Book & Movie:
Pitch Black - Riddick   Furious - Dominic Toretto   Adrenaline Junkie - Xander Cage   Sean Vetter - A Man Apart   Sexy!   Fan of Nick from The Forsaken   *growls*   Nemesis Game: Dennis Reveni   Biker Boyz: Stuntman   Sugar: Butch   Just a Friar - and that's why he's so cool: Carl   Fearless Princess: Anna Valerious  

Fan of the one and only Pretender   Not a Thoughtless Kind: Jordan Catalano   The Mysterious Mr. Smith   SU2: Nick O'Malley   Van Ray   Weiss Fan - because he's just so damn cute   Ambitious - Tessa Lewis   Hottie with the Dreads - Frankie Seau   Not Daddy's Girl - Nicole Booth   Warrior. Lover. Wanderer. - Duncan MacLeod   Narcissus - Billy Chenowith  

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