Maria DeLuca Fan   I love her very much   Michael Guerin Fan   The Real Queen: Tess Harding   Little Lady - Betty Osorio   Alluring - Roswell Aliens   Saviour - Hal Carver  

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First and foremost Candy!   Streetwaling Soulmate - yeah, baby!   Classic Lovers: Hal & Betty   2nd Generation: Kyle & Maria   The Hippie and the Pig   Incrowder: Kyle & Isabel   More than this: Tess & Michael  

Knocked Out: the Alex vs. Michael rivalry   Humans vs Aliens   Foreplay: Michael vs. Maria  

Tainting: the Royal Seal   Michael's Apartment   Adult Fiction - Accept No Imitations   Explosive: Michael & Maria FanFiction   Maria FanFiction - Cause she's Not Just a Wacky Sidekick!   Glow: Roswell Fanart  

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