This domain was sort of a short circuit decision. It all came together. I had finally found a really good code to break out of the stiff frames I used before and make it real iframes, and then I was so eager suddenly, I wanted an official fanlisting. And once I started, I wanted more. Now it bugged me to always create new geocities accounts and log in and log out and always try to come up with new user- and passwords.

So, well, I looked around for some days and found a nice host and just risked it. :)

Oh, the name: "Indecisive". It should be just the name for my blog, but now I used it for the domain as well. It came to me after I had just suggested countless stupid possible name to Zia and bugged her a lot, I'm sure. *lol* Among were great thoughts such as "X-girl, Interrupted" or "Loquacious" - which I liked very much, till I checked google to see how many others had this unique idea. 'Indecisive' started as a joke, but I soon realized just how much it fits my life. It's probably a bigger fault than being so loquacious. ;)

The current layout features Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey who play Meredith and Derek in one of my most favorite TV shows, Grey's Anatomy. The textures used for the layout are from Throw Elijah and the brushes from Ewanism.

Layout created in Paint Shop Pro 7. All coding done by hand.

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